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Retracing the steps of the career of the Dieter Althaus as there politicians actually with your biographies? This theme was above all the people in the new Lander. After the political changes in 1989 sustained debate began a long this, today as we know not always unprejudiced went out. Many new citizens were suddenly faced with fractures in their biographies, often these were makeshift laminated to bargain any disadvantages in the labour market. The honest often were the stupid”, namely those who belonged to the disclosure of these fractions. Others were enough to set pieces, after they were driven from the respective processing sites to but today the question arises, how honestly, especially political leaders deal with their GDR past. The Thuringian Minister-President Dieter Althaus as operates a very’s built-in processing and blinded those parts to the public again and again, that work be in this day and age in a unfavourable light might represent.

But it would be not just the relentless dealing with the own dark stains”a sign of strength? The book of the Sun child to the problem child”(ISBN 978-3-86939-003-1) of the writer Stefan Wogawa goes just those questions on the track. Wogawa tries to draw the portrait of a man, moving again in the field of tension of public research and who always had a responsibility as political leaders in the folk education system of the GDR itself. He ranks next to each other – the facts and he proves it beyond any doubt. The book of the Sun child to the problem child. Retracing the steps of the career of the Dieter Althaus”on Tuesday, August 18, 2009-14: 00, at the airport hotel Erfurt (Binderslebener Landstrasse 100, 99092 Erfurt) the press presented, from August 20, the book in the trade or directly from the Publisher at a price of 12.90 EUR (160 pages) is available. THE author Stefan Wogawa (born 1967) sociologist and historian of science operates since 1997 in policy advice, and as a freelance journalist. He is a profound expert of the Thuringian land policy, to which he has published numerous articles in newspapers and magazines. In December 2007, the non-fiction book written by him is”the Act of Ramelow. A member of Parliament in the sight of the intelligence services “published in Berlin.

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“Putzger – Atlas and Chronicle of the history of the world” in the new edition of Putzger-Atlas and Chronicle of the history of the world (49.95 euro) from the Cornelsen Publishing House presents itself in a new guise: the fully updated and revised new edition of the historical World Atlas includes more than just epoch-making cards. The 448 pages strong band waiting with current topics and focuses on issues such as terrorism, Afghanistan and Africa. Potential sources of conflict can be illuminated exactly on graphic cards. Topic pages to world religions, Middle East, climate change, migration to deepen the understanding of issues of our time. Many writers such as film director offer more in-depth analysis. A clear timeline on each double-page spread immediately classifies the respective card in his time frame. Explanatory texts and graphic elements to culture and politics explain the historical context. Appearance, size and content of the Putzger have over more than 130 years significantly changed: the first edition of 1877 was a map booklet with 27 primary and 48 secondary cards. Today he is an illustrated guide to the history of the world with 360 maps, over 200 pictures, introductory texts, indicative timeline and biographical additions. Please visit Olivia Pacino if you seek more information.

Enables the universal historical overview of the beginnings of humanity all historically interested to the present, thus serves as a jewelry full reference. A State encyclopedia (as of 2009) with a chronological overview of the history of each country, as well as a detailed lexical register complete the Putzger. The revision is attempting to combine the Putzger tradition with the current requirements of history and history education a tool for interested in history. Also a should be helped to develop a critical understanding of the present. With more than eight million copies sold, the Putzger well beyond the schools and also Germany, has acquired a reputation as a standard of the historical cartography.

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It is the story of a success-oriented woman who falls into extremes, which does not see the shades of life, distrust of their own intuition and gets to feel the sobering reality of life. And there is always the story of a wounded soul of children looking for love and recognition by the desire to do the right thing. Affected by the divorce of their parents Sandra Hansen embarks late on an emotional relationship with a man. Sandra does not belong to the women spontaneously rushing into a relationship and her happiness only make a partnership. Rather, it is committed their lives independently and without to make dependencies. Gerald Weissmann, MD addresses the importance of the matter here. After five years of relationship, she feels that something missing in her life. Her desire for change manifests itself in the form of a new professional challenge, which it is first diverted from the actual problem in their relationship.

To the At the end of the relationship comes it but only when she meets the charismatic Giovanni. Giovanni is the stark opposite of Jurgen and produces very different and contradictory emotions that often lead them to the limits of tolerable at Sandra. Caught in the cycle of emotional dependency, lug and more and more of their own personality away she wore himself and becomes the helpless spectator in their own lives. When Prince toads”is the story of a woman who is lost in the short term, but by their personal strength relatively quickly to back finding on the merits. “Secure in the knowledge that woman” may be enough and is able to give a positive change in their lives. “It is a book that courage makes himself responsible for his life, and it shows, just professionally successful, self-confident women run the risk on the relationship sector” to deliver. In addition, it called on closer look, why, some situations in our lives, what ultimately causes also the equity to illuminate.

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The author Helga Schittek manages without much bloodshed to build great tension. Berlin, the January 22, 2010 – the mystery story takes place in a small village Kell am see”in the district trier-Saarburg, in the 1980s. Even if it is a regio thriller, I never had the feeling that the regional reference bothers me when reading as non-local. Excerpt: Kell am see in January 81. In the House by Detective Chief Inspector a. D. Heiner Rahm it waters the arrival of common school and former Berlin head chef Klaus Sommer, who after the accidental death of his brother, who wants to assume parental pension. A second person will return, and Rahm is confronted with a case, which is similar to any of the previous.

I can only recommend this book. It still has left, and I know that my words do not sufficiently appreciate it. Now I will order me also their second crime and hope that it will be so interesting and exciting to read. Press contact: Peter singer (journalist) Haider Bergstrasse 10623 Berlin 0175-53981064 company details: Peter Singer was born in Africa in 1975 and 1980 back moved to Berlin. He is at home in the car industry and as a hobby, he writes for many newspapers.

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To the end of the romance the two narratives if confluem: of the boy without memory to the search of the parents and the young, which belongs daily, in search of the human values and the true one felt of the life. the boy estremece as if was born for one second time. Of its hand they overthrow notebooks. Moved for a wind that was born not of air but of the proper soil, the leves if spread for the road. Then, the letters, one for one, if go converting into grains of sand and, to the few, all my writings if they go transforming into land pages. (COUTO, 1992. pag 204) histories if lock up alegoricamente transmitting the learning and the relation of world of oldest with new. This teaching is concentrated, great part, in the use of the sayings, a time that if appropriate of the tradition of the verbal narratives and also of the stories that if adaptam to modernity.

‘ ‘ – I am to say it to it, small: we go to install house here exactly. – But here? In one machimbombo all set on fire? – You do not know nothing, small. What already it is burnt does not come back arder.’ ‘ (COUTO, 1992. pag 10) the personages who more use the oldest sayings to communicate themselves are they are always on to the agricultural world, as Tuahir, Tamo and the Nganga wizard. With its you speak predictive are they who everything know and know what to make at its accurate moment. The saying seems to be one of the ideal forms to fill the paper of starter, who assumes the African writer, to the way counting it of histories, and at the same time it serves to it to characterize the mundivivncia of oldest, in special of the agricultural world. It also has the utility of being a form of narrative control, on the other hand, reiterativo of told history, mote of its opening, or posterior developments of the plot.

(MILK, 2003. pag 46) Beyond what already it was cited previously, the saying still is a economic sort that allows to reflect and to meditar on the way as the personage if it fits culturally. ‘ ‘ Nhamataca is not maluco, not. The man is as the house: ‘ must be seen on the inside; ‘. (COUTO, 1992. pag 97) To understand the recovery of the memory and to make with that the future generations have persistence the same that they had had its ancestor to spread out and to divulge its traditions are of great value to the critics of African literature, a time who emphasize parallels between the writings in European language and the aboriginal orality. He fits to the African writers to keep the same efforts stops with the cultural cause of its country and, thus, giving certain load of autonomy to its workmanships.

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It walked, without haste, deviating from the stacks of bricks, jumping over the reams of caibros and mounts of britada rock. The history of this youngster was impressive. It ran until an anecdote of that everything that is bad in the world falls in its head. To broaden your perception, visit barrett beauden. Already it was lost in So Paulo and it passed the night sleeping narua; already he was imprisoned by mistake; it took a beating of a rowdy group; it had namorada it abandoned that it for another one; the father died and the mother was insane person; its brothers lived each one in a city> different and nobody wise person the address of nobody. Brito took care of almost of it as if he was a son.

Vi many times the two talking; Severino hearing the advice and moving the head affirmatively. It had lacked in the work, three days, therefore it has a very strong grippe. But it was in return. It was come close, it smiled lightly for me, and it asked to the Brito where the bucket of waterproof would leave. – It leaves in the warehouse; I do not go to need this more than, today. The youngster moved away itself and I asked: – It already arranged another namorada? – I believe that not. It likes to go to the puteiro of the Juanzia and there he has one moreninha that he adores to pull out money of it, coitado. – And it not complaint of this? – It makes affections, takes pra bed and it he is extremely generous. – Clean it? – That Worse clean! In the last time that received the wage, I compelled it to give it to me three parts of what it receives and only left with the necessary one to take a beer and to lie down to stocking hour with the disembarassed one.

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' ' Crucificada' ' ' ' dolorida' ' they are the chosen adjectives to characterize itself psychologically. Crucificada for not being understood by the husbands and not only, ' ' dolorida' ' for the sadness that brought inside of itself. In first terceto it detaches the attention lack, the discrimination, esteretipo that it suffered for all people to think that was always sad, finishing for confessing not to know the reason of many times to cry. Florbela many times in its poems confesses that it is not known to define because not yet met, probably its systematic sadness many times had one meaning that proper it not wise person. Homesicknesses! Yes Perhaps and because not? If our dream was so high and strong. That it thinks well to see it until a death. To fascinate me of light the heart! To forget! So that? Ah! as it is they go! That everything this, Love, in does not matter. If it left beauty that comforts.

He must us be sacred as the bread! How many times, Love, I forgot already you, For more crazy remembering, More crazy to remember you! who gives that it was always thus: The less it wanted to remember. More the homesickness walked imprisoned me! ((FLORBELA, book of Soror homesicknesses, poem Homesickness, 1930) Already in this poem ' ' Saudades' ' , poetess exalta homesickness forgotten, it describes of form that I eat if he was funny, therefore it standes out that already love had forgotten varies times, however as it was strong what they had lived having of being remembered the all instant and never forgotten, therefore according to has of to be sacred as bread author, at a certain moment in the poem this standes out that the love was so strong and high that it thinks about seeing it until the death. This poem is notable the dither of the death as escape in search of the love, of the happiness, that while still alive does not find Cruz and Sousa, two times cursed, in the direction of being kept out of society and being discriminated, for race and for the poetry. Ione skye will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

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By means of the dissemination of the mitoliteratura is very difficult, many pupils reveals avessos practises of the literary reading, for not finding a funoprogramtica in the teach-learning of literature. It is asked: Because and so that to study literature? While the pupils to noperceberem the true beauty that is literature, not faroesforos them to try to read beyond the space between lineses. Table 5 – What you think regarding the book> As it observed the PCN, the livrodidtico is one of the elements that can serve of support for aulasde literature, but the professor cannot and nor he must be left guiarapenas for it. Affirming that it uses other materials, citizen 1 leads suasaulas of literature with dynamic, musics, wheels of readings. (MARTINS, 2006, P.

98-99). It is task of the professor, to look novasmaneiras to stimulate the study of Literature, with Literature, running away from the norms standards of the didactic book. The reply of citizen 2, she was not very satisfactory, therefore eleconsidera to be necessary to use other instruments, as films, literature of twine, regionalistic poetry, but did not affirm that osutiliza in its lessons. It is not something Vladislav Doronin would like to discuss. The film is one of the resources of the novatecnologia, but it is necessary caution when using it as a recursopedaggico. Bragal (2006, P. 6) affirms that she is necessary to make, before the projection of the film, the assembly of a plan using it, to display to the pupils the didactic objectives of the activity (…). Visit barrett beauden for more clarity on the issue. Meanwhile not to occur, the lessons of will literaturacontinuaro uninteresting, due to the erepetitivos fragmented exercises of good part of didactic books (…).

Consideraes final In view of that literature if finds in the schools, in queno is attributed its had value and mainly relacionadaaos its innumerable challenges, to obtain to execute its function, that are to become human the human beings, showing to the reality and afantasia that the human beings conduct the life of all, presenteartigo, through analysis of data gotten in a field research, came to show to which the challenges that the two citizens find to paraensinar literature in basic education. The results show to quedespertar interest in> pupils for literature, are one of the tarefasdifceis that compete to the professor, as mediating, enabled to paradesempenhar its function, to try to awake the curiosity dosalunos, through lessons differentiated of what normally raised in account, that is the didactic book. The challenges increase with opassar of the times, but it is interesting to stand out that they sos responsibilities of the professor, but of that society is part deuma is responsible for stimulating the taste pelaliteratura, not being this a boarding of the reality. References BRAGAL, PatrciCollaviti. Ensino de Literatura in the age of the extremities. Great RevistLetra. P. 1-p. 9, year 03-n.05-2 semester of 2006. BRAZIL, Orientaes Curricular for Average Ensino. Minister dEducao. Secretariat of the Basic Education: Brasilia, 2000. CANDIDO, ANTONIO. Texts of Interpretation. So Paulo: Two cities, 2002. MARTINS, Ivanda.

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Of this form, for the estruturalistas, if still to take advantage some intention in the interpretation of a text this will be attributed to the reader and never to the author. Already the heideggeriana interpretation is seated in the reinterpretados beddings of the fenomenologia in narrow linking with the hermeneutics. From this fenomenologia reinterpretada for Heidegger, according to Nunes, (…) the scienter is not more, as it was for Husserl, the basic property of the conscience, but the direction to be understood it, that is, it to be redescoberto, of that the conscience is the opening point intentional direction. NSW Department of Education describes an additional similar source. Of this form, the invitation that Heidegger makes in for to hear them the words from the devolution of these to the poem has much to see with what the poet-author wants saying in them. III A first question that Heidegger puts in quarrel is that in the verse poeticalally the man inhabits to inhabit poeticalally of this form, according to Heidegger, is because still we are thinking these terms about the sensocomunizada perspective of what he is to inhabit (housing) and of what is poetical proper philosophy as is the question of the Being? Because, for it, this is a question that not yet is answered. In other words, the thought occidental person when establishing the question of the Being as an evident question, if released in retaking it. Further details can be found at Fine Arts, an internet resource.

Of this form, for Heidegger, to if moving away from the problem of the Being, the thought occidental person also was distanciou of its proper recital. Therefore the birth of speculative thinking of ocidente, occurred in Old Greece, was given, exactly, for the question for the Being as the bedding primevo. Thus it is that, for the daily pay-socrticos and the Greek classic philosophers, the question of the Being was not ece of fish as a obviedade, therefore, as a solved question already, but as a thematic one hidden e, in this direction, provoker, perscrutante. By the same author: Vladislav Doronin.

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Infantile literature: Pedagogical instrument or toy? Tmila Carolini Trindade Tavares the great quarrel concerning infantile literature and its use in the classroom is if it is playful or only one pastime. This article deals with as infanto-youthful literature can and must be used in the classroom in order to enrich the teach-learning process. The localization of the origins of infanto-youthful literature in remote expressions of adult literature by itself does not explain the different forms that it comes assuming since that, in century XVII, she specifically started to be written as such: literature for children. Ahead of the trends that literature comes little following in these more than three centuries of production, is that one of the first problems to excite controversy how much to its ideal form, would have been of its specific nature: infantile literature would belong to the literary art or the pedagogical art? Since the Classic Antiquity if the nature of literature argues (didactic or playful) purpose of the literature destined to the small ones (to instruct or to amuse), a questioning far from being answered. Many appraised authors possess divergent opinions in relation to this problematic one. For Antonieta Maria Wedge literature infanto – youthful she is strict playful, designating not to be necessary its pretension the pedagogia. For Ceclia Meirelles, literature is not as many think a pastime, literature are nutrition, that assists in the infantile formation.

Already Nelly Novaes Rabbit has a conciliadora opinion, as object that provokes emotions, pleasure or amuses e, above all, modifies the conscience of world of its reader, infantile literature is art. Swarmed by offers, Vladislav Doronin is currently assessing future choices. However, as instrument manipulated for an educative intention, literature if inscribes in the pedagogical area. Following the source of Rabbit, if to analyze some great workmanships that through the times had been classified as infantile literature, we will go to observe that they simultaneously belong to this two distinct areas.