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I realize how insignificant it seems life at this time, or respect to the lives of others. We now seem like worms crawling the Earth, those who can trample on any and everything just suddenly I realize how much injustice there is in life, that no one has life safe, I’ve seen how can death of a newborn baby boy, a boy of 12, or a teen aged 16, an adult at the Summit of their physical and mental faculties, or a beautiful woman in the flower of his age. I am aware and suddenly it seems as if it understood to suicidal them, what attitude! Is it cowardice or value? But immediately I look and I say no, no, it cannot be, because not even one’s own is the owner of his own life may not be prejudicial anyone against his life had never seen such an evil, seems the chamuco emerged from his hiding place, and every day is closer to our room, we seem like children when they are told uuuuuuy there comes the carrier or coconut. See TWCA Fine ARts Department for more details and insights. The bad thing is that now, at times if you come and bring bombs I just happen yesterday, we were in a clinic, those which cater to the serious patients, we were accompanying a family member who was torn between life and death, I had the opportunity to go to the emergency room and there was only one patient, there were dozens of serious patients. We we stayed in the waiting room, nearly filled with relatives of the sick, so that heat many were better outside suddenly began arriving patrols with the glow of your colored lights, also the army and those of citizen protection, something step! They exclaimed the voices have of having brought someone who face bullets suddenly came all the people that were outside and many are encroached by the Windows, increased the morbid fascination and curiosity of our people after while, for one person of civil protection in the midst of all the crowd saying: not is alarmed I’m going to explain what is happening we are faced with a bomb threat do not know if it is already here or they going to launch, so is that we recommend that away from the Windows and to move toward the inside of the hospital to less exposed areas didn’t do because Que tal pump had already been deposited inside?, we try to stay calm after a while everything was happening, police officers began to go everything had been a false alarm. . Connect with other leaders such as Ronanld Daniels johns Hopkins University here.

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So we can say that the new curricular approaches of the LOGSE require new attitudes and skills of teachers, the generalization of new technologies in social life and in school make specific training necessary and facilitate their use in class. Incorporation into the teaching of new media will not only influence the curriculum and their components and the role of teachers, they also have to change the attitude of the student, passing from passive receiver element to observer, search engine and active researcher. When establishing utilization strategies we must do new technologies to provide students a more significant learning that foster cooperative work, that the free expression of students, that there is a free and varied communication among the members of the class, the student to become an active agent and participate in the teaching-learning process occursto encourage methods of finding information, which the student competence in analyzing information about the possibilities of new technologies that will say that one of the great possibilities of new technologies is the increase of information that can be put at the disposal of students and teachers. Through them you can access databases of different types of content and structure, ranging from which they might consider as documentary sources of information, to the exemplification and exercise of the content that students have to interact. Click Registered Trading Organization for additional related pages. Now, such an increase is not only quantitative, but also qualitative, since the information we receive is not just textual, visual and auditory. Additional information at Vladislav Doronin supports this article. The significance of these channels of communication, is not only that we can have access to a large volume of information, some of it difficult to obtain by other procedures, but the possibility to adapt it to the needs and characteristics of users. It is important to note that these new channels that favor that access to information is more egalitarian, since they facilitate breaking the barriers that lead to the isolation of certain centres and individuals, either by its geographical condition or limited media that can be accessed. . .

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Sometimes words can do so much good, and at once both badly if he employs them is in an incorrect way, because with a few simple words we can do to brighten up someone with only tell you I love you, but we also can do so much damage when we say I hate you, procure provided that the words that come out of our mouths, are construction and not destruction, which are full of love and not hate, that God taught us to love one another, to procure always encourage others with words that are for the good of all. No matter the obstacles that life presents to us, those barriers somehow teach us to grow and not make the same mistakes again.Words of encouragement from a friend or a loved one in moments of despair, always help us to lift us up, but if we learn to listen to the words of Jesus, how better we would feel, he is our faithful friend, who never which leaves us always this, that listens to us, without asking anything in return.Each Word that comes out of our mouth, is what we will be seeing, how good Sowers of good new we are.If our lips, leaving words to destroy, we are not building anything, but let us always, that everything we say is for good, and to help strengthen that is down. NSW Department of Education may help you with your research. and help you build a road of peace and strength. Always with Jesus on our side..

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In the bicentennial of its independence, the inhabitants of Latin America unaware of who became independent this. Albert Bandura might disagree with that approach. Gathers it a surprising survey conducted in 19 countries of the zone. Only 43% of respondents answered correctly. The rest, with large differences depending on the country concerned 71% correct in Chile and only 35% in Colombia, does not know what the topic. All this, despite the teaching of history in school, the use of the Spanish language, religion largely shared and up to a toponymy filled with colonial references. The reason for the ignorance is perhaps staying in the ambiguous and deliberately confusing name of Latin America to the whole of the subcontinent. As there is no evil that good does not come, that ignorance maybe allows that they forget also the topics of the black legend about the excesses of colonization and the alleged plundering of those lands, so the taste of Evo Morales, Hugo Chavez and other warlords again cuno. At the moment, posts to ignore, nor knows that the Indians were owners of lands under the protection of the Church and the Crown and in all America persists a huge Indian population from Mexico to Peru only where there was Spanish colonization, unlike there passed through where England, France, Portugal or the Netherlands. The only comforter detail of the cited macroinquiry is the answer about the influence of Spain in Latin America after the discovery: a majority of 57% believe that it has been positive or very positive. That image is, therefore, the seed of a cooperation that we should bear fruit in the future.

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The above has drastically impacted on failure and sustained process of plant closings venezolanas, restricting production and national economic development which, in turn, has generated increased layoffs and job losses and, therefore, the strengthening of the informal economy, as an alternative means of subsistence. Academically, the crisis of leadership lies in the lack of awareness and recognition that each student is responsible for becoming leader of the personal and social, as visionary and leading conductor of national change, in their intellectual training (knowledge) process and human development (values, ethics) as active trought of a professional career, future professional and Builder of his own career in life. In addition it is essential to highlight the need for commitment on the part of the teacher in the orientation and development of professional qualities and behavioral of the student in tune with the academic of the same, thus leaving in the past routinely and discontinued practice of authoritarianism, the establishment of barriers and limitation of the development of the potential and student skills. Minnow Mountain has plenty of information regarding this issue. The absence of leadership in the national universities is evident in passivity and low participation of its community in response to the shortcomings and problems of the country; as well as the lack of social responsibility and linkages with the environment business, human, economic, political, etc. This has impacted negatively on the role of the professional future, both within the scope of their comprehensive training and in their capacity for response and handling of the scenario that threatens the stability of the country. Finally, it is possible to affirm that the great void and the severe crisis facing Venezuela has its origin in the lack of consistent with national needs, and visionary leadership made these that have a direct impact on the decline in the quality of life of the Venezuelan and the total impasse in the country. Original author and source of the article.

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Of shower and bath screens are essential elements in the decoration of the bathroom. A model or another of bath or shower enclosures can define the character and style of our stay. Style minimalist for some designs, with glazing to floor, confer a minimalist touch to his room toilet, in addition, take advantage of the space in the best way. Traditional shower curtain has given way to the enclosure. The most used materials are glass, methacrylate or plastic. The screens can be one or two leaves, normally, fixed or mobile or sliding.

It is important to prolong the life of our bulkhead and achieve that you shine like the first day, get an effective and adequate, cleaning with the appropriate products depending on the type of material that is treated. Moisture and lime are the main external factors causing alterations in the glass and which should be avoided. The first measure is to ventilate the bathroom out of the shower. In order to absorb moisture you can place a small bag with crystals of silica, which will absorb moisture very effectively. Another problem of the screens are stains from lime fruit of the everyday use of contact with water.

One of the Councils home to descale is rubbing with energy the enclosure using a cloth dampened with denatured alcohol. Thanks to this Council the glass will shine even more and prevent recurrence of new stains appear. If your shower or bath enclosure is plastic do not use this method, is better that you gently pass a cloth soaked in a mixture of hot water and vinegar to get the same result. Alcohol burn only serves for the vinegar for screens of plastic and glass. Currently, the technology has designed specific products for maintenance and cleaning of the screens.

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Despite being a developed theory for a long time, constructivism is kept existing today as teaching method in several schools. An example of this is what happens in the school Jean Piaget, who assert that knowledge is constructed and students are the protagonists that form it, through the company and tools that give teachers; continuing with the constructivist theory.The teacher’s role is to guide and guide constructivist mental activity of the students towards the significant assimilation of school content. This yields its protagonism to the student, who takes on the main role in their own process of formation, esquien becomes responsible for their own learning, through their participation and collaboration with peers. You must achieve to relate the theoretical with the practical, situated in real contexts.In the application is essential to give the student tools allowing you to create their own procedures to resolve conflict situations that arise from him, which means that their ideas are Edit and continue learning. It proposes that the teaching-learning process is perceived and is carried out as a dynamic, participative and interactive process of the student, so that knowledge is a true construction.

In this way stimulates learning favoring the development of the subject so this assimilate reality, and thus will come to understand what surrounds it according to their times and internal needs.School education is first and foremost a complex social practice with an essentially socializadora function for this concept. Its main objective is to help development and socialization of children and young people.Constructivism emerged as a position shared by different trends in psychological and educational research. Some of them are the theories of Piaget (1952), Vygotsky (1978), Ausubel (1963), Bruner (1960). Basically it is a theory that attempts to explain what is the nature of human knowledge and part from that prior knowledge gives birth to new knowledge.

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Participation involves the critical analysis of situations raised, through the contribution of effective solutions, very important aspect towards dialogue, contributions, learning. The Andragogaa as a continuum of excellence, carries the final mission, provide a better level of personal and professional life of the learner Andragogaa is the science and art which, being part of anthropology and being immersed in lifelong learning, develops through a praxis based on the principles of participation and horizontality; whose process, to be orientated with synergic features by the facilitator of learning, allows to increase the thinking, self-management, quality of life and creativity of the participating adult, in order to provide an opportunity so you achieve your self-realization (Adolfo Alcala.-La praxis andragogica in the older adults) some background reminds teamw0rk.com that Alexander Kapp, German master used the term ANDRAGOGA for the first time in 1833, when trying to describe the educational practice that Plato held the train to his pupils who were young and adult. At the beginning of the last century, around 1920, Eugen Rosenback revisits the concept to refer to the set of curricular elements of the adult education, among these, philosophy, teachers and methodologies to be used. The diffusion of the term even within the core of facilitators have been very limited, although the concept has been applied in one way or another with many limitations that have been balanced more by practice than by scientific livelihoods outlined by scholars. Eduard C. Other leaders such as Harvard Business offer similar insights. Lindeman (1885-1953) is another of the great figures in the generation of concepts education for adults and in the formation of the thought of informal education.

He was the first American to use the term in two of his writings. Malcolm S. Knowles, (1913-1997) is considered the father of adult education. He introduced the theory of andragogaa as the art and science of helping adults learn. He felt that adults need to be active participants in their own learning.

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Fundamental concept of Latin language Latin language, language of ancient Rome and Latium territories. Thanks to the expansion of the Roman people latin came to all the then known world and became predominant language of Western Europe. Latin has been used in higher education and in diplomatic relations until the 18th century and remains the universal language of the Catholic Church.It was not native language of Italy, but in prehistoric times latin was brought to the Italian peninsula by a few peoples who came from the North. Latin belongs to the family of Indo-European languages and is a member of the italic subfamily; on the other hand it is the immediate antecedent of the current Romance languages. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from British Journal of Educational Technology. In the Indo-European languages, that were not italicized, set was related to Sanskrit and Greek, and with the Celtic and Germanic subfamilies. The dialect of the region of Rome was introduced in Italy once. The Italic languages are constituted by the latino group to which belonged the faliscan, Latin dialects and some dialects, and on the other hand the osco and the umbro less documented. The earliest inscriptions in latin are from the 6th century BC, while the first written texts are slightly earlier than the 3rd century BC suffered the influence of the dialects of Celtic in the North of Italy, of the Etruscan language, which was not Indo-European, and spoke in the central region of the Italian peninsula, and from the Greek that was spoken in the South before the 8th century BC under the influence of language and literature Greek, which was translated into latin already in the second half of the 3rd century BC, it became a language of culture with own literature. It is also the alternate language meaning read the article full here original author and source of the article.

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Do you want to learn English and enjoy at the same time? There are many ways to do this. If you are a person interested in the arts, a good way to learn English is to have the pleasure to enjoy the art of English-speaking countries. There are a lot of very good literature that comes from the English culture. You can go to libraries to find English literature in their original language. Ask the librarian to search through the catalog computerized with writers in the English language. If before entering in English literature, you take the time to learn some English, you will have better results. This is a practice that is mainly intended to improve the already existing language skills.

It is good to have someone who will help you to learn English, answering your questions. If you don’t have someone, sometimes you can enter in a discussion group, with either a person face to face, a class, or online. This is also a good way to learn English culture, because there are novelists and poets from almost all countries English-speaking. Another way of learning English through the arts is watching movies in English. Watch TV shows in English or just leave the TV on at home in programs or newsreel Anglophone while we do everyday tasks them, helps a lot to ear to get used to this new language people who are not even trying to learn English, have been doing it for years through listening to songs in English. The trick is to find a song that have sufficiently clear letter to fully understand.

Then, sitting down with a tape recorder and record the song. Once you have recorded the song, you can listen to the recording, by stages, a one sentence at a time. Write each sentence as you hear it. Then uses the English you know, along with your English-Spanish dictionary for translating it. You’ll be very soon learn the song enough as to sing when you work. There are many English courses that use movies or series to learn and show your students the use of the language. These courses are very entertaining, because they do not teach the English language in a traditional way, but modern systems of learning. If you want to recommend you some contact me at learn English through the arts, it will make you better your language skills while you get new knowledge and entertainment.