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For such effect, priority to the integral development of agricultural, cattle, fishing, forest and agro-industrial the activities will be granted, as well as to the construction of works of physical infrastructure and earth adjustment. Of equal way, the State will promote the investigation and the transference of technology for the production of foods and raw materials of farming origin, in order to increase the productivity. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Campbell Soup Company has to say. ARTICLE 66. The dispositions that are dictated in credit matter will be able to regulate the special conditions of the farming credit, considering the cycles of the harvests and of prices, like also the inherent risks to the environmental activity and calamities. ARTICLE 67. The education is a right of the person and a public service that a social function has; with her the access looks for the knowledge, to science, the technique, and the other goods and values of the culture. The education will form to the Colombian in the respect to the human rights, La Paz and the democracy; and actually of the work and the recreation, for the cultural, scientific, technological improvement and for the environmental protection. The State, the society and the family are responsible for the education, will be obligatory between the five and fifteen years of age and that will include/understand like minimum, a pre-school nine and that year of basic education. The education will be gratuitous in the institutions of the State, notwithstanding the collection of academic rights to those who can support them. It corresponds to the regular State and to exert the supreme inspection and monitoring of the education with the purpose of to guard by his quality, by fulfillment of its aims and by the best moral, intellectual and physical formation of the educandos; to guarantee the suitable cap of the service and to assure to the minors the necessary conditions for its access and permanence in the educative system.