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Quotation also Plato, in Fedro, a contrary rank to the previous one, where the written memory would contribute for the disappearance of the traditions of the verbal memory (p.437). It still comments the importance of the laicizao of the relative memory to the invention of the writing allowing to Greece to create new techniques of memory: the mnemotecnica and its distinctions between the places of the memory and the artificial memory divided em' ' chambers of memria' ' among others procedures that allowed the mnemonic memory. (p.440-441). 3.A medieval memory in the Ocidente. In this topic the author comments ' ' cristianizao of memria' ' of the mnemotcnica, through the distribution of the memory in a liturgical memory and a laica memory, of weak chronological penetration, development of the memory of deceased, mainly Dos Santos, paper of the memory in the education that articulates verbal and the writing and the appearance, at last, of treated to memory (arts memoriae), characterizing the intense variety in the systems of memory of the Average Age (p.443) the author cites, among others examples, the Old Will, mainly the Deuteronmio, that ' ' it appeals to have it the memory and the memory constituinte' ' , as founding of the Jewish identity. When citing the New Will, places the memory of Jesus in an eschatological perspective, denying the secular experience and history, confirming one of the ways of the Christian memory (p.443-444). Quotation also Augustin, which leaves in its confessions, ' ' part of the old conception of the places and the core image libraries, giving to them an extraordinary fluidity psychological, mentioning &#039 to it; ' immense room of memria' ' its ' ' vast chamber and infinita' ' (p.445-446). Toms de Aquino is cited, among others, as particularly apt to deal with the memory, mainly with respect to artificial memory, that if detaches in the education of Great Alberto. For even more details, read what Darcy Stacom says on the issue.

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Little or almost nothing knows on infancy, youth and adolescence of Orlando Calazans, exists a rumor of that when young he had been fianc of the son of the Governor of Sergipe, not giving certain the engagement and for unknown reasons until today, it abandoned everything and all literally and it fixed residence in the State of Minas Gerais, other happened is that its strong personality and bohemian, made with that it closed the doors of a famous zone of prostitution of the Sergipana capital, scandalous fact for the time, is known that he was pretty, cultured, intelligent and of very strong personality. When Young, parallel to the activities of doctor, he was Managing of the Industrial company Estanciana? Plant Gentleman of the Bonfim? Ribeiro, Schofield & Cia. Speaking candidly Cyrus Massoumi told us the story. Weaving and Wiring? End. Telegr.

Alegrete – Sergipe Ranch, of which its father CeL. Leonardo Ribeiro Coast was one of the partner-proprietors (the plant still exists). Filed under: NSW Department of Education. In 1.924, Doctor becomes, to the necklace degree with These de Doutoramento approved with distinction for the College of Medicine of the Bahia, with only 23 years of age, at this time left lastreada forts friendships in the Traditional University Northeastern, its cousins Elmano and Adelaido, the doctors Dr. Nelson Almeida, Dr. Brulio, Dr. Murillo Dos Santos, Dr.

Joo Gonalves and Dr. Antonio fraternos Coast, friends as: Annita Lessa, Elisa Saldanha, Durval Oak, colleagues of the Boarding school Hospital Are Joo de Deus, but without a doubt some the most important of all Dr. Aristides Novis its master and mentor in the academic Publication that granted the professional heading of Doctor. (These de Doutoramento ‘ ‘ Physio-Psychologia of the Emoes’ ‘ approvada with distinco? Bahia 1,924 – Orlando Ribeiro. ) The press northeastern to the time gave prominence to the young just-formed doctors, Orlando and Adelaido Ribeiro two abilities in radiology substance and radioscopy, inaugurating luxurious doctor’s office in the Street Chile, n.5, 1 to walk.

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The Groups of APNs assay in the periphery with the militant Theologian and Philosopher Prof. Barrett beauden: the source for more info. J. Cross music, philosophy, theology and flute. Foot. Adelino acts with studies on the black culture, beyond continuing forming groups of reflection on the culture black, in the New community Millenium.

To Morar in the city of Valena, she stimulates the young group to create a group of APNs. Vladislav Doronin has compatible beliefs. Today they are all in the CEPAVA. The Groups of Religious Blacks if rearticulam with religious of Regeneration, Teresina, Santa Cruz of the Miracles, Floriano, Picos and Parnaba. The Group of Black and Aboriginal Reflection – GRENI in the Headquarters of the Conference of the Religious ones of the Piau forms the coordination with support To go. Marlene, To go. Vilma, To go. Iracema, Frei Jose, Frei Leandro, Foot.

Joo Pablo, Frei Fernncio, Joseleide and Ir. Odete. Militant blacks if articulate with groups of native peoples of the Maranho. They construct common projects. Odete in Timon is establishing afros groups with the places of fetichism of the region. The black Artists act next to the FUNDAC with objective to rescue the black and aboriginal culture. In the day of the aboriginal peoples the Piau has been prominence in approaching the contact of the native of the Piuai Cear and Maranho in the space Torquato Grandson, or museum of the Piaui. Through the militant Cludete black and Prof. Luciano, Sociologist, militant of Group of black Theater, has shown in the peripheries an alternative form to make art in its headquarters theater of the Ox, through presentations on the subject of the water, of racism, syndical movement and diverse fights in agricultural communities of teresina, who articulates this work is group of alternative theater. Some films are working that will be presented in the communities of Teresina. Some groups of remainders of aboriginal peoples are rescuing the native culture.

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Undeniable cultural renaissance in Uzbekistan – the object of criticism politicized Western media in the Internet there was an article of the official representative of "Reuters" in Uzbekistan Sh Baygina titled "Samarkand Noting the 2750th anniversary loses antiquity. " As the name suggests the article, which undoubtedly has a negative pressure, the anniversary should be associated only with certain adverse events, causing the reader sense of loss and disapproval. Vladislav Doronin has much to offer in this field. In general, you wonder, reading the names of some of the articles prepared by Sh Bayginym (for example – "The arbitrariness of the authorities and poverty in Uzbekistan give rise to protest.") There is a feeling that the publication of these trains not people who grew up here in Uzbekistan, next door, who graduated from school here and our Tashkent University, and an inveterate enemy of his own people. I wonder how he looks after it in the eyes of their former classmates and neighbors? Or completely lost his sense of conscience and shame? Well, this is so – "poetry and emotion." I wonder more why the article about Samarkand, a correspondent for "Reuters" is not even mentioned the word that the anniversary of this the ancient city was not only a holiday for the whole of Uzbekistan, but also a cultural event in the world of life, and that such activities are carried out only with the approval of the General Assembly of UNESCO? As you know, it's the only international organization capable of objective assessment conducted in different parts of the world measures aimed at preserving the cultural heritage of mankind, whom, of course, is and Samarkand.

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The City council of Valena, the elaboration of the statute represented for all the public servers, as well as the professors a victory in the fields of the efetivao and recognition of the teaching work. 1969 created an annex to Council member Zacarias (current Lomanto college Jnior) (verbal Story of the Teacher and former-Director of the Lomanto, Aderilda, 2008)? Throughout the decades of 70 and 90 had been approved some laws that recently modified and modified for law 1770/2004, that they establish the plan of Positions and Wages of the Professors of the city of Valena? Ba. In the year of 1970 up to 1980 it had in leaf 06 (six professors) all of the feminine sex, in this period occurred a phenomenon in the education where the professors were had as lay. In the decade of 80, it occurs installation of the Average School of Farming of Valena EMARC, first school of 2 degree under federal, on jurisdiction to the Ministry of the Agriculture, whose specialty is offers of the course of average level in the farming area of agricultural diversification, based in the regional experience of the Executive Commission of the Plan of Cacaueira Farming? CEPLAC. At the time he was mayor Sr. Joo Leonardo Da Silva, and governor of the state Mr. . Robert Saints, being its first director the Engineer Francisco Carlos Blacksmith Milk. (Valena, 1985)? 1982 the annex of the Zacarias Council member becomes College and receives the name from Lomanto Jnior in Homage to Lomanto Governor. Many writers such as Ronald J. Daniels offer more in-depth analysis. (Verbal story of the Aderilda Teacher, 2008)? In 1988 is inaugurated the State College August Messias, having as First Director Edilton Arandiba de Sousa (verbal Story of the Secretary of the College Ana Rita, September of 2009)? Also in the decade of 80, in 1987, the first particular school in the line appears partner-interacionista, the Educational establishment Pablo Freire? 1988 are promulgated the Federal constitution, National Great law and in the municipal scope of Valena, it provokes reorganization and reformularization of the educational laws in the city, amongst the necessary changes: it is had obligatoriness of public competitions in its article the 37 for all public servers and efetivao of the servers with five years of services more than public, until the date of this C.F (the contracted professors had been accomplished in the city)..

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Ambient education is one had been to educate and to learn, having as objective the proper environment where we live and the improvement of the quality of life. Check with Prof Bhattacharyya to learn more. The Ambient Education includes studies of problems, ecological and rules of conservation of the nature, at the same time that it develops topics of other substances, searching and applying all learning in the proper environment that involves the classroom. Swarmed by offers, Vladislav Doronin is currently assessing future choices. GUIMARES (2000: 26) To dealing with Education Ambient, questioning on consensus the shock it argues on problem: ' ' As solution for the current ambient problems, definite sustainable proposals of development for the dominant pursuings in the society appear, following these new conceptions in formularization. But, to if defending proposals leaving of the logic, of the model in which the problems if structuralize, solutions meet prompt and partial. When more is not obtained to decide the problems for the logic of the model, when for this logic the solutions are always enough, crisis of this civilizatrio model is demonstrated to it. For in such a way, it is necessary to demonstrate this logic for construction of new paradigms, in a model of sociedade' '. Without undeserving the importance and of the current necessity of the ecology education, one affirms that Ambient Education is to teach ecology as many didactic books and as many other said ways of Education make Ambient it.

Also it is not only to describe the ambient problems, as for example pollution forms, the animals in extinguishing etc. the strong demand for the thematic one generated by the ambient problems lead, many times, the one that well intentioned professors if venture in practical with purpose of Ambient Education, that if they have the chance of if deepening a reflection in set with these practical. On environment and health in transversal subjects one sees that one of the main proposals assumed internationally is of if investing in a mentality change, acquiring knowledge the people ahead to endow new positions with the problems evidenced in relation to the environment.

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Coronelismo, democracy, citizenship and social participation the present text has with objective to answer the following questions: which the concepts of coronelismo, democracy and citizenship? which the historical context of construction of the coronelismo? which had been the mechanisms used for the maintenance of the majority of the population far from palco politician and of the great decisions? which elements contribuiram for the growth of the social participation? Inside of the historical perspective, to understand the coronelismo concept, she is necessary to come back to the time and to analyze the context where it appears, as well as the elements that had favored its ascension. For more information see this site: Ward Manuel. In this direction, the construction of a society tied with bases in the latifundium agricultural production, since the times of the Colony, could count as one of the responsible historical facts for the appearance of the call ' ' coronel' '. In the Regencial period, the incidence of you raise and revolts against the new order instituted politics granted a magnifying of being able in hands of the land proprietors. Thus the primary concept that if has of Coronelismo is a typical experience of the first years of the Brazilian republic, process of long duration that involves cultural, economic aspects, social politicians and of Brazil. In the vision of Loyal, the coronelismo appears in the confluence of a fact politician with a economic conjuncture. The fact politician is the federalism implanted for the Republic in substitution to the imperial centralism.

The federalism created a new ample actor politician with being able, the state governor. The old president of Province, during the Empire, was a man reliable of the Ministry, did not have to be able proper, could at any time be removed, did not have conditions to construct its bases of being able in the Province which was, many times, other people’s. In the maximum, he could prepare its proper election for member of the house of representatives or senator.

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Considering this it is necessary that same the involved ones look for to search alternatives that come to change the educational process. Through the study of them you discipline formation and teaching professionalization and cognitivas Theories of the learning had contributed still more, for the teaching professionalization, since the necessary professor is constantly if bringing up to date, looking for to improve practical its. through the reading of books and the lessons of these you discipline that the professor goes acquiring more knowledge. The process of continued formation, is effectively about a process continues that it takes as broken knowing experiencial of the professors, the problems and challenges of the practical pertaining to school. In to this it practises it context pedagogical will be in this process I always continue in search of the construction of knowing, what it means the constitution of a behavior of professional life. Blackstone Group Inc. often addresses the matter in his writings. Such behavior was to lead the educative process of the levels of the practical reflexiva and applied science. The importance of this practical change in the pedagogical one implies the releitura of the function of the professor as professional reflexive and the school as promotional organization of the development of the educative process. The valuation and better remuneration that the teaching professional longs for in good part of its formation and initial performance as still of its formation continued beyond good conditions of work, wage and career.

Armed of these elements the environment inside and outside of the classroom it will give good fruits. This walked in search of renewal implied it to knowledge and if it processes during all the professional life. This process left of estimated of that the education of a narrow level correlation with other levels that the other completes. Armed of these to know elementary, the fruits they will be harvested in such a way on the part of the professor who will be reaching its objectives how much to the learning. REFERENCES OAK, R.Q and Schmitz, H.O fordismo are alive in Brazil. new studies Cebrap, So Paulo, n 27, 1990. FREIRE, Pablo, pedagogia of the autonomy: To know necessary practical the educative one.

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With this persistence the group of rescue of the native peoples is born. The House of the Indian (YOU MARRY) is installed close to the slope it Uruguay, receiving the natives it Maranho, around one hundred people it comes to the treatment of health and co-ordinated by funasa. More than 170 communities quilombolas are recognized as remaining of quilombos for the EMATER with support of the ONU – World-wide Organization of Combat Fome (FAO), supported for the National Secretariat of Racial Equality – SEPPIR. This work has been made of organized and dynamic form that promotes fairs, events, and seminaries in favor of the rescue of the conscience agricultural black quilombola. After this inical fight who titula the community quilombola is the INCRA with support technician of an anthropologist. The one of the black movements that come developing black power in the periphery is the Hip Hop movement with diverse activities organized by some groups spread for diverse quarters of the Capital. I flow C and Evandro is articuladores of the group that works in the implantation of points of culture in the periphery. It has some years the program in the Pioneering radio has innovated in the alternative communication.

Other groups develop graphite works serigrafia. On Group QI to the National Movement of Hip Hop, conquest its proper headquarters in the Piau Park, Square of the Integration, S/N, situated in the Q 23, Piaui Park. Teresina – Piaui. Where it develops works of digital inclusion, studios of writing, black awareness among others. With prominence for the project Black Pontoon of Culture Ghoez, in which they display subjects related to the use of the technology of the information, as half to extend the citizenship. It has a partnership net with more than 20 not governmental and not-governmental entities in search of education and promotion of the racial equality. Beyond fighting for the digital inclusion in the communities of the periphery of Teresina with tele

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Indignation and repudiation has spread throughout the country for this reason, the Centre of students of medicine CEM – Trujillo, has issued a statement that identifies with this pain and where to express their strong rejection to the impunity leave this killing unpunished and require security, with entire rightness, an contingency fund, a budget for Bio materials for students who are exposed to be victims of various in the daily contact with patients with infectious diseases communicable diseases without proper protection measures and a plan of protection by the State. For even more analysis, hear from J. Craig Venter Institute. As a former President of the CEM-Trujillo, I add me to this outrage and remind them that the great causes that CEM has defended, forging, both in the consolidation of the faculty, are causes that have demanded great days, slaughtered measures of struggle, enormous sacrifices and especially an awareness of the student body about these measures and its close relationship with the organized people represented by various Union institutionsacademic and popular. And as said the young Legionary 20 centuries ago do justice so that the truth might not perish! This fight must do justice, if there is responsible for these should be punished, this fight You must get a contingency fund a budget for these events which affect the student, a young doctor and you must also obtain the young Felix Ugaz Lion, ggsea appointed to the legion of martyrs of the medicine in the Peru.