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Undoubtedly, each of us remembers the tale of Cinderella. It's a nice story about a poor girl, who loved the prince and his wife did. Really – this story tales, but its essence in a very different – a dream come true! In this story teaches us that dreams can be fulfilled for those of us who may have waiting for this and deserves, perhaps more than any other – the one who is deprived of parental care, attention and love. It is unlikely that reading fairy tales to their children, we apply for Cinderella concept: "grew up in a dysfunctional family" or "has been deprived of parental care." But these stamps, do not apply to the fabulous heroes like nothing better can describe the situation in which the heroine of the tale grew. Considering this is a this angle, you begin to see that you're not a fairy tale. We are surrounded by children who for various reasons, were in the position of Cinderella. And believe me, no one is far from the fulfillment of their cherished desires, like a child deprived of Parental care and attention.

But the tale would not have been a fairy tale, if the right moment in the life of Cinderella does not appear her godmother, who was a fairy and had the opportunity to help the girl. Without the Cross Cinderella story could not be! And then Cinderella's fate would remain. However, very simple, actually, for the Cross Fairy thing has completely changed her life. Sometimes, even often, a dream come true can change a life or even lead to a tipping point in fate. Only for that lack one of the most important components – the Cross Fei, who would come and played even the smallest, but a wish. And our share "the dream", which took place in the city of Chernigov, 1921 December, that's about it.

In this beautiful Sunday filled with dreams of 12 children of Chernigov school – boarding the Yu Kotsyubinsky. 1. Muntean Sasha – cars machine 2. Zherenkova Aline – soft toy "Bunny" 3. Simonchuk Alex – Tank 4. Bogdan Leonard – cargo machine, 5. Whip Jura – Designer: 6. Holday Andrew – loading machine with sovochkami 7. Garitsky Vlad – soldiers 8. Smelly Andrew – Machine "Jeep"; 9. Pavlenko Vova – on the remote machine management; 10. Kriskovets Stas – machine on the remote control 11. Alekseenko Vova – machine on the remote control 12. Turkin Nastya – doll. The boys visited the presentation of puppet theater, visited the guest of the Theatre Clown Art – Shaw Puppet Show, where they will have an unforgettable performance, games, contests, gifts and … Santa Claus. NYU School of Medicine might disagree with that approach. All this is celebrated by ordinary people who simply wanted to give children the care, attention and warmth. Each of you can join us and fulfill the childhood dream. It's that simple. You only need one thing – desire. One person can not change the world, and together we'll make him kinder. We want in every heart, lit up a little a spark of good, which over time will definitely be for someone – that hotbed of hope, joy and fulfillment of dreams.