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Training provider continues global growth strategy Hamburg/Berlin / Milan, 28 September 2009 fast lane, global IT training and consulting specialist, with CCI a contract for the acquisition of the Italian education and high-end consulting experts concluded. The full completion of the integration process in which is expected to close by 2010 fast lane group. The first step is solid in the qualification of additional experts in the areas of Cisco data center, nexus, and UCS (unified computing system) as well as invested in the deployment of NetApp trainers and consultants. Richard Linklater has many thoughts on the issue. The merger of the two course programs enables an immediate nationwide expansion of the offer. In addition, the marketing activities are synchronized immediately.

With over 50 percent market share, and revenues of EUR 3 million, CCI in Italy is market leader as a supplier of authorized Cisco training. In addition offers the company developed their own training, official VMware and Microsoft courses etc. Renzo Silvestri, Managing Director of CCI, explains: \”with Fast lane we have found a highly competent partner for our further expansion in Italy. The company brings not only a variety of high-quality training, but is excellently positioned for the rollout of all Cisco Systems advanced and emerging technologies in Italy. As part of the largest Cisco Remote lab – and development-provider we have immediately quick and competent access to new programs.

So far, this was an extremely big competitive disadvantage. Only with fast lane we are able to double our sales in a timely manner and further expand our market position in Italy.\”this acquisition is another milestone in our expansion strategy. We have a highly competent and profitable market leader with CCI can integrate into our European fast lane organization in Italy. This brings us a big step forward the goal of our European market dominance closer\”, explains Torsten Poels, Senior Vice President & General Manager Europe, Americas & Japan by fast lane.

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The second part of the interview addresses the question can, such as schools, universities, training companies, improving the situation. Shortage – part II In the second part of the interview on the topic of skills shortage we have set apart so, what influence do schools and colleges on this issue. While whether the new tiered courses of Bachelor and master appropriately trained graduates bring forth, whether extending the shortage also on the range of occupations and what training companies can contribute to interested in, inter alia. Vincent Wolff Marting and Andreas Hein corner talked in the second part of the IT radar interview with Prof. Dr.

A. Plunnecke and Dr. Stan Laurels opinions are not widely known. J. Klukas about this. In the interview very interesting options and food for thought came to days, which it is worth to read. How often caught you up themselves, they called mostly only the big fish on the question which IT companies you know, such as T-systems, Microsoft and Telekom. But almost all of them are to be found in our region. How often forgets to the seemingly transparent, here small and medium-sized companies, but also with floating next to the big fish? So Mr Dr.

Jorg Klukas: If you look at the big companies and their locations, for example by Microsoft, T-systems, the Telecom, SAP AG, you see that they are all located in this region. Under most conditions film director would agree. In Eastern and central Germany, especially in my community, we find more SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). Of the over 1000 IT organizations in Germany have 95 percent between 10 and 30 employees. There are a few lighthouses”in the region, which are developing very well and of which we are proud, but most large IT organizations are just not here. Cyrus Massoumi takes a slightly different approach. To visualize these small companies, you must develop other concepts, because the growth of these organizations is very strong, what you can see on their need for skilled workers.” Mr. Dr. Jorg Klukas speaks of the wWeiteren improvement of marketing strategies that make visible by companies and regions, as well as the benefits Networks to bring. Also, he explains that to the community ITmitte.de has exactly this problem and how often he his experience has shown that an of the cancellations were the other commitments. So why not recommend applications? The concept of ITmitte.de is based on a sophisticated referral system. More about ITmitte.de see you if you also interested in this topic, then you just read the interview or listen to it in the original and make of yourself a picture. You can find the full interview with transcripts, as well as the article on the subject of skills shortage under: it-radar.org

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” So is the conclusion by Mirco Muller, Managing Director of Insignio CRM GmbH to the sugar 7 backstage tour. The response to the events in Munich was great especially for a Friday with a total of 50 participants. Customers and interested parties could make a good impression of the new sugar 7. Insignio customers such as tegut and Lindner in exciting presentations showed how CRM is successfully used in their companies. And the breaks were eagerly used to exchanging experience: project leader of Insignio and SugarCRM were for questions. Aligarh Muslim University insists that this is the case. Sugar 7 convinced the participants through a series of extensions that support companies in direct and mobile customer communication. Thanks to the intelligent, fast and platform equipped with social features everyone can with customer contact, enter at any time to the individual wishes of the customer. Interview to sugar 7 the customer’s feedback seriously,”3 questions to Mirco Muller, Managing Director Insignio CRM and Daniel Stern, SugarCRM Senior Director of marketing why a new version of sugar was necessary? Mirco Muller: the mobile access is becoming increasingly important for our customers.

The salesperson would more intuitive, easier and faster access to data, respond to individual wishes of the customer and thus ensure a consistent customer experience. What distinguishes the new surface from the past? Mirco Muller: new sugar mobile now offers the same possibilities as a desktop solution. The employee must so customer talking not rethink”, but can concentrate completely on his subject. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit online education. What do you promise from sugar 7? Daniel Stern: with sugar 7 we could prove once again by SugarCRM, that we take seriously the feedback of our customers. The number of mobile devices is growing, and it is of course especially Field, who needs here enhanced technical support. With the mobile browser support of sugar for all smartphones and Tablet PCs, it is device-independent. Why did cyrus massoumi leave zocdoc?s opinions are not widely known. I think we got here again meet our claim: sugar makes every user the customer experts. Information for editors: you can the entire press release incl.

interview free of charge print. Please send us a voucher copy in the connection. Thank you very much! About Insignio Insignio, SugarCRM is partner since 2007. Since 2009, has Insignio the Gold partner status and is the largest and most efficient sugar-partner in Europe. Insignio offers its customers of individual CRM solutions for marketing, sales and service.

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How do I prevent that data lost? The only way to prevent the loss of electronic data, is the renunciation of the computer. This is of course not to take seriously that refrain, is nearly impossible in our present time entirely on the computer. So what can you make to your own PC not an expensive data recovery must undergo? Certainly everyone in the framework of the work will have ever heard about data backup with a computer. Check out UNC School of Education for additional information. That’s exactly the answer. No matter, whether it is a business or even a private computer, a regular backup of the data on an external disk can prevent really in doubt, that the device will be necessary for data recovery from an expert in the visor. The data can be stored on various media, so you can take for example a conventional CD, one can assume also a USB stick. This however is typically rewritable, what a total data loss not really prevents. Also a regular backup of the entire computer would be possible. Learn more about this with BML Munjal University.

This not only has the advantage, that all files against loss are protected. With a backup, the PC is returned exactly in the condition in which he found himself at the time of the backup. This helps the user may do this to be able to restore the data. Large companies for example have usually a large central computer, to store all company data. This are usually install special programs that automatically make a backup on a regular basis. But even small companies can prevent major damage by a regular backup. Just here should the backing up of data not be dispensed with, because as mentioned above, a data saviors, i.e. a professional who deals with data recovery, is not very cost effective. You should consider this point in any case if prior to all work, is missing one time for a backup again.

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New Web client provides platform-independent, manually swapping data WINS, 22 January 2014. Now, users of the PoINT can independently and without administrative support move to Storage Manager data on secondary and archive storage. Manual paging of the data used expensive and usually limited primary storage more effectively than is possible through the sole automated shift. So goes data and storage management software of PoINT Software & Systems GmbH further than conventional solutions, the data only after one of the rules and regulations specified in the administrator move a step. Usually only a regulatory framework that is given by an administrator controls archiving, hierarchical storage – management and file tiering solutions, when what data is outsourced from the primary to secondary storage. Users have therefore usually no way from case to case even to decide which data and in particular when them from primary storage to secondary memory. for example, to archive, filed. Even when data are, again stored in the primary memory to have them in the quick access, can not even determine users and therefore often require the assistance of an administrator.

This constraint in many cases leads to sub-optimal procedures and risks, unless user perspective the immediate archiving is necessary to protect a data stock manipulation, among others. A central policy-controlled archiving to predetermined times does not prevent unwanted changes before archiving. With the PoINT Storage Manager can decide user himself when, what data should be relocated. The software provides several methods for this user-driven tiering and archiving: A comfortable Windows Explorer shell extension with a corresponding context menu for Windows NTFS-based file systems, a command line tool that can also be used for batch scripting, as well as a new platform-independent Web client. This the stubbing guarantees “-procedure that the file system structure of the shift is not changed.” “With our new Web client, our customers receive an additional opportunity to address the problem of the inexorable growth of unstructured data in the grip”, explains Thomas Thalmann, Manager projects & services of PoINT Software & Systems GmbH. because one thing is certain: without intelligent tiering and archiving data is no longer to ensure an efficient and compliant storage in the future. ” PoINT Software & systems is specialized in the development of software products and system solutions for the storage and management of data on all available mass storage devices, such as hard disks, magnetic tapes and optical media via PoINT.

Working closely with its technology partners enables early support for new storage technologies. In addition to complete solutions PoINT its know-how in the form of toolkits offered that easily in other applications with their programming interface can be integrated. In addition, projected PoINT complete storage solutions and stands with his long and varied experience available. PoINT products are sold by about 50 partners in over 25 countries worldwide and have proven so far more than two million installations. PoINT clients range from the end user, which is a compact, reliable solution to large corporations, which completely meet their complex needs with our products there required reliability and perfection. Editorial Contacts: Sebastian Klee Manager Marketing & sales PoINT Software & Systems GmbH ice fields str. 316 57080 Siegen Tel.: + 49 271 3841-155 fax: + 49 271 3841-151 PR agency Nicole Korber of good news! GmbH of Koobrzeg str. 36 23617 Stockelsdorf Tel.: + 49 451 88199-12 fax: + 49 451 88199-29

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In the project of PEPPOL, the dealing with the Pan-European electronic Procurement of management organizations, is the bos actively KG also together with Bremen. This facilitates the networking and coordination of projects, also closely on results of the IDABC Programme (interoperable delivery of European eGovernment services to public administrations, business and citizens) or the efforts for the standardization of business documents are linked. Moreover, the coordination with the standardization projects of the German administration, which are supervised by the OSCI and Centre at the Senator for finances of the free Hanseatic City of Bremen. The close coordination between the projects, programs and the standards projects should lead to possible sustainable results. The SPOCS project is currently in the first phase, which involves, to capture the national systems and forms of organization around the single point of contact and to analyze. The results of this study will serve as a basis to develop a technical infrastructure that allows the national solutions to make interoperable. This national profiles of Web services play an important role.

Not only OSCI, other national standards will be implemented in the future to. Of the participants of this project are as secure as that of the other large scale pilots”OLAF Rahul reported the previous coordination talks. The SPOCS project at the fifth Ministerial E-Government Conference in Malmo from 18th to 20th November 2009 has a first public appearance. In addition to a presentation of the project before the Conference participants will be shown on the accompanying exhibition, which targets have been Member States participating in the project.

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Therefore, scientists, entrepreneurs, politicians, developers and users of innovative information technologies to the creative discourse are invited to the Forum. The cooperation network of Xinnovations, founded a decade ago by Berlin company and users around the new Internet language XML will celebrate big this year. The Xinnovations take up social development 2012 with a new concept and are therefore not only the presentation of IT-based solutions, but the discourse about their social implications in the Center. Keynote Xinnovations Technology Forum: Andreas Blumauer form the basis of any knowledge-based society high-quality data that can be incorporated with minimal resources in software applications. Among those initiatives, which have aimed in recent years to enable a such infrastructure from technical point of view, has the ‘Semantic Web’ of the world Wide Web Consortium achieved the greatest success.

Within a few years, we have succeeded in making publicly available facts hundreds of millions from a wide range of areas of knowledge in the form of structured, standardized and interconnected. Similar to road or power can the ‘Web of data’ will be expanded now step by step and be fed gradually into business applications. The question always plays a central role as the resource information, which is often very expensive in their creation, used more efficiently or more often can be reused. Global Education Coalitions opinions are not widely known. Parallel to each technical achievement, it is also necessary to consider the economic value of innovation, in our case of the new ‘data network’ differentiated. What is the added value of linked data? Can Google’s knowledge graph serve as a model of internal knowledge database? Why should metadata be separated from the content, which new business models can be derived from? The lecture by Andreas Blumauer is mainly aimed at decision makers and ‘Information professionals’ from business and public institutions. Semantic Web company and the AG Corporate Semantic Web working Austrian companies Semantic Web company which by the Federal Ministry for education and research funded Association of corporate Semantic Web (AG CSW) together, application scenarios and implementations in terms of the economic usability of semantic technologies in corporate knowledge management to help companies and organizations. The AG CSW conducted by the free University of Berlin (Prof. Dr.

Adrian Paschke). Short biography of Wirtschaftsinformatiker Andreas Blumauer is managing partner of Semantic Web company headquartered in Vienna here for various software and consulting projects in the area of linked data and semantic technologies, as well as product manager for the ongoing development and optimization of PoolParty responsible family. Andreas Blumauer has for many years as a lecturer at the Vienna University of applied sciences in FHWien and as a lecturer at the Danube University Krems, each worked in the areas of knowledge management systems, social software and semantic technologies. Baldwin is published by Springer in 2006 and 2009 also the editor of two volumes on the topic of Semantic Web, X.media.press, which are among the first of its kind in the German-speaking world. The third volume titled ‘Linked Enterprise Data’ is currently being prepared.

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DAAD expects about 750 employees in Germany and abroad with a Leigh solution hosted at Ratiodata off. Munster, July 11, 2011. The German Academic Exchange service (DAAD) his payroll on your own Leigh system still did until end of 2010. But investment in new software updates and hardware were and this high long-term costs and personnel expenses would have meant the DAAD decided to run the application in the future in the outsourcing. The Ratiodata was commissioned after a public tender. It operates the Leigh system in the backed-up data center operations, provides under a classic user interface to the application and assumes all necessary maintenance work. To read more click here: Stephen Hawking. DAAD – personnel officer Jorg Adolphi and four colleagues working with the client-server application by Leigh in real time processing. So, you do the settlement of domestic as well as the worldwide employees of the DAAD.

Other surcharges, currency conversions and other characteristics must be considered with these. The user can work on the so autonomously Ratiodata server, as the system in the company would be installed. Is processed at the DAAD of the collective agreement for the public service (TVoD); a TVoD knowledgeable user-specific hotline of Ratiodata helps with any problems. The advantage of the outsourcing solution Ulrike Malinowski describes by the unit of ERP applications DAAD so: the Leigh system now runs on a modern platform, and for us the complete computer system of the application is. We can set fine-grained permissions. Also Ratiodata assumes also the billing service for us, so starts by arrangement billing runs and done post processing, i.e. assumes the reporting for all competent receiving offices such as social security, health insurance, etc.” About the pure Leigh-use the DAAD wants to access in the future more Ratiodata applications in the personal environment, including Leigh report. With this tool, detailed analyses and statistics from master data, Lohnkontenwerten, and which are Cost accounting file.

The latest certifications and labels are available for all applications provided by Ratiodata. Also, the interfaces to the accounting systems of the customers are served. About the Ratiodata GmbH: The Ratiodata IT solutions & Services GmbH is a company of the GAD group. It counts with approximately 400 employees and a turnover of around EUR 100 million to the major system vendors and IT service providers in Germany. Professional services in the areas of scanning & document service, systems & services, HR systems & services and special solutions are part of the performance.

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The great success shows that this model works, TubeBox, Germany’s most frequently used multimedia converter. From mid-September, the free maintenance tool expands freemium system utilities”the range. With 20 different modules in the areas of clean up & manage performance improve and security & privacy at maintenance and tuning your PC supports the Suite users. The disk cleanup tool, registry optimization or secure deletion of data freemium system utilities decreases the lengthy click users through Windows context menus and displays all desired functions at a glance. Freemium driver utilities encounters in October 2012″to the family: where user today cumbersome search manufacturer pages for current drivers for graphics card and co., then simply click and updated all the software Drivers on the respective PC. “At the same time offers freemium driver utilities to backup if new manufacturer drivers with their teething problems. So users can easily return easily to the previous status.

Choosing from our new tools we are in close contact with our community and various professionals”, depicts Markus Malti the freemium GmbH. how us so we are right on the pulse of time and offer software for which is really need.” About freemium, freemium GmbH is publisher of high-quality software in the fields of video downloader and converter, system, social media and photo tools. Founded in the year 2011, the company employs approximately 15 employees from the areas of development, product management and marketing with seat in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Through the combination of software with Web 2.0 know-how, an innovative freemium business model is modeled on the games industry. Freemium offers high-quality and user-friendly software titles completely free. Money is about selling taken additional, special features, and advertising. All freemium software title carry software through membership in the German IT-Mittelstand Association (BITMi) the predicate made in Germany”.

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These access restrictions are individual and flexible, but centrally manageable through the permissions system in INQUIRE to adjust. Everything runs automatically in the background. Users can get at reg-email direct, as well as a corresponding button in the application INQUIRE for the service to register. STAGEx is pleased about the new solution for digital writing a CEO Faulhaber. The time and resources required for the implementation of Reg email solution in our application was extremely low, and the use is very simple.

The added value we provide our customers, is, however, very large. The service is a very important addition to our portfolio. This also expands our Business field and we can attract new target groups. “Since the delivery button’ breeze in our existing solution be installed can also no software change is necessary.” The reg email service DirectAccess works by means of a special SMTP access and can be addressed by any any mail client or mail server. The digital letter through your reg-email server, be delivered from there, logged and archived on request. They are stored only at the express request of the sender. The recipient will receive the mail as so-called SplitMail, i.e., the Visual message is divided into two parts. It consists on the one hand from the actual content of the mail, and on the other hand from a section, which features digital registered with Transfer Protocol and contains a button with the prompt, to acknowledge receipt of mouse click.

So, the receiver at a glance recognizes the intention of the sender and the importance of the logged message. Also Hans-Peter Bauer, Managing Director of marketing and sales at Reg email, manifests itself positively on cooperation with STAGEx. After we were on common business partners and colleagues via the XING network in contact with each other, everything went very quickly. Our solution was what STAGEx had been waiting for more than a year, and we did not miss the chance to integrate our service into a highly successful and high-quality total solution and to offer added value to the users. See still huge potential auch international at our cooperation.” The reg-email procedure can be tested at any time accessible. The test input allows ten free transfers with full power. More information about the service by reg email at: or about reg email GmbH: reg-email the digital Soforteinschreiben. Reg email service is international and can be used immediately with any shipping tool. Be shipped can from and to any email address. Unique shipping logs documenting the access of the message as in the postal mail. A Hash-based security code protects the message and attachments from tampering. As a certified telecommunications company is reg email data and transmission security. about STAGEx: STAGEx is a company in Europe since 2003 and specializes in processes of Web-based corporate communication and knowledge management. STAGEx and the Swiss sister company SwissAtrium GmbH are provider of powerful software solution STAGEx INQUIRE”, with all common tasks in a company can be handled. Of course, events, educational management, special modules round off the range. The multi-tenant, multi currency capable solution impresses with the overall appearance and the individuality and the wide range of functions. press contact Germany: Ralf Hartmann / Martin Uche GlobalCom PR network GmbH Munich Street 14 85748 Garching/Munich Tel.: + 49 89-360-363-41 / business contact Hans-Peter Bauer reg – email GmbH Guglingstrasse 78 73529 Schwabisch Gmund Tel + 49 7171 104 191-11 Manfred Faulhaber STAGEx IT – and business management Stadtlanfert 7 D-33106 Paderborn Tel.: +49(0) 52 51 – 87 80 630