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The professor while researcher of the knowledge would have to publish its conceptions concerning its carried through works already in the educational scope, in this way its knowledge and with the certainty of the fulfilled duty would be enriching. Moreover, he comments that the educator is necessary to give a special attention to that they present some type of difficulties, but what he observes yourself he is that he is more easy to work with educated that already they had left almost ready house for the pertaining to school environment, and does not perceive that the pupil of the public school is that one that of certain form goes to present difficulties, and the good professor is that one that he searchs in the alternative difficulty of educating for a significant learning. It is clearly that the family teaches the values, that previous knowledge, but the school beyond strengthening, needs to instigate the pleasure for the knowledge, and this, will occur in the measure where the proper educator if to engage for the success of its group. Educate yourself with thoughts from Richard Linklater. In this same vision, teacher 2 tells that in its management while education secretary was implanted a type of evaluation that in many cases alone was in the paper, according to it, some directors of school did not have courage to evaluate certain professors as it would have to be, affirming that the reason of not the fulfilment of the requirements concerning the evaluation of the server is not if wise person which. Of this form, the educator vehemently standes out, that all serving she would have if reevaluated for little in the period of capacity, in order to know if the same she participated of qualification during the year, which the projects had been developed during the school year, of this form, if she would be primando for an education of quality, that one that all educating has right. .

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It writes ' ' … that the line straight line is shortest between colon, is a synthetic proposal, therefore my concept of rectum will not count nothing of amount, but only one qualidade' '. The concept of shorter is added, therefore straight line cannot be extracted by no analysis of the line concept. But, in this in case that, we have that to appeal to the intuition, being, in this manner, possible the synthesis. Therefore, science alone progresses in the knowledge for the synthetic judgments a priori. PRACTICAL PURE JUDGMENT This type of judgment is worked by Kant in the Critical one of the Practical Reason.

When he deals with this judgment, Kant approaches the concepts of the good and the evil as determinative first of an object for the will. A related site: Gerald Weissmann, MD mentions similar findings. These same concepts are submitted to a practical rule of the reason that determines a priori will in relation to its object. To the practical judgments a principle in the form of categorical imperative is given, with which to evaluate the principles that inform such judgments. Such principle serves as a rule for practical judgments. In a similar way, in the Critical one of the judgment college, Kant establishes a rule for aesthetic judgments of taste. He evaluates the pretensions of justification of the aesthetic judgment of the taste presented by the theory of the taste.

DETERMINATIVE JUDGMENT AND REFLECTIVE JUDGMENT According to Kant, the judgment is, in general, the college to assume the particular one in the universal one. This means that the college to think the particular one contained about the universal one. However, to this respect two cases are possible. In the first one of the cases he is that one where if they can give the particular one in such a way as the universal one. In this in case that, the judgment operates the adoption of the particular one, that already it was given in them, for universal, also already given.

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' ' The purpose of the education is to contest the impact of the experiences of day-by-day, to face them and finally to defy the pressures that appear of the social environment. But it will be that the education and the educators are to the height of the task? They will be they capable to resist the pressure? They will obtain to prevent to be arregimentados by the same pressures that would have to collate? ' ' Zygmunt Bauman the efemeridade of objects, the relationships, the changes before happens exactly to make solid, does not have time for solidity this profile interests the capitalist system. To understand this society contemporary is a challenge, a impactante experience. So that they are favored the most favored and disfavored most disfavored, it is necessary and enough that the school ignores, in the scope of the contents of the education that it transmits, of the methods and techniques of transmission and of the criteria of evaluation, the cultural inaqualities between the children of the different social classrooms. See David G. DeWalt for more details and insights. Bourdieu the sociology of Pierre Bourdieu Reflecting on Bourdieu, I understood that many preconceptions that the favored person less suffers during its passage of the pertaining to school life can have relation with what the sociologist flame of luggage socially inherited. This luggage can contribute for the success or the failure pertaining to school. This constatao of BOURDIEU caused an impact in my reflections, because the responsibility of the parents then would not be only with the alimentary sustenance or the basic education. It must have the concern with a social education involving the cultural capital. The school looking for to move, apliando the cultural capital, what Bourdieu it does not believe, it is pessimistic, realistic, because the society does not estimate the new. As Bourdieu the cultural capital is an accumulated knowledge that withhold the families, transmitted and tax for its descendants.

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The social movements are fortified by the joint action of individuals organized collectively in favor of a common objective with being able to demand interests that would not be widely legitimated through the isolated action of the individuals. The union of these class actions can extend ampler sectors to it of the society from a project constructed collectively in brainstorming that they could seno finish with the social inaquality, at least brightening up its together harmful effect the population most devoid. The democracy can independently be determinative in this process, allowing that and individual it actively participates of the civic community with right and equal duties for all, of its social condition. FINAL CONSIDERAES This study oportunizou an important learning in the direction of if having ampler understanding on what it means the social inaquality in terms of development of a nation. For in such a way, it propitiated a more critical and deepened reflection on the disequilibrium provoked for this process of disorganization of the social structures. It is possible to glimpse with bigger clarity the existing discrepancy more enters the standards of consumption of the favored social classrooms of the favored classrooms less, as well as the different degrees in existing them of being able, wealth and prestige. Elements these destined to the supplied layers more, that is, the ruling classes that economically explore and oppress the most disfavored they concentrate its wealth at the hands of few, while the great majority remains in the poverty.

The diligent classroom is jammed under the yoke of the owners of the means of production that enjoy of comforts that hardly will be to the reach of that they supply the resources to them to increase the sum of its wealth. In contrast, they suffer to all the luck from misfortunes and many times do not obtain to satisfy its necessities more basic, as the access the health, education, feeding, housing, etc. Still thus, are fed of the hope of one day to be able to improve its conditions of life and to reach higher standards of survival. Ideology this sly forged by the capitalist system that if benefits to each time the badly-remunerated work more than tax to the wage-earners. These in turn continue poor, while those are each time richer if appropriating of what it is produced by the workers. The necessary society if to mobilize to face this quandary. The passivity can still represent the one badly bigger and democracy truily compromised with social cause can mean the way safest to win the challenge of if constructing to a society more just and equal.

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The social transformation mentions the changes to it for which they pass. The social reproduction has place in the measure where it has a continuity between what the people make of day for day and year for year and practical the social ones that seguem.' ' All the excerpts between quotations marks had been removed of: Anthony Giddens, ' ' Sociologia' ' , 3 edition, Gulbenkian, 2002, Lisbon. Agents of socialization as the television and the cinema contribute actively for the social reproduction. For example: during many decades in the American films the black actores only represented papers of criminals or people with professions little valued socially (servant, doormans, etc.); such situation contribua to strengthen the discrimination that existed. The School can be a factor of social mobility, but many times are limited to participate it in the process of social reproduction (and to reproduce the existing social inaqualities). For example: In 1980, two investigators had carried through an intitled study ' ' Obstacles to the Success in the Primria&#039 School; ' , where they had verified that the tax of repetncias varied clearly with the social classroom of origin. For example, in the pupils whose parents belonged to the socioprofissional group of ' ' quadros' ' , the failure tax was only of 3%: In the children of ' ' used and funcionrios' ' it passed to about 8%. For the pupils with parents ' ' operrios' ' , the failure tax reached already the house of 30%.

For the pupils with parents in precarious socioprofissional situation (occupations 0ccasional, disqualified) or badly defined, the failure tax reached 50%. () These results are convergent with the ones of other research. – (. the Coast, ' ' What it is? Sociology, Cultural&#039 Diffusion; ' , pp. 25-26.)

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Immanuel Kant had a monotonous life; it was not married, neither it had children and it never left its native city: Knigsberg. In its life nothing of extraordinary is not distinguished. It is, however, the first one of the great philosophers to lecionar in a university. However, few philosophers had had a life without fabulosos elements that generally are found in the biographies of the great personalities. The philosophical workmanship of Kant is marcante in the history of the modern philosophy.

In the daily pay-critical phase we can consider Kant as a typical representative of the dogmtico rationalism. This strong is evidenced because of its influence of Leibniz and Wolff, over all in the German context of its time. The work of awaking it of the dogmatismo fit to the reading of David Hume. The humeano skepticism shook Kant who tried a defense of the rationalism against the skeptical empirismo. Of this form, Immanuel Kant noticed that the questions raised for the empiristas had taken it to elaborate its critical rationalism (or criticism) in the intention to surpass the existing rivalry between rationalism and the empirismo.

The critical idea of Kant alone appears in 1781, as already explicitado, with the Critical one of the pure reason. Its philosophy is fruit of a long process of elaboration and it lead what it to this idea was not, however, the rejections to classic metaphysics, but the fact to possess the conscience of the uncertainty of these conclusions and the weakness of the arguments which metaphysics were based. Making the reading of Hume, Kant it understood, then, that it was necessary to rethink metaphysics. The skeptical empirismo of Hume, particularly its critical to the cause and effect, left the baseless racionalistas positions. According to humeano thought, the reason is incapable to think a priori, and through concepts, any necessary relation as the nexus of cause and effect.

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Marlene Ribeiro, when telling on the characterization of the Brazilian campesinato, standes out on the relation between agriculture and industrialization, in view of the changes in the relations of work proceeding from such process, thus appearing a heterogeneidade of historical citizens inside of the agricultural areas as: wage-earning workers, diligent temporary wage-earners, integrated leaseholders, sharecroppers, producers the agroindstria and familiar producers that start to live with great agricultural companies, in way whom we cannot, to the speech of the peasant, or the agricultural worker, or of the worker of the land, to have lain a homogeneous situation (RIBEIRO, 2010). In fact, at this historical moment, the agricultural way will go to count on a plurality of forms and of relations of works, however, the fight for the access the land is a common factor to all these new forms of work relations. The question is that such changes introduced to the field, had inside modified the bases of production of the agricultural areas of Brazil, without modifying at no moment the present agrarian structure. For the opposite, the history of the land concentration increases each time more, if consolidating as an effective problem politician, salient in the constitutional conventional of 1946, in what it says respect to the concept of the social use of the land for production, defended link senator Luis Carlos You even give of the PCB. The implementation of the first plants and the devices central offices (pertaining properties the companies) that they bought the production of other supplying devices for the posterior production of the sugar goes to become serious a social problem, mainly had the expropriations (direct and indirect) of lands, parallel the exploration of the work, mainly in the northeast region. Exactly the rules constitutional that would bring the debate on the social use of the land do not go to occasion concrete effect for the agricultural workers and the poor peasants.

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Because of the internal censorship people afraid to do and instead plunges into despair, the analysis own well-being, begins to calculate a bleak future (of course, because he is such an all-seeing, already knows that there in the future everything will be worse than ever!). When this part of the personality begins to dominate, a person loses sense of reality and freedom. And then start an internal dialogue with himself, “You fool, you had to tell him at all those words!”, “Come on, you need to ‘teaching’ I saw that you’re capable of, well, think on this law, you idiot!” But there is Another part of the personality – creative. If a person is in their actions based on this his part – he is plunged into a state in which he is capable of the most consciously and at the same time effective and easy to accomplish the an assignment. This is a state of “flow.” What we do in a state of flux, in tune with our personality, our nature and not subject to strict and uniform rules and ought. That’s why the result of what we do in the ‘flow’, the majority exceeds best expectations. Of course, there may be errors (we are all humans), but then revealed interesting insights: Firstly, guided by its own internal censorship, using the method “as it should be” error is also not excluded. If we are guided by an internal censor, mistakes and miscalculations are perceived much more painful.

If a person focuses on the creative part of themselves, the errors in activity seen as a logical step to success. So how do you appeal to your creative self and make it last that long ago it was planned or wanted, but lacked the determination to implementation plans? Here are some tips: Stop analyze their doubts and fears, awareness of the presence of a problem in most cases is enough. Analysis and dive into the emotions – a step to depression. Relax, and concentrate on what you can do in a situation ‘here and now’, begin to act. Refer to my creative side. Ask yourself honestly: “What would I have done, how would behave if I did not have this fear (boredom, anger, shame, etc.)? Answered? Well, go for it! Maximum focus on your actions. Turn off the internal censor.

Just allow yourself to do watch the process as if from side: that you can take to further improve efficiency? Do it. Try this several times. At the end, relax and allow yourself to dream. Only prerequisite: no limits! Allow ourselves to at least the 10 minutes of dreaming “switch off” the inner censor. Let the dreams of pouring free flow – give yourself a treat! Dream? Why sit still? Who are you waiting for? After all, today You can make concrete actions to make the dream come true! Do not believe me?

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Consideraes on the film ' ' The name of the Rosa' ' the content of disciplines Philosophy of Education I. The film ' ' The name of rosa' ' it presents us a panorama of as it was the life in the Average Age, specifically the life of the religious ones in the monasteries. The estria if passes in the year of 1327 in a monastery to the north of Italy and is the story of the memories of a religious called franciscano Adso von Melk (Christian Slater) that it has as master another called franciscano William de Baskerville (Sean Conery). Some scholars believe that the personage of Sean Conery is in the truth a personificao Guillermo de Ockham, a franciscano priest who lived in century XIV and that he was importantssimo in the field of the philosophy, over all in the Crisis of the Scholastic. Let us initiate our consideraes observing that of general form the film in them presents the obscure side of the Church, has for purpose to disclose the disobediences committed for the religious ones of that time, that incluam barbarous murders against that if they opposed. We can cite the scene where they appear simple people delivering ducks, hens or other foods in exchange for its salvation.

That is, the sales of the Indulgences. It arrives to seem comic actor as the scene if it uncurls: the religious one with a gravy of some plant receives ' ' pagamento' ' blesses the individual and says that it will be saved in the sky. At this moment we perceive which the bias of the narrator and the narrative of the film as a whole. Before exactly, when at the beginning of the film, the priests talk in secret, to if coming across with the arrival of the beginner and of its master to the monastery.

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VIOLENCE As this world this violent one! We are surpresos with as many sad things that they happen at every moment. The televising news articles and writings surprise in them to each moment with sad and overwhelming centas. How Christian we see everything this? What one transfers in our minds and religious hearts all these things? Not in doi well there inside, meche porventura with our conscience of you do not lead religious? I believe that, also we, called ' ' cristos' ' , we have you blame in this everything. First, because we place as porincipal point our denominacional egoism. Our religious denomination is, the best most intelligent one, the perfect one, the good one, the most certain and joust; Second, because we prioritize the money and we use badly what our paraquianos consecrate through the tenths and offers.

We are more worried about new cars and great building vain people, forgetting that much people to our redor are without ceiling and passing fodme and headquarters. Third, because we close in them in we ourselves, forgetting that, beyond we ourselves, they exist hundreds of brothers and sisters who profess the same faith in Christ and we do not consider this, we separate in them of them and not even we think that they exist. The great fight for the largeness, religious vanity, separates the people and consequentemente it collaborates with the violence. The division and a brutality and collaborates with it. The great one, does not keep a side of friendship with the small one. It says: ' ' I do not need it ' '. On the other hand, the idolatria, the human superstitions and invencionices of deuses, confuses the people, becoming them fools.

How we can help in the combat the violence? 1. Becoming us of truth ' ' Humble bellwethers and of coraao' ' , breaking the barriers of the egoism, of the pride or denominacional vanity, approaching us in love of all the ones that encircle in them, looking for to serve more than what to be served: 2. Using our religious life and the religion, not as trampoloim of material and half profits of financial profits, but as Temple of God the service of the next one; 3. If to change the egoistic attitudes and our individualistic feelings, becoming us simply parts of Body of Christ, led for its educations. If to observe these principles, we will give to a great step in the combat the violence. As religious and Christian, we will be living a better world and Christ will be being glorified and exaltado in this world and, with certainty, entronizado in Skies. Let us think very about this. Amen!