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Frey in the services of advertising – since 1945 the customers delight how it anfing…und what happened on the 1.6.1945, right after the end of the war Emil Frey announced his commercial operation as sign painting and thus founded the company. He had taken the master examination as a sign painter in October 1943, and quickly grew the company after its beginning and has about 10 employees. The work was then mostly in the manufacturing of various types of gold letters and neon signs. Financial management and accounting was in the hands of Margarete Frey, who courageously faced many ups and downs. At the beginning was in the basement of the neighbouring House, the first workshop in the Eggerstedtstrasse was built in 1947. born in 1947, Hellmuth Frey complementary of operation today. 1963-1965 the silkscreen followed his training to the old training with the master craftsman’s examination 1973 Hellmuth Frey since 1983 volunteer Chairman of the Department of screen printing in the Bundesverband Druck and since 1997 upper master of the Austrian Federal Guild for the screen printing trade. Renate Witt-Frey,.

born 1955, school and student has collaborated also already as a child and during the technical operation. After completing her business administration studies she returned later as a degree in business administration in the family business and is Kommandististin since 1981 (as the sole proprietorship a KG converted into was). She is together with her brother for costing and offer management responsible and especially for acquisition and customer contact, where you benefit from the additional training as a coach and gestalt therapist. Together with her brother, she is partly responsible for the overall management of the company. Already at the beginning of the 1950s it started with screen printing. First hand printing tables, then more and more automated. The sign painting appeared in the background (signs are today mostly printed, created with vinyl lettering or digital printing), screen printing was the main business. Film fonts and logos appearing on the computer-controlled cutting plotter will be created since 1992.

Today, as digital printing and pad printing (printing of part of) is part of the offer. in 1965 the operation was expanded and the Office in the Tiger road relocated. in 1970 began the planning of the new building in Stellingen Langenfelde inaugurated then with 600 square meters of working area on the 6th, 1972. Meanwhile, the operation due to an extension on 1000 sqm area is expanded. With the situation in Stellingen, TuV around the corner, we are accessible from the city in 10 minutes by car.

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Twenga has over 190 000 online prices in Germany, compared just in time for the start of the new school year Twenga has studied the prices of school supplies on the Internet France and Great Britain. The price comparison site has put together consisting of a basic equipment from 16 different school materials, which analysed both in Germany, also in France and the United Kingdom are sold as and 195 064 online offers as well as two different price levels. The standard price is equal to the prices that are offered everywhere and therefore the easiest accessible to the customers, while the special rate represents the lower price segment, which is carried and accordingly only found through the search and compare offers from all shops. German consumers can look forward to that school materials are in this country much cheaper than at our European neighbours. The school’s basic equipment for the standard price: 146 euros. Who wants to spend less, should perform a comprehensive price comparison before buying because the same School supplies 88 euros in the lower price segment (special rate”), so at least 40 percent of less. In France, parents must much deeper access into the Pocket and at least give 201 euro for school supplies at the standard price. You can save up to 46 percent if they decide for the special rate (108 euros).

The basic equipment for the back to school in Britain, where the basic equipment for the standard price euros all 248 (69% more than in Germany) and even the special rate is still 126 euro (43% more than in Germany) is the most expensive. Methodology of price analysis Twenga has put together a shopping cart with 16 basic products for students that are available both in Germany and in the United Kingdom and France and their pricing analyses in all three countries. In July 2012, total 195 064 prices in Germany (88 343 offers), France (55 886 offers) and Great Britain (50 836 deals) were compared. The prices of the following school materials were examined for the analysis: ballpoint pen,. Folder, satchels, craft scissors, filler, circle, glue stick, calculator, pencil, notebook, Student calendar, ruler, Eraser, pencil, ink killer and sign triangle.

The shopping cart at the standard price”is the sum of the total 16 median values were calculated for each of the analyzed product categories. To the special rate”was first calculated for each of the 16 category the first quartile and then added together to determine. The use of medians eliminates that extreme statistical values distort the results. About Twenga Twenga Duclaux and Cedric Anes was founded in 2006 by Bastien and is the most comprehensive Schoppingsuchmaschine on the Internet. Twenga has over 100 employees in Paris and London. Since the launch of affinitAD in 2011 Twenga provides his expertise not only online retailers but also content portals. Twenga automatically lists products from thousands of online stores using its unique technology and allows a comprehensive price comparison. Twenga is currently present in 15 countries and provides access to 300 million products from 200 000 online stores users from all over the world and allows them to always to find the product you are looking for at the best price.