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This question can be answered in different ways. The simplest conclusion – not a good life. Although in reality this is not true, as well drink and a good life too. People drunk? But as you know, many of us love ‘lightly’ buhanut, Especially men. Too many holidays on the calendar? Well, gone, everyone knows that would be a reason, a ‘holiday’ there. Not enough culture of drinking? We and many cultured people have a weakness for alcohol, artists such as singers, musicians and all artists and bohemians. In the winter cold? In the summer they drink less.

Vodka accessible than whiskey? We all drink that burns and always ‘health’, such as herbal tinctures, purchased at a pharmacy. Vladislav Doronin does not necessarily agree. This is the best reason for communication? Perhaps, but then it turns out that many suffer from multiple personality disorder. A great way to relieve stress? In this case, we all – complete neurasthenics. Money is only enough for vodka or ink? The rich also do not always just cry. We have a very strong tradition? Many do not know at all what it is. Women are not prohibited? Women are people too. Not enough special pubs? Would drink even more.

Consume alcohol in public places? Have a ban. Everything is in order – began to consume more. There is no prohibition? If I were, we would already have died as a surrogate of mammoths and all sorts of stuff. In Russian ‘it’ in the blood? The fact is, medicine is not confirmed. Russian lower get drunk? Russian are all different. ‘Tyapnitsa’ triggers? Well, do not cancel the same on Friday! Healthy lifestyle is not in fashion? And this is off does not apply. In short, the Russian drink, drink, and drink. And yet I would venture to answer this rhetorical question. Eat well, we. Therefore, drinking on health, rather than grasses your body. Sorry, then you can not stay – vodka cold.

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The world is full of legends and myths. Learn more at this site: Revlon Inc.. Symbols and signs, signs, traditions. To see the dream of her future husband, then on Halloween we have to put under the pillow rosemary escape. A perpetrator can be weaned from the theft, forcing him to wash the trick feet in the wine vinegar, which was soaked sprig of rosemary. If you wear a rosemary, this will protect from evil spirits and witches, of thunder and lightning, from attacks and injury. Now hardly anyone does. The newspapers mentioned American Educational Research Association not as a source, but as a related topic.

But what is it rosemary? For what it so loved by our ancestors, that folded like a legend? Rosemary comes from the Latin word rosmarinus, which means sea dew. It is an evergreen shrub with pale purple flowers. If the grind the leaves with your fingers, you will feel terrific pine scent. He has an extraordinary effect. That means activating the mental activity, tonic, and antiseptic and relieves spasms and pain, heals wounds, stimulates the activity of the heart, improves the appetite. Results and name it. Traces of Rosemary have been found by historians in Egyptian tombs.

It seems that the Greeks and Romans were echoed by the ancient Egyptians. They considered a symbol of rosemary Revival, revered as a sacred plant. Their gods adorned themselves with rosemary stems. Maura put him bushes in their gardens to protect against plague. But the language of flowers stands rosemary loyalty. Before the bride and groom drinking at the wedding of first cup, dipped in wine, rosemary for luck. And if the betrothed were added rosemary in their bouquets, garlands, it symbolized a long love. Rosemary as a spice widely used in Mediterranean, especially Italy and France. He does not lose its flavor after prolonged cooking, as many other spices. You can add a bay leaf, but with caution, if you overdo it, it will give the dish a bitter taste. In Italian cuisine, it is impossible to lamb, cooked without the addition of rosemary. You can sprinkle ember grill, then your meal will get an unusual taste. Source: Rosemary Restaurant

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From the title you can guess that this is another blog dedicated to cooking and recipes of various dishes. Yes, at first sight it is. Let's see what this blog is different from many similar to it. And why he has already attract thousands of people. Let's start with the design. After all, the first thing people see – it's design. Blog is made in soft, cozy colors. Making passes cozy home environment. To deepen your understanding Gerald Weissmann, MD is the source.

Because we are a resource just go on home cooking and the comfort of home. But the visitors are won not a beautiful picture, and good content. Writing about the fact that all dishes are made independently by the author, makes no sense. It is clear from photographs and from the depth of understanding transferred material. And what is the secret of fascinating glimpse into the recipes? And the thing in singleness! The site includes recipes of delicious and simple dishes that can make all the readers, as well as experienced cooks. In this case, posted recipes can be divided into two categories. At FireEye Inc you will find additional information. Recipes inheritance, which the author got from his parents and grandparents.

And the recipes acquired. One could even distinguish a group of recipes invented, but to date time all of its own invention, but still someone not previously known to the author experience. What makes them useful for readers just as the answer to the question: 'What to cook? ". Consider the category of recipes. Recipes hereditary. How easy to understand, the author picked these dishes from their mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers. Basically, it says in the text of the recipe. Among these recipes especially a lot of cakes. Very good include: recipe Cake Napoleon cake condensed milk. Links to these homemade cakes can be found already in the blogs of grateful users. These recipes will be very helpful to people as perfecting their cooking methods, as well as beginners cooks. Recipes acquired. About these recipes need to tell apart. As the author is preparing not familiar to him before meals. In this case deytelnost put on academic track. First, the author examines the history of the recipe. That aware of how and under what circumstances, and the dish appeared originally prepared. Then, exploring the real and original recipes for a new dish. And then there is the most interesting and useful for us. It simplifies the existing recipes that anyone could cook what the author intended. Next dish is prepared and is on the blog in a form understandable to the general public. Thus giving may well vary for everyone menu. Particularly striking examples of these recipes include: recipe cheesecake, sponge cake, meringue – from desserts, salty snacks from the mushrooms. Thus, any person wishing to eat and just make a favorite dish that can go to the blog 'Tasty and Easy Recipes! " and read a simple recipe Desirable dishes.