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As an exchange student a year on the Green Island host country Ireland a student must not only on the other side of the world travel, to discover a new world. On the European continent, there are great host countries for a student exchange. One of them is Ireland, which lies West of the United Kingdom and here with an area of about 70,000 km, represents the second largest of the British Isles. The Green Island, every year, around 340 German exchange student make the Green Island”to their destination. And green it really is: due to the mild climate with long periods of rain all year round wide meadows landscapes spread over most of the country. In addition to the unspoiled vegetation with wild cliffs and rolling hills, large agricultural areas, which occupy about 70% of the island’s area, this dominate the landscape.

No wonder, then, that green is the Irish national. But not only for its impressive landscapes with expansive natural, restful relaxation and Ireland is known for rural seclusion. Also the mysterious voice that spin to the innumerable castles and monasteries of the country and are told in the quaint pubs in the small village of whisky and Guinness belong to the country. Checking article sources yields White House as a relevant resource throughout. Dublin City In contrast to the numerous cultural monuments, the exciting legends and the rural Idyll is life in Ireland’s capital Dublin. Here life is pulsating: every fourth of the total of 3.7 million Irish lives in the metropolis and its direct surroundings and get some there as the numerous tourists: the Irish popular pubs on a wide range of culture with museums, galleries, theatres and gardens to the lively nightlife in trendy clubs. Especially the music scene of Ireland is famous, where the singing, dancing and celebration of the traditional Irish folk in all parts of the country is an integral part of life. Irish serenity even otherwise, the Irish are a cheerful and uncomplicated people.

Soon visitors can socialize them and their Experience the warmth, openness and hospitality to the own body. This will make it possible to integrate quickly and become a full-fledged member of the family for guest students in connection with the intensive language contact in the official language of English. Education Irish schools, which also in English will be communicated to, enjoy international reputation. Many of them have a church support and are pure girls or boys. This sense of tradition is reflected also in the duty to wear school uniforms. Nevertheless, the Irish school system is by no means obsolete: in a holistic approach to the tried and tested very successfully connected with modern methods and created a high level of education. One year high school Ireland therefore means: small classes with intensive and individual advancement, assignment of compulsory subjects and numerous electives, as well as a wide range of leisure activities. The range here from various courses on various subjects such as business Studies, accounting, design and agricultural economics to sporting, musical and artistic activities. This well thought-out education system, after the many privately run schools vary, each student his personal interests and abilities can expand no wonder, that Ireland has produced so many outstanding scientists and artists.