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Fans Many manufacturers offer single or double fans and if you want low-profile unit, twin fans. Supply fan – this is a rotor, located outside the premises, which pushes air into the inlet of the device. This allows you to direct air flow in the desired direction. But in this case there is one drawback, you have to use the single-fan, the possibilities is limited. Also, there is one drawback – the loss of power, but nevertheless, thanks to the convenience and space saving benefits can be greater than the disadvantages. One-and dvuhstenochnye design air device can be either single-wall and dvustenochnye.

Single-wall unit is lighter in weight and cheaper dvustenochnye devices have a more robust protective insulation. The inner layer of the metal enclosure often has perforations (holes) to reduce noise. Dvustenochnye devices are more powerful and durable, but they are heavier and more expensive. Modular and all-metal design There are two basic designs rooftops: frame-and-metal panel. Modular construction has an internal metal frame and exterior sheet metal, attached to the frame and form a corpus. This design is durable, but requires great cost and effort to manufacture and therefore not popular with manufacturers. In panel devices, pre-fabricated exterior panels are fastened together with bolts at the edges, forming a cabinet. These devices are already used long ago.

Many manufacturers prefer this design because of the convenience and ease of assembly. But nonetheless, even though a panel design is more simple, Frame-panel design is less prone to damage and corrosion, and therefore last longer. Seals doors, ramps device, gutters and drainage trays order to prolong the life of device you have to prevent the water inside it. To this end, we recommend that you use reliable, and good insulating flap door for access to the device, the upper portion of the device must have a slope drain gutter above the door and drain pan made of stainless steel. Free space for the pipes in the room to install the device must provide space for the pipes leading from the bottom of the device. This will reduce the possibility of leaking rooftops and avoid costly repairs to the roof. The availability of free space necessary for the control and regulating devices, and pneumatic pipelines, so as not to expose them to sunlight, which prolongs the life of these devices.

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Supporters of the chain or rope ascent saw assembly being persuaded that a weak point screw lift is a bronze nut, which over time can also wear. But in the process of choosing between the replacement of obsolete gear motor or a replacement bronze nuts economically more appropriate to replace the nut, rather than expensive, in most of the imported motor-reducer, which is more expensive than 10 times. 4. Pulleys, which moves the saw tape: There should be no less than 500mm diameter, all-metal, barrel-shaped without spokes as the spokes on the cast-iron pulleys in the process occur cracks that lead to its destruction. FireEye understands that this is vital information. To facilitate weight pulley allowed round holes located along the perimeter of 4 to 6 pieces up to 100 mm. Rubber (futurirovannye) pulleys shall have the following disadvantages, which reduce to zero all the advantages associated with soft rubber speed saw blade: buildup of sawdust on the rubberized surface, and as a consequence of the appearance of cones from a mixture of sawdust with resin; Impossibility of scrapers that clean the saw pulleys, as together with sawdust wears the rubber layer can not be application of cutting fluids based on diesel and kerosene, as they corrode the rubber coating. Have the summer to apply water with detergent, which adds moisture timber, and in winter use antifreeze or non-freezing liquid for washing the windshield of cars, which is certainly expensive. Finally, even under ideal conditions of the rubber coating is sufficient only for a few months, and then follows his replacement. .