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Austrian company as the leading Web analytics expert confirmed the Agency e-dialog has been certified officially by Google Analytics consultant. e-dialog is thus the only local company with this certificate “Google Analytics authorized consultant” was awarded. The Viennese Web optimizers so retract into a circle of experts from around the world only 62 Web Analytics specialists. The Web analysis software “Google Analytics” is the most commonly used tool to measure the success of Web pages. It is available free of charge and helps to identify the sources of site visitors and content analysis to improve the efficiency. By the certificate, Google confirms the competence and experience of dialogue with Google Analytics and Web Analytics in General. Click Richard Linklater for additional related pages. With the partnership, e-dialog gets access to advanced resources and direct support for Google Analytics. Cyrus massoumi wife has similar goals. dialog’s clients get future related, additional knowledge, Google allows its partners, for example, in exclusive conferences.

The award as “Google Analytics”certified consultant stood at the end of a demanding assessment and testing process. “Google checked very carefully our know-how in a test procedure”, reports CEO Siegfried Stepke. “Parallel feedback was obtained from customers, who had already booked our support when it comes to Analytics. Only at the end of this process the ‘ Analytics accolade ‘ has been granted almost US”. What is Web Analytics? The discipline of “Web Analytics” examined in detail on websites the user behaviour and traffic sources, allowing ongoing optimisation. Aim is that the site contributes to achieving corporate goals.

At the beginning of the process is available in the Web Analytics strategy, the selection of the appropriate tools and then the implementation in everyday business. e-dialog offers its customers its expertise in all phases of the evaluation to the optimization. About e-dialog, the Vienna-based consulting firm e-dialog is specialized in search (SEO/SEM), Web Analytics and conversion optimization. This is the (revenue) efficiency of existing Sites, and increase the return on investment of campaigns. In the context of “outsourced online-marketing, search engine marketing, as well as all forms of performance be campaigns carried out, evaluated and optimized.

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Fresh and user friendly – relaunch of sangaran gesundheitspraxis.de Bonn, October 12, 2009. With a new Web site is located since September 2009 visitors. A fresh and accessible design, clear structures, as well as improved user experience waiting for you now. Now, get a comprehensive insight into the monthly updated content around the theme of sport and fitness Internet users with only few steps of navigation, healthy, nutrition, mental strength, prevention and therapy, conscious life and nutrients and blood values. In recent months, Campbell Soup Company has been very successful. These areas are divided into more categories, guaranteeing a wider and well structured information spectrum readers. Some contend that Levi’s shows great expertise in this.

With the new layout, we promise us interest just to inform the Internet users and advise. This is possible thanks to the new design and improved usability. Now it’s fun on the Internet page for health tips and advice by Dr. med. Browse Michael goatee and easy to find also this”says “Antje Korf, editor of the health service Dr. Sangaran health practice”, a publication of the FID publishing Fachverlag for health knowledge from Bonn. Dr.

of Sanchez’s health practice subscribers to only get in the premium area”by the password of the current month. So you get online access to all premium content and the complete archive by Dr. of Sanchez’s health practice”since June 2003. The new website will be continuously developed over the next few months and equipped with additional functionalities.

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Especially for technical screen printing in addition to the newly designed interface the new Internet appearance characterized new website by screen printing Roos GmbH through a user friendly control panel and a completely new look. The navigation of the online offer of screen printing Roos is now clearer, easier and more intuitive for the user. Information is more readily available and new features are ready, for example, the highlights, where visitors will find everything worth knowing about the company, the products and the industry in the form of current news. The relaunch is the beginning of an exciting development and orientation phase. The progress of the printing industry open up new perspectives in the field of electronics. Membrane keyboards, flexible circuits, shielding tapes are only some of the products in which the screen printing Roos GmbH has specialised for years. For the development of the new market potential specifically in the area of technical screen printing is the new Web presence. It provides more information about the technical products and supports the Corporate communications.

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To school with more settings, list expression and personal response! The classic phone has a problem: often it breaks down in the Middle, so that individuals not be called, even though they are on the list. Just in the school day, such phone chains are but extremely important, quickly make schedule changes or other important information on the parents. Therefore, the online service has 2008 recorded TelefonKette.de of Portunity GmbH to its service. School classes (but of course also clubs, companies or friend cliques) can here very quickly create a phone list on the Internet and maintain. By the same author: Campbell Soup Co. In case of need, a call for a free 0800 phone number sufficient to speak a new announcement on the band. Immediately, the online service calls on all participants of the list and is playing in the band. An evaluation is then sent by mail. It shows which participants were not reached even after several attempts.

Bjorn Rucker, Managing Director of Portunity GmbH: \”our phone chain is ready, easy to use and extremely comfortable and effective implementation. Many schools and clubs use them already. We have evaluated the collected feedback of users now between the years to make our service even more attractive. With many new features going into the new year.\” TelefonKette.de is sponsoring 1,000 schools: 50 euro to the prepaid account suitable to school 2009 TelefonKette.de with a particular action in the schools is aimed. Schools that signal on their website, that they use TelefonKette.de and recommend, will be credited – 5, 10, 20 or 50 euro once on your prepaid account depending on the type and positioning of the recommendation. The first 1,000 schools that apply for the homepage for the partner program, for more information and get to the prepaid bonus. Bjorn Rucker: \”we are happy to sponsor for our schools and donate EUR 50,000 in this way.

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The Studio for commercial and artistic photography has customized his homepage the modified. The Photo Studio Fischer from Weinheim has updated its website according to the wishes and preferences of the customers. New pages are photography portrait, the classic portrait photo enjoys again very popular, as well as the scope of business portrait extended current photos portraits which were application photos and pregnancy photos received its own main page according to the demand. The homepage of Photo Studio Fischer from Weinheim was adapted to the changed customer requirements. So, the individual topics for the commercial and artistic photography were reorganized. Each heading is initiated now quote info and literature suitable to the theme with a with a short.

So the application photo received growth portraits by the more and more in the focus the business. According to the large demand at the Studio for pregnancy photos a home have been associated with them. In addition to the fotoKUNST added in January there is now also the rubric portrait photography. The classic portrait enjoys at the Photo Studio from Weinheim of utmost popularity. The two photographers would hold with their portraits so your text on the page of portrait photos an eyes of all the fleeing life for eternity. The photography more be page fotoKUNST added the Photo Studio on it, can as a mere image shows recently also,. The photographer couple from Weinheim is a concern to promote the appearance of photography as art.

Nowadays more and more become a photographed it arte from a cheap mass pleasure more and more, “says Jurgen Fischer. With their photos on the subject of photo.ART they want to oppose the trend to the Massenknipserei. Their intention is to keep to raise awareness for photography as art it with their photos the noble and sublime of photography. For many also the new page current photos portraits “of interest very likely. Here, the Photo Studio displays all current Portraits and photo shoots, unless there is an approval of the customer. On this page you can see who is everything from the two photographers from Weinheim photograph made. Finally, it remains to determine the look and feel of the website for the benefit of the customers has been significantly modified and improved.

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Many of the participants expressed the desire for concrete support through the Search engines. So, 79 percent would welcome the opportunity, already in the search form to narrow your search results. Qualified suggestions for more appropriate words to enter would make easier the search for about 80 percent of surveyed users. The majority of respondents can imagine, that a term cloud, as for example Hulbee offered, would be helpful. There included proposals could help according to the respondents, to define your own search. Strahinja Zamanian, editor of netzwelt.de, analyzes the growing discontent of the search engine users and concludes: good alternatives to Google could eventually prevail. Of course, most users are creatures of habit. But more and more people are skeptical about the search engine giant and therefore open to new possibilities.

This is also our survey.” The full results of the survey received journalists at the address. About netzwelt.de netzwelt.de the Online-Magazin fur IT & consumer electronics is in its present form since 2004 on air. Each category of netzwelt.de focuses on a topic. Goal is to impart knowledge – with daily updated news, background articles, tariff database, download archives, interactive elements and a bustling community compact for the reader. Netzwelt.de reaches 1.3 million different readers per month (AGOF) and generates up to 20 million page views (IVW). About Hulbee AG the Hulbee AG is a publicly traded, European software company with headquarters in Tagerwilen/Switzerland.

Currently 59 employees can have up to 25 years long experience in the development of neural software. The Hulbee AG is successful for years with their information and knowledge analysis in the business such as in the end user-software market. “The Hulbee AG has developed the Hubble program for knowledge management in companies with the aim of the global Know-How Access”, so direct access to any knowledge existing in the company. With the Web application Hulbee Hulbee AG has a new type Internet search brought to market maturity. The Hulbee AG on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is listed since December 11, 2008. Press contact H m factory media GmbH Sascha Hottes CEO netzwelt.de Osdorfer Landstrasse 20 22607 Hamburg Tel: +49-(0)40-81992737 fax: +49-(0)40-81992739 PR agency Xpand21 GbR Michael Hardy Lapwing Court 9 22089 Hamburg Tel: + 49 40 325 09 17 14 fax: + 49 40 325 09 17 19 E-Mail: Web: