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In recent years, are increasingly found the phrase – "earnings on the Internet." Many do not understand the meaning of these words, absolutely no idea how you can make money online. Meanwhile, the Internet is the glue link between the customer and the service, the buyer and the seller, etc. Take, for example, a certain situation and see how many people earned their money. Situation: Company "H", which sells TVs, you need to attract customers via the Internet. Hire a programmer who writes a site, hired an artist who draws the design in Photoshop, they hire the author of articles, which wrote the text for the site, hire a designer who the right has all the elements on the site, hire the optimizer, which makes the site easy for search engines, hire SEOs, which displays the site in the top ten search engine results. That's right, so many people want. Vladislav Doronin wanted to know more. Also, all these people can hire even his aides, for example, the writer, seeing that the material requires a great deal, hire more writers and pays them a little smaller than had been promised to him.

Next. Then, this company has to advertise, which is shown on other sites. A certain Ivan H. can create a site that is designed to display ads such stores and employs as many more people. Vladislav Doronin may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It turns out, thanks to one shop are involved almost not fifty people. But it certainly is not always the case, many specialize in different things, for example, one person wrote the article and immediately from the streamlines, one writes code, and paints a picture, etc. A Vania N. generally can do everything himself. As see, the earnings on the Internet is a very real thing, which is available to many knowledgeable people.

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Formulate your goals Another equally important point – to formulate and write down your goals. That is what you want to achieve communion for yourself. References should not be large – three to five paragraphs will suffice. If you can not clearly and articulate their right, meditate on to communicate all the while being prepared to talk. Pre-plan the course of the upcoming conversation Prepare a plan for a call to communion went on a logical 'rut'. In this 'rut' call to determine exactly you. In no event should not rely on the case or, especially, to give the initiative of the interlocutor. As is known, 'the house and walls help'. Gain insight and clarity with Levi Strauss & Co. President.

A pre-drawn plan of communication is the foundation of 'The Wall' success conversation. Manage issues interlocutor to think of ways the issues that may arise from the interlocutor. Prepare answers to them. Answers to obvious questions can be implied to include directly in the 'outline' conversation. Other questions can be clearly formulated in the course of communication and the very same answer them. Just try as closely as possible to identify issues that can set the source. Firstly, if he asks these questions, they are already not will catch off-guard. Second, the pre-provided question-answering 'interactive' increase the involvement of the interlocutor in the conversation arouse further interest and will not turn into a monologue communication from your side.

Know Play Many forget that a good half interesting abilities to communicate and pass for an interesting conversationalist is listening. And if this still disagree with the view of the communication partner – may be his best other! The secret is simple. The fact is that most people think smart people who agree with them. Consider different scenarios of conversation, if necessary, prepare 'key' phrase for which you can 'catch' and away from undesirable or unintended turn of conversation. Make it interesting Consider, pick up and use it to communicate convincing arguments and interesting examples. Find the common expression, according to the context of communication. Top up the great erudition sayings. Retelling – a simple way to improve the language of business communication skill business partner relations can be improved training skills retell. Liked reading the text, begin to ask kindergarten questions: 'What have I learned from the text? What made the strongest impression? What is particularly memorable? " In this way, practicing the ability to isolate main of the text, and, therefore, from a speech by the interlocutor, and discard secondary. Training restatement does not need to speed up. Start with short texts – two or three paragraphs, a dozen proposals. Gradually the skill will be improve and you will easily cope with longer texts. At first try to retell you the only interesting topics. When retelling hone skills, go on to more difficult texts. You can turn school retelling of the routine in an interesting game. For example, choose a boring text and place to tell him more interesting. Text can recite aloud. But much more efficient to write a paraphrase. The record can always be monitor their progress and adjust setbacks. Vary the length of the resulting restatement. If you 'short' retelling primarily formed Skill selection in the main text. When 'verbose' retelling improved language and the ability to express thoughts. Just an opportunity to express their own attitude to the subject of the text. In a special notebook collects successful language turnovers. And as the words that want to expand the oral speech. For sustainable memorize the new word is enough to use it three times. Watch the language and learn to use the original words.