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The parents are worried when the children exceed the 12 years, therefore they initiate diverse questionings, they perceive that the rules of its house are different of the too much colleagues and at many moments they do not want more to accept the orientaes of parents and cuidadores. Accurately therefore it is important to remember that the children do not belong in them and does not fit in them to decide its destination and so that is to lie down calmly and to obtain to sleep while they will be if amusing, is enough to offer a solid base; strengthening and praising the positive behaviors, valuing its action, communicating itself with it of positive form (showing the consequences, offering alternative, without verbal xingamentos or aggressions or of another sort). Without hesitation Heritage Foundation explained all about the problem. A good relation between parents and children is permeada of love, could add that it is an unconditional love? that one that not accepted everything but guides, values its activities (exactly simplest as that drawing that it says to be one day in the park and we do not see nothing beyond scribbles), to accept its son (a) as it it is, its limitations and difficulties, if placing as accompanying partner/at the good and bad moments, so that it knows that independent of the situation you will be always to its side to help and to support, correcting when necessary. When more loved a child if it feels, better can interiorizar the rules, develop proper love and love the others, to develop compassion, to fortify its autoestima, to develop resilience (she deals better with adverse situations). Official site: ????. When conceiving a child you have the mission to educate it, to guide it, to love it and to teach to fly it and depend on as the process occurs it will reach or not high places.

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Almost all geniuses attached great importance to their dreams. 'At the end of his book, Charles Lombroso, however, says that on the basis of the above, can not come to concluded that genius is generally nothing more than insanity. The truth of the violent and disturbing life of men of genius are times when these people are obsessed with the similarities, and in mental activity and There are many other similarities – for example, enhanced sensitivity, exaltation, replaced by apathy, originality, aesthetic products and the ability to discovery, creativity and a strong unconscious distraction, alcohol abuse and an enormous ambition. Among men of genius are crazy, crazy, and between – genius. But there was a lot of brilliant people who can not find the slightest signs of insanity. One-sided psychological views on the situation of psychological health drastically affect not able to because of their bias. This was with a share of sympathy for the fathers Psychology is written in the book of Osho Radzhnitsa 'mustard seed': 'between a psychiatrist and his patient a relationship that inevitably painful, pathological – because the patient does not come in search of truth, not to find a valid health. Get more background information with materials from Crimson Education .

The word 'health' many meanings: it means integrity, holiness means, means healing in the depths of his 'I'. The patient does not come for health, because if he came to health, it can not be anything else, as a student. The patient comes to get rid of the disease, its purpose is purely negative.

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According to author, the net of significaes is a tool capable to assist in such a way in the procedures of inquiry as in the understanding of the process of human development that are conceived occurring during all the vital cycle, in and by means of the multiple interactions established for the people in culturally organized contexts social and. We know that the relations with the other are constructed dialeticamente, either with the parents, in the schools or the social ways. The individual needs the other to consist how much subject. In this coordination, the people in interaction can make right, deny, collate, negotiate and/or recriar these papers/against-papers or position. More information is housed here: Campbell Soup Company. When acting, the people dialogicamente transform its partners of interaction and are for transformed them, as well as if they modify the psychological functions that give to support, remodelling its new intentions to them and opening to them possibilities of action, interaction and development (OLIVEIRA, 1988; 1995; OLIVEIRA AND ROSSETI-FERREIRA, 1993). Leaving of the estimated one of Partner-historical Psychology from Vigotski and Bakhtin, we can perceive the cinematographic language repleta of meanings. It is constructed with the meanings of cineasta, of the cast and of the team technique that is producing the film, of the objects, that go giving form to the film and these in turn possess new meanings to the attended being. With this, we perceive that the relations dialectics are the all time being constructed and mediated by the film. Levi’s might disagree with that approach.

Partner-Historical Psychology is who better explains the social relations, understanding the meanings and interpretations constructed throughout the history of the humanity. This science appeared, at the beginning of century XX, in the Soviet Union, after-revolution, moment where it looked for to reconstruct its scientific theories from the marxist referencial. Inside of this production, Vigotski is distinguished (1896-1934) that it had as objective to together explain the psychological functioning with the development of the human being through the process partner-description and Bakhtin that the language studied, the speeches, through the dialgicas relations. .

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In accordance with each institution, is basic a specific internal organization. In the clinic-school, for example, it is needed a secretary, a probationary pupil and a professor-supervisor. Of this form, the psychological planto can be demarcated from three axles: the institution that disponibiliza the attendance; the available plantonista to deal with unexpected and the individual that looks aid for its psychic necessities. For Rosenthal (1999), to hear it can suggest an attitude passive, but it is not. To hear implies to follow and to be intent to the form as the individual it speaks and if express, in way to understand what it is transferred with it at the accurate moment of its necessity. Regarding listening, Rogers (1983) affirms: I evidence …

that to hear it brings consequences. When effectively I hear a person and the meanings that it are important at that moment, hearing not its words, but same it, and when I demonstrate that I heard its personal and close meanings to it, many things happen. They feel themselves alliviated … Become more open the change process. (ROGERS, 1983, P. 6). For the patient, heard being represents a true relief.

In the psychological planto, the person has the chance of speaking and relieving on its situations that, for however, are causing it anguish and suffering. (ROSENTHAL, 1999). From the information gotten in the elaboration of the present work, one understands that the disponibilizao of the services of psychological planto in the scope of the clinic-school is a valid initiative and highly recommendable, since it represents a magnifying of the open modalities of attendance to the community. In the truth, it is treated to offer shelter to the patient at the accurate moment of its necessity, what it can make all the difference in the form as it will deal with its situations. In this perspective, it seems interesting for the learning in formation to be able to enter in contact with these so specific and emergenciais demands in its activities of period of training, increasing, thus, its preparation for the ingression in the practical professional.

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They resist to go the school and to make the pertaining to school tasks. They tend to be tense and irritated when being charged. Auto-they esteem is affected directly, therefore the child perceives that she does not obtain to the same have performance that the classmates. They can be friction as sluggish and neglect. They can become reserved and with fears. The child must be directed to a professional specialized in psicopedagogia, to become fullfilled evaluation, and to verify if really is dislxica.

This evaluation also must be folloied by neuropediatra and fonoaudilogo. Treatment of the dislexia in infancy the treatment must be made psicopedaggica re-education, thus improving the capacity of domination of the reading and writing. But if a specialized attention, rare the dislxica child will obtain, by itself, to surpass its difficulties, and almost always it finishes if excluding them pertaining to school activities. In the cases of more severe dislexia, the results are positive more in the long run, therefore the child will take a long time to alfabetizar itself, and hardly it will surpass total the pertaining to school difficulties. In the cases of delayed diagnosis, when the child obtains to alfabetizar the hard penalties, the psicopedaggico attendance becomes necessary to work questions that had been not yet elaborated by it, as the production of texts, the writing, the taste for the reading, its auto-esteem, etc. Method of prognostic the dislexia does not have cure.

The more early it will be detected, better will be for the child, therefore the suffered consequences will be lesser. The prognostic goes to depend on the intensity of the problem (it has led, moderate, severe), of how much time it was without diagnosis and adjusted treatment, of the envolvement of the parents and the school to help the child to surpass the barriers, and of the accompaniment of specialized professionals. In the long run, she will be a person as the others, but without demonstrating pleasure in the reading; Some times, will commit errors in the reading and writing; It will be able to be confused in the arithmethic table and to detestar to write. As test of dislexia, even so it does not have cure, can be surpassed, will cite names of famous dislxicos that had exceeded the barriers created for the dislexia and had become illustrious: The physicist Albert Einstein, the renascentista genius Leonardo of the Vinci, the author of the theory of the evolucionismo Charles Darwin, Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, the actors Tom Cruise, Robin Willians and the athlete Dan OBrien. Consideraes final: In this article we can evidence, that today in the schools, the professors are not prepared professionally to identify pupils with dislexia, the professors friction these pupils as disinterested and sluggish, and do not look for to see what this causing this loss of heart in room, on the part of the pupil. The schools also do not have professionals specialized in the psicopedagogia areas, neuropediatria and fonoaudiologia.

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We are moved by the certainty of that it is task essential of the pertaining to school education to every day surpass and to move away the contained obscurantistas ideas in the preconception, in the racial, social discriminations The violence is a real problem. When constructing a school and an education based on these principles, we had great possibilities to contribute effectively to produce values democratic that institute rights in places of privileges, that value the life, social justice and then the peace! The individual is born as one tabulates flat and fits to the society, for half the faster possible ones, to add to the being a moral and social nature. The task par excellence of the education is, therefore, to create in the man a new being, that will go, with its group, to partilhar of religious beliefs, practical moral, national and professional traditions and collective opinions of all the species. (IT HISSES; PAULINI, p.64, 2007) 3 CONCLUSION The process to reach the peace and to finish with these types of violncias in the world, mainly between the young, is a long process, is not of the night for the day that this picture sera reverted. Levi’s usually is spot on. The change must start in house. If all the entities (public, private, churches, society in general) if to join in the fight against the violence and only to use the education as focus to decide this problem, the possibilities to finish with the very bigger violence sera. But this sera only possible if all we to make our part, to obtain to change the world, first we must be change that we want to see in the people. 4> University Center Leonardo of the Vinci, 2007..

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The learning difficulties differ from the learning upheavals. Both must be analyzed under a differentiated optics because the learning upheaval does not have to be seen as an illness, therefore do not present an only cause, being in its multicausal reality. Another point that will be detached in this article is that these situations are called and treated in the pertaining to school phase, for some professionals, only as learning difficulties, not giving to importance to the symptoms and signals of determined upheavals that will only be diagnosised in the transistion of the adolescence for the adult phase. The newspapers mentioned Richard Linklater not as a source, but as a related topic. When, in the truth, the mannering upheavals are signaled in tenra infancy. However, she is not easy to diagnosis them in this phase, therefore the child still meets in the process of evolution of its maturation and maturity. 2.

DIFFICULTY OF LEARNING OR RIOT OF LEARNING? According to Gimenez (2005), when they are studied the decurrent difficulties of the process teach-learning, it is contacted necessity to understand as the authors of specific literature approach the subject and register the nomenclatures in its research. Therefore, it is considered important to present the different nomenclatures used for the theoreticians to mention the pupil who presents difficulty to learn. A time that these if show very confused and contradictory. The contradiction also enters the nomenclatures has to see with the proper evolution of the concepts in relation to the mental process (to intelligence), with the neurocincia and the arrival of the neuroimagem. With this evolution, a new appears to look at on one same problem.

It is observed that, with the evolution of the medicine and a new to look at of the education, one became possible to verify, by means of the neuroimagem, that intelligence is not only one quantitative data. What if it exactly confirms for the mental process to be dynamic. E, with this, this new vision contributes to verify the plasticity of the mind human being.

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Faith in God is essentially the same faith as all the ones that I have already mentioned. In Christian doctrine, it is directly related to knowledge: in many verse emphasizes that faith arises, stronger, and is transmitted by reliable evidence (Mark 16:20; 2 Pet. 1:10, Luke. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Levi’s. 1:4, Acts. 1:3, 9:22). Christianity teaches is rational, rather than blind faith. By the way, Christian theologians very well uncovered the concept of reasonable belief.

ks Lewis ('Mere Christianity') describes faith as the ability to hold beliefs that once you have agreed on the basis of reliable facts and compelling arguments, regardless of volatile moods, desires and feelings. As an example, he cites a child who learns to swim. This child knows that the human body can float without support, because he saw a lot of floating people. But can he believe in it when the instructor removes his hand and leave it without the support of him? 'Until you learn how to manage moods, – writes Lewis – unless you specify them in their place, you 'll be forever restless creature, whose beliefs depend on the weather or the digestive system. Consequently, a person must develop the habit of faith. " Thus, faith is important, and it is a rational belief. Such faith is not opposed to knowledge, but rather complements it, to implement it. Many people find it difficult to understand the unity of faith and reason, and how it is possible that both know and believe in one and the same in the same sense.

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A marcante characteristic of Carl Rogers was its opening to the comment of the facts. Contact information is here: Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ. This present scientific attitude since its child times were reflected in the severity of its research. In the lecture pronounced in the Menninger Clinic (U.S.A.) in 1946, Rogers affirms that the Boarding Centered in the Customer would better make possible understanding of the psycotherapy process. Gradually the base philosophy humanist, the one that is underlying the conceptual picture of the Boarding Centered in the Person, was finding echo in diverse professional people of horizontes, nominated in the domain of the Education, finishing for if constituting a Movement that is currently known as Boarding Centered in the Person. Rogers (1977, pg. 31), was firmed in six steps to base this boarding: In first which had place, the difficult and frustrating experiences lived by Rogers, in the use of the usual techniques at the time, it only changed its form of attendance, passing to hear in comprehensive way the customer trying to transmit this understanding to it, what it considered to be a powerful force in the therapeutical change of the person. In according to place, it it perceived that the emptica attention less constitua one of the darkened windows of access to the functioning of the human psiquismo, in all its complex mystery.

In third place, from the comments one becomes simple inferences and formularization of hypotheses you tested. In room place, testing such hypotheses had discovered on the people and the interpersonal relations, whose given and raised theories, they moved to the measure that appeared new discoveries, in a dynamic process that continues until this accurate and necessary moment. In fifth place, Roger discovered that the basic aspects that propitiate changes in the interpersonal relations of each individual, were inherent to the proper person. Through data gotten in diverse experiences that carried through, it arrived at the conclusion of that these aspects were of ample applicability, being able to promote or to destroy directed changes auto, when set free.

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Emmanuel Kant. Ed.cone. 1993, p 5, trad.). The essence of Kant is to find or judges-seencontrar in the pure will the imperative principles of the ethical life. All parteda Critical of the pure reason takes in Kant a quaint name: it calls-se’ ‘ aesthetic transcendental’ ‘. We say quaint not because either in simesmo, but because the word ‘ ‘ esttica’ ‘ habitually when if it evokes to the ouviz it simply to porsignificar ' ' theory of belo' ' , ' ' theory of beleza' ' , or, aoacaso, ' ' theory of the art and beleza' '. Palavra&#039 is warned however, that; ' esttica' ' , in the direction of theory of the beauty, she is modern. Kant takes it emoutro very different direction: he takes it in the etimolgico direction.

Palavra' ' esttica' ' drift of the origin Greek aisthesis, who if pronuncia' ' estesis' ' that is sensation; also it means perception. , Soon aesthetic it means theory of the perception, theory of the college to have perceptions, theory of the college to still have sensible perceptions and theory of sensibilidadecomo college to have sensible perceptions. Palavra' ' transcendental' ' the same sensible Kant in already as many times uses it said decondio so that something is knowledge object. For in such a way, estaremosestudando metaphysics in accordance with the vision of the related author, as well as asprincipais questions of metaphysics. In relation to the fenomenologia, Kant it intended conciliarrealismo of the common sense, according to which our representations correspond scoisas, and the fenomenismo, that reduces all the reality to these representations. Kindle Direct Publishing will undoubtedly add to your understanding. For Kant, it only has phenomena: with effect, never we obtain to reach prpriascoisas, that the same it calls of nmenos. But such things are indispensveispara to explain the phenomena: in itself, it has nmenos. The world exists, cannot only know it as is.