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Companies with ITIL IT service management have economic disadvantages and unzufriedenere user more weaknesses in cost and performance management in non-ITIL-corporate Bad Homburg, 06.07.2009 – enterprise with ITIL compliant IT service management have significant advantages compared to the companies without standardized IT processes. According to a comparison study of the consulting firm Serview with ten different aspects of evaluation, marked differences in process quality and control and efficiency of the organization. Serview had interviewed roughly 200 ITIL – and non-ITIL users with a turnover of over 50 million euros for this. According to the self assessments of the companies in the two comparison groups hardly differences especially in the sourcing and IT security. When asked how well is the Organization compliance fair hosted, are relatively similar to the assessments and ITIL seems to no significant deviations in practice to have led. However, unlike the results in all other seven parameters, they have consistently better results for the ITIL users. Above all the quality of the process. It is evaluated only by every second company without the focus on this set of rules as positive by the comparison group but to two-thirds.

Significant discrepancies in the management capabilities of the IT organization. So, 57 percent of non-ITIL users of their performance control give good grades, ITIL companies, however, there are 70 percent. The Serview study on the cost control has identified almost identical conditions: only in 53 percent of the companies without ITIL in the green zone, is, while users with standardized IT processes about one-third more (69 percent). This is reflected also in the judgment to the economics of IT. It is evaluated by the company with ITIL processes to 71 percent as positive.

Significantly more restrained comment on this topic the managers from companies without ITIL and speak only to 61 percent by good economic conditions. A huge gap exists also for the satisfaction of the user between the two survey groups from 57 to 68 per cent in favour of the ITIL-oriented companies. These results confirm the benefits of ITIL for the Organization both very clearly and very differentiated”judge Serview managing director Markus Bause. Filed under: Jim Crane. Individual differences between the two groups would have surprised him yet in the magnitude. He includes the cost and performance control. On the other hand, he sees also notes that still not all possibilities have been exhausted despite ITIL in the results. It exists in many areas still air above, particularly in the IT security and compliance orientation. ” Bause points out in this connection that many users of the rules made even no extensive standardization of the IT processes. ITIL is ultimately a longer-term programme and not a project limited in itself, therefore a dynamic optimization process behind.” Accordingly, he expected that the results in a few years look much better than they are today. ITIL is a still relatively quite young approach despite the meantime spread, therefore continues to be very comprehensive development potentials and benefits perspectives exist even with ITIL users.

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The solution provides comprehensive support for disk – and tape-based backup and restore in Windows-based environments. Thanks to the continuous backup and granular recovery technology for mission-critical Microsoft applications can the patent pending entrepreneurs rely on, that their important data is always protected and recoverable easily within seconds. From the NetApp storage products for storage networks of large and medium-sized companies, GID developed comprehensive solutions. NetApp’s unified storage architecture allows a single administration at low cost, allows low operating costs, long-term investment protection and a flexible scalability in each Direction. Easy integration into existing storage networks through a variety of connection possibilities opened a high transparency for the user. RAID DP, snapshot, replication, clustering, SnapLock, etc.

are just a few of the solutions from NetApp, which make even more flexible and secure data storage. GID is Gold partner since 2006 NetApp and accompanies customers from project planning to the optimum configuration for the implementation. With data domain inline de duplication solutions from EMC can be reduced data stocks and especially backup sets by up to 90 percent. In the de-duplication, redundant variable data blocks are detected, eliminated, and replaced by pointer. So achievable data compression depends on the data structure and the respective application. The logical capacity of the solution that is greater than the physical capacity to the achieved compression factor is relevant to the capacity of the systems.

90 percent of less storage capacity allows for longer on hard disk backup sets. As a result is the recovery much easier and faster. In addition, the replication requires less bandwidth and a shorter time window. The data domain solution provides extreme data security through technologies such as replication, RAID 6 and a permanent review of the data. The silent cubes of FAST LTA AG is located to modular scalable CAS storage hard disk based systems. You are characterized in particular by high reliability, low energy consumption and low maintenance requirements.

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More information is available at products/tightgate_pro electronic spell mile for mobile disk: POPs PROVAIA mobile disk now store gigabytes of data, and are still handy and fast. You are incredibly convenient, but not – especially in the business environment. In addition to user data can any form of malicious software on DVDs, memory cards or USB sticks on workstations or corporate networks “distributed”. Especially when the popular rewritable media, the risk is high. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Carson Wen on most websites. By far not always can be traced a USB stick in the course of one day is connected where and in what technical safety condition the relevant computers were. The only barrier against the penetration is a local virus scanner digital Pests are mobile data carrier to the incalculable risk.

With PROVAIA of the Hamburger POPs technologies GmbH, a general ban on mobile storage media for reasons of preventive security is no longer necessary: A highly secure, external system forms a security zone in the run-up to the corporate network where mobile devices can be safely tested and if necessary safety “cleaned up”. Multiple, simultaneous working malicious code scanner, tools to detect and may disable active content, document converters offer a level of protection that extends far beyond established solutions. A coupling with an interface control system of a company or an authority prevents that unverified or evaluated as risk-prone removable media on the internal network can be connected. Federal authorities already rely on this technology – more information, see. Official and private finally separated: WebFox is private use of the Internet in the workplace a Permanent sensitive issue in German companies and juridical Evergreen to the labour courts. The list of fears on the part of the employer is as long as transparent: sometimes not entirely unjustified objections range from private allocated working time about legal problems with abusive use of the Internet until safety concerns, for example, by downloaded malicious software. General prohibitions are not so rare, but they create ultimately new problems. How should the “quick click, by the way” on content beyond operational requirements be prevented? What’s as official what considered to be private? How can permissible controls implemented meaningful and at the same time preserve the privacy of employees? The Abraham GmbH in Nurtingen with WebFox the answer presented on all these issues.

The flexible system creates the necessary separation between operational requirements and private concerns in the context of Internet use in the workplace. Employers and employees benefit It equally by a thoughtful solution with high acceptance factor. The option granted to private purposes”can be controlled due to the company or authority culture. Employees decide affiliated independently by clicking in the browser, at which time they are private in the worldwide data network. Even the safe access to private Web mail accounts is possible, of course taking fully into account of all legal regulations with WebFox. Implementation and compliance with the individual business rules is ensured at all times without violating privacy rights. WebFox provides distance between the and private and connects so reliability with legal certainty. To get more information, see webfox.

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Joy of learning and success in school promises that total is included with many prices excellent CD-ROM with the mouse as well as the educational game of Milli-Metha – my teeth, acclaimed by the press published October 1 edition of the elementary school. Instructive and also funny the detective game A.S.L.E. is the animal Sleuth cat robbery in the bird district. Athletic BBs in the animal kickers and the Derby riding simulation is champion. Have fun makes learning with the small dragon Galswin, which explains not only the substance of the subjects German, mathematics and social studies students affectionately.

Galswin provides child-friendly recycled knowledge, for example, on the issues of researchers and explorers, the planets, the units or the computer in the numerous contained how to discover titles. As in the previous version, an exercise book complements the collection. Others including Richard Linklater, offer their opinions as well. Total 2008-09 explains elementary and exercises the basic knowledge of child-friendly. In addition she taught literacy in a fun and educational way. Highlights Primary school total 2008-09 88 games and learning programs for elementary school students provides the CD-ROM 3″Milli Metha my teeth” playful explained everything on the subject of teeth and dental care for children. Recommended by families welt.de. “Top tracks A.S.L.E. the animal Sleuth cat robbery district bird” new episodes of the series – how to discover the small dragon Galswin painting and exercise book

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New learning software by bhv: Kaarst, October 23, 2008 – an overview of learning software releases by bhv today get you in November 2008 learning fun for children: preschool total 2008/09 with Janosch, the balloonists Oscar and the Maya the bee that total 2008-09 contains 37 educational preschool some of them award-winning. David G. DeWalt is actively involved in the matter. With these, the package of 4-6 year old children prepared playfully on the elementary school. The latest version of the software package is content aimed at the educational plans of the countries for the elementary level. The game the Chris award-winning Maya the bee who help Willi is included, as well as the Jac adventure: how the tiger was ill and was healthy again. The game tells not only an informative history of the Tiger and the little bear, but offers also great DIY tips. Kindle Direct Publishing is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

More winners in the package: balloonist Oscar discovered the farm and 3D dinosaurs fascinating giant of prehistoric times. The small learning Dragon Galswin explains many situations of daily life. Unless the Visit to the dentist, or how about a phone or bike: Children learn through play and fun. The enclosed time – exercise book complements the educational game collection, and supports the preparation for primary school. Effectively for the licence to learn: multimedia licence and transport 2009 of multimedia licence and transport 2009 offers an ideal preparation for the theoretical driving test. The syllabus contains original TuV catalog of questions for all licence categories.

Through automatic updates, the software always using the current exam questions prepared for the official theoretical driving test. The multimedia licence transport 2009 combines and targeted learning with intuitive operation: for optimum learning outcomes, an entrance test first queries the State of knowledge of the learner. Through targeted tasks, the software then closes gaps in knowledge. Licence candidates train in a simulated exam with questionnaires from all emergencies Topic areas. After the test, a detailed error analysis indicates possible weaknesses. Numerous instructional videos illustrate in addition difficult traffic situations and provide entertainment during learning. Fine computer, fine catalog, StVO, HCP, tax table, sample contract for cars u.v.m. complete the package. Even if the driving test has already passed, the multimedia driver’s license and transport 2009 a valuable advisor.

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Within the framework of cooperation, RightNow Technologies has already trained Danet employees at the highest level. So, it can be ensured that the customer benefit is maximized. The two partners are also planning a collaboration in sales. The sales team should primarily address the German-speaking market and carry out joint marketing activities. So, a first CRM seminar with presentations by experts and users is planned for autumn 2008. The range of on-demand-CRM systems shows high growth rates”, Margot Worbs, Channel Manager roof at RightNow Technologies. Together with Danet, we could successfully implement first projects in a short time.

We are pleased to work with Danet, as they have already extensive experience in on-demand solutions and have many qualified consultants in the entire CRM process environment. Danet can best present our solutions and support us in our growth markets. Joint customers will benefit from the mature technology of the RightNow products. The Know-How of the two companies speaks for a successful cooperation.” RightNow Technologies RightNow provides powerful technology solutions and services, which unless throughout organizations superior customer experiences across all interfaces, in service, sales or marketing, can ensure. Worldwide nearly 1,800 companies and Government agencies rely on RightNow, to achieve its strategic objectives and to meet the needs of their customers or citizens. The company based in Bozeman (Montana/United States), RightNow was founded in 1997 and has offices in North America, Europe and Asia. The German RightNow Technologies GmbH was founded in 2000 and has its headquarters in Munich.

More information is available at and. Press Contact Lucy Turpin communications Birgit Fuchs-Laine, Iris Reitmeier phone: + 49 89 417761-13; -18 E-Mail: Danet group the Danet group is a leading, independent IT consulting and service company. Competence and over 25 years experience in the ICT market the Danet group innovative partner for consulting, system integration, managed, and on-demand services of complex IT applications. The company designed, develops, implements, and operates sound and innovative business solutions across the entire value chain of our customers across. The biggest customers come from the sectors of telecommunications, financial services, automotive, transport and logistics. In addition to the headquarters in Weiterstadt, there are branches in Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart, as well as subsidiaries in Vienna (Austria) and Brighton (UK). Danet employs approximately 450 people and generated in the fiscal year 2007 a total turnover of 51.7 million euros. Contact for editors Danet GmbH Jurgen Martin Gutenbergstrasse 10 D-64331 Weiterstadt phone: + 49 6151 868 487 fax: + 49 6151 868-472 E-Mail: Internet: PR Agency: verclas & friends communication consulting GmbH Peter Verclas Gaisbergstr. 16 D-69115 Heidelberg phone: + 49 6221 58787-35 fax: + 49 6221 58787-39 E-Mail: Internet:

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There is not enough personal responsibility to take the initiative and do the right things. If you want to succeed in the chosen career, then you don’t have to wait for a promotion or that delegated some authority. That is also the case when you want to make your organization a success. Good leadership is influencing others to achieve positive results. We can influence those around us (including pairs, as well as managers) by the way of listening, thinking, speaking and acting. It is important to realize the potential and ability we have, not only to carry out the activities that we allocate if not, coupled with that, the difference that we can mark, having the right attitude. He is wanting to achieve and exceed goals, spreading in this way to the around us and even our superiors; achieving effectively communicate the right messages to the right people. If showing our ideas and needs, can demonstrate that it is worthwhile to deliver value to the business through the implementation of processes or providing attention to areas or forgotten tools, then is much more likely to get the cooperation and the support of others.

How could this improved communication and motivation methods you can use to get results I achieve? There are certain steps bases for David Ratcliffe and support, which help us to achieve the objectives, to improve the performance and ensure the success of the strategies: 1. first be sure to understand the vision of what needs to be done, and how you think realize the strategy. 2. Secondly, it is essential to make sure that everyone knows the vision and strategy. This must come from a mix of methods of communication, one-on-one meetings – one, written communications and meetings of staff, among others. The one-on-one meetings – one are important because they give people the opportunity to ask questions and solve all your questions in a relaxed atmosphere and confidence. 3. In the third place, when you think that you have communicated enough, continue communicating and ensure information permeo in his team and it was understood correctly.

Professor John Kotter at Harvard Business School teaches us that they tend to underestimate, they communicate by a factor of 10 or even 100! That means that you have to continue to do so, again and again. 4. While writing the vision and strategy is important, it should be continuously strengthened in person to walk the talk. You need to be sure that everyone has understood and has convinced by the strategy and is will be supported through their actions. With these tips, in addition to the personal recognition of our capabilities and desire of wanting to spread to others with an attitude who sought always to achieve and exceed goals, for improvement of the Organization and with this joint improvement also the functions, responsibilities and attitudes of the work team, the success of strategies, achieving the vision of the business, making our work a key part of that success may be performedNo matter the level of decision-making, responsibility or hierarchy that has within the organization.

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Also the Europe-wide Active itCampus technologies of business communications and contact center applications at the heart of the trade fair presence at IT ‘n’ T, international trade fair for information technology and telecommunications, will be represented. From 27 to 29 January 2009 itCampus Austria at the fairground in Vienna at the largest IT trade fair of in Austria presents itself. The focus is on the trade fair presence both innovative technologies in the field of business communication as also contact center applications for inbound and outbound requests. The Austrian subsidiary of the itGruppe is also the potential of new communication media in the field of view that can be tested at the booth also such as E-Mail response management, Internet self Services Web or video chat. With itCampus to IT’nT backup now free cards: interested himself in the short term free cards to IT ‘n’ T provide.

More information and fair contact: itCampus Austria, Hannes Enz, phone + 43. 2236. 861 81 14 or E-Mail, Internet C + D, stand-no. C0918 about the itCampus group itCampus is an innovative software developer with international connections to science and research 27-January 29, 2009, Messeplatz 1, 1021 Vienna, Messe Wien, Hall. in 1999, the company is today founded in Halle and Leipzig, in Germany, United Kingdom, of Switzerland, Italy, Austria and the Slovakia with its own branches. The company offers its customers Europe-wide communications solutions, consulting and individual solutions in the areas of software development and software ergonomics. Is best known for ELSBETH itCampus especially with his intelligent IT / telecommunications solutions under the brand name. They are used in contact centers and communications-intensive enterprises.

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Many typical ECM jobs can be simplify by about partially automate, for example, frequently recurring tasks in the collection, indexing, and archiving of document resources and users in the management of large document collections or archives to assist with the applets of the function bundle. windream BPM now with Web access the business-process-management software windream BPM now also a Web application provides users, with the business processes run on the Internet and manage. With windream BPM Web can users who already use windream BPM, also independent access by a stationary place of work on business processes and operations Edit. In addition to the Web application, the exhibition team of windream GmbH windream BPM will show the latest version of the business process management software. New version of MOSS integration solution the current windream integration into the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) provides users with a legally compliant storage of documents directly from the MOSS environment. Learn more at: KDP. All documents that are created or collected on the MOSS site, make sure to save in the windream ECM-system, edit, versioning if necessary and call again without loss of time. A new administration application of the so called Storage Manager in the MOSS solution has been integrated in this context. This storage manager system administrator can control the archiving processes and configure.

So, for example, the locations of the MOSS documents in windream can be individually set. Together with Konica Minolta that windream GmbH is this year together with its long-standing partner Konica Minolta at the CeBIT be represented. The exhibition program of the two producers most windream partner stand in Hall 3 represents the interaction between Konica Minolta MFPs and the ECM system windream in the foreground of the trade fair presentation. Of particular importance is the cooperation of both hard – and software systems of both partners. So it is possible that not only effectively on a Konica-Minolta system to digitize paper documents, but to index the documents in the same step and automatically in the ECM system windream to drop it.

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Judgment & law research for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad from Wolters Kluwer Germany Cologne, June 7, 2011. Now there is the Jurion mobile app for iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad in the iTunes store. The application allows a mobile search in more than 90,000 judgments and decisions of the federal courts, around 2,500 regulations of the Federal Government and of all 16 federal States. In addition, a comprehensive law dictionary with explanations of over 3,000 terms available is the user. Jurion mobile is an offer of the Informationsdienstleisters Wolters Kluwer Germany. Gerald Weissmann, MD may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Jurion mobile new name, proven quality the new Jurion mobile continues the success story of the popular app LexisNexis law on Basic.

The content of free legal research are extensive, interconnected with links and quickly found. You may find that Gerald Weissmann, MD can contribute to your knowledge. The practical ability to direct call Favorites guarantee a function of history and bookmarks. Although online accessed the extensive contents, selected documents on the device can be stored to it offline too take advantage of. Another peculiarity: through an RSS feed on the home page of Jurion mobile app plus the latest news from the fields of jurisprudence, legislation and trade press – load existing Internet connection -. Under most conditions bfpl would agree. Continuous updating and developing Jurion Mobile for the iPhone, the iPod touch and the iPad will be updated monthly and continuously developed. Content and technical updates are of course also free of charge. More information and a download option will find interested on iTunes.

Reason for the name change from LexisNexis law basic in Jurion mobile is the acquisition of LexisNexis Germany GmbH by Wolters Kluwer Germany at the beginning of the year. For more background information, in the press area of Wolters Kluwer. Press contact Angelika Krauss corporate Wolters Kluwer Germany GmbH phone: + 49 221 94373 7058 E-Mail: about Wolters Kluwer Germany the Wolters Kluwer Germany GmbH is a knowledge – and information service provider, the primarily the areas of law, economy and taxes offers in-depth technical information for professional users. The company has its headquarters in Cologne, Germany at over 20 locations, with a workforce of around 1,200 and operates over 25 years of experience in the German market. Wolters Kluwer Germany is part of the international Informationsdienstleisters Wolters Kluwer n.v., whose core markets law, economics, taxes, accounting, corporate, financial services and healthcare are. Wolters Kluwer has annual sales of 3.6 billion (2010), employs approximately 19,000 people and operates in over 40 countries.