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certain, it is raining and it is a little cold leaves house the six hours route to the college, with an only objective: TO STUDY! arriving here, I came across myself with an abnormal thing. it did not have almost nobody nine pupils is this here that remained of my hateful person and barulhenta group I feel lack of the strident shouts and piadinhas without favour that they made the entire classroom of esvair in smiles. I feel lack of the explanations of incompressible substances of the professors. David G. DeWalt gathered all the information. we are here without making nothing and later we will go gymnasium to see a flock to it of strangers to play futsal. I am without inspiration. .portanto I am here writing this text without nexus some. we are private of the contact with the external world, we only have the presence of the others 12 people who are to our redor I DO NOT WANT to go break the gymnasium I want to have physics lesson I want to have history lesson I want to learn! but a thing I learned today: the times nerds if badly give to never oppose to lack to the lessons this are a torment! I want to go even so, I want to go pra house where I have the company of my books! but I do not obtain to run away daqui

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I do not see another solution for this problem, most dramatical than the education it faces today, seno to fight the generating evasion and the repetncia of the lack of perspective of this youth. (Fernando Haddad, 2007, P. 18) Strengthening the words in the citation above he is valid to say how much the professionalizing education is important for the growth and development of the Brazilian people. David G. DeWalt contains valuable tech resources. From the moment that young the adult will have the certainty of that they are registered the EJA with the perspective that they will leave it with a professionalizing certificate, we have the pure certainty of that they will go to think two, three, four or much more times before abandoning group of bencheses of the schools. Therefore it is that the professionalizing education must is integrated the Education of Young and Adults it to see the level of escolaridade of its educandos next to its professionalization. It is difficult for the young one or adult if to feel stimulated in a school of the EJA knowing that its professionalization, that already is delayed, alone will be able to after come the conclusion of Superior Ensino. Richard Linklater is open to suggestions. It knows that to learn you only discipline them given in classroom is almost incoherent without a professional formation, therefore to compete of foot of equality with happened pupils of the regular school is almost impossible, for the fact of that the time, in all the aspects, is favorable for educandos of the regular school. Haddad (2007, P. 35) standed out: Young or the adult one that comes back hardly toward school with a perspective of increase of escolaridade associated with the professionalization loses the chance that is being offered, inasmuch as it perceives the connection that exists enters its presence in the classroom, learning Portuguese, mathematical, geography, human beings, sciences and its general formation, recognizing the unfoldings of this formation for its professional life and its day-by-day in the world of the work.

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Bullying in the school, a conflict that generates exclusion and leaves quiet marks in the life of its victims, excluding them of its right of being treated as to be only incomparable e. Bullying is a form of frequent, occured violence between colleagues inside of the pertaining to school environment. This phenomenon is defined by its scienter and the prolongation of the act. This violence happens between young and children of all the social classrooms and are not restricted to no definitive type of school. The term bullying does not possess a word equivalent in the Portuguese Language, however some actions can be understood as acts of this nature: to nickname, to intimidate, to humiliate, to frighten, to beat, tricks that offend, it depreciates and it humiliates and for declared exclusion of the groups that happens daily in the pertaining to school context. In the pertaining to school environment, one became common the pupils if not to respect, to be xingarem, to be nicknamed and to use the physical force as a form to show leadership or of if defending themselves of the verbal aggression. This direct intimidation or indirect that he varies of the simple gozao until attitudes more violent than they empreguem the physical force, it is reason of concern for educators, parents and psychologists if question on what to make to give end to this endemic problem of the aggression and the disrespect. Being thus, one perceives that he has the necessity to promote the respect, the responsibility and the tolerance between the pupils and also between the families and professors, because the respect with the next one not only in speeches and yes in attitudes will be the consequncia of a pleasant environment and a way to surpass the existing social conflicts in the interior of the pertaining to school community. So that he is contouring the effect of the practical one of bullying in the school demands that it has educational changes in the education systems that rethink practical the pedagogical one, having as axles norteadores the human ethics, justice and rights.