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This to happen, the study of mnemonic geography must be substituted by the full geographic education. In fact, each localization in the space is singular. However, despite if it knows that this context of urbanization is a complex and diverse process, is about a phenomenon that compels to consider the interdependence of scales, since in it deeply they are interrelated the place, regional and the global one. The knowledge of the potentialities of the place and the capacities of action of the people who live there is basic conditions for the exercise to make of the place what interest to who in it lives. These potentialities are decurrent marks of the physical structure of the place, of the context where if it inserts, of the forms of organization of the people to carry through its access to the goods and of the form with that if it constitutes the treatment of the difference and social justice. Each city has its particularitities, but problems exist that are general and that, to if to show in the specific places, assume its singularity. Read more here: Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc.

Therefore, to study the city while experience place demands to know histories of the places, the conditions where if they insert, as much of the point of view of the natural picture, how much of the social conditions and politics and the cultural differentiations. Each city presents marks that it are characteristic, but each city also answers the global, external questions to this region, and that they in such a way need to be considered in the perspective of the global one how much in the one of the place. The place of experience and the city as objects of the geographic education Modern theoretical and empirical contributions consider the city and the place of experience as estruturantes subjects of the pertaining to school resume. The majority of the populations lives in urban areas and the field, in many countries, also is if ' ' urbanizando' ' , in function of the changes in the production and work relations.

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The countries that possess the biggest economies of the world are generally the ones that are in bigger evidence and to know to locate each one of them in the map of the world would have to be easy task for a student of it finishes year of average education and that it is, therefore, to a step of the university. Taking as base the research carried through for the Ipsos Institute, also was carried through a quantitative research to evaluate the degree of knowledge in relation to the map of the world, of pupils who are attending a course the third year of average education. It was chosen to apply the questionnaire the pupils of the last year of average education, therefore, these pupils in thesis must already have all acquired basic the cartographic knowledge, taking in account normal education. Another factor that was determinative to the choice of these pupils was the fact to be to few months to finish the studies and, therefore, they would have to be prepared for the vestibular contest. The questionnaire consisted of a simple test, in which the pupil would have to identify in a planisfrio of the map of the world, ten countries that, according to forecast of economists, will form ranking of the ten bigger economies of the world in the year of 2010. The countries that would have to be identified are: United States, Japan, China, Germany, France, Italy, Great-Britain, Brazil, Spain and India. Year of the college student in three So Paulo state schools was applied the test the 133 pupils of 3. The cities where the research was carried through had been Sumar and Ibitinga, in the interior of the state of So Paulo, and Vinhtico, in the state of the Espirito Santo. In the city of Sumar, the research was applied the two groups of 3 collegiate of the state school Alice Antenor de Souza.

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The methodology if bases on bibliographical research on education of Geography and on the tecnicista pedagogia, it analyzes and systematization of the referring data to didactic books of Geography, referring to the year of 1970 the 1980, therefore at this time if it can observe a bigger influence of the tecnicistas proposals in the schools and possible you influence of this pedagogia in the boarding of this disciplines. Valley to stand out the difficulty for acquisition of sources of research, since a space does not exist in Belo Horizonte (local of accomplishment of the work) where didactic books of Geography are filed, referring to the period contemplated in this work. The EDUCATION OF GEOGRAPHY IN BRAZIL to understand itself as if gave the influence of the tecnicista pedagogia in the education of Geography in Brazil is necessary to turn itself toward the form that if gave the introduction of the education of pertaining to school Geography here in Brazil. According to Gebran (2002), the main landmark for the beginning of the education of pertaining to school Geography was the foundation of the college Peter II, in the city of Rio De Janeiro with the inclusion of Geography as it disciplines pertaining to school in 1837, having as the Thin professor of Oak who guaranteed Geography mainly a space in the field of knowing pertaining to school and with the creation of the organic laws of primary and secondary education gifts in the Reformation Francisco Fields (1931) and in the Reformation Capanema (1942). The Reformation Francisco Fields was the first educational reform of national character, carried through at the beginning of the Age Vargas (1930-1945), under the command of the minister of the education and health Francisco Fields. The orientaes in it contained had been marked by the joint with the iderios of the authoritarian government of Getlio Vargas and its project ideological politician, implanted under the known dictatorship as ' ' Novo&#039 state; '.

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The lack of knowledge of cartography and of as to teach it of the professor qualified in pedagogia becomes, perhaps, one empecilho so that it can pass these knowledge to its educandos. Another factor to determine a lesson of quality in relation to the cartography, mainly in public colleges, is the lack of adjusted didactic materials to the education of the cartography, as for examples, maps, globes among others. The preparation for the space domain is, to a large extent, developed in the school, as well as also the domain of the written language, of the reasoning mathematician and of the scientific thought, beyond the development of the artistic abilities and the corporal education. She does not have as to run away from the fact of that many people have difficulties to extract information of the map, simply because do not obtain to understand that it portraies information and events that influence its proper life. Although it is present daily in the life of these people is as if its absence did not make lack. They nor take conscience of that to leave its room and to go for the bathroom already demand a mental map so that they do not errem the way.

Later she has situations as: the localization of the events when of the forecast of the time, the road route for a trip, the localization of streets for the map of the city, etc. This only with respect to of de the essentially geographic ones, therefore several other areas of the knowledge also use themselves of this resource. The map has been and will be, always, a basic instrument for gegrafos, historians, ecologists, cartographers, planners, professors and for all those that study and if worry about the representation of the surface of the Land, in its parts or its totality. All science has its advance by means of research and all scientific researcher had, one day, that to start to acquire knowledge and abilities in the school.

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To facilitate the understanding it is followed final phase of reading with intention to cure any phrases badly written that in turn could eventually provide a series of succession of difficulties in the perception. *a Internet was our last resource, due to exiguidade of the sources. Ellssworth Huntington was born the 16 of September of 1876 in the United States of America. It was graduated for the Beloit College, in the Wisconsin, 1897 (with 21 years). In this exactly year travelled for Turkey, where it leccionou in the University Harput Eufrates up to 1901.

During the vacations, it explored the region surrounding, especially some of the Kurd regions that are almost independent of the government turco1. It was imprisoned for two times because the Turkish officers thought that any one that it wrote (wrote down) something deliberately was spy, and in others two occasions were hindered to travel very. Before leaving Turkey it obtained, after some attempts, floating through the throats of the river superior Eufrates, to the runnings and in the company of WH Norton of the North American consul, in Harput. The trip had been made only one time before, for General Alemo Von Moltke, in 1839. The aboriginals had alleged that the stream bed was fuller of rocks since the time of the Von Moltke, and that nobody more would have to pass for this river. It stops beyond making maps of the river and several other regions, Huntington were discovered to explore a series of Hititas ruins and others. In recognition of its work, he was awardee with the Memorial Gill for the Royal Geographical Society de Londres2. In 1915, it decided to abandon education and became an associate of research of the Carnegic Instituition of Washington, where he carried through research of the climate in the North America, Mexico and Central America (Cuba, Guatemala). From this moment until its death, he decided to dedicate its time to the writing and the inquiry on the climate.

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One understands that the methodology of the study of the way can make possible the work in a perspective to interdisciplinar to assist the educator to understand as if composes this environment. Trajectories of the Study of the Way the Study Half it integrator, capable consists in a methodology to make possible a boarding to interdisciplinar from the comment and analysis of the reality. As practical he is old, being carried through as study of entorno, comment of the surrounding way, it social context, etc. Systematically initiated with Freinet European educator at the beginning of the century. In Brazil, the first experiences of this methodology had been developed by the anarchic immigrants in the free schools at the beginning of the century. In the decade of 1930 it appears in the University of So Paulo (USP) being spread out in the decade of 60 under inspiration of the Movement New School. Forbidden in the period of the military dictatorship, it returns more in the decade of 80 from form systemize mainly in the courses of Geography of the USP and in the municipal net of education of the So Paulo capital. Crossing different historical contexts, this methodology was enriched by thinkers of the critical theories of the education and for you arrive in port theoretical of other areas of the knowledge as Geography, the Portuguese Language, History and sciences in general.

Since 1995, it is worked in the UFSC in groups of study, in Disciplina de Prtica de inserted Ensino de Geografia and in the Movement of Curricular Reorientation of the Municipal Net of Education of Florianpolis. In 1998 it was presented as a methodology for the development of Ambient Education of the National Park of Is Joaquin and entorno. One searchs to understand the partner-ambient paper and the different contexts in which the school is inserted, as well as propitiating to the professors the chance to live deeply as the methodology if it develops, its didactic and pedagogical application and its dimensions.

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It shows as the one landscapes ' ' regio' ' they are resulted of the overlapping throughout history, the influences the natural human beings and data. But in its descriptions Vidal of the biggest prominence for the permanncias to everything what it is duradoras inheritances of the natural phenomena or old historical evolutions. (LACOSTE, 1997, P. 60) As the PCN (BRAZIL, 1998), with strong trends of these regional studies, the geographic studies pautavam for the search of objective and quantitative explanations of the reality and had as goal to approach the relations of the man with the nature of objective form and to elaborate regional monographs for a possible search of rules that explain its differences. With this it is considered Geography presented trends of studies woollen known Blache as sort of life as already related previously and this trend if unfolded from the decade of 60 of the century passed in the traditional Geography, that if based on the description of the landscapes and its memorarizao: The Lablachiana trend of Geography and the chains that of it if they had later unfolded, from years 60, had passed to be called Traditional Geography.

Although to value the paper of the man as subject description, it was considered in the analysis of the organization of the space as place and territory, to study the relations between the man and the nature as processes of adaptations, not being remembered the idea of a social physics. The populations and the men studied themselves as objective things, in which the society and the space emerged of the actions human beings unprovided of any scienters or ideologies. (BRAZIL, 1998, P. 20) education, this geography if translated (and many times still are expressed) for the descriptive study of natural the landscapes and humanizadas, of dissociada form of feelings of the men for the space. The adopted didactic procedures mainly promoted the description and the memorization of the elements that compose the landscapes as observvel dimension of the territory and the place.

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In the reality, Geography, since its origins, treated ambient contents. As Mendona (2001): In this manner, profcua partnership between pertaining to school Geography and the education directed to the environment, demands as starting point: … the election of new paradigms that, at least, are capable not to take Man and Nature as exculpatory polar regions. adhesion to such estimated imposes in them, in result, that refuses in to see them the nature as mere source of limitless resources to the disposal of a Man-center of the world (GONALVES, 2002). The development of these ambient values in the geographic education takes the professor the possibility to transmit to educating geographically reasoning under the socioambiental boarding, from ' ' localization, of the structures, space processes e, mainly, of the causes of these elementos' ' (ALEXANDER; DIOGO, 1997). Differently of the majority of sciences, Geography in common has with the Ambient Education the concern ' ' with the degradation of the ways where the life if passa' ' (DEBESSE-ARVISET, 1974), that is, the answers of the nature to the interference human being and the results of the deep transformations carried through in the environment without previous cares, are part of studies of both (PACHECO; IT WOULD MAKE 1992). 2.2 The ambient education in the world and its repercussions in Brazil In middle of the decade of 60, the partner-ambient problems had started to echo world-wide, mobilizing diverse social groups.

In the year of 1962 the Book ' ' Silenciosa&#039 spring; ' of Rachel Carson – it alerted on the harmful effect of innumerable actions human beings on the environment, as for example, the pesticide use. (MEC, 2009) For 1968 return the Advice for Ambient Education is born, in the United kingdom. In this exactly year, appears first the alert politician, an intitled report ' ' The limits of crescimento' ' (The limits you growth), of the Cube of Rome (1968) led by Dennis L.