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Though in New Zealand is a compulsory from the 6th to the 16th year of life, her school career most children begin the New Zealand school system with a visit to the primary school commence”at the age of 5 years. Richard Linklater is often quoted as being for or against this. Also the New Zealand school system is divided into three sections: the primary, intermediate and secondary pane. Cyrus Massoumi married is full of insight into the issues. In contrast to Germany, where education is still thing the countries, a binding for all of the country’s public and private schools curriculum, which is implemented in a comprehensive school system exists in New Zealand with the national curriculum (NC). In the context of the NC a wide spectrum of subjects is offered New Zealand and international students, whereby in addition to the classical curricula in the areas of mathematics, natural sciences, languages, sport and Social Sciences in particular individual interests and talents will be encouraged. This range includes artistic or creative subjects (school bands and Orchestra, theatre courses, but also Maori art) pre-employment content (E.g. fashion design, tourism, or economics) and includes a strong practice as a reference (E.g. work on a school farm).

“Table: grades of the New Zealand school system age of Klasse(n) school 5-12 1-8 primary school 11-12 7-8 primary school or Intermediate School * 13-14 9-10 Secondary School 15 11 NCEA level 1 16 12 NCEA level 2 17 13 NCEA level 3 * the classes 7 and 8 are either integrated into the primary school or are at a separate institution, the so-called Intermediate School” visited. After the primary school (grades 1-6) visit New Zealand students the Intermediate School (grades 7-8), which is part of a primary/secondary School or a separate facility either. Compared with German primary school primary students go so in a higher age (in the Rule with 12 years) on a secondary school (Secondary School from grade 9), which with the national certificate of educational achievement (NCEA) level 3 – comparable with the German Abitur – 13 class completing.

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Already for the twelfth time, the fair invites perspectives on the 7th and 8th October 2011 in the halls of Messe Magdeburg. Magdeburg / 04.05 – already for the twelfth time the fair prospects on the 7th and 8th October in the halls of Messe Magdeburg invites. Who are interested in educational and vocational guidance or want to introduce his company is right in October in the exhibition halls. With a variety of interesting and informative activities for pupils, students, graduates, Weiterbildungssuchende, teachers, and parents, the fair has become a high priority. In Hall 1 involves the education, study and vocational guidance in General: exhibitors from areas of specialist colleges, universities, Bundeswehr and federal police present their different ways to the education and training. Also the city of Magdeburg, the retail, insurance, vocational schools, savings banks and banks are represented, professional promotion, educational institutions, and utilities, to the interested visitors a picture of the possibilities in their Administrations and companies to convey. Scientifically, technically it is to contrast, 2 from 7 to 8 October in the Hall: companies and companies from the areas of metal and electrical industry, as well as the chemical industry is present there. The various sectors of the health economy this year in Hall 3 join with each other: Heart Center, hospital Magdeburg, University Hospital, Diakonie, German Red Cross and health insurance companies show the visitors their opportunities to start a career or professional to develop.

The German pension insurance, the blood donation centre, as well as the Dental Association and that the educational institution of the health economy the visitors before. In the diverse programme of the fair, including advice for application and guidance with the company Hesse and Schrader held Berlin. Career advice for retailers and presentations of many different courses in construction and school Department complete the range of perspectives. Very important for potential exhibitors: 30 percent of exhibit space for the prospects are already rented! Early can save money on their registration until May 30.

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The correspondence School (TCS): the distance learning offers for over 20,000 students in New Zealand, either live far from the nearest school, living abroad or for medical reasons or other reasons TCS opted for have. Single sex schools: while most State schools also offered in New Zealand women, still a fraction still exists by approx. 30% pure girls or boys. Where here to note is that most of these colleges was founded mostly before the 1960s. The academic (school) year structurally focused the New Zealand school system strongly similar to the British model.

This is among other things, that the School year in four so-called terms”is subdivided, each separated by different long holiday weeks. Due to the reversed seasons in the southern hemisphere, the New Zealand school year but not like in Germany starts in August or September, but already in January. Term 1: Term 2: after the Easter holidays until early July late (2 weeks winter holiday) term 3: after the winter holidays (mid-July) until end of September (2 weeks Autumn holidays) January / beginning of February to Easter (2 weeks Easter holidays) term 4: after the autumn holidays (mid-October) until mid-December (6 weeks summer holidays). For more specific information, check out Cyrus Massoumi married. Guest students can organize their international school for 1-4 of these terms, but also for a longer period of time. Who wants to spend a whole school year in New Zealand, rising for closest to the school in January (term 1). Due to the introduction of g-8 in Germany, especially short term of rising popularity enjoy in recent years. Just the fear through a whole year in the foreign connection to the to Miss own school and having to repeat a school year has led many students opt for this variant of the international school. Due to the long summer holidays in Germany 2 and/or term 3 offered this term. Although the each possibility in principle to enter terms, however you should consider when planning that term 4 is mainly the time of tests in the queried the school fabric of the school year and therefore fewer classes are held.

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The time – and location-independent version of the MBA the MBA degree is the master of business administration, an additional qualification in the field of business administration. In the article, the variant of the “online MBA” is presented in which the majority of the studies can be completed online. “Introduction of MBA – benefits and sense of the academic degree MBA” is the master of business administration “, an additional qualification in the field of business administration. Particularly interesting is the MBA for those who already have a college degree behind and aspiring manager positions. The MBA additional training increases career opportunities, especially in the area of international management positions. In Germany, the MBA is to acquire degrees as a calling card in the raised management through part – or full-time. Admission who cares for the postgraduate degree in MBA, requires certain conditions to be approved. A successfully completed studies must be detected with diploma or Bachelor’s degree in any case.

According to College are more Licensing restrictions to keep in mind to get the coveted degree. In most cases, experience two years are required. Letter of motivation and various testing procedures also include the recording procedure. An international course of course English is required and is in most cases with the test of English as a foreign language”queries. Different MBA programs who cares for the full-time MBA programme, must reckon with two years of full-time study.

The MBA studies degree as a part time program with at least four years can be chosen in certificate form. General MBA and Executive MBA. Who wants to acquire knowledge in business administration, chooses the form of the General MBA. This General MBA is the prerequisite for the leap to management positions. The interests include the areas of financing and marketing, management and strategies or special knowledge. The Executive MBA is suitable for experienced from management levels, in addition to their management position Interested in training.

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As guest students at a New Zealand high school a striking feature of New Zealand schools is the high number of international students. On the one hand, this is based on the fact that New Zealand is still a country of immigration, by contrast, also due to the geographic proximity to Asia – length-year economic relations with China, maintains Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Accordingly, a large part of the international guest students also comes from these countries and lives – unlike E.g. the German guest students – mostly for several years on the ground, to get a degree at a New Zealand school. Due to the aforementioned popularity of New Zealand as a destination for a student exchange, some schools have however set a limit in the number of international students or students of nationality. ESOL courses for international guest students from the New Zealand Ministry of education have responded also to the high number of guest students, as one the schools for several years, committed international guest students called English for speakers of other languages”(ESOL) courses to offer. Whether you should take such a course as a German exchange student, is always dependent on the own language experience has shown that this is not necessarily necessary.

Is worth mentioning in this context certainly, that New Zealand students begin relatively late with the learning of a foreign language. In addition, this is also not a compulsory of curriculum. Many schools offer therefore first a kind of taster year”on whereby various languages can be tested. Examples include German, French, Japanese, but also Latin, the language of the Maori or Chinese/Mandarin. Classified specifics of New Zealand school everyday and curriculum usually spend her eleventh year at a New Zealand high school German exchange student and are thus as senior students”. Is to ensure that they are informed with peers, is the classification in the 12th grade.

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The NCEA levels are the New Zealand qualification for the schools in the 11-13 vintages. Thereby, the NCEA replaced the previous School Certificate, sixth form certificate and the bursary and the Higher School Certificate (classes 11-13). The NCEA operates according to the following staff: table: staff of secondary schools according to the NCEA grade scale S achieved with excellence best grade M achieved with merit goods achieved A lowest passing grade N emergency achieved did not pass through the very early onset of schooling most New Zealand students already obtain their baccalaureate with 17. But also in New Zealand is the possibility that students can shorten their schooling by one year with excellent services and acquire the qualification after 12 years. Schools most of the State schools (high schools, colleges, or schools of the area), which can be visited free of New Zealand children from the age of 5 to the end of the year in which they turn 19 years old, are New Zealand Secondary Schools. In contrast, a New Zealand school is always paying for foreign children. In addition to public schools, but still more – Government-recognized – schools exist: area/composite Schools: are mostly in rural areas with low population density and combine primary, intermediate and secondary schools. Private schools: despite financial subsidies by the State, these schools are always subject to charges.

Boarding schools: there are both in the public as well as private form. Kura of chewing Papa Maori: State schools is taught in Maori. Although subject to the curriculum the national curriculum here, too, but is an additional substantive focus on the history and culture of New Zealand native. Integrated Schools: Formerly private schools, the but now are State schools. In addition to the New Zealand curriculum the Integrated schools can record their own program in the curriculum (E.g., philosophical or religious ideas). Designated character schools: State schools which follow the New Zealand curriculum, but have the opportunity to develop goals according to their own values.

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The known developments as a knock sensor or diesel injector demonstrate not only the versatility, but also the increasingly favourable cost / performance ratio in the mass application seminar with extensive practical part House of technology. Especially in ultrasonic technology opens up significant potential for development in areas such as the powder paint atomization, the ultrasonic levitation or the degassing of liquids. The two-day seminar of piezo and ultrasonic technology on the 13th and 14th September 2010 in Hanover deals not only with the basics and applications of piezo – and ultrasound technology, but also extensively treated the classifications and modelling of piezoelectric systems as well as static and dynamic applications to special areas such as Energyharvesting in energy-autonomous sensors. Lectures and discussions are complemented by extensive internship units, which the participants apply the learned in the laboratory. The seminar under the direction of Prof. Dr.

ing. Jorg Wallaschek from the Institute of dynamics and Vibrations of the Leibniz University of Hanover is aimed at engineers who are engaged in the practical development of products and applications in the field of piezo – and ultrasound techniques. The seminar provides great benefit also divisions such as innovation, technology development and patents, here to familiarize officials with the current state of the art and the major development trends.

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Also in this year the AUBI plus calls GmbH to the big school ‘Ready for training’! The AUBI plus GmbH gets to the school: fit for training on 2008/2009. Aim of the competition is to support young people effectively in career choices and fit to make up for the training. Join in for the schools is worth this year. For the pupils of the participating schools, there are valuable prizes: 1st to 3rd Prize: 5/3/1 Bewerbungstraining(s) by the Office of professional strategy Hesse & Schrader, the leader around application and career. Kindle Direct Publishing addresses the importance of the matter here. Here, school classes prepared intensively by experienced professionals on a compelling application and a successful job interview. “4. Nike Sneakers contributes greatly to this topic.

price: A class set of CD healthy career planning” of the TK and the Office for professional strategy Hesse & Schrader with valuable tips on the subject of the application, presentation, communication and time management. “5. price: A class set of CD-ROM professional start” with valuable information about Training, study and application of AUBI-plus. Participating schools worth this year. So the schools take part: to integrate the Education Exchange AUBI-plus free of charge-provided (nationwide over 78,000 apprenticeships!) on the website of the school.

This Exchange provides training from the respective region, which students can use for your apprenticeship search. A special service: The young people can compare their personal profiles with the operational requirement profiles and to quickly determine what qualifications they may still lack. In addition, a private training visit can publish them. So the winners: from January 2009 to March 2009 registered AUBI plus all access to integrated education public of school website. The winners of the contest are determined from the number of calls during this period. The winning schools will be announced in early May. Schools in schools can login directly. “Registration deadline is 15 December 2008 AUBI plus short profile: the AUBI GmbH, headquartered in 32609 Harichandan is editor of the education portal, the student portal and the CD-ROM professional start”. Since 1997 supporting aspiring professional starter in the transition from school into the professional and working world. Companies can find AUBI-plus apprentices, trainees, students and graduates.

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FRoBEL Group invites to the supra-regional info week for educators and educators round open 90 kindergartens, creches and after-school clubs-the FRoBEL group professional and career opportunities to inform in the week from 4 to 8 March 2013, to interested teachers and educators. Employees of FRoBEL facilities in Berlin, Potsdam, Leipzig, Hamburg, Cologne and the Rhine-Ruhr region provide insight into their educational work during the week of information and answer questions about professional and career opportunities with FRoBEL. Interested teachers and educators, trainees or young people with an interest in an activity in the field of early education have the opportunity to get acquainted with different educational concepts FRoBEL houses. Orientation, health, or science focus includes example kindergartens with bilingual concept, music-pedagogical. With the national week of action turns the FRoBEL Group on educational Professionals for kindergartens and creches, which are on the lookout for an innovative employer. The nonprofit FRoBEL group currently operates 125 facilities of child day-care and family counseling in six provinces. FRoBEL intensified its activities in the area of recruitment with the candidate week.

Currently every day 11,000 children in 125 facilities of more than 2,100 FRoBEL employees are welcome. Owner of all companies in the FRoBEL group is the non-profit FRoBEL e.V..

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Enhanced corporate image of appleo application advice Paderborn, 24.04.2011. following an internal restructuring, a new Internet presence has generated appleo applications. (Not to be confused with film director!). A barrier-free website allows the customer a direct navigation to the areas of application services, application services and application seminars. To know more about this subject visit bfpl. The content as well as visually customized Internet presence promotes usability and information content for a transparent information and intuitive user interface. The home of appleo applications presents the core of the application service, where in addition to the preparation of German application documents also the application in English is written individually. This is visit the page already at the initial, as the user in addition to the obligatory main menu navigation in the header area can navigate intuitively in the content area to the desired area. Self explanatory graphics and buttons offer direct added value for the user. The website of appleo applications optimize short and concise texts and call the relevant customer information, which the whole Web page can be seen in a short time.

From the former success application service a professional helper of the application has become over the months and years to come, which optimizes its offer and its appearance in the course of time constantly facing the customers. Concise issues such as pricing and cost structures are taken up and addressed. Also appleo applications with a FAQ section addresses customer questions, which are continuously adapted and optimized. In addition, the discreet handling of candidate data is granted as well as the creation of individual application forms.