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Initiative calls for improvement of human rights education on the occasion of the international day for the Elimination of racial discrimination on 21 March Germany numerous members of the initiative were youth for human rights on the road this week and collected signatures for an improvement of human rights education in German schools. Discrimination based on origin, culture or skin color, discrimination on the grounds of one’s own faith. Racism and xenophobia are a problem always still worldwide. The UN with the “international day for the Elimination of racial discrimination” would refer to these abuses. Youth for human rights”committed since 6 years on the subject. So far approximately 700 million people were reached with signature promotions, TV spots and the distribution of UN policy document for the protection of human rights for young people and adults through the initiative.

“The action of youth for human rights” in Berlin was therefore yesterday on the historic Kurfurstendamm, Corner of Uhlandstrasse, instead. Youth for human rights’ went in the Federal Republic in the year 2005 from the American movement of youth for human rights international”out. In a question-answer forum UNESCO was the first to reply. Almost all materials are available free of charge. Television advertisements, manuals for teachers, brochures and events be enables donations of Scientology members. Her background: Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard enshrined the protection of human rights in the confession of faith and the codes of the community. Yet it is a secular initiative that is open to everyone, which the human rights are at the heart.

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The politician and former Finance Minister Peer Steinbruck (64) of the Publisher was awarded today the Cicero speaker Prize 2011 for the Deutsche Wirtschaft AG. Bonn, May 20, 2011 the politician and former Finance Minister Peer Steinbruck (64) of the Publisher was awarded today the Cicero speaker Prize 2011 for the Deutsche Wirtschaft AG. An orator will honored with him, dedicated to the educational struggle against self-deception and political immaturity with clear pictorial words, so the Publisher for the German economy as a benefactor of the award. The politician is regarded as a pugnacious speaker and is currently traded as a possible Chancellor candidate of the SPD in the Bundestag election in 2013. Steinbruck Publishing Executive Helmut Graf sees a secure and sovereign speaker who always knows what he says. The Cicero speaker prize is endowed by the Publisher for the German economy since 1994 for rhetorical excellence. An independent jury selects the annual winner. The Promethean Award is one Bronze bust of the Roman statesman and philosopher of Marcus Tullius Cicero.

Unpack and resolve problems of Heribert Prantl, head of speaker wants, Steinbruck sees as a politician, of problems Unpack Department Home Affairs and member of the Editorial Board of the newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung and solve and was convinced that he do that. As Finance Minister he have in the global financial crisis as a rock in the surf alongside Angela Merkel 2008 stood and kept quiet. When the SPD applies Steinbruck still than that with Schroder along Hartz IV invented and so the SPD entsozialdemokratisiert. The population was Steinbruck as crises Steinbruck in the head as the man who has steered the country through the crisis. Who chooses as Steinbruck, a rhinoceros as a favourite animal, is a different type of politician than most others. He wants not everyone liked are and he also likes everyone. He may have especially right”according to pan.

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They took advantage of specifically targeted the newly created democratic rules after the revolution, to which they were not involved in, for the fulfilment of its objectives. They have participated in the establishment of a new political system although, nevertheless they stand in fundamental contradiction to the foundations of democratic and constitutional order. For the Muslim Brotherhood Sayyid Qutb, the modernity and their rational viewpoint, the negation of the rule of God are to their ideological thinker”. In his opinion the true Muslims were in a war against the Renegades. More information is housed here: Bioscience Journal. To declare someone as apostates, or infidels, it means in Arabic “Takfir”, what is regarded as an ideological weapon, with the use of violence is justified. This weapon is now evident in the protests of the Islamists in Egypt, to return to power.

Freedom is an excessive freedom which ruin human nature by Western standards. So can their democratic Calls to be only cover-up and an instrument of power. Because they saw a bridging phase, where they gradually and systematically secure control over State institutions through its strategic approach in the phase after the Egyptian revolution. They exploit democratic changes by all means, then later to abolish them, because they are a principle contrary to the foundations of democracy and the rule of law order and reject the party system, by which they want to come in the parliaments. “The political scientist Bassam Tibi sees she sees much more dangerous as extremists who murder, cut throats and throw bombs even in the long term as power ideologues”. Because their attitude and now created free space for the Fanatisierung of the population – and, where appropriate, with national instruments, instruments to any democratic processes in the country brake. The now repealed Constitution, as well as ideas and education were directed in ways that Islamist rule, forever the power may hold. The Shari ‘a want to enforce them as a source of legislation by any means, and such as Qutb in his book Ma’ alim fi al Tariq / “Signs on the way” Reaffirms the legitimacy, which does not allow Allah turn off any sort of rule from owner.

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Now let us turn to time which, at issue in the trial: “Basis of research is a healthy, rational trading individual free from addiction or other diseases or disabilities” (quote study, page 11). In addition was held: the study assumes smoking as an addiction abolished when submitting. Thus a whole industry would be equally superfluous who wants to quit smoking need apply only ALG II, nicotine patches and other smoking cessation AIDS are no longer needed. Thank you, Chemnitz University of technology! Apart, a “healthy individual” thinks quite clearly just the adult, male, single ALG II recipients without family and roommates in the sense of the study. This model citizens is not media but reality compliant, because willingness to work is assumed. Families are not taken into account.

For the readers well-informed less, get your information about the social act of Chancellor Merkel and the Bild-Zeitung: Only the single ALG II recipients gets the RuleSet in full. Once a need for community in the game will be reduced! A woman in the home such as receiving ALG II also ensures that the two no longer everyone received 351 EUR, but each only 316 euro. 90% instead of the full amount, just because someone is. What’s the the numbers of the study? The lower limit of 132 euros becomes 118,80 EUR, the upper limit of 278 euros to 250,20 euros. And children get even less, 60% up to 14 years. Thus makes the study fabulous 79,20 euro (so much I gave out last month alone for the schoolbooks of the 11 year old) or 166,80 euro at the higher rate. For comparison: 118,80 EUR (everyone wants to have only the smallest value) should suffice for an adult human to live in health and dignity – the attitude of a shepherd dog in the shelter an average of just 90 euros, a horse in the stable is already 200 euros (both numbers were not representative determined by telephone survey at 5 facilities in North Rhine-Westphalia).

And if my grandfather is not wrong the accommodation of a prisoner of war at that time cost 2 marks on the day, so at 30 days 60 mark… Unfortunately this sentence cannot reasonably be on today’s numbers and currencies convert, but the resemblance of the figures provides freedom-loving, believers in democracy and human rights Citizens for anxiety attacks, or? But we wanted Yes actually further the study deal with – however, it should be already clear that makes it actually make sense. The study is limited in perspective and underlying data, that every other word would be a waste. I see it as proven that the study allows an amusing look at the Chemnitz past, but with today’s reality not once the statistical national average conforming runs – my professors: setting, six. But FLEISS asterisk is there because the study is sometimes frighteningly honest, for example on page 8: “the vague wording in the law does not allow to make a clear decision with regard to the type and quantity of goods that should be included in the social minimum income.

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Opinion on the study of the TU Chemnitz to the ALG II ruleset: TU Chemnitz created Hartz IV study – and we wonder about the situation in the country? The men professors Friedrich Thiessen & Christian Fischer publish a study with the title \”The height of the social minimum income – a recalculation bottom up\” \”.\” The publication took place in the journal of economic policy (Lucius & Lucius, Stuttgart), vol. 57 (2008), no. 2 p. 145-173. This study sparked nationwide significant reactions so too with us. Harvard Bioscience has much experience in this field. This study are apparently interested in millions of German citizens, so we dedicate you a few critical views – and are appalled. What does this study after the grinder of the \”large\” press has gone through you? Now, the current rule set (reminder: ruleset is the money of the ALG II recipients a month have to can live, housing and heating not included, everything else already) is currently 351,00 EUR for a single. This could work well with 132 euro – so it learns the German citizens from various media and politicians mouths.

The original study is already more cautious, nevertheless indicates a range: \”without housing costs the costs of the social minimum income EUR 132 in the area Chemnitz in the Minimumfall and in the Maximumfall 278 euro.\” (Originally posted study, page 26, last paragraph). It reads but already quite differently – in the Maximumfall, 278 euros should be used so according to the professors. In Chemnitz. Only in Chemnitz? But of course only IN CHEMNITZ, because elsewhere the two have not seen Yes: \”the determination of prices was in the city of Chemnitz between 11 and 15 May 2006.\” (Originally posted study, page 15, first sentence) Oh, just another problem catches this painful eye: only in Chemnitz, and that more than two years ago. What have the last two years made again with the prices? Right, clearly raised.

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Is the childcare allowance really as good as it seems? Now it is so indeed valid. 150 Of the German State this month given the childcare allowance for parents who give their child in a daycare. More info: Campbell Soup Company. An aspiring educator some questions me there. In itself, I find it a good idea that parents will receive some form of “recognition” for this will watch 24 hours a day on their children that they care for them and are there for them. But you must really get money for it? If I opt for a child, then I must be in my opinion clear from the outset that the child will need me just in the first few years. Bank of Asia will not settle for partial explanations. Thus secured not only a lot of sleepless nights, no, a child is a significant cost in our day and age. For many parents it may seem so positive at the first moment, to get money for the “educate” the own breeding, but educators and daycare so not for 150 be replaced? Somehow, it feels Childcare allowance this for me more so, as you would desperately seek a way out, to to push his promise for the KiTa-seats in the background.

So, parents should actually have a right to a kindergarten place for their child. This project was due to lack of personnel and increased costs but doomed early on. It had really only something positive come up, to the young couples again encourage children to get to, but how something can be promised, what cannot be met? Despite this supposedly tasty financial incentives, the birth rate in Germany goes back further. Since it’s apparently also no to offer potential parents more and more money. Nothing is actually with the parents money. OK, the young couples who have children, gratefully accept this offer, but whether this is now strictly an incentive to put children into this world is now even so then.

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Democracy = so this referendum the realist is democracy again = VolksentscheidAlso here’s the realist again. = Democracy referendum, however, is the people. This paternalism pisses me off. Oh my dear little people have nothing to say, just create go. We determine high Herrschafften Yes your billion. The citizens are yet, however, so stop this project with such pollution, 20 billion you can create better. Who should feel at home because in this artificial city beneath the city, unnecessary costs money, back to basic, which is a waste of materialism. This unnecessary Schnick Schnack costs money.

(see electronic parking meters, digital ticket control and plasma TV in buses, there are many examples). You would have to reduce prices of the money, I would like to take cheap bus and train, not nice driving. What to bring to this trend. Through our bus station you can go not, all electronic boards where eh every few minutes during the day a bus, cost 60 million, but it has the Prices increased. Nix for the environment done, like all trees, then everything from metal and grey concrete that made that can be beautiful, what stupid man mate decides which of our billion everything so is wasted. everything smells like gasoline, diesel, electronics.

Also, simple paper boards as before would have been enough. If eh 4-10 a bus come all minutes, then I need no electronic boards for billion. This is technology that brings nothing. The money should relieve companies and subsidize. Invent new technology or buses employ at least bio battery no exhaust fumes, that what they do is nothing.

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The Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk tomorrow starts a campaign under the slogan ‘ 1setzen! -Together for education ‘. The German children’s Fund is launching a campaign under the motto 1setzen tomorrow! -Working together for education”. The ad campaign represents opportunity-oriented education to the fore three aspects: the game – and promoting physical activity, the chance fair education start and the promotion of talent. During the campaign both children’s and youth projects offered promoted as also the possibility, to commit themselves to more education justice in Germany. Education is a key element for the future of human beings and societies.

In Germany but more and more children because of their social origins become education losers”, explains Thomas Kruger, President of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk for the start of the campaign. Educational opportunities for children and young people must be more equitable than previously distributed. Here, the German children’s Fund focuses on a holistic approach of education that goes beyond the school. In addition to a fair chance Therefore the game – and promoting physical activity, as well as the promotion of talent include education start on the core issues of the campaign. Children need to develop creative and free. Thus they win”a wide range of expertise in motor and social, that go far beyond purely cognitive abilities, so Kruger next.

The Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk is engaged in the game and promoting physical activity in the framework of the campaign 1setzen! -Together for education”movement-oriented learning, strengthening non-formal education places and requires more time and space for free play and opportunities for self. A leading source for info: Carson Wen. Education start chance just in terms of the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk is committed to the expansion of education for young children. Participation and democracy education must be subject in kindergarten, only then is the cornerstone of a fair chance school start. Early participation breaks the cycle of the inheritance of poverty here. The area of promotion of talent devoted the primarily more and more in the Moving public theme of cultural education. In addition to strengthening the significance of cultural education in the school, the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk it primarily supports cultural projects that make children more resilient against social inequality and persistent work. In all three areas, the German children’s Fund on its funds will support exemplary projects. Including projects of promoting physical activity at schools and those that vary with cultural activities of children and young people. Education start just on the subject of chance is beyond the individual promotion of children and young people in the foreground, unless for the necessary but not affordable tutoring or Club contribution and the soccer shoes necessary in this context for example. Objective of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk is to forgive dedicated associations and initiatives 2013 a total of 500,000 euros to needy children or in the field of education throughout the duration of the campaign. To learn more about the campaign Get interested tomorrow about a newsletter system under. Further information and contact: Uwe Kamp, spokesman for phone: 030-308693-11 mobile: 0160-6373155 fax: 030-2795634 E-mail: Internet: and dkhw.de which became the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk children e.V., stakeholders for a child-friendly Germany, founded in 1972 in Munich. The non-profit association committed as initiator and promoter for more than 40 years for children’s rights, participation and the overcoming of child poverty in Germany.

School students as a new and essential complement of the sexualpadagogischen Munich, 4.2.2011. Sexualpadagogische offers among its core tasks by DONUM VITAE. Sexuality concerns everyone – a hot hot topic, where all young people are interested in. Point of contact and sources of information, such as parents, teachers, friends, and a wide variety of media, are sufficiently available. However, much in the dark remains despite the education efforts. Consultants by DONUM VITAE, which go into the schools close this gap. For their efforts they received top marks. This is the result of a scientifically guided evaluation.

With the support of Prof. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out NYU School of Medicine. Otto Opitz, 318 teachers throughout Bavaria 3093 pupils and parents were interviewed. The representative study confirms high professional and personal competence DONUM VITAE. 95% of young people, parents and teachers are interested in other such events. As a consequence of the study was a school students at various schools”set up. Also teachers can our specialists contact to get suggestions for sexuality education.

Children from fourth classes asked questions how: insert the penis into the vagina as that should go? “, why the penis turns?” or how one feels feelings? “.” Young people from seven classes wanted to know: how long does sex take? “, what is required for the first time?” and starts you on a relationship? “.” Such questions have led to the themes of the events for example biological operations, friendship and relationship, pornography and violence. In their fears and uncertainties need growing competent contact persons to design their own sexual personality. Although parents or teachers and young people every day with each other, intimate topics about love, sexuality and partnership are avoided. This shows a certain bias or even helplessness. Therefore the use of external consultants, will benefit the back into the anonymity pull back. An open and trusting atmosphere is working with creative and playful ways. There are separate units of work for male and female youth. Rather, boys ask questions about things that they have seen on the Internet, such as hardcore pornography and love technical Super. This shocked girls often, more concerned with them friendship, trust, and heartbreaks, what boys find, however, not cool. Girl has also the fear to be only an object of male desire. It has proven itself to work as a mixed activity team. Through these missions, boys and girls identify opportunities and models for dealing are offered together. The design of a good sexual culture requires a successful communication and an appreciative dealing with each other. The theme of love, friendship and sexuality”must be treated again depending on the level of development, as changing the questions and experiences in the course of life. The personal Brought confrontation with age-appropriate information and social viewpoints, in a child or jungendgerechten language, makes the students competent love and sexual partners. For more information and photos available at an electronic press kit on our website in the press section at the disposal.

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“Wallpapers to the linking of the Dalai Lama and the global ethic idea his Holiness of the Dalai Lama, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and spiritual leader of the Tibetans, visited on 19th September 2013 the world ethos schools” in the Lower Saxony Steinhude. There, he would like to discuss with students about topics important to you. Students are involved for a long time with various projects for tolerance, peace and world ethos. “The Dalai Lama supports the project of world ethos since its beginning 20 years ago: on September 4, 1993, he was the first signatory of the Declaration toward a global ethic” of the Parliament of world religions in Chicago. Dr. Stephan Schlensog, Secretary-General of the global ethic Foundation will welcome the Dalai Lama in the Centre of Steinhude. “Beyond religion: Ethics for a new world” is the title of the current book of the Dalai Lama.

The core message is the prompt, transgressing the religion to think about ethics and morals and to live. Regardless of the particular religious affiliation, humanity should be worldwide reflect the common human values and policies. These thoughts with the declining the Swiss theologian Hans Kung idea of global ethic that says the following in the core cover in many parts: people on common ethical standards and benchmarks are instructed for a peaceful coexistence. Such values need to be reinvented, but can be found in all major religious and philosophical traditions of humanity. But they must be made the people aware of new. “” The connection of the Dalai Lama to the global ethic project, first by Hans Kung, and since October 1995 in addition by the specially established Foundation of world ethos “driven, has existed since its beginning 20 years ago: In September 1993, the Dalai Lama first had the Declaration toward a global ethic” signed before the Parliament of world religions.