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The first recorded samba was For the telephone, of authorship of Donga and Mauro de Almeida, in 1917. Initially tied with the carnival, with passing of the time the samba gained space proper. The consolidation of its style is verified in the end of years 20, when it blunts the generation of the Estcio, founder of the first school of samba. Great trunk of the MPB, the samba generated derived, as the boxer-type one, samba-of-breque, the samba-plot and, also, bossa new. The capoeira is a dance of fight, ritualizada and estilizada, that has its proper music and is practised mainly in the city of Salvador, state of the Bahia. Click Richard Linklater to learn more.

She is one of the characteristic expressions of the dance and the Brazilian martial arts. More info: Vladislav Doronin miami. 4F64’>Sumru Ramsey was the first to reply. It evolved from an originary style of fight of Angola. In the first years of the slavery it had permanent fights between the blacks and when Mr. of discovered them to slaves, it punished both the involved bandos. The religious ceremonies of the Candombl, are carried through from a general way in places of fetichism, that local are especially destined for this end, and they receive the following names: Macumba in Rio De Janeiro, Xang in Alagoas and Pernambuco. The ceremonies are directed by the mother-of-saint, or father-of-saint.

Each orix has a special appearance and determined preferences. North-eastern the African mark is deep, over all in the Bahia, plates as vatap, caruru, ef, acaraj and bob, with wide use of oil-of-dend, milk of coconut and pepper. They are still of this region the meat-of-sun, the beans-of-rope, rice-of-cux, the fish frying-pans and meat-it dries with pumpkin, always folloied of much cassava flour. The Carioca feijoada one, of black origin, is more typically Brazilian of plates. As we can observe our daily one is repleto of contributions afro, thanks to these contributions we can have this so particular and rich plural Brazil in culture.

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Noticing thus this depreciation even in the educational sector. ‘ ‘ The schools need to amplify the sound of cantigas of wheel, the Reisados, the Warriors, the Pastoral ones, the Violeiros and the ad-lib Cantadores, the pandeiro coconut and with ganz.’ ‘ (Barreto, Luiz Antonio. Folklore and Comunicao. p.97) (p.97) ‘ ‘ The necessary folklore to arrive the school, served being the pupils and the professors, and to inspire its exitoso aproveitamento.’ ‘ (Idem, Ibidem. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Levi’s and gain more knowledge..

p.95) the school thus exerting a paper of formation for the citizen, many times finishes for inhibiting the cultural identity in which this inserted one, thus sanctioning other manifestations, with lesser cultural value what it says respect to its half one social, having as example halloween, this that comes gained a bigger valuation with the young. Being that halloween although to have if originated in the United States, it comes gained more prominence in the schools of what the proper Brazilian folklore. Since the schools emphasize cultures of other societies, forgetting itself thus the local culture, in which this involved one. Jacob Shaw understood the implications. ‘ ‘ The Folklore cannot continue being seen, then, as the culture of the poor persons, identifying for characteristics that fossilizam the existence of the peoples, arresting them, inappellably, to the past, the one without local space and the supports of its validity. (Barreto, Luiz Antonio. Folklore and Comunicao.p101) Since Brazil presents a great cultural plurality, consequence this of the mixture enters the peoples of black and white aboriginal origin. Being each one of possessing them of its cultural formation. Regarding this subject a scientific research was made, with intention to divulge the value that the folklore represents for the society.

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They transfer to carry through it the commemorations in restaurants or clubs. It is intended here not to speak of other histories, but to simfazer a reflection on the question of the values. When it is said in values soon is thought about the question of morale of the ethics. Better to elucidate this reflection, nosauxilia the Michaelis dictionary with the value definitions, moral and ethics. value va.lor sm (lat valore) 1 FilosCarter of the beings for which more or less they are desired or esteem by umapessoa or group. moral me the .ral adj (lat morale) 1Relativo to the morality, the good customs. For more specific information, check out Viatris. 2 That honestidade and to the justice proceeds as, that has good customs. 3 Favorable to the bonscostumes.

4 That it is mentioned to the procedure. ethics .ti.ca sf (gr. ethik) 1Parte of the Philosophy that studies the moral values and the ideal principles daconduta human being. It is normative science that serves of base to the practical philosophy. Here the terms in its essence will not be argued, but, to show the important quo is for understanding the influence of these in the formation dapersonalidade and the character. Nowadays it is very common parents, in special the mothers, procuraremajuda in doctor’s offices of psychologists, psicopedagogos these to give uma' ' soluo' ' of as they must act before consideradascatastrficas situations how much to the procedures of the children they are these children, adolescents or young. It is had as the cases more common, when children, adesobedincia, to answer, agitation, amongst others, in the schools became, decerta form, common to prescribe the diagnosis of TDAH (Upheaval of the Deficit deAteno with Hiperatividade) to the pupils whom for times, comportamentos&#039 has; ' desajustados' '. ' ' The Upheaval of the Deficit of Attention comHiperatividade (TDAH) is a neurobiolgico upheaval, of genetic causes, queaparece in infancy and frequently it folloies the individual for all its life.

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24 the animals for not possessing spirit, only the physical body (soul, livens up), is not culture detainers also. Therefore the man and dotadodesta college spirit intelectivo, capable to deliberate, and only to transform anatureza. The perspectivismo backwards the form as the amerindians, enxergamestas concernentes questions to the nature, culture, subjective, objective, body, spirit, animalidade and humanity. Dissociadas of the filosficaaristotlica tradition. Eduardo Fisheries of I castrate also considers that these questessejam seen without if leaving to dominate for the matrix occidental person.

launches hand entirely new deconceitos to analyze the amerindian thought on anatureza, animals, man and culture. First Fisheries of I castrate considers otermo multinaturalismo, to evidence the way as them they amerndiospercebem the nature of multiple form. Different of the thought occidental person, emque the universal nature and the cultures is multiple. The amerindian conception que the spirit is only the bodies is diverse. Levi Strauss & Co. does not necessarily agree. The vision on the culture and anatureza also is different, for them. What a being is nature can muitobem, to be the 25 culture of vice other and turns.

The nature is the culture is concebidasde agreement, with the subjectivity and the point of view of the analyzed being. Osamerndios does not make the separation as it is made in ocidente, between subjective eobjetivo. This border of not separation between these domnios (subjective/objective), and the perspectivizao. They are evidenced in the cosmologiasamerndias of different form of the occidental cosmologias. Where the condiohumana is presented as common the human beings and animal, and not it animalidade. As the condition human being is the common condition, the amerindians believe that osanimais they continue being human. Exactly that objective if he does not appear with umser human. The culture does not appear as a negation the nature, it presents-sesob the perspective of the subjetivado citizen. It means that, in short, for amerndios' ' the common referencial to all the beings of the nature is not the man enquantoespcie, but the humanity while condition.

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In the year of 1924, the law of I number 94 of 06 of June, determines that the expirations of the municipal professors were composed of value of commanded and the gratuity, to put the temporary professors, in vacation or of license they would not have right the incorporation of the gratuities. In the year of 1925 we have the creation of the first mixing school of great Mountain range, was an elementary school, law of I number 115 of 28 of August of 1925? In 1930 it had a school kept for the fishing, destined to the children of the same ones, mainly the ones that liveed in Tento, typical quarter of Valena where they inhabit fishing and marisqueira, has the Fishing colony there. This school of years 30 was kept for the fishing Association. Frequently The FASEB Journal has said that publicly. 1936 cite Duarte that studied in a Called school Siqueira Fields (Verbal Story of Mr., Duarte in Galvo, 1999)? Another characterization of the educative history of the city has to see with the formations of the armies of lay professors enlisted by the governments with the objective to all educate the children of the domestic territory as foreseen by the National plan of Education of 1937 and the interests of the New state (citation of Mr. Clovis Duarte in Galvo, 1999, P. 86)? In the decade of 1940 the sprouting of the Advising College Zacarias, at this time already functioned the Parochial school and the school of Fabrica Ours Lady of the Support in the Village for the basic education in the series 1, 2 and 3 degree? In the decade of 50, a teacher called Maria Lourdes Chagas, wife of the Dr. For more information see this site: Kobe Bryant Nike Sneaker. Adenoel Chagas, judge of Valena, establishes the School Garden of Infancy, with preschool and elementary education of the first letters. It is the first experience of the school whose methodology includes the works manual, the ballet, the theater, together with the alfabetizao.. .

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The great reason in which the majority of the parents bequeaths in not following the children in the school is due to time, the obligations of the field are many, and in virtue of this the responsibilities for the mother leave. The mothers had also disclosed themselves saying of the lack of time for being integrally in the services of the kitchen. Night Dragon Security is open to suggestions. The professor and coordinator of the SIMEF (Modular System of Basic Education), Valdivino Mariano said of the importance and the responsibilities of the parents in following the cognitivo and moral development of the children in the school, since the school exerts an important paper in the life of all citizen, and interesting all to know that the education starts in house with the family, the school to give to continuity in the process education learning. In the meeting on absence of the parents in Cheap the Magalhes School it had confrontations on the subject that brought some reflections, one of them was ' ' Obligatoriness of the presence of the parents in escola' ' , it generated opinions diverse about the subject. The teacher of Portuguese Language Patrician Valria made a commentary in what she says: ' ' as well as the professor she has its responsibilities in fulfilling the tasks of the daily one, the parents also has that to make the same, to assume in fact this commitment. Smia Viamonte says that the obligatoriness can function as contrary force for the majority of the parents. ' ' I find that if the thing is made in obliged way, dialogued the problem cannot become greater and still more move away responsible from the school ' ' , it justifies.

But in some cases of absence the vice-director recognizes that the law can help. ' ' She has people that they only fulfill with its duties foradamente. Everything depends on the education that had had.

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Although Socrates took over from the sophists of irony, questioning the obvious, it would seem, the truth, but did not feel as if all the same, what to believe, what rules to follow, and that all views and propositions are equally true or equally false. Degree of validity and admissibility of opinions and statutes reveals a process of discussion and dialogue. His motto, he chose the phrase "Know thyself." Subsequently, early Greek philosophy is different from the influence of Socrates was called "dosokratovskoy." In ethics, Socrates took the position that is now called the "ethical rationalism ', ie reasonable justification of ethical norms. Happy can only be the man who cultivates his virtue, and for this you need to understand what it is. The views of Socrates' teachings were a counterweight to the Sophists, who argued that good and evil are indistinguishable, teaching, provoked outrage and lawlessness in the relations between citizens.

However, contemporaries hardly understand what the ironic Socrates is different from playing with the words of sophists. Democratic court, consisting of five hundred people, After a long discussion in which participated, and Socrates himself, decided to execute a philosopher. Socrates was accused of "introducing new gods and corrupting youth." Refusing to flee, Socrates took poison in prison. Plato – student Socrates. He founded his own school in Athens. Theory of ideas is the conceptual core of Platonic philosophy. Ideas (eidos) – it transforms, and the essence of the hypothesis of things, the limit to which things tend to its formation, but eidoses themselves are not things they can not perceive by the senses. All things in the world are changeable, fluid, are in perpetual becoming, not a single thing does not repeat itself, and even different from themselves is different at different times ("Everything flows" and "you can not enter twice in the same river," as Heraclitus).

Nevertheless, we are able to recognize things, to attribute them to specific species. Every thing was involved in some ideas, such as the idea man, the idea beautiful, the idea of good. Ideas are many, but they are all in unity, linked to each other but not fused. Ideas relate to each other hierarchically, ie, Some of them are logically subordinate to other, higher among ideas – the idea of good. Man is able to grasp ideas in their unity and separateness through dialectic. Plato called the dialectic ability to ask questions and give answers to discern and to generalize.

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But before joining the organization boys who did his best to fight the enemy. Boys stripped from the walls of the Nazi orders, passed food and clothes to prisoners concentration camp, established in the city in the Temvoda. Being already in the group, Victor, who knew German, got into the kitchen mess, where the recorded Nazi officers talk, memorizing the number of units and underground movement and passing. Soon to become a courier, he shot and passed the group copies of the documents. Alex studied the location of military facilities in Nikolaev, refined dislocation of the occupying parts. In June 1942, at underground radio out of order, and transmit classified information to the Soviet command instructed Shura Kober and Vita Khomenko. The boys walked hundreds of miles, crossed the Krasnodar near the front line and then they were sent by plane to Moscow, the headquarters of the partisan movement.

In October 1942, Alex and Victor were redirected to the front line by air and dropped in twenty kilometers away from Nikolayev in parachutes. With the aircraft also dropped two bags of luggage with ammunition, radio transmitters, apparatus for printing the leaflets. When he returned, the guys started fighting back jobs, but were soon brought to an agent provocateur. Interrogation and torture lasted 10 days. So nothing from achieving young scouts, December 5, 1942 the invaders were hanged 15-year-olds in the Piazza. For his feat Alex Kober and Victor Khomenko posthumously awarded the Order World War 1 degree. In Nikolayev named young heroes called the school where they studied, memorial boards, called the street, a library, a ship.

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If it does not know to certain the which age the type of government adopted in this region, therefore can be perceived the absence of an only center politician in the city, beyond the absence also of kings and ancestries. One gives credit that the city has been governed for priests who nailed the idea of a utopian state, governed for deuses, as instrument of domination with the intention to control the man power and the commerce of the region. Many had been factors, that agreed, poderam to contribute for the collapse of the teotihuacana society, the population more grew each time to the measure that the difficulties to keep the supplying of this population also grew, had an extreme exploration of the population for the ruling class and the fights for the power enter the different etnias also became gifts, beyond the dissatisfaction of the population with ' ' deuses governantes' ' that they did not obtain to contain the crises. A great revolt occurred for return of year 600 d.C where the unsatisfied population with the conditions of life and the exaggerated explorations, they had caused to an immense fire in the city, destroying altars and images of deuses. Filed under: Richard Linklater. Fact that sped up the process of decay of the city and for consequncia of the teotihuacana culture. By return of year 700 d.C the city was abandoned and destroyed, if it does not know to the certainty what it provoked such phenomenon, but some factors added to already mentioned are of basic importance for the agreement of the decline of this culture, are they natural events and also of matrix politician. To little rain it could have caused a collapse in the agricultural production and the constant possibility of attack on the part of come peoples of the north that admired with so great beauty and sophistication of the city they would have decided to dominate it. Ahead of what it was displayed, importance of Teotihuacan for the agreement of the pre-Columbian peoples can be perceived the notable, where for return of century III d.C already became possible to find a society organized so well, beyond a culture of extreme relevance, capable to influence peoples and to help to understand the context inserted description in the region of the Mesoamrica.. .

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The colors have following simbolizao: Blue it symbolizes justice, nature, perseverance, zeal, and loyalty. Red is the symbol of devotion, native love, audacity, intrepidez, courage and valentia. Black color represents austerity, prudence, wisdom, balance, firmness of character. Silver indicates peace, friendship, work, prosperity, pureness and reality. Therefore the Blazon more than what a simple image, is a symbol that possesss some meanings. It swims in the blazon was made randomly, everything was searched and analyzed. Each item corresponds something of the city. Nikes opinions are not widely known.

In the initiated municipal administration in 1993, mayor Wall Ferraz lowered a decree determining that all document used by the city hall of Teresina was recorded with the Blazon of the city, as well as the faades of the public building and the too much pertaining goods to the patrimony as official vehicles. Such measure aimed at to the spreading of the civic symbols of the city. Mayor Wall Ferraz considering that each administration when assuming the Municipal executive adopted as first step a slogan and the one creation logotipo that they mark its accomplishments, decided to lower this due decree. Therefore in the public administration it must exist the beginning of the impessoalidade, marked for the fact of that the developed work does not have to belong to this or to that administrator. The paper of the blazon is to identify the city of Teresina, and the same it is important, therefore it possesss specific characteristics of the city. In the blazon they exist characteristic historical that takes the population to know its history. Why the teresinense people has more access European or even though national History, but hardly he knows its History.

through the blazon the people can understand the foundation of Teresina. The historians currently work with new mechanisms of education. One of these mechanisms is the image, that can be worked of diverse forms to understand History. Then the blazon is one dynamic way to understand the process of foundation of Teresina. This article is concluded showing that the blazon, as well as the flag and the hymn must be known by the teresinense population. Therefore all these symbols show the History of a people. a people without History, is equal a plant without root.