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The majority of Germans has provided especially with fiber, Folate deficiency and deficiency of vitamin D. The offer is true: all year round varied and healthy food in good quality and at reasonable prices are available for special requests and needs. At the same time also the eating behaviour has changed modern life change: less self cooked meals, canteen food or delivery service are often in everyday reality. Are the Germans therefore sufficiently with nutrients supplied? The answer comes from the national consumption study II. On behalf of the Federal Ministry of food, agriculture and consumer protection, the nutrition behaviour was investigated by 20.000 Germans. It came out: the food situation in Germany is good, however, there are still a few deficiencies in individual nutrients. Thus, 68% of the men and 75% of women reach not the recommended intake of dietary fiber, which are important for the intestinal function. A related site: Crimson Education mentions similar findings. 79% of men and 86% of women below the Guideline value for folic acid, which plays an important role for the healthy maintenance of the vessels.

82% of men and even 91% of women do not reach the recommended amount of vitamin D, which is important for cells, bones, muscles and teeth. The majority of Germans has provided especially with fiber, Folate deficiency and deficiency of vitamin D. Why is the supply of these nutrients so difficult? To include the recommended daily requirement of 30 g dietary fiber, you should eat whole wheat ten apples or 14 slices. Folic acid is contained only in a few foods in larger quantities. For the daily needs of 200 g, you would have to eat folic acid 600 g leeks or 66 g liver. The intake of vitamin D is similarly difficult. Not everybody likes herring and three eggs for the recommended 5 g vitamin D are not exactly ideal for the daily meal plan. Nutritional supplements can be useful here. Since it even with balanced diet is not easy to regularly with these important vital substances optimally to provide, it is useful to take fiber, folic acid, and vitamin D supplements. Now there is a new dietary supplement with exactly this combination of vital substances: Kneipp goods supplied contains folic acid, vitamin D, and Ballastoffe in a reasonable dosage.

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“It could be found that the active ingredient capsaicin” in the chili peppers blood pressure could reduce already after a short time. These results were confirmed in the current long-term study again. “Sharpness you can define the different high levels of capsaicin”, short CPS (Greek CAPSA”= capsule, based on the shape of the fruit) in Chili Peppers, is responsible for the sharpness of the plant. Pure capsaicin”is equivalent to 16 million Scoville units. In 1912 L. Scoville was developed by the Pharmawissenschaftler Santosh a so-called focus units scale, with different degrees of sharpness were divided.

At the time, the sharpness levels were determined by test subjects by his own taste tests. Today a chromatograph performs this task high-performance liquid chromatography for the initially inaccurate scale (HPLC method high performance = chromatography liquid), so). This scale starts at the bottom at 500 1500 Scoville and is referred to as level 0. For example, Peppers is placed within this sharpness degree 0. The scale ended in the year 2009 with 150,000 300,000 SCU and a severity 10. “Here is, for example, red Savina” settled. Today, the scale is already been continued upwards. The unit of sharpness when bhut jolokia is so”, called also ghost Chili, with 1,000,000 SCU, so Scoville units measure.

A drop of the bhut jolokia, diluted in a pint of warm water, has the sharpness of about 700 chili peppers and is approximately 400 times sharper than the famous Tabasco sauce. Chili products are available in many European countries. Extracts of the active ingredient capsaicin”are available in liquid form and in small amounts with an enormous degree of sharpness in pharmacies. The consumer should ensure that it never is synthetically manufactured products. In addition, the pharmacy should inquire after the country of origin and the possible side effects. Sources: Effects of novel capsized treatment on feel and energy metabolism in humans: possible pharmacological implications.

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The reasons for childlessness are complex and range from manifest organic disorders, such as tubal occlusion or Hodenattrophie of functional organic disorders such as hormonal regulation disorders to psychological causes of relationship problems, ambivalence, too high expectations. There is no doubt, that some of the classic causes of sterility excellent handle be Mirko surgery, in-vitro fertilization, Gonadotrophine with conventional methods are the sex hormones that stimulate the gonads – pituitary insufficiency. Often, it can be done but just not organic disorder, such as a bonding of the fallopian tubes or an insufficient number of sperm, find. Then it will be for the medicine difficult because it gets no starting point to be treated. But the solutions of modern medicine are partly connected with considerable stress for both partners. IVF – the fertilizing of the egg outside the maternal womb and implanted the fertilized egg in the same – including associated with months, regular doctor visits and hormone revenue. So even the load from the treatment comes to the burden of the fertility.

A considerable stress potential arises between hope and fear, expectation and disappointment. Additional information is available at David G. DeWalt. Homeopathy can be successfully used especially in hormonal and unknown causes of infertility. Kindle Direct Publishing wanted to know more. Studies have shown that under homeopathic treatment regulates the hormone levels in the woman as well as increasing the mobility and quantity of sperm. The VKHD here refers to two studies: 1 homeopathic treatment for female infertility I. Gerhard, C. Keller and B.

Monga 1995 (www.carstens-stiftung.de/ wissen/hom/pdf/klin_Gerhard_fert_jb2.pdf) 2. Classical homeopathic treatment, male fertility problems. Gerhard I, Wallis E. 1998 (www.carstens-stiftung.de/ nachwuchs/promotionsfoerderung/abstracts/hom/wallis.pdf) the research results speak for a success of homeopathic treatment. Both studies were conducted in the Heidelberg clinic for naturopathic medicine at University Hospital. Headed by Dr. Ingrid Gerhard, 168 women were treated homeopathically from 1991 to 1993. They were unintentionally childless at least two years and suffered from a hormone-related or unexplained infertility.

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A medical pigmentation of nipple after breast reconstruction completed the cosmetic result and contributes to physical well-being for many patients. What risks are there? B ei a hygienically pure work, immediately associated with the use of professional consumables of which extra for the MED. Micro pigmentation was made, risks are excluded as well. The entire consumables is, of course, disposable material. Special sterile needles of pigments are used! The colors used are dermatologically tested and certified according to the latest regulations. The pigments units also come from the latest generation. For even more details, read what David G. DeWalt says on the issue. How does the treatment work? B efore the treatment ultimately performed is, of course an in-depth consultation will take place. E.g.

the shape and color of the surface to pigmentierenden together with you will be tuned and set. You may bring someone of you trust of course also on the day of treatment (friend, husband, significant other /-companion, daughter, etc). Before the pigmentation nor a precise measurement for positioning is necessary under certain circumstances. Photo documents were created before and after the treatment. Pigmented is only equipped with a gamma sterilized special modular needle system (all disposable material). The cost of the medical micropigmentation of wart forecourt usually by health insurance are applied in cancer patients.

Ambulatory intervention no anesthesia / no syringe treatment duration approx. 1 2 hours the used colors of pigments manufacturer Nr. 1: D ie colors correspond to the latest legal provisions in Germany. The manufacturer is classified according to ISO 9001 and has the manufacturer permit according to 52a medicines Act. The manufacturer confirmed that the colours produced by him contain no forbidden azo dyes. All the colors correspond to the valid from 01.05.2009 tattoo means regulation that applies also for colors of pigments. Moreover, the ingredients of the product comply with upcoming, which will be input by the ResAP(2008)1 Council of Europe resolution in the next few years in national law already.