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Among the standard 35-mm educational films of foreign production less total There were paintings of training in physics, chemistry, astronomy and mathematics. In catalogs and advertisements, they were represented by single names. It goes without saying that the choice of foreign educational patterns in pre-revolutionary Russian box does not reflect the actual state of teaching and non-fiction cinema in Western countries. In our hire almost no movies, specially created for training and educational purposes. As a rule, repertoire of educational picture is we have rolled out commercial waste – so something in him was so much anecdotal stories of random nature. A much clearer focus training had uzkoplenochnye films for projection of tori "Kok". By the beginning of the First World War the Moscow branch of Pathe has gained them a Number of units in excess of 200 titles. In the second edition of the directory "intelligent cinema," released in early 1914, are 184 vehicles for uzkoplenochnyh film "Cock." Of which: Agriculture (general and private farming, meadows, grass cultivation, market gardening, horticulture, forestry, stvo, agricultural machines and implements, livestock, processing of agricultural products) – 81 film; on physics and related disciplines – 64; technology – 3, in Chemistry – 5 of zoology and botany – 10; in Medicine – 8; Agricultural Economics (co-operatives, crafts) – 13 movies. These data can create an exaggerated impression of the value uzkoplenochnoy series of popular science and educational films for Pathe Russian audience. If you would like to know more then you should visit Campbell Soup Co. It is likely that the films in this series meet appropriate general school program and agronomist-cal education, adopted in France.