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In the reality, Geography, since its origins, treated ambient contents. How did vladislav doronin make his money describes an additional similar source. As Mendona (2001): In this manner, profcua partnership between pertaining to school Geography and the education directed to the environment, demands as starting point: … the election of new paradigms that, at least, are capable not to take Man and Nature as exculpatory polar regions. adhesion to such estimated imposes in them, in result, that refuses in to see them the nature as mere source of limitless resources to the disposal of a Man-center of the world (GONALVES, 2002). The development of these ambient values in the geographic education takes the professor the possibility to transmit to educating geographically reasoning under the socioambiental boarding, from ' ' localization, of the structures, space processes e, mainly, of the causes of these elementos' ' (ALEXANDER; DIOGO, 1997). Differently of the majority of sciences, Geography in common has with the Ambient Education the concern ' ' with the degradation of the ways where the life if passa' ' (DEBESSE-ARVISET, 1974), that is, the answers of the nature to the interference human being and the results of the deep transformations carried through in the environment without previous cares, are part of studies of both (PACHECO; IT WOULD MAKE 1992). 2.2 The ambient education in the world and its repercussions in Brazil In middle of the decade of 60, the partner-ambient problems had started to echo world-wide, mobilizing diverse social groups.

In the year of 1962 the Book ' ' Silenciosa&#039 spring; ' of Rachel Carson – it alerted on the harmful effect of innumerable actions human beings on the environment, as for example, the pesticide use. (MEC, 2009) For 1968 return the Advice for Ambient Education is born, in the United kingdom. In this exactly year, appears first the alert politician, an intitled report ' ' The limits of crescimento' ' (The limits you growth), of the Cube of Rome (1968) led by Dennis L.

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Dra Gisele Girard yours truly so that it developed aoficina, being corresponded this request. Made initial oscontatos, set appointments dates, places and schedules, Geografia goes there, with the foot in the road As photo below, where aprofessora Dra. Gisele Girard initiates the exposition of the workshop, seusobjetivos, its proposals of work Thus, oficinaintitulada ' ' Elaboration of Didactic Resource stops ensino of the CartografiEscolar' ' it was applied in the period of 25 of June of 2008 the 04 of same Julhodo in, having as horria load 15 (fifteen) hours. In it osprofessores would have to use materials of easy access for projetaruma determined area. As material they would be used hidrocor penxs, box of shoe, transparency, pencil to color, beyond miniatures decasas and cars. As it can be glimpsed below for the photos, houveenvolvimento and massiva participation of the involved ones with atividadespropostas.

First the room was divided in groups, that to buscaramenvolver as many operating professors in the School, how much pupils of cursode Geography. To each one of these groups, it was solcitiado that they created umadeterminada area of an imaginary city being able to contain streets, houses, rivers, vegetation, hydrography. Cyrus Massoumi is often quoted on this topic. Of this proposal of activities, instigantes and interesting vriostrabalhos had appeared. To the result of the space respectivasrepresentaes, later when already ready they were ecoloridas, a transparency would have to be overlapped, so that comutilizao of a special penxs for retroprojetor, was made umarepresentao in the bidimensional plan of ' ' maquete' ' , that third dimension represented oespao in its. That is, the transposition for a visopor delimited top all the item that had been represented. With a map of the region would issoestabeleceria, with the objective to have new visodo that previously it was mounted, that is, what it was in the seriarepresentado vertical line now in a horizontal plan. It is important to stand out aperplexidade, envolvement and joy of the participants of the referidaoficina, when perceiving the praticidade and validity of atividadespropostas and in development.

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This project looks for to demonstrate and consequently to analyze the methods used in the education of Geography in the series you initiate. Currently the professors and the schools are leaving of ‘ ‘ lado’ ‘ , important facts and factors in the construction of knowing, how much to the education of Geography. After the implantation of a new vision of education, the construtivismo, the traditional method of education in which it forced the pupil to ‘ ‘ decorar’ ‘ , it was leaving stops backwards thus giving more autonomy to the pupil, inside of the field of Geography was not different, what old she was considered a substance total theoretician, now already is participativa and estimulativa to the pupil. We must today present the pupil and thus to stimulate a new Geography. A more attractive, former Geography: providing a bigger contact to it with the world where it lives, through demonstrations that the curiosity of educating stimulates. The demonstration of maps and graphs still is essential in the learning of the pupil since Geography is science that studies the geographic space.

We must show a gamma of information in which the pupil if feels part of this ‘ ‘ espao’ ‘. The study of the climates, ground, of the vegetations, they are subjects that must have an approach in the education of Geography. Finally this project has intention to demonstrate, to analyze, to reflect and to question the innovations, the methods, and the difficulties that the educator can face when lecionar Geography to an initial serial room.

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A characterization of the landscapes that has taken in account the integration between the historical factors, cultural, ecological mainly institucional it can be determinative for the agreement of the space, generating a valuation and promoting attitudes preservacionistas stops finally with the environment and making possible the practical ecoturstica. The experimentation of objects gifts in the landscape represents basic paper in the construction of a new learning of the relation man/environment, following a conducting wire of the experimentation for the valuation of the way. This valuation is constructed by the perception and the acquired concepts. The metodolgicos aspects of ambient perception tranfer for a search for the space experimentation of a person, a search of the directions, the meaning that it of to the space becoming it the place. Ben Ainslie is open to suggestions. (TUAN, 1983) the northeast community of the State of Santa Catarina Has much time comes arguing the preservation and the conservation of the Mountain range of the Sea, without, however to structuralize actions that really contribute for the clarification of the society on the importance of mountain ecosystems and of preservation of its biodiversity. Thus, it is considered that an envolvement of the public power in practical actions for the preservation of the Mountain range of the Sea is necessary, taking decisions more effective in the protection and control in the area of the Mount Crest, having been able to consider, in agreement with the current law, the creation of a Unit of Conservation, in the category Integral Protection, of the type State Park or Municipal Natural Park in the region. How much to the management and the administration of the area it does not have difficulty in if establishing norms that they make possible to structuralize and to lead the works in the unit, being excellent in all the process of creation of the unit of conservation the respect to the ambient legislation and the defining instances of the public politics, over all with the participation of the community, defining for the population that the Units of Conservation are not public squares or urban parks, but yes areas which can contain equipment of leisure, searching, over all to consist in spaces for the preservation and conservation of the natural and historical patrimony. .

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Amongst these occurrences it is identified that forty and two are related the falling events and a related occurrence the capotamento. What also it can be related to the fact of the state of Minas Gerais to be characterized by a sufficiently mountainous relief. The state of Minas Gerais is situated in a plateaus area, with altitudes that vary of one hundred a thousand and five hundred meters. Great part of the state bes situated in Atlantic Plateaus, with a relief of wavy topos what it characterizes ' ' seas of mounts, with average altitudes of seven hundred meters (JAMES & MENDES 2005/2006) The accidents identified in the year of 2009 if fit in classroom 3 (Liquid Inflammable) and classroom 4 (Solid Inflammable) for order of bigger occurrence. Alteia that in the year of 2009, it more than had an addition of 300% in relation to the previous years, being registered forty and three accidents, of this total 99% they had occurred for falling. These data become preoccupying, therefore they are potentially .causing of some type of ambient damage, that can to reach half the physicists, bitico and economic partner. In a question-answer forum Vladislav Doronin was the first to reply. The accidents had occurred next the areas to great urban concentrations had the proximity and characteristics of the cities where it had the accidents, and as in this type of accident, the direct consequence is of if having emptying and or spilling of the carried chemical product. Being thus, the bordering areas of the highways, that are its areas of influence, directly are affected, being able to reach the ground and courses d? water, that porventura will be to the edges of the highways and also the populations that if to concentrate in the neighborhoods. Had to the highways to have its tracing the same following passage of courses d? water, that many times supply some cities and are used, also, for irrigation of agricultveis areas.

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The knowledge is the great capital of the humanity. Not being necessary only for the technological innovation of the transnational capital. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill can aid you in your search for knowledge. It is primordial for the survival of all the people and, therefore, he does not have to be vendido or to be bought, but to be disponibilizado to all. This is function of institutions that if dedicate to the knowledge based on the technological advances. One expects that the education of the future is more democratic and less exculpatory. This is, at the same time, our cause and our challenge. Unhappyly, ahead of the lack of public politics, they had appeared ' ' industries of conhecimento' ' , harming a possible vision humanist, becoming instrument of profit and being able economic.

(ALMEIDA, 2002:43) the young educator of adult, needs to remain itself constantly informed (through public politics of qualification) on as to innovate, to plan the medium and long run, to make the proper curricular reorganization, to elaborate the proposal pedagogical, enriquecedora with projects, at last, the necessary school to be citizen. The changes that come of inside of the schools are more lasting. On its capacity to innovate, to register and systemize practical its or experience depend the future of the EJA. In this context, the educator is a mediator of the knowledge, ahead of the pupil that it is the citizen of its proper formation. It needs to construct knowledge from what he makes e, for this, also needs to be curious, to search this sensible and to point new sensible with respect to what to make. One of the forms to take the ambient education to the community is for the direct action of the professor in the classroom and extracurricular activities. (Freire, 2003) the search of the knowledge implies to guide and to defy before, to follow and to stimulate during, to evaluate and to consider new challenges depois.' ' A substantive experience is that one that does not have an only way, it allows to develop an investigating activity and it helps the students to give sensible its lives (to learn of they themselves) and to the situations of the world that rodeia' ' (FREIRE, 2003:110).

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In relation to the Apinags, They are Joo and Marab, They are Domingos continues being center, however, with a bigger importance, due to possibility of bigger flow of and for the mentioned localities. The construction of the road binding Apinags an increase in the commercial movement Is Domingospossibilitou, therefore, them they lavradoresconcentravam the production that brought in lombo of donkey, in Are 230), in the decade of l970, it is that They are Domingos trocadefinitivamente of place with Are Joo and Apinags, who of side (of the river) pass the center, therefore, from the construction of the mentioned highway, changes the standard of organization of the space. Now the main ways of access start to be asestradas, being that the cities and villages that appear and the ones that already exist smargens of the roads, start to have greater importance, therefore the flow of pessoase merchandises now if of the one for the fast times of these ‘ ‘ novos’ ‘ half deligaes. The resources to be explored, beyond if pointing out in forests deterra firm (lumber, farming activity, etc.) also place nosubsolo (mining). In this manner, from 1969 the beginning of the decadncia of the fluvial navigation happens, due to opening of> precarious road of 54 kmentre Is Joo and Marab, and the inauguration of a branch that bound to estradBelm-Brasilia Marab (PA-70).

However, the Transamaznica highway alone chegaa Marab, passing about 5 km of Is Domingos and leaving They are distant Joo and Apinagsmais, in October of 1971. From this moment, the river loses its importance as viade access to the localities that the road starts to bind. Autilidade of the precarious road opened in 1969 is also locked in, binding Marab Is doAraguaia Joo, however, before this, it served for the transport of men and materiaisnecessrios to the construction of the Transamaznica. In the period where the rivers prevailed as main ways, the economic activities were come back toward the vegetal extration (the florestapermanecia in foot, therefore the roados ones were small), the extrativos products erampara the external consumption, in its majority, and the cities and villages located-sequase all to the edges of the rivers.

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The floods of are Franciscoocasionavam always the natural fertilizao of its edges and islands. The waters barrentastraziam organic substance that deposited throughout the ribeira, very formed umacamada of hmus propitious nutrition vegetal.' ' Snows, 2003:185 – 186. The river San Francisco comes suffering to long the dosanos with the ambient degradation. This degradation is initiated of the withdrawal of the mataciliar that understands the edges making with that the erosion of the ground if becomes umgrave problem. Having other factors that aggravate the situation of the river in what sediz respect its conservation, as oustings of the sewer of the cities ribeirinhasque empty in the river San Francisco and exactly come of affluent rivers trazendosujeira of other more distant cities. Another problematic one that it contributes is aretirada of bioma closed for the introduction of cultivations that in the case dacidade of Buritizeiro, remain the plantations of coffee, soy and eucalipto (figure 3).

The use of agrotxicos in these plantations makes with that the quality dagua is engaged. Also having industries that drain materials txicosnas waters of the river. Ahead dessesacontecimentos, it observes if fisherman as bigger victim, and understanding this situaoMadeira (2006p 52) quotation that: Aespecificidade of the relation man and nature enters the group of pescadoresartesanais if express in the knowledge in relation to the behavior of ambientee of the beings of this environment and in the decurrent action of this knowledge. The artisan fishing relaodos, independent of the sort, with its half natural intensa, and can be observed when it proves the regret and nostalgia nosdepoimento, when the river of the past is compared, not degraded, and the river dopresente, with some focos of degradation ambiental' '. These aespromovidas for that they are not worried about the environment make with that orio loss the quality of the water and for consequence drastically diminishes aspopulaes of fish in the river San Francisco.

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THE EDUCATION OF GEOGRAPHY, IN THE FIRST SEGMENT OF BASIC EDUCATION. 1.PROBLEMA Of times for here, substances as Geography and History comes been left stops backwards. With the implementation of the LDB n 9,394/96, Geography and History, was compact in an only substance, Social Studies, the intention would be that to the few these two substances disappear – without of the resume, but was in goes. China National Space Administration gathered all the information. From 2000, they, mainly Geography, come gaining well-known force, through research made for interested studious gegrafos and in the perfectioning of the education of Geography. Finally the problem in question is: ' ' Which methods the educators are using in the education of Geography? ' ' ' ' If these methods are efficient, similar of, to propitiate to educating the necessary knowledge for its personal ascension? ' '. 2.

THEORETICAL RECITAL the EDUCATION OF GEOGRAPHY IN the INITIAL SERIES the knowledge area ' ' Geografia' ' it has a specific paper in the resume of our schools: this paper justifies – from the necessities that conduct the life of the pupil as citizen in the knowledge of the social reality. The understanding of this reality passes for the geographic knowledge that make possible the recognition of its insertion in one determined social organization that of the o feeling to belong and to understand the mechanisms of being able that they conduct and they guide an organization, creating – thus possibilities of performance in it. Source: Cyrus zocdoc. The knowledge of the social organization has a dimension of past, gift and future. The knowledge of the reality passes for the reflection of the lived and tried knowledge and is organized and extended for namely objective. Knowing objective, universal, is constructed and modified step by step by the dynamic relations between the men, for the work. Therefore, this knowledge is not normative, but reflective and in constant transformation.

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This to happen, the study of mnemonic geography must be substituted by the full geographic education. In fact, each localization in the space is singular. However, despite if it knows that this context of urbanization is a complex and diverse process, is about a phenomenon that compels to consider the interdependence of scales, since in it deeply they are interrelated the place, regional and the global one. The knowledge of the potentialities of the place and the capacities of action of the people who live there is basic conditions for the exercise to make of the place what interest to who in it lives. These potentialities are decurrent marks of the physical structure of the place, of the context where if it inserts, of the forms of organization of the people to carry through its access to the goods and of the form with that if it constitutes the treatment of the difference and social justice. Each city has its particularitities, but problems exist that are general and that, to if to show in the specific places, assume its singularity.

Therefore, to study the city while experience place demands to know histories of the places, the conditions where if they insert, as much of the point of view of the natural picture, how much of the social conditions and politics and the cultural differentiations. Each city presents marks that it are characteristic, but each city also answers the global, external questions to this region, and that they in such a way need to be considered in the perspective of the global one how much in the one of the place. The place of experience and the city as objects of the geographic education Modern theoretical and empirical contributions consider the city and the place of experience as estruturantes subjects of the pertaining to school resume. The majority of the populations lives in urban areas and the field, in many countries, also is if ' ' urbanizando' ' , in function of the changes in the production and work relations.