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Club offers cultural explorers travel four trips during the period from April to October lead this year to Barsinghausen, Ahlem/Seelze and Wunstorf, Isernhagen. The controlled targets include historical gems such as the Romanesque Sigwardskirche, Idensen, the former Jewish school of horticulture and Memorial in Ahlem and the Museum Justice SN shower in Isernhagen. A cultural event is concluded each concert or reading. Stephen Fry often says this. The responsible cultural experts on-site are the participants their cultured pearl”each present or give an introduction, the tour leads take members of the Board of the Association KulturRaum Hanover region. The rides take place each h. from bus station Kropcke in a vehicle by busses and are open to all interested parties. If you would like to know more then you should visit CAS. “The first cultured pearls ride buddy, artists & Reed sounds” is scheduled for April 15, 2012 instead and leads the visitor mine monastery studs Barsinghausen, which is explored by pit entrance. A visit to the sculpture garden by sculptor Hannes Meinhard in Bantorf joins before the afternoon ends with a concert of the trio d ‘ anches, an international Reed trio, in the monastery of Barsinghausen. More tours are planned for the 6th of may, 15 July and 7 October. They are presented in a folder, to relevant places (ustra, tourist information at the main station Hannover, citizens offices in the region) is located and under for download available.