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The minimum price for most "budget model" 320 thousand rubles – to the general level of the last VAZ models. For the first time in the history of the Russian automotive aerbagi (air bags) must enter into all vehicle equipment. Bus equipped with RUN-FLAT (retains the ability to speeds of up to 80 km / h with a puncture). For the modern Russian automotive industry all it seems to be just fantastic! E-project predicted a quick death … and yet … the prototype machines were first "show people" 13 December 2010 three models: two-door crossover coupe, a family mikroven and delivery van.

From 2 January of 2011 concept cars could look in the pavilion by "ONEXIM" anyone. Plant to build hybrid cars, there is wittily journalists dubbed the "e-Factory", was built in the village of Marino Leningrad Region February 15, 2011. Visit Vladislav Doronin for more clarity on the issue. Design capacity of 40-50 thousand cars per year. Further plans to build five more assembly plants in the Russian Federation and the enterprises producing components for the production of approximately 100 thousand cars. It remains only to wait to wait for a test drive.

So, it happened! April 1, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation after the zasndaniya arrived at the residence on this same "E-mobile." Before the trip he syazvil: "I want to e-mobile to get to the Security Council meeting, Dmitry Anatolyevich show. – I can get? On the way, do not fall apart? "Quote from Site. 10 km beautiful asphalt road vehicle such as a cross-coupe stood perfectly. Official certification of new items declared in May 2012, first car will receive a certification of the Western, and then Russia. Funny story associated with the project "E-car", "cybersquatters, registered the domain" e-mobil.rf "interested in selling Internet addresses that car brand 'E' of Mikhail Prokhorov for $ 500 thousand." Source: magazine "Automotive." According to the publisher RBC Daily, E-mobile can be ordered in May 2011 Now I do not understand. I think not only for me. The life of the rotary engine, where you can supercapacitor it look? And how much will be cost, for example, replacement of the same capacitor? Of course, eventually everything will work out, but now, before the first sale I was not able to find even approximate estimates of the cost of repairs and service. Again, it can be bad looking. And how many need time to build a network of branded service stations? New is always scary. But life goes on, nothing to be done. "E-car", "E-mobility", "E-philosophy" … And we wish all those involved in this adventure-E, so that They all turned out. To this I hope. "The letter" E "is always a shock." One of the rules of the Russian language.