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The sleep should come naturally! A night of regular sleep and peaceful is a useful indicator of the physical and emotional health. Being more sensitive than adults, it often happens that children develop at bedtime restlessness at night and discipline can affect a child’s ability to have a peaceful sleep at night. Seemingly small changes (from home or even teeth) may be difficult for children and cause discomfort at night. The struggles of bed at night time can cause much frustration for children and their parents and can even lead to difficulties if the problem is not addressed. If you find you have to struggle to put your child to sleep at night, it is important that you do something about it. Helpful tips for peaceful nights: * Establish a firm routine night time happening at the same time every night. This could involve dinner, bath, put on pajamas, reading a story in bed and pray and turn off the light. This will help provide security and send messages to your child’s brain that bedtime is approaching * Avoid stimulating activities before bedtime, exciting or scary programs on TV, computer games or strenuous mental activities * Stimulants such as coffee should always avoid, but especially at night.

Other stimulants include sugar, soda, tea (except herbal teas) and candy. * Use a soft light at night for children who are afraid of the dark. * Seek help from a licensed psychologist or counselor of children, if sleep difficulties when required disciplinary * Make effective use to promote gentle with healthy sleep patterns at night have to contain 100% natural herbal ingredients and can be used with safety for all children and babies over the age of 6 months and is gentle and non-addictive. Together with consistent discipline, a regular routine of night and a loving family environment,. The following natural ingredients are effective and safe for your child: Matricaria recutita (German chamomile) – in children’s fairy tales of Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit’s mother used German chamomile to put her little bunnies to sleep – and for good reason!.

German chamomile has been known as the plant more soothing world and has been long used by the mothers of many generations to safely relax their young children at night. Promotes peace and harmony not only at bedtime, but is also a well-known digestive aid and teeth, while providing support to the nervous system for sensitive children. Passiflora incarnata (passion) – Clinical studies have demonstrated the benefits of this herb to promote harmony and health in the nervous system and is well known and respected in naturopathic circles. Passionflower is also useful in calming tiny tummies and their high safety profile makes it a peaceful option, very effective for babies and young children. Coffea (30C) – is an excellent remedy Coffea to calm the overexcited and irritable person. Children are very sensitive, restless and unreasonable at bedtime will benefit from this proven remedy. Cina (30C) – works well for children who are irritable, fussy, and tend to have tantrums when lying down. Help with problems such as twitching, shaking and turning during sleep. Cina is also beneficial for children who grind their teeth and as a digestive tonic. Engineer by profession but with a great interest in health and alternative medicine. I believe that natural remedies and alternative therapies have their place in modern medicine.