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The similarity of mentalities. To cure any disease, in addition to innovative technology and professionalism of physicians, one must also moral support, understanding of his fears and doubt, the simple human involvement and empathy. And it can also provide here the Russian-speaking foreigners, because the mentality and habits of the Russian-speaking foreigners are not a mystery to many citizens of Israel whose first language was also Russian. At the same time, despite the obvious benefits of such treatment, a visit to an unfamiliar country nevertheless is often rather difficult step. If you would like to know more about Nike, then click here. That’s why the tourists coming to the Holy Land for the amendment of health, offers help in solving organizational and consumer issues. Professional organizations, not the first time collaborating with the Israeli medical centers can assist you in everything from the transmission of documents in the medical establishment and organization of the examination or treatment, and to support and provide other services to ensure a better quality of communication with medical personnel and the environment stay in the country.

Of course, recourse to such organizations is not required. Can always be yourself to tackle all of these issues, which would save some money. But justify whether this case, the savings the ultimate goal? After all, it could happen that you will encounter problems and doubts, intractable without assistance, and spent the nerves and strength, which could save. A Moreover, health is an area in which is not worth saving, as popular wisdom, which remains relevant in our twenty-first century. At the same time, medical centers partner organizations provide a number of services designed to ensure the best outcome of your treatment in Israel: Your medical records to give advice to one or more medical facilities.

For you to hold preliminary talks with medical institution. For you to select the most appropriate medical facility and physician. For you to order tickets at your convenient date and time. For you to book a hotel in Israel, or rent an apartment, not far from medical facility where you will be treated. You will be greeted at the airport and taken straight to the residence, and at the end of treatment will be taken back to the airport. You will provide personal transport for commuting medical procedures. Car with a driver will collect you from the place of residence, were taken to hospital and wait as long as it takes to drive back to the hotel or rented apartment. You provide services escort and interpreter services. You will provide professional Russian translation of any documents. as well as help you to solve other problems. It is considering these benefits, thousands of foreigners trust in the organization of all aspects of their treatment in Israel, the professionals who are able to provide medical tourists tribute to the quality of care, to protect from all possible residential and institutional care and to create true comfort during your stay in the Holy Land.

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They divide asymmetrically, ie, by dividing a single pluripotent cells formed a multipotent and one of pluripotent stem cells. Pluripotent cells remain in the bone marrow and multipotent goes to blood. In those organs and tissues that need frequent updating, have their own unipotent stem cells. These cells are highly specialized, ie, they form only certain cell types. As One example is the unipotent stem cells of hair follicles, skin, testis, ovary, etc. Regulation of vital stem cells by means of small signal molecules that called cytokines.

Has now been discovered and characterized nearly one hundred kinds of these regulatory substances. Their study is one of the emerging areas of science. The use of stem cells for treatment and prevention of a wide spectrum of diseases has led to active development of cellular technology. Currently, in developed countries have set up and operate multiple clinics with various specializations, which use of stem cells. Popular such service, as the preservation of stem cell banks stem cell research. These banks allow you to select and store stem cells at liquid nitrogen temperature is almost indefinitely.

Currently, there are two main sources of stem cells, which are used for storage. The first and most common source – umbilical cord (placental) blood of a newborn baby. Stem cells from umbilical cord blood can be used for both the child and for his immediate family (brother, sister, father, mother, grandmother, grandfather). In the presence of immune compatibility, these cells can used as a donor material. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Nike. Currently, the demand for donor material is satisfied by about 30%. Cost of donor preparation of stem cells up to 40 thousand dollars. A second source stem cells, designed for storage, are their own stem cells are adult. These cells derived from peripheral blood by a special procedure tsitofereza or just portions of the blood, taken from the patient. Previously held the mobilization of stem cells from bone marrow into the bloodstream by special cytokines. Despite the fact that this procedure is more complicated than taking cord blood, it remains the only way for an adult to maintain their stem cells. Wide application in cellular technology was embryonic (fetal) stem cells. Their advantage is the relatively simple access to virtually unlimited and no problems with the immune compatibility. However, there are serious shortcomings, which are associated primarily with the fact that the cells have used someone else's genotype, and no one is able to assess the long-term consequences of the presence of strangers in the host cells with enormous potential for development. One of the manifestations of the conflict between master and alien cells is the formation of teratomas, malignant tumors, observed from time to time after injection of embryonic stem cells. In addition, we can not discount the ethical aspect related to the need for abortion to obtain the necessary material. It is now possible to use stem cells to treat the effects of myocardial infarction and stroke, cancer, immune deficiency, nerve damage system, including spinal cord injuries and many other diseases. Cosmetologists began using injections of stem cells for skin rejuvenation, and dentists have learned to build the missing bone tissue reconstructive surgeries.