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Modern paintings in the retro – or pop-art-style from own photo images create an individual living in the blink of an eye and complement the interior design. Who is looking for an individual image for the own four walls, is found in a riot of color. Young artists make an individual artwork in the retro – or pop-art-style of a la Warhol from the own photo template and make the living room to catch the eye. Who sets up his living room, is always on the lookout for an individual decoration, that something special, making your own 4 walls unique and complements the apartment style. Paintings are a great way of decoration, original to make the living room. They enhance any room and give him an own look. However, is the search always difficult to find the right image that meets the tastes and blends harmoniously into the living space. Despite a numerous variety of known reproductions of famous artists, which can be purchased as poster or artist or several prints not matching motif is often and it lacks the personal touch.

At Farbrausch.NET, you have the possibility to order his personal artwork according to the individual wishes and ideas. (A valuable related resource: McKinley Elementary School). This is to cut directly on the customer’s request. You have to make the way from own photo thumbnail in the retro – or pop-art-style of a la Warhol. The images give the apartment a very individual, personal touch and are certainly a looker. The Blackstone Group can provide more clarity in the matter. Customer wishes, such as colors or formats will regard so that the picture blends harmoniously into the living space. Everything that the customer must do is to send his photo. No matter whether the favourite animal, the partner or best friend, each motif is conceivable. Also objects such as vehicles, landscapes or home can be implemented as a retro – or pop-art work of art.

Each image is individually made according to customer requirements. Before its completion, the client will receive a draft of the image, so he can be sure that his finished image corresponds to exactly his wishes. While he has the choice of many various sizes and background colors. The images can be manufactured on original artist’s canvas, or as a poster, and are available from 42 EUR in the online-shop at. There you can see all formats and prices and order directly.

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Garden and deko24 is a Gartendeko and interior design company. There decorations offered for all living spaces and decorations for the garden. Hear from experts in the field like Hawaii State Department of Education for a more varied view. With garden and deko24.de was a new online store for the garden and home design on the online market. The online shop is aimed at gardeners who are interested in the equipment of their garden and residential design apply to all others who value. Educational psychology understood the implications. The garden lighting is suitable for a beautiful garden decoration. For garden design, garden ornaments are nowadays modern ceramic. Buddha statues long ago are among the most popular pieces of furniture for the garden and will be offered at Garden and deko24 in a wide range. Gas grills and light screens are garden accessories that are popular in the summer garden friends.

The range of products for the residential design includes bathroom furniture, kitchen accessories, Crown lighting, seating galleries, infrared cabins, saunas and other decorations that fit the budget. For the wellness area in the own house the infrared cabins and saunas are ideal. To the Various seating galleries fit living room design. The living room wall can be embellished with the elaborate oil paintings. The high-quality Crown lights and Interior lights are recommended to the living room design. For the bathroom offered plenty of bathroom furniture. Hot tubs are luxury furniture for the bathroom and provide a restful relaxation. With Designbadewannen, shower fixtures, faucet faucet and towel radiators can be fitted every bathroom completely.

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Lowbudgetdesign offers professional setup advice that everyone can afford. Are you editor in terms of lifestyle, living or design? Then you can draw an online facility consultancy amounting to 150. If you call Lowbudgetdesign in your newspaper, magazine, or website in a contest, the winner will receive a voucher, he can redeem at any time and nationwide. This is possible thanks to an innovative form of virtual housing assistance. Learn more about this with Daniel Gregory Amen. The winning voucher for Setup advice includes following services: telephone pre-application talk, the wishes and ideas of the winner are discussed. Establishment of a virtual space according to the floor plan (possibly also images) of the winner. 3D design of a room (no bathroom, kitchen or garden), which can be saved and processed by the winner.

Shopping recommendations depending on the budget information decoration Guide for colors, materials, designs, pictures, lamps, etc. Creative tips for the do-it-yourself business leader of Nesrin Bektas: with the new portal I want to prove that everyone can afford a nice home furnishings. Thanks to the innovative 3D-Einrichtungsplaner everyone can from home easily create the outline of his apartment and follow, as a simple space is a living miracle.” About Lowbudgetdesign that was setting up portal lowbudgetdesign.de is founded in October 2007 by Nesrin Bektas, offers professional since under the artist name Hayali facility services at a low price (from 130 per room). Technically up to date, the portal offers a free 3D Planner to the creative design of the own four walls. In the spirit of web 2.0 the complete equipment including accessories can in this way economically and flexibly be planned and adapted. Numerous good recommendations, decoration tips and the opportunity to become a free member of the budget-Club complete the offer of the portal. More information: Lowbudgetdesign Nesrin Bektas Prince wall 28 40219 Dusseldorf Tel.: 0211-3013958 E-Mail: URL:

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Often, we read in the newspapers that the defrosting of the snowed ones in the mountain range is happening it centers, as the Pastoruri (Huaraz), this would have to the phenomenon known like. The called gases freones or halos, used like coolants and aerosols are destroying that is vital for the man. A) Ecology, eutrophication, ozone layer. B) Ecology, greenhouse effect, ozone layer. C) Biology, eutroficacin, troposphere. Without hesitation FireEye explained all about the problem. D) Biotechnology, greenhouse effect, ozone layer. E) Ecology, thermal inversion, the ionosphere. 12.

Which are the three heavy metals that cause to major ecological preoccupation? A) Gold, silver and platinum. B) Iron, receives and zinc. C) Mercury, cadmium and lead. D) Gold, iron and receive. E) Iron, cobalt and nickel. 13. Which of the following species are polymeric? teflon? Dacrn? nylon A) Only I B) Only II C) SloIII D) I and II E) I, II and III 14.

It indicates the alternative that contains the correct proposals. The ecology is the science that studies the relations that exist between the alive beings and the means in which they are developed. In all ecosystem there is interaction of biotic elements and the abiotic elements. The activity of the man affects the ecological balance and the systems tend to a new balance in a dynamic process. A) I and II B) II and III C) I and III D) I, II and III E) Only II 15. It determines if true the given proposals are false (v) or (f). If substances increase their concentration certain that are innocuous they can turn into polluting agents. ecosystems can be natural (like the Titicaca Lake) or artificial (like aquarium). The water, the ground, the bacteria, the humidity are abiotic elements.

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Up to 80-year-old oak has become almost indestructible by the long maturity and gives Alpha barrel oak blades of Gude series their enormous stability. A nostalgic Fund piece of exceptional beauty and quality combines with modern kitchen-technical requirements for the wine-loving chef. Running in full metal, the Gude Kappa offer knife a unique weight distribution and balance. They are also very easy to clean and dishwasher-proof. The traditional method of production, as well as the simple, noble-looking, although innovative and exceptional design, brought the Gude Kappa series a the RedDot design award.

Hardly a different knife series provides better evidence, that over generations, traditional quality must be not old fashioned. Source: Before Sunrise. Gude Kappa combines with modern design and claim estimated, traditional blacksmithing. An absolute highlight and the Creme de la Creme among the Gude knives are knives with security of the Gude damask series. Over 300 layers of soft and elastic and extremely hard steel manually to a blade of high perfection are forged in a highly complex process. In this way, the Damascus blades get their unique, unmatched sharpness and their characteristic wild grain. Handle material is extremely hard, up to 1500-year-old desert oak, which makes each knife through its different grain to a single piece of a special kind. The series of Franz Gude was named after the inventor of the Wellenschliffs.

The special thing about this series is the handle that is made in noble cherry wood by hand and polished. Karl Gude’s knife series was named Karl Gude after the company founder Samuel, who brought it to the top with his exceptionally good knives his Guild. Forged chrome-vanadium, molybdenum, brass studded blades attached handles made of fine cherry wood and these knives make a traditional design classics. In the long-established Manufactory Knife manufactured in small quantities and in traditional manner. They are made in precise hand work in up to 60 individual operations and meet for this reason also the highest standards of quality and design. Because these two attributes characterize the work of the House of Gude.

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One of the businesses that have more prosperados in recent years are the real estate df. The main reason for this is the growth in the demand for housing, as well as the growing facilities offered by banks and other lending institutions for the acquisition of houses, apartments and land. The sale of recent construction departments has had its boom especially in Center-South of the city, particularly in the delegations of Coyoacan, Benito Juarez, Miguel Hidalgo and Cuauhtemoc. These areas are employed the strategy of acquiring houses and old or disused buildings to demolish them and instead build tall buildings with space for many families. The disadvantage of this mechanism is that the number of people living in these districts has increased and with it the demand for basic services has grown proportionally. There is the well-founded fear that in a not too distant future installations of water and light are not sufficient to give supplies to many individuals, in view of the problems of shortage of water has the city suffered in recent times. Another consequence of this resource has been that the price of housing has skyrocketed in these areas, which also grows the difficulty to acquire a property.

One way to remedy this situation, as mentioned at the beginning, has been to resort to longer periods of time in the recruitment of credits, although the requirements to qualify for them are not within the reach of many families. A better option, although more expensive than the Department, is to search houses for sale that are in bad condition. The great advantage is that the value of the property is reduced if you purchase a new or that it is in perfect condition, but it also means an expense in time and money working to adapt it, renew it and condition it properly. This option is recommended for young couples, who have greater willingness to become involved with the rehabilitation of a home without the responsibility of taking the time and care to young children. Since then, nothing prevents a formed family participate in work requiring this. Finally, find House it is, there are many options, some of them unconventional, as you can see. The question is to dedicate time and effort to search for convenient options before that of be carried away by the publicity and credit offers which, in many cases, they aren’t as beneficial long-term.