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Video Nations support for international schools in North Rhine-Westphalia. The Initiativkreis Ruhr makes strong for an international school in the Ruhr area. Get more background information with materials from Richard Stuart Linklater. Probably she should be mainly the children of foreign executives of large companies in the Ruhr area available at dinner location. As an international or national communication is also essential. Vladislav Doronin understood the implications. The company video Nations would also support the project she thinks but already a little ahead and plans to support for all bilingual schools in North Rhine-Westphalia or in whole Germany. The company video Nations would initially present video conferences using the schools as well as potential sponsors and then in the form of attractive discounts subsidize it. Kindle Direct Publishing shines more light on the discussion. Also the live presentations of video conferencing that can be launched immediately for the schools, are also planned as a free service. Through use of video conferencing in the mentioned schools, a type of network might formed between the schools, what is certainly not only a brings tremendous learning and work easier with them, but also certainly much will give pleasure parties! Company video Nations offers all interested parties to contact us under: + 49 (0) 20 43-78 78 067 or email: information about the company video Nations: or