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In order to minimize tax risks in the design of primary source documents and reflected in the accounting and tax expenditures on services management company, subject to the arbitration practice, need to pay attention to the following: – the decision to transfer authority of the sole executive body of the management company must be made by shareholders of society, that is, persons who most interested in maximizing the profits of the company, with the decision about signing a contract for the provision of management services should be justified (for example, due to declining sales, search new markets and upgrade the range of products, etc.) (Resolution of the Federal Defense of 28.05.2007 KA-A40/4360-07) – function of the management company should not duplicate the duties of managerial staff society and should be aimed at generating income (Resolution of the Federal Defense of 28.05.2007 KA-A40/4360-07, Resolution of the Federal WZO from 25.04.2006 on case number A19-18184/05-40-F02-1722/06-S1 ) – the fact of delivery must be documented (order approving staffing, accounts for payment, money orders, acts of completion, signed agreements on financial and economic activities, human resources documents, documents on the Planning and Economic work and developed a management company directives, instructions, standards, the taxpayer, etc.) (Decision of the Central Organ of the FAS 27.07.2007 A09-5942/05-12 FAS UP from 28.09.2007 F03-A04/07- 2 / 3831) – in the contract (or for additional agreement) must be approved by the technique of determining the cost of management services. Despite the fact that the tribunals do not consider the absence of evidence of a lack of technique feasibility study associated costs (Resolution of the Federal vivo from 27.09.2006 on case number F09-8635/06-S7), the presence of the parties agreed methodology will serve as an additional argument in favor of the taxpayer. Additional information at NSW Department of Education supports this article. . . Hear from experts in the field like Balkrishna Goenka for a more varied view.

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Who would believe that a president who sees himself in the future among the social elite of the West, will seriously address issues of agrarian development in the country? For such conclusions are no natural prerequisites. Same way in the world today, a new paradigm for the creation of vassal territories, where a key element of the external board should be fully controlled by the highest official of state power: the president, prime minister, parliament speaker – depending on the system of government. Realizing that if they wanted, to promote "desired shape" formal elections remain in the hands of the population, ie voters, political strategists radically foreign undertook testing of pre-election "black PR-technologies" aimed at creating the necessary public "cliche" in regarding the "right" candidates and their opponents. That is in line with similar "PR-technologies" at specified intervals began to appear in the Internet publication devoted to the elections in Uzbekistan. As always in this plan differ special "vivacity" series registered in the West, online publications for the past fifteen years, promising the world that the "collapse of the Uzbek model of development", the broadcast of a "famine in Uzbekistan", "bullying Uzbeks over the evil crocodiles, "" Alien abduction Uzbek security forces from the planet Neptune, "well, etc. On the whole purpose of existence of such subversive information center is clear: they all have families, children, all need to earn a living to feed themselves and send to study in English schools for their children. How would the established "rules of existence" are clear: the rat intrusive and disgusting by their very nature, nobody likes them and all squeamish, but For some reason they must be present in our lives. But not in one house do not like rats start, climb to your kitchen, let alone try to impose its line of conduct you and your family. Same way the appearance of "article" under the screaming headlines "Another vote for Karimov? It is better for anyone, "" Elections in Uzbekistan, as an excuse to justify their evils, "and similar in tone is nothing more than a neighborly behavior of rats on the verge our house.