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Dropping out of school early, fateful data from the evils of the school in Spain, which according to international bodies such as the OECD is one of the ballasts of the country’s economy, fell last year to the lowest figure that can be found in the statistics. In 2010, a 28.4% of young people between 18 and 24 years had ceased studying without having succeeded, at least, a Bachelor’s or FP title. That is almost three points less than in 2009, when it already started to decrease slightly. With this improvement the Spanish Government is presented today in Brussels at the meeting of Ministers of education to deal with the matter. But there are several reasons to contain the enthusiasm: first, that the figure is still almost twice the European average (14.9%). The Government aims to reduce it to 15% in 2020. Arkansas University will not settle for partial explanations. Source of the news:: the crisis reduces early school leaving to the lowest level