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A sober look at the properties of the next generation problems in boarding school is the best guarantee of success. Just did a students father compared to another of his dissatisfaction with the local States loudly air. \”The only question: you have a difficult child?\” The disgruntled hesitate with the answer. You have a difficult child? \”, insists his opposite. \”As the other finally nods his head, he receives the Council: you must keep your mouth shut and pay!\” A typical scene from the everyday life of the land reform school, where I began my teaching career thirty years ago.

There are still more than enough; in the boarding difficult children wants to seem like me, even more difficult than ever before. Nike often says this. But the setting of the parents has changed considerably. Deficits of children and own education errors are blamed on the schools and boarding schools students who meet here for lunch in the canteen of the Salem International College\”, it says in a NDR feature in 2002. not necessarily differ from their peers in public schools. Also here one laments lack of stamina of students that often but school is accused.

What causes that many children visit… now not only a boarding school in their lives \”.\” The Bonner Kulturpsychologen Herbert Fitzek and Michael Ley put in an investigation with the subtitles on boarding school education in the view of the parents\”(Bonn 2005) set: in addition in interviews but also clearly, that is the parent of the view, the boarding schools could turn their bad children in a relatively short time in decent and respectable members of society: when the kids on the weekend home, you sure for example, very carefully whether the offspring have learned to get up on time, to clean her room or do the laundry. Where be changes for the better, which will usually not with own errors of education brought together but chalked the boarding schools as a failure.\” The clientele of the boarding schools is today by resignativer humility far away.