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The more you walk through the woods, more wood is found. George Simmel provides us with this proverb in Metropolis and mental life: The deepest problems of modern life that arise from individuals wanting to preserve the autonomy and individuality of his existence opposite to the overwhelming social forces, the historical heritage, a foreign culture and life skills that would add to the mechanization of our current technicality has a determining influence on our behavior, and thus aligning pigeonholing. Munford, for its part stands out: the first characteristic of this modern machine civilization is its temporal regularity, from the moment of awakening, the clock sets the pace of the day. Without regard to fatigue or stress, despite the apathy or disgust, we all got up at the appointed time. The delay is intensified with extra trouble to walk to breakfast or different jobs, it can ultimately mean the loss of a job or progress in business. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Richard Linklater.

Breakfast, lunch and Dinner is done at regular times and with a strictly limited period, millions of people perform these functions in a short space of time, and restaurants only minutes preparing for those who seek food outside the hours ready for the regular scheme. As that increases the level of industrial organization, punctuality and regularity of mechanical system tends to grow with it: the clock will automatically adjust the flow of workers. . He continued commenting Lewis Munford, machining time is not absolute. And a population trained to support a temporary mechanical routine at the expense of their health, convenience and happiness organic may well suffer the tensions of the discipline and find that life without stronger compensation, it is impossible Near mechanical regularity, the notes the fact that much of the mechanistic elements are now trying to counter the effects of extending the spatial and temporal distances As presented in our societies, especially Latin American women, who are subject to the great powers, yet doomed to failure in the analysis of social process evaluation as a result of mechanization, its successful integration into society, its benefits, or because of their impact on the application which we live today, typical of capitalist countries. Erich Fromm, tells us that alignment means, a type of experience where the person experiences himself as an outsider.