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So kiddies are very suitable game associated with modeling, art therapy. The baby may be bouts of aggression directed toward mothers. At this point, the kid is driven by two forces: the desire to grow, it is torn from his mother, and the power cord, which pulls, which naturally causes resistance. Boy suit different Games for unwinding glomeruli, tug of war, modeling dough. Very effective tear-off application, for which the construction paper you just need to break into small pieces, and then pasting them on cardboard in the correct order. This and development of fine motor skills, and a splash of aggression, and creation time. In conclusion I would like to note that pregnant women often are targeted to a specific scenario in childbirth. When their expectations are not met, For example, the doctors insist on caesarean section, a woman falls into a state of shock, panic and lose confidence in the very process of birth.

If something goes wrong, as my mother was planning, they tend to blame themselves and feel guilty always generates a negative attitude to the unconscious, before whom a person feels guilty. There are versions that the soul itself chooses his parents, place and manner of birth. A childbirth – is a certain experience, and difficulties are needed. Every child is born as he wants. Modern research has established that the prenatal child indifferent to the hour of their birth and development of labor, ultimately, depends on it. When the mother has already developed all the conditions for a successful course of childbirth, the fetus is an active end maturation of the lung tissue. The decisive factor for the development of labor are chemical and electromagnetic pulses emanating from the fetus.

During childbirth is active not only my mother but the fruit itself, which during each bout, and then attempts to vigorously pushed toward the exit, making the limbs polzatelnye motion and vburavlivayas “head in the birth canal. Fetus depends on the efforts of the rate of birth: children who are making subtle efforts to get out into the world, are born longer than those that show significant activity. It is therefore very important to trust nature, doctors and my future baby.