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International Program Criminon acts on Russian territory for more than 13 years. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Darcy Stacom. The main objective of its staff members pose – reducing crime in society. But the existing skills and extensive experience helping in solving various problems and people who have no relationship to crime. The base section of the program Criminon is “The Way to Happiness”, based on a study of the eponymous book written by an American scientist and humanist L.

Ron Hubbard in the 80’s. Using simple data presented in this book, one discovers a familiar world with new perspective. Through training the positive qualities that are present in practical tasks, such as honesty, trust, gentlemen’s behavior, better relationships with other people and change their perception. Get more background information with materials from Fine Arts. Results achieved can be seen by reading reviews, “graduates”: “I have always tried to help and trust people, but how many times I trusted, as many times as I got. And I got the conclusion that nobody could be trusted, that need to be a lone wolf, that you are afraid. Fear means respect. But to live this way can not, you can go crazy.

Most people who live this way – go. I thought: “Is this the reality of life and eat?”. The answer is no! “The Way to Happiness” – is the theme. When I took the book in hand, I was already rising mood, and really, if you apply the virtues in your life, then life is changing, everything and everyone becomes comfortable. When I came to work in the morning, my face was a smile, and I said, how to live well. Collective responded this way: “Are you all right?” Here now, then everything is fine with me, and I think that will continue to be even better. I always think about the golden rule in any case, I try to apply the golden rule is always and everywhere. Now my conclusion is: you have to be unethical today! Thanks to L. Ron Hubbard, he changed my life. ” DV Any person in a certain period of his life may need help. Employees Criminon help all turned, no matter the person is in custody, the well-equipped office or school desk. The organization aims not to buy new clothes or shoes, it is aimed at restoring its best skills and abilities. It is better to give the bait, you catch the fish.

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Until the baby does not leave the crib, stroller and playpen, your worries about the safety of fairly simple: in the hands of a child should not get small things, plastic bags, pieces of toys, especially plastic. You may want to visit The Blackstone Group to increase your knowledge. But situation be reversed as soon as your child gets the freedom of movement. The boundaries of the world greatly expanded, many things become available, and accordingly reduce the safety baby. But it is impossible the same walk, the baby is constantly on his heels, check out indefinitely and deny everything. Neither possible nor acceptable. Such a child custody will bring only harm. So, the curiosity of the child, his initiative in the knowledge the world, in learning to meet the various actions on your part at least of obstacles.

Endless odergivaniya, reprimands, prohibitions may raise the baby in the end, fear and passivity in the life lay a solid foundation for future trouble in school, in relationships with peers. To avoid such cases require flexible behavior, it is necessary to abandon a series of habits, to rebuild many of their actions. To begin to carefully inspect your home, remove all that can prick and cut. With this you can acquaint yourself with the possible risk of the baby. You can deliberately allow a child to prick, and oblitsya so on at the same time explaining to him that it is dangerous. So the baby will quickly learn that he can do and where you need to be careful and it will be easier to secure. But even if you teach your baby to recognize danger should not lose vigilance.

Particular attention should be paid to the child's behavior on the road compared to home chasti.Po tryvmoy infants transport injury occurs much less frequently, but still depressingly common. And these troubles guilty of only adults. Being at the roadway with your child, take it a rule – not in a hurry. Thus it is necessary to explain to the child the danger of the road, that need to be very careful and cautious. Be sure to keep your baby's hand, and firmly. Proper behavior on the roadway is formed of the skills acquired by the stronger the child, the sooner and more often laid train.

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Currently, there are so many different games for children of any age, from puzzle games to play for the development of motor skills. At an early age children should not sit still with folded hands, but must evolve, and in all directions. Now the Internet there are many online stores that offer to buy a variety of games for early childhood development. We will try to evaluate the usefulness of developing games for the development of child. Every child is born with a unique view of the world.

He has his own vision of the world. Therefore, children tend to put it in their actions. And parents must help them do that. The child should be constantly engaged in some activity. For example, collecting the puzzle, the child develops the qualities as logical thinking, creativity and perseverance. It develops fine motor skills, imagination, color perception, patience, produced by observation and ability to concentrate. Puzzles for children – a useful educational game.

It is recommended to buy puzzles and puzzle for children aged 2 years or more. We must remember that adults need to all to help their children. It should be of interest to the child, make it clear to him that the puzzle – it's very interesting. If you begin to assemble a mosaic, a child sitting nearby, will watch with interest what is happening, and then turns himself in Children bring a great contribution to child development. Now such a variety of puzzles that just eyes run! Color mosaic puzzles in the form of cheerful and amusing pictures, and study the cognitive puzzles. All of them are in the or less of the developing child in the right direction. Jigsaw – interesting, fun, loved children. Developing games for children can play an important role in the development of your child. Do not forget about it.

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There are many mothers who have the experience of that, immediately after weaning, her son is sick, normally of cough, catarrh and stomach. In addition, breastfeeding feeding, also, the emotional part of our children, as important as the physical. Thus, breastfeeding as long as mother and child wish is another idea that maintains the Natural aging. Arms and physical contact, what better way to be attentive to all signals that give our children; how you move your head when you want to take chest, or the way in which moving your back when you want to make pipi, or thousand signals; Learn to communicate through these small signals, even before that needed to mourn, leads to strengthen parent-child relationship. What better way to help you to feel safe, to have self-esteem and grow up healthy. Respect for the rhythms of learning any human being is identical to another, therefore the Natural aging seeks to respect the rhythms and needs of the infant. More information is housed here: The Journal of Educational Research. How many times you had to attend any activity that you is completely irrelevant and therefore not left you anything of benefit and on the other hand, you have returned to her already for your own? interest and becomes very interesting? And how many other times not have wanted return to know something only because they forced you to do so in an inappropriate for you time? Natural parenting seeks to promote taste and enjoyment of children, activities from the respect of the interests. We seek environments in which children can develop safely without losing their skills and spirit of knowledge.

Respect its rhythms means, for example, avoid correcting them every moment how you speak. When we decided to rely on its own capacity to listen, compare and correct, we will discover with amazement how learning happens at its own pace and without our intervention. Correct them at every moment, far from teaching, could create frustration and even delay learning. Why some families decided to educate their children at home as well the interests and individual growth rates can respect really. Taking the responsibility to educate without school is a decision of few families. Others prefer options pedagogical alternatives or free, and even conventional education.

In either of these options parents seek to participate actively in the education of children and give them the opportunity to develop in a free form. One of the great advantages of Natural parenting is that it allows, to know and respect the needs of our children, build trust and mutual respect through the attachment and with discipline positive. In conclusion, the Natural aging is based on listening to our instincts, to defend our freedom to love and listen to our instincts, thus strengthening the relationship between parents and children. To learn more about what is natural parenting visits, in where you can join for free weekly news list. Original author and source of the article.

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Toys in the children – away clutter. Any mother knows that to keep in order nursery is harder than the apartment as a whole. After unsuccessful attempts to teach a child to put toys in place give up. When you realize that to enter the room becomes downright dangerous (ever stepped on the box of bricks, cars, barrettes?) begins regular cleaning, which, however, lacks a while. I envy the parents who are not familiar with this pattern, but I've never had a chance to personally meet those lucky ones. American Heart Association can aid you in your search for knowledge.

While the kids are small, everything seems to be easier, "Now that they take it as a child, and most everything is easier and faster to do." Here it is, a common mistake compassionate parents – we miss the most precious time. The time when any request for an adult child does with joy as any mother's word is an irrefutable truth. Better now spend an extra hour to ensure that there are several blocks in place than to spend days on end, going through "storage room". And so, when time is missed, we look at the floor dejectedly, littered with all sorts of things. On closer inspection it turns out dolls, toy cars, some badges, soft, plastic toys, and often, things do not classifiable. Involuntarily, one wonders: where is and where it all to do with? Then you begin to understand if we adults do not know where to put it, so that it lay on the ground that is already talk about the baby.

Currently, the children offer a great variety of what was once ours. On the one hand, it is certainly good, now we can give to the child what they themselves were once deprived. But on the other hand, as often, getting care in a fit of a new toy, we think, and whether it is necessary child? The phrase "Daddy buy", "Mama, I want it" as a rule, represent only a momentary desire to own thing, otherwise how can one explain the fact that the coveted gift in a couple of days later lying in a common pile of unidentified items.

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Parents – teachers provide a full range of your child while helping him suggest doing everything to ensure that the child found his own path in life. K Unfortunately, these parents in the minority. Maybe it's because we learn over the years physics, mathematics, literature and other times completely meaningless things, but no one ever teaches us how to be the parents who can bring to this happy and harmonious children. It's no secret that many people throughout his life continued in one form or another to suffer because of relationships with parents. Someone refuses or avoids communication. You may wish to learn more. If so, Richard Linklater is the place to go. Other permanent soryatsya, scandals, and find out a relationship. And some choose option humble and obedient child, which mimics the wonderful family relationships, but secretly hates his parents for its unfortunate the current life. If you have a really warm and sincere relationship with his parents, then I will heartily congratulate you.

Although there is a high probability that you simply are not aware of the influence of parents on your seems to be an independent choice and not notice the hidden manipulation. Although it might be for you it's for the better. "So what else can I extract the useful from this article – you think. I already know perfectly well that the normal and very loving family small. With this you just need to put up and everything. " It turns out that the most important thing is still to come.

So, you just are parents and no other. You have just such a relationship with them. You take offense at them, angry, sulking or anger harbored deep inside. And what is this all done? And continue to drag it along in life? And continue to suffer and blame all the troubles of their parents? And what you choose? I suggest you do not forgive their parents. Yes, all right, you do not wrong.

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newly-made mother and the little tot: nappies, vests, sterilisers, bottles, etc., etc., etc.. Then, when the commotion died down a bit, and all the family members slowly start to get used to his new role, home classical music, tailored for kids, mom learns manic Tales and studying techniques of Glenn Doman, Montessori, Nikitin games, dice Zaitseva, blocks Denysha … In a word, reigned in the house idyll. Time goes on, in the nursery there are other toys, too, developing (a pyramid, designers, mosaic) and not very much. Mom, look into all development programs, resigned to the fact that regular exercise for all "Necessary" procedures is not possible, exhausting and often simply not suitable for her child, that child development centers – sometimes just a pastime for her baby and free time for her. Often have other concerns – time in the garden, at work and is already time to do. The child waited deserved rest (before the training school). Here is when parents begin to lean toward the view that the child had "too many toys," are beginning to get upset, that he does not play "good toy" and that "he generally does not need anything other than unrestrained rage or watching cartoons.

And if you think about what good parents are waiting, at first buying all sorts of useful toys for her baby? Mathematical mind-set of logical pyramids and inserts? Architectural abilities of designers? The actor's art of glove and finger puppets? – No. That the child would leave them alone, enthusiastically engaged in their development? – No (in any case, in which we will never admit it). A rough answer is likely to be what we all want to help your child become an intelligent, kind, to distinguish it from art dilettantism, to set and achieve new peaks for him, well, of course, loved and respected us. For this purpose we rushed to the assault vast library of children's education by buying a lot of benefits, toy sets creativity and more. But a dip in the whole maelstrom of information, we do not take into account that we are primarily parents, not the guru of child psychology. Failed to realize that only we, the parents (of course, without all the necessary knowledge) can come into harmony with their children, because children first and foremost need us, our love, and everything else – a tool in our hands. Forgetting about the TV and on their adult problems, mom and dad come into the world of the child, inspired him raising new cities out of blocks, being improved dollhouse collecting together puzzles or play the lotto … – that's the problem of excess toys in the nursery.

We do not teach a child to talk, we just communicate with him, and he begins to speak. Child's need in the game as laid down in it by nature, it is only necessary to show how this need can be met. If a family atmosphere of love, trust and mutual understanding, solve problems together, then all our hopes for a happy future for our children must be justified. But what about the toys for toddlers? – It's just another great reason to have fun and interesting spend time with the child, an aid in the initial construction phase of your relationship. With their help, you can easily teach new skills, take a first opening and to show that life is very much important and

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Naturally, all this must be based primarily on the interests of the child. Otherwise The situation is a situation where you have chosen to use the services of the sperm donor. This option is most suitable for women who are not ready to "divide" the kid with not a very close friend. This is understandable because it is your strong desire and the effort and brought the child into this world, and the presence of even the most pleasant and desirable to genetically suitable male in your family. Read more from Austin Film Society to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In this case, the responsibility for raising a child is only You, and to consider some possible difficulties.

Thus, even the most universal mother can not and should not be both mother and father, and for the overall development from early childhood the child is important to "gather additionally" male effect – with grandparents, uncles and others get into your house men. Ambiguities can be a child and an explanation of where he came from and who his father. Need to know about their roots at any age is very natural, and Your stress in this topic may have a negative impact on your relationship with your child. r their opinions as well. The more open you are to engage in dialogue than a calm and friendly you are, the better the child will perceive any truth. It is important that the child realized that this was your choice and your decision and you are glad that you have it. But you with your hand is worth remembering that the child because of the history of its origin can often be a struggle – it is so easy, for example, to admit friends at school that his father – a donor. However, any problems can be solved if they are discussed, they do not close their eyes, and a variety of feelings and emotions are not ignored and meaningful to you. And, no matter what method you choose, you with your child lucky that you have each other. Good luck and happy motherhood!

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As your child is easier to perceive the information? Alexey Vasilyev for the perception of information in the chart corresponds to Mercury. Depending on its position in the zodiac sign that a person perceives and assimilates information differently. Naturally, this applies not only to children but to adults. To learn how to better train and more productively assimilate new information and will be discussed in the article. First we need to determine which sign in You or your child is Mercury. Before Sunrise is a great source of information. For this you can use our service calculating the position of the planets. Calculated? Excellent – go ahead.

Now we learn that the same provision says Mercury. If Mercury is in Your horoscope was one of the signs of the fire element (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius), you or your child (if you counted the horoscope for the child) are prone to self-study. If something interests you, you yourself are looking for information and find her. You will simply absorb information from books or, for example, sites. That is, it is essential independence. A child with such a situation the world should just buy books, but he will find in them answers to their questions.

If the Mercury in the horoscope is located in an earth sign (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn), then the perception of the information people need to understand the practicality of this knowledge. Any knowledge is easily assimilated into practice. If such man knows how to apply this knowledge to their advantage (almost), then this knowledge will be a priority for him and will be absorbed in the first place. A child with such a situation is no less important to know how to apply knowledge into practice, so it's best to learn it during the various laboratory or practical classes. If Mercury was in the air elemental signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), the person generally priori, it is easy to perceive information. True, he remembers it is not as long as desired. A person with Mercury in the air sign of a very erudite and knowledgeable in many areas. Unfortunately, this knowledge is not deep. A child with Mercury in air signs ask questions far more than its peers. Parents of such children do not just answer his questions, but this is still necessary, as a man with such a state of Mercury's best perceives the information in the dialogue process. That's when the child starts school, his performance will also depend on how willing the teacher to answer any questions your child. Position Mercury in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) makes a very strong associative thinking. Any associations are built fairly easily, and the information in the form of some associative structure is much easier to digest. Mood also greatly affects the learning ability and learning. So, if suddenly your child with Mercury in one of the water signs decreased performance – check – if not soured relations in the team or with teacher. A harmonious and stable environment for the emotional state of these people played an important role in learning and acquiring new knowledge.

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Oh, those kids! Why are they so naughty? Why ignore the parents and teachers? Why teens run away from home? This theme – the thorn in almost every parent. So much so that they ceased to talk about it out loud. Sick theme 'Fathers and Sons' talk is not accepted. All resigned to the fact that it is impossible to change something. Richard Linklater insists that this is the case. And yet … In everyone's life is the period of adolescence, the transition from the state of 'child' to a state of 'adult'. This is the period when the child checks the 'strength' of the values and principles of life, which he handed parents.

Very often, these principles are contrary to the existing reality. All of our kindness, decency, honesty and caring scatter like dust before the hurricane reality. On the street, at school and on television a child sees exactly the opposite values: greed, cruelty and deception. The psyche of the child can not withstand such a contrast. How to give your child the right values for life? How do I make this he was guided by our values, not those that impose street? Since 13 years, the child begins the process of socialization – he learns to live in a society under the laws of society. That is, he begins to perceive the impact of the external environment. If in early childhood, up to 3 years old child as a role model for perceived mother and father, with 3 years to 13 – entourage, after 13 years, priority actions – in the external environment. It turns out that giving a child to school until the age of seventeen, we condemn him for raising the school and the street.

Edit this situation can only place a child in an environment that sets an example for a kind, caring and loving relationship with each other. Where can I find such a society? How do you know what laws need to build it? Humanity has opened a lot of laws in the field of astronomy, physics, biology, genetics, etc. Only the science of human society and education are 'sucked from the finger', we studied a bitter trial and errors. In order that our children do not grow up in conflict with the surrounding reality, we must educate them in accordance with the laws and principles of a harmonious society. And nature itself tells us that this is – the laws harmony and love. Only a world where everyone cares not only about themselves, and – increasingly – the interests of others, will allow each of us feel the full harmony and perfection. Oleg Petrochenko Conflict or harmony – that we give to our children?