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If the man if renasce If the spirit if do not humiliate If the soul if he denies ascese Not yet has peace If he does not recognize the poor person If the widower all aid undeserves If to the tecto orphan she is not offered Not yet has peace If instead of schools and hospitals Brothels and festins to exist to more, Intellects and values will never sprout. For assistance, try visiting American Dental Association. Then, not yet it has peace If abortions still take part of the nation, and in the containers they carpem bebs of parents without heart If to the children they lack ball, affection, water and bread Not yet has peace If the brother if it denies love If it is not praised nor if it believes in the Creator If the beauty and the harmony do not have source Not yet have peace If in the lack fire in the kitchens, If in they lack bread to them and life in the tables, Love and harmony in the faces Not yet has peace If one is not understood cries of sadness, If the absence of a peace smile is not perceived If they reign disguise and the lie Not yet has peace If in us the hatred raises its universe and the friend we deny a likeable one verse, If for it nothing we are capable Not yet has peace If the past in them still wounds the conscience and to the friend if it denies tolerance Pardon, love and convivncia Not yet has peace In the eyes that the holy ghost do not recognize In the heart that the God denies love In the soul that for God if he denies to walk In the magnificent spirit? Not yet it has peace! Still? Still? Not yet it has PEACE!. (Not to be confused with Opportunity and Counseling Corps!).

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In these perspectives, it is understood that the education of literature influence and develops in the pupil fidgets concerning the surrounding world, more sensetized to the situations involve that it, and consequentemente chemical preparation to act as transforming element of its reality. In the courses of Letters of English language, in many universities of Brazil, are public they or private, it is noticed obligatoriness that graduating in such a way has concerning the study and learning of the language how much of literatures of this. Different it could not be, a time that this existing parallel between language and learning is of utmost importance in the critical construction of the teaching future. Click ???? to learn more. Thus, it receives diverse mechanisms for the practical one from the docncia.

But, notadamente what if he has seen in the universities is that the pupils of the course of Letters of English language are each time more unprepared or they necessarily do not know literatures that would have to dominate for posterior education. On this if he bases the question: why this occurs? Where it is (to) (s) the problem (s)? First it is important to unmask the social, economic and cultural realities of these graduandos, a time that many of them had never had, also, contact, or at least a minimum contact with literatures in house, as the degree or its group of convivncia. In recent months, Bioscience Journal has been very successful. Thus, it is arrived to the conclusion that many graduandos had arrived in the university, in the course in debate, without knowing the real importance of the literary study. Later, many universities do not offer a compatible and differentiated education, capable to make with that the graduandos can be developed in the world of literatures. The flowcharts of many courses do not have logical relation for literary education, the seen content leave at the mercy of of the available time in horria load, lack professors, the identification of graduating with them do not discipline correlatas, amongst diverse other factors.. Hear other arguments on the topic with Bank of Asia.

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Amlia is elaborated as carrying figure of the pain and the stigma of the sin. In this aspect, we can perceive that Ea initiates the construction of the personage informing that the young had not known its father, therefore the same dies very young. that its mother, frequent passes to be visited by priests. Contact information is here: Marcelo Henrique Napimoga. Of histories that child hears when, she impresses it to one. a nun ' ' that it dies of love, and whose soul still in certain nights covered the corridors, freeing moaned painful and calling: – August! Augustus! ' '. Its convivncia in the religious way was common: – &#039 adored parties in church i; ' convivncia Dos Santos ' '. ???? contributes greatly to this topic.

Its religious education was deformed, therefore it conceives god as a being that it only knows to give to suffering and the death, and that it is necessary to soften the priests. Only not to keep the seduction in the masculine personage, Ea introduces elements that resalta in Amlia a sexual instinct. As we can observe in this counted ticket for uncle Stork. ' ' a man who has in new a great passion for a nun; it dies in the convent of that unhappy love; it, of pain and homesickness; frade becomes franciscano ' '. In the day where it hears such history, becomes young, that is, it came its first menstruation. When sleeping, erticos dreams: ' ' it was a vast black sky, where two enlace souls, turned, led for a mstico wind; but they vanished themselves as nevoas, and in the vast blackout it saw a great heart in alive meat, all trespassado of swords? the blood drops that fell of it fulled the sky of a rain escarlate' '. ' ' Thus Amlia lives until the arrival of Amaro' '. With the arrival of I land on water, the maiden candy and tender it fulfills its saw crcis and, its legacy of pain if it materialize.

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Times later it insisted that if it had gotten passionate for three of my cousins in little less of one month, after that started to prepare all type of scaffoldings against its aunts and grandmothers, things that I already more could imagine to be possible, made dangerous friendships with users of weighed, dealing drugs, heads of street fight. No matter how hard it it hid, using material sources and spirituals, I always I remained informed, being that, some things made by it, only I know. Richard Linklater will not settle for partial explanations. Many times still I tried to advise it, but the corruption of the world is as a vice, only if saved who it desires to be saved and it did not want aid. After innumerable quarrels, it prepared one that I thought for much time to be unforgivable – during the semifinals of the Championship Intercolegiais de Handeibol, the teams of it played against the one of my school and twisted in favor of my educational, irritated center therefore, when my time arrived to play the semifinals, it informed to the judge irregularities in my registration, the fact was that I played in category sixteen years because when I made my registration had this age, but I had completed dezessete years one day before the game of the semifinal, I resulted that all mine teams was declassified causing, me I lose of many friends because of it, after all we had trained more than one year for the Games, of that day in ahead we would pass almost six years without talking with it. Levi’s recognizes the significance of this. From there for ahead things between us had gotten worse, it started to live in my house and it provoked me the time all, but I how much I was the target, did not import me, until reason to almost I take off me nothing of the serious one. Well-known that its provocations were inefficacious, it surprised again, – a time, I arrived and I did not find my brother that had been in house with it, when looking for in the street I was informed that it was in a esquina close to house with it, when arriving in the indicated place I annoyed myself for seeing that it was enters a dangerous group of moleques if to insinuate, probably pretending of it, the life was of it and already it did not import me, but he infuriated what me it was to see that my brother Joo Peter was in its col, furious already I arrived verbally attacking the physics and.

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Also the children’s Hospital – previously sold man road – is moved. But my opinion is not very objective patients and that, for future Med. Staff it is quite beneficial to find different departments in the hospital. An interesting fact is the hospital infection – (I can’t say anything about it because luckily, never concerned me!): sepsis mortality at the hospital from 57 to 31 percent reduced, the strategies for avoiding this disease be thanked. Anyone interested people, if he or she, for example, soon will enter as a student/student with these in contact, who learns something new in each issue of clinic employees, it doctors, professors will be in the majority of cases, but this is clear. In the operating room how to? Now, also like that not every visitor move and also the many terms you would have evtl.nachschlagen, but: employee newspaper remains employee newsletter! Page I was reminded of 1992 22/23 my own time in the former women’s clinic, as my son by caesarean section had to be obtained. Without anesthesia and without running water: today? Of course unthinkable, but in the post about the C-section of the 14.4.1841 the surprised man of 2010, reads that this OP in the pregnant women at home instead found! And she survived, what certainly was a miracle, because around 1840 the mortality rate was 80 percent after a caesarean.

And more sensitively written: sure, everyone has memories of the death of close relatives, friends, friend. How but deal with the subject of death? Personally, I consider it with the death researcher Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, who accompanied even dying children. (In a documentary, she was asked whether she would like to be born again, and accordingly, she replied: “No, but she forward to people who will see her again after her death.”) So I think,. She firmly believed in a life after death and had so no fear of the imminent demise of own..) Surely includes much empathy and not everyone will be able to that. Noteworthy: near-death experiences are near brought here for me contrast in this magazine slightly. Because that in Germany more than 4 million people live, which had been near death experiences, was new to me.

No solace for grieving, but perhaps the question on the: “What comes after death?” again slightly different answers? If I could contribute something, that one time could pass something as a guest or patient in the University Hospital with this magazine, it is to be happy and I hope myself again to get the next issue. Editor is, by the way: the Board of the University Clinic Greifswald, Fleischmann str. printed 8, 17475 Greifswald, in Greifswald. Whether you can order there this journal, eludes my knowledge, somehow I would hope that. Maybe will yet?

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My Velrio Thus I imagine my velrio: that it is a cultural, philosophical, artistic event, politician, social, well next to one sarau. My farewell must be light, without great sadnesses, elegant, with music, of preference violin and/or saxofone, and the musicians must be black color dresses. They cannot lack, with good interpretation, my favourite musics: I know that I go you sea (Vincius de Moraes); Touching in front (Almir Satler); The peace (Gilbert Gil); Joy, Joy (Caetano Veloso); He imagines (John Lennon); Tomorrow (Chico Buarque); Maria, Maria (Milton birth); Senhorita (Z Geraldo); Pra not to say that I did not speak of the flowers (Geraldo Vandr); Life of cattle (Z Ramalho). The decoration also goes to require art, to create an environment of espiritualidade, but without ' ' religiosismos' ' , only with the energizadora idea of reflective, philosophical, optimistical the meeting and the departure, with rquiens. For in such a way, the place where I will be guarded, the room, hall, the garage, the shed squares, it, the church, the library, the school, this last one with my preference, to imitate my Jailson friend, who was guarded in squares of the college where he lecionava, needs to be encircled of provocative phrases, with thoughts on the life, the life: ' ' It is always good for remembering/That an emptiness cup/Is full of ar' ' (Gilbert Gil); ' ' The roots of the education are bitter, but its fruits are doces' ' (Aristotle); ' ' I only know that nothing sei' ' (Scrates); ' ' I think, then existo' ' (Discardings); ' ' The art is an invented lie to say verdade' ' (Pablo Picasso); ' ' Of that the man complains? Of its proper pecados' ' (Sacred Bible); ' ' Of that it advances to know the end of the road/When if part route to the nothing? ' ' (Paulinho Moska); ' ' Suddenly the things move of place/and who lost can ganhar' ' (Pablo Ricardo); ' ' To be or not to be, here it is questo' ' (Shakespeare); ' ' It has more things between the sky and land of what it can explain vain filosofia' ' (Shakespeare); ' ' The truth inebriates more than vinho' ' (Axe of Assis); ' ' He was poet, it loved and it dreamed in vida' ' (lvares de Azevedo); ' ' We not only sin for what we make, but also for what we leave of fazer' ' (Sacred Bible). All the phrases and musics that I indicate would like ' ' ver' ' analyzed, commented, one to one, despite in summary, for somebody, nor that she is person contracted for this, what must be valued, so that is limpid mine to leave, without cries or hurt. Also desire that the snack has quality, with salgadinhos, biscuits, breads, water, coffee, cooling juice and, this to receive those well that will be to say farewell themselves to me. Finally, each present person will have to gain a copy of this text, as gratefulness and farewell form for that she represented for me. Good bye! The God! Jean Carlos Neris de Paula

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The reading is the constant exercise because the ability to read can be developed and be improved through the repetition of the proper act to read. To read is, also, a reflective exercise, because at the same time where if it reads, it is necessary that if it reflects on the message it tries last in the text, and is also critical exercise, because is not enough to absorb what in the author says to them. She is necessary to collate its message with the proper ideas and values. In short to read, is more than what a simple mechanical act of decipher of graphical signs, are before everything a reasoning act, since it is treated to know to guide a series of reasonings, in the direction of the construction of an interpretation of the message written from the proportionate information for the text and the knowledge of the reader and, at the same time, to initiate another series of reasonings to control the progress of this interpretation in such a way that if they can detect the possible incompreenses produced during the reading. 7.2 The reading and its relation with pedaggic the evolution of the man is decurrent of its form of being, thinking and to act while subject of a culture that were produced historically in a dynamic movement at some moments, and static in others, but capable to provoke a conservation or a transformation, culminating with the based social construction in the education, in the knowledge. If it cannot deny that the evolution of the man has had as favorable element the historical evolution of the education, therefore it is for the educative process that the man can feel itself as a construction agent of the course of its history and as consequncia of the society..

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The tez is as the ivory of the keyboard, white that does not fascinate, embaada for a delicate nuance, that you will not know to say if it is light fainted rose pallor or. The donoso col and of the purest work supports with inefvel favour the wonderful bust. The untied hair and strong wavy if crash caracolando for the thick shoulders in and luzidios coils, and as black fringes almost completely hid the back of the chair, the one that if found reclineed. You may wish to learn more. If so, Levi Strauss & Co. is the place to go. In fronte calm and smooth as polishing marble, the light of ocaso esbatia a rseo and soft consequence; you said it mysterious alabaster light bulb keeping in the difano seio the celestial fire of the inspiration. The Sprouting had face.2 of a escravagista workmanship. During all this referring to abolitionism agitation, in the field of literature, appears in 1875, Bernardine Guimares, with its controversial escravagista workmanship ' ' The Isaura&#039 slave; ' , that it has in its thematic a situation lived deeply for the descending black and afro in the period escravocrata. Richard Linklater will not settle for partial explanations. The author finishes polemizando its romance, when esteretipo of completely different slave of what creates one it originates from the mixture of a black slave with a Portuguese white, therefore physically the protagonist did not have traces that they evidenced its linking with the African people. According to Rosangela Boyd de Carvalho: In its intitled article ' ' The black in Brazilian literature: the necessity of a new social critical paradigm of and literria' ' (Magazine Academic space N 76 – September of 2007 – monthly). Brazilian literature during the referring to abolitionism period forged an unreal way of the participation black it in literature giving to them esteretipos of European branquitude in positivista way without the afro-Brazilian could be portraied culturally physically, being able the same in way to juxtapose in practical the culture of its ancestor.

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In this aspect NERY it says the following one: Resumidamente, can be divided the history of the Portuguese orthography in three distinct periods. The first one adopted the fonogrfico principle. This period goes of the beginning of the language until century 16. In this phase, if it defended that the orthography would have to be next possible to the pronunciation of the words. As the period is called pseudoetimolgico and encloses centuries 16, 17 and 18. One understood that the words had to be grafadas according to its origins. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Gerald Weissmann, MD. In the case of the Portuguese language, the forms Greeks and Latins predominate.

The third period is called description-scientific and encloses centuries 19 and 21. This period is characterized for the elaboration of some ortogrficos agreements. Then, one perceives that comparative with chronology of the Portuguese language the ortogrficos attempts of reforms of the language and agreements between the lusfonos countries are recent. Until the primrdios of century XX in such a way in Brazil how much in Portugal if it used an orthography based we timos on them Latin and Greek in the grafia of each word. This caused diverse distortions in the writing. Therefore, for 1907 return the Brazilian Academy of Letters starts to simplify the writing some publications. eply. Already Portugal with institution of the Republic starts in 1910 is created a commission to establish a uniformizada orthography and simplified that originated the 1911 reform, it was the first intervention of the state in the attempt to simplify and to normatizar the writing of the Portuguese Language. Valley to stand out that in this Portugal period it finishes to implant the Republic and the government had the interest to increase the escolaridade of the population and to fight the illiteracy. This reform had a great impact in the form to write and in official publications, also it served of parameter for other reforms that had come later.

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Confident, confident, proud: the young Austrian author Kerstin Elisabeth Stolz the problem in our young writers is that they are all to the sixty. (W. Somerset Maugham) Now the times have changed, the young authors begin her writing career at the early age, if one may believe the home story on the homepage of Kerstin Elisabeth Stolz. The young Austrian author shows not only the pages of their books, but also quite private pages. Tells of her life and talks about their goals and dreams without false modesty: “President of the United States of America I might not be, but otherwise everything!” It is their books Jack Parry”and world of shadows” gives your visitor reviews and readings and offers a guestbook to the commenting and applauding.

If I want it anywhere, then high beyond!”says pride and that she wanted in the design of their website. For the Adjustment of the content and the design engaged her team joomlapur that helped the author to an expressive, virtual home. The well-structured Web page color is based on the optical design of the books by Kerstin Stolz and shows the art of Purism in its purest form. The aesthetics of the clear and undistorted by reducing on simple and clear structures is underlined with colouring accents in black and red, without any distraction of spruce and capricious mannerism of visitors can concentrate undisturbed essentially: the true and fictional stories by Kerstin Stolz. What the writer writing literary texts is the Web Agency joomlapur from Lower Saxony homepage creation and Web design. The creative website authors”by joomlapur their works write efficiently with Joomla templates, the site editors” the Agency provides also advice, design and support in the client focus on the self-employed and small businesses. Contact: Kerstin E. pride Samuel Hofstrasse 24 5020 Salzburg Tel.: 0699 10017172 E-Mail: web: press contact: QvorQ GmbH & co. KG on the high way 10 27313 Dorverden Tel.: + 49 (0) 4234 94136 fax: + 49 (0) 4234 94137 E-Mail: Web: