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Of shower and bath screens are essential elements in the decoration of the bathroom. A model or another of bath or shower enclosures can define the character and style of our stay. Style minimalist for some designs, with glazing to floor, confer a minimalist touch to his room toilet, in addition, take advantage of the space in the best way. Cyrus Massoumi married is a great source of information. Traditional shower curtain has given way to the enclosure. The most used materials are glass, methacrylate or plastic. The screens can be one or two leaves, normally, fixed or mobile or sliding.

It is important to prolong the life of our bulkhead and achieve that you shine like the first day, get an effective and adequate, cleaning with the appropriate products depending on the type of material that is treated. Moisture and lime are the main external factors causing alterations in the glass and which should be avoided. The first measure is to ventilate the bathroom out of the shower. In order to absorb moisture you can place a small bag with crystals of silica, which will absorb moisture very effectively. Another problem of the screens are stains from lime fruit of the everyday use of contact with water.

One of the Councils home to descale is rubbing with energy the enclosure using a cloth dampened with denatured alcohol. Thanks to this Council the glass will shine even more and prevent recurrence of new stains appear. If your shower or bath enclosure is plastic do not use this method, is better that you gently pass a cloth soaked in a mixture of hot water and vinegar to get the same result. Alcohol burn only serves for the vinegar for screens of plastic and glass. Currently, the technology has designed specific products for maintenance and cleaning of the screens.

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Nor need additional power and cooling to keep data center operating efficiency optimal not to mention the extra cost of the deployment, maintenance and upgrades. The result? Companies not only save money, but will turn green in the process. This means an ecological approach to the software less energy use, less emissions and a thinking intelligent in the management of technology. Practical business of NetSuite commitment to the highest standards of business ethics ensures our clients the integrity they expect, legally and personally. Our business policies support its ability to assure their customers of the same high standards to which adhere. NetSuite supports best practices for the management of your business on NetSuite and NetSuite as a company. NetSuite has a stable architecture, highly available systems with multiple layers of redundancy to provide you the application availability and reliability unparalleled. Like systems that protect, the processes that govern the availability of NetSuite are continually tested, enhanced and maintained. At Cyrus Massoumi married you will find additional information.

Process management is governed by the best practices of the industry. NetSuite submits all its processes and procedures to audit regular performed by third parties as part of its commitment to quality. SAS 70 Type II Compliance NetSuite is certified as a SAS 70 type II on-demand services and solutions provider. SAS 70 is an auditing standard recognized internationally; This type of certification demonstrates that the service organization has been audited with all the rigor of the case in each of its processes related to handling and management technology. In particular, ensures that changes in our applications and production systems are duly authorized, tested, approved, implemented and documented; so that your data are always in backups and stored in a secure manner; and that the code of conduct of NetSuite in terms of our policies, procedures, and our responsibility to our customers to provide a service in which you trust now and in the future.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) NetSuite complies with the standards of data security (PCI) card payments industry, added stronger safety parameters to assist our clients in the protection of credit card numbers. NetSuite provides authentication of 3D also known as Verified credit card by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. 3D secure adds a higher level of protection against credit card fraud. Mitigation of risks a process of risk management is an important component of a successful safety program effective. The main objective of the NetSuite risk management process is to protect the NetSuite application availability. The process of risk management in NetSuite includes definitions and practical guides to assess and mitigate the risks identified in its system. The comprehensive process of risk management of NetSuite has been modeled based on the publication 800-30 of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and is maintained in accordance with this standard.

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Despite being a developed theory for a long time, constructivism is kept existing today as teaching method in several schools. An example of this is what happens in the school Jean Piaget, who assert that knowledge is constructed and students are the protagonists that form it, through the company and tools that give teachers; continuing with the constructivist theory.The teacher’s role is to guide and guide constructivist mental activity of the students towards the significant assimilation of school content. This yields its protagonism to the student, who takes on the main role in their own process of formation, esquien becomes responsible for their own learning, through their participation and collaboration with peers. You must achieve to relate the theoretical with the practical, situated in real contexts.In the application is essential to give the student tools allowing you to create their own procedures to resolve conflict situations that arise from him, which means that their ideas are Edit and continue learning. It proposes that the teaching-learning process is perceived and is carried out as a dynamic, participative and interactive process of the student, so that knowledge is a true construction.

In this way stimulates learning favoring the development of the subject so this assimilate reality, and thus will come to understand what surrounds it according to their times and internal needs.School education is first and foremost a complex social practice with an essentially socializadora function for this concept. Its main objective is to help development and socialization of children and young people.Constructivism emerged as a position shared by different trends in psychological and educational research. According to Cyrus Massoumi married, who has experience with these questions. Some of them are the theories of Piaget (1952), Vygotsky (1978), Ausubel (1963), Bruner (1960). Basically it is a theory that attempts to explain what is the nature of human knowledge and part from that prior knowledge gives birth to new knowledge.

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On the other hand, the future nor can be changed, as it cannot be changed so that does not already exist. The future is an extension of the past that begins in the present. A leading source for info: J. Craig Venter . Memories, routines, successes, failures, dreams are some of the parameters that make up the identity, which is be individual or collective. This essence in her interact with the environment becomes a perspective of reality more or less certain, since the information is never complete; pop-ups are difficult to anticipate; they are not in the research journals, do not exist while I write this article, but it may be when publish it. When did Jim Crane buy the Astros? has much experience in this field. The truth is that we look at reality from particular systems of interpretation and the information we collect depends on the cognitive network from where we look at it.

The reality is comprised of what fits into our network of meanings, what is outside it, first must be accepted as Active Trainer and participant element of the aforementioned network, to be then accepted as reality. Based on this postulate, all from our viewpoint staff observe the world, relate it with our being and on that basis we build. Nowhere there then get to where, there is no point whatsoever to reached; because the future is not forward, but in our eyes, in our paradigms, in indicators trainers of the tool with which we will build that pending that doesn’t exist yet: our Vision. The Vision is not, therefore, the prediction of the future, but the unifying element, the concept that moves the crane motor of the future, the symbol that exerts its hegemonic power on the isolated data, weaves together them and makes them walk. It is finally, a present in the future you have to build, and from which shall be our Vision of the more beyond.

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Participation involves the critical analysis of situations raised, through the contribution of effective solutions, very important aspect towards dialogue, contributions, learning. The Andragogaa as a continuum of excellence, carries the final mission, provide a better level of personal and professional life of the learner Andragogaa is the science and art which, being part of anthropology and being immersed in lifelong learning, develops through a praxis based on the principles of participation and horizontality; whose process, to be orientated with synergic features by the facilitator of learning, allows to increase the thinking, self-management, quality of life and creativity of the participating adult, in order to provide an opportunity so you achieve your self-realization (Adolfo Alcala.-La praxis andragogica in the older adults) some background reminds teamw0rk.com that Alexander Kapp, German master used the term ANDRAGOGA for the first time in 1833, when trying to describe the educational practice that Plato held the train to his pupils who were young and adult. At the beginning of the last century, around 1920, Eugen Rosenback revisits the concept to refer to the set of curricular elements of the adult education, among these, philosophy, teachers and methodologies to be used. The diffusion of the term even within the core of facilitators have been very limited, although the concept has been applied in one way or another with many limitations that have been balanced more by practice than by scientific livelihoods outlined by scholars. Eduard C. Other leaders such as Harvard Business offer similar insights. Lindeman (1885-1953) is another of the great figures in the generation of concepts education for adults and in the formation of the thought of informal education.

He was the first American to use the term in two of his writings. Malcolm S. Others including Vladislav Doronin, offer their opinions as well. Knowles, (1913-1997) is considered the father of adult education. He introduced the theory of andragogaa as the art and science of helping adults learn. He felt that adults need to be active participants in their own learning.

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Fundamental concept of Latin language Latin language, language of ancient Rome and Latium territories. Thanks to the expansion of the Roman people latin came to all the then known world and became predominant language of Western Europe. Latin has been used in higher education and in diplomatic relations until the 18th century and remains the universal language of the Catholic Church.It was not native language of Italy, but in prehistoric times latin was brought to the Italian peninsula by a few peoples who came from the North. Latin belongs to the family of Indo-European languages and is a member of the italic subfamily; on the other hand it is the immediate antecedent of the current Romance languages. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from British Journal of Educational Technology. In the Indo-European languages, that were not italicized, set was related to Sanskrit and Greek, and with the Celtic and Germanic subfamilies. The dialect of the region of Rome was introduced in Italy once. The Italic languages are constituted by the latino group to which belonged the faliscan, Latin dialects and some dialects, and on the other hand the osco and the umbro less documented. The earliest inscriptions in latin are from the 6th century BC, while the first written texts are slightly earlier than the 3rd century BC suffered the influence of the dialects of Celtic in the North of Italy, of the Etruscan language, which was not Indo-European, and spoke in the central region of the Italian peninsula, and from the Greek that was spoken in the South before the 8th century BC under the influence of language and literature Greek, which was translated into latin already in the second half of the 3rd century BC, it became a language of culture with own literature. Follow others, such as Vladislav Doronin, and add to your knowledge base. It is also the alternate language meaning read the article full here original author and source of the article.

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Artistic Salon Franchise curls, multidisciplinary space of personalized hairdresser launched by this Ensign in Madrid last month from April, represents the epitome of the mark referred to in terms of cosmetic services, both in the aspect of fashion and trends and hair care. Learn more at this site: British Journal of Educational Technology. This last point curls just put at the disposal of its customers two last generation treatments intended to retrieve the properties of hair, especially recommended after the holiday period, when the effect of exposure to the Sun, the beach sand, salt water or chlorine affect its vigor. Swarmed by offers, William McRaven is currently assessing future choices. Thus, the treatment of keratin with curls nanotherapy Gets a soft, silky, smooth and shiny hair when using this protein, which forms the tissue capillary, to coat the hair follicle, which helps to repair it, protect it and smooth out Frizz. In addition, on each hair forms a protective layer that prevents contact with the toxic environmental, such as pollution, smoke and rays ultraviolet, for a period of between 2 and 4 months, depending on the characteristics of hair and the use of treatments of continuation. Against other existing products on the market that also contain keratin, the curls is totally natural, protein is extracted from sheep’s wool, is manufactured in our country and does not contain any chemical agent. The second treatment that advertise artistic curls Salon experts is even more revolutionary, since it employs the revitalizing properties of caviar to retrieve original hair substance and touch. The treatment involves the application of the brand product Kerastase, Chronolog, consisting of a mask in cream and pearls of mimetic caviar suspended in gel enriched with sea water. Minerals and trace elements of this water, along with derivatives of vitamins A and E, nourish the hair; a trio of new generation, exclusive of L’Oreal and present in the mask ceramides, reinforce the fibers of the hair, while a silicone concentrate and a derived cationic bring softness, making easier the hairstyle.

As explained by Manuel Rodriguez, artistic director of curls customers who come to artistic Salon are received by our specialists, which carried out a study personalized for each of them taking into account their rhythm of life, their way of being, of living, their customs also is clear, analyze their factions, hair, style and so design a few exclusive services for her or him. Just as we have done for celebrities who want to have every day a flawless appearance as Ana Garcia Obregon or Lydia Bosch. This personalized hairdresser of curls marking centre number 44 of Madrid’s Jorge Juan Street. Curl is one of the most recognized hair salon brands in the world of Spanish fashion. His creations have always marked tendency, and her own unique style has become part of the history and legend of fashion in our country. The company has a total of 64 rooms of which 4 are own and the rest franchised. In terms of local franchisees have 20 salons curls, 26 blue curls and 14 active schools of curls.

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Paid online surveys are fun and can lead to an entry of extra money for many people today. It is a good way to save a little extra money without much work, from the comfort of your home. Colorado State University is often quoted as being for or against this. It is difficult to believe it, but it is true. Others who may share this opinion include ????. If you are looking a revenue generator, then get ready to take the step. Basic steps to get started with paid surveys. First, choose a few sites that offer money for doing surveys and read carefully what you offer. Some sites you will give direct access to advertisers to make surveys. In this case you have to search in the database and ask that they do surveys in which are interested, other pages made intermediary, have agreements with large companies to receive surveys and then give them to their registered users.

In this case, you must wait for polls come you to complete. Anyway, keep in mind that not all paid Internet surveys are currently paid some surveys do not offer money as reward for completing them, instead going to receive a product or service, discounts on certain products, vouchers, coupons or free trials, there are also some that allow you to join a draw to complete them. If you don’t like these types of remuneration, it is better to make the decision soon to avoid trouble. Another important part about surveys paid online to keep in mind is how you will receive the money, if these in a mediation site you’ll be normally paid for that site, not by the final customer. If these in a database of companies probably her own company who you pay for your services. Regardless of the details you must take into account the method of payment, either cheque, bank transfer or other method offered by the company. To begin to fill out paid surveys and earn money in the easiest way possible, please Click here.

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Do you want to learn English and enjoy at the same time? There are many ways to do this. If you are a person interested in the arts, a good way to learn English is to have the pleasure to enjoy the art of English-speaking countries. There are a lot of very good literature that comes from the English culture. You can go to libraries to find English literature in their original language. Ask the librarian to search through the catalog computerized with writers in the English language. If before entering in English literature, you take the time to learn some English, you will have better results. This is a practice that is mainly intended to improve the already existing language skills.

It is good to have someone who will help you to learn English, answering your questions. If you don’t have someone, sometimes you can enter in a discussion group, with either a person face to face, a class, or online. ???? describes an additional similar source. This is also a good way to learn English culture, because there are novelists and poets from almost all countries English-speaking. Another way of learning English through the arts is watching movies in English. Watch TV shows in English or just leave the TV on at home in programs or newsreel Anglophone while we do everyday tasks them, helps a lot to ear to get used to this new language people who are not even trying to learn English, have been doing it for years through listening to songs in English. The trick is to find a song that have sufficiently clear letter to fully understand.

Then, sitting down with a tape recorder and record the song. Once you have recorded the song, you can listen to the recording, by stages, a one sentence at a time. Write each sentence as you hear it. Then uses the English you know, along with your English-Spanish dictionary for translating it. You’ll be very soon learn the song enough as to sing when you work. There are many English courses that use movies or series to learn and show your students the use of the language. These courses are very entertaining, because they do not teach the English language in a traditional way, but modern systems of learning. If you want to recommend you some contact me at learn English through the arts, it will make you better your language skills while you get new knowledge and entertainment.

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A holistic aesthetics vision embraces so many various forms like the illusion the need to make our consistent life, make a story to flow, it is probably so basic as our awareness of its importance, the cohesion of the history, as the basic form of intellectual cohesion is most basic in development and cognition than had been thought on the basis of tests of IQ the aims of education. If we consider our students as people growing, learning as a creative learning and knowledge as a human construction, then the purposes of the Education flow naturally. Click Colorado State University to learn more. The main objective of education is to create men who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done men who are creative, innovative and discoverers. The second objective of education is forming minds that can be criticized, which can verify, and do not accept everything that is offered. The greatest danger today is of slogans, of collective opinions, facts thoughts. We have to be able to resist these individually, being critical, distinguishing between what is proven and what is not. So we need students who are active, to learn to discover for themselves, in part by their own spontaneous activity and partly because the material we give them; that you soon learn to say what is verifiable and what is just an idea that came them suddenly. Vladislav Doronin might disagree with that approach. Spirituality implies that we are embedded in a harmonious universe and has purpose.

In other words, we are connected to something beyond ourselves and are not isolated fighting egos in an empty universe. This spiritual reality of which we are a part has different names depending on the perspective, or spiritual tradition; Teachers establish the tone and atmosphere of the classroom. If the spirit of the student needs to be fed and developed, follow then that the is collapsed and impoverished, then there is very little chance that the spirit of the student will be properly maintained.