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It would be good to consider someday, that Coaching is more than just a practice focused understood guidance under the ontological statements of the: awaken-, discover-, raise awareness – be. (4) And under my approach, it would be time to hold accountable the Coach of its strategy, technique, and practice that directly influence the level of productivity of the individual (Executive) or organization (template). It is clear that the Coach has been leading the process, plan, be it organizational change or personal change, and has direct from an authority whose purpose is the improvement of productivity. This implies of course, then take the reins of the strategy.

If it does not, as then, could Coaching be a learning process? A learning towards it, is not known without measurable objectives, without to achieve productivity goals. A few productivity objectives which should then be evaluated. The bottom line is, that before talking about reconciliation and orientations, should propose a specific approach to increase productivity conditions. Michigan Department of Health and Human Services contains valuable tech resources. (5) This planning of the improvement of productivity can be achieved through a series of practical and specific measures such as: working conditions (conciliation with private life, management time and ergonomic conditions), technological changes (ICT, new tools and work processes and planning), modes of address (communication, new models of leadership techniques), psycho-social conditions (new concepts on the jobon society and on the production). Finally, it would be unfair among these factors, not to mention the individual conditions of each subject, regarding their self-perception as an individual capable of believing in himself and in his work. We believe that the future of the Coaching, such as socio-economic expertise of HR, should focus on the aspiration of improving productivity, both individuals and collectivities. And to this we could designate him as a performer and Executive Coaching. Appointments: (1) what Coaching is and how it works?.

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