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Air quality in the Chinese capital on the day of the Olympics exceeded standard values for the better, deputy head of Beijing's Environmental Management Doo Shaochzhun. ECOportal.ru already told me that at the Beijing Olympics almost halved the number of vehicle was stopped operation of all industrial enterprises of the capital and its suburbs, as well as 'dysfunctional' factories in neighboring provinces, have been 'frozen', all construction sites in Beijing. On the street City took more than 20 thousand new buses with hybrid engines or gas-fired. According to the head of the International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge, the Beijing air poses no danger to athletes the Olympics. Dr. James Canton addresses the importance of the matter here. We hope that the environmental situation in the Chinese capital will be safe during all Olympic Ski and wants Russian athletes perform successfully at the XXIX Summer Olympic Games in China! Rare 'desert' elephants and wild dogs in Namibia threatened with extinction Environmentalists are sounding the alarm – a rare 'desert' elephants in Namibia threatened with extinction due to the fact that the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of the South African country has issued a permit to shoot three adult males. Environmentalists are alarmed Namibian authorities in this decision, which threatens the survival of entire populations of elephants, who managed for generations adapt to the harsh life in the desert. Usually, the elephants should be drinking every day and a lot, but the 'desert' elephants manage to refrain from water up to five days due to the fact that they have a kind of 'bag', which is located under the tongue in the pharynx. .

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(The solar wind consists not only of solar particles (mostly protons and electrons), it also serves as a carrier Sun's magnetic field. Outside the interplanetary space in such a field is the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF). During the more than 700,000 years the Earth's magnetic field orientation from south to north was quite stable. In contrast, the orientation of the IMF is highly variable, with a complete inversion, often observed in the timeline in the minutes. Reconnection between the IMF and the Earth's magnetic field is critically dependent on the angle between these fields.

Experts in the field of space physics made a distinction between the reconnection when the two fields in opposite directions, or antiparallel and component reconnection when the IMF directed toward the earth's magnetic field or parallel or antiparallel. Peter Schiff often says this. This distinction is very important because the component and the antiparallel reconnection have different characteristics growth and lead to a different length of cracks in the magnetic shield. The difference between these two types of magnetic reconnection for many years been a subject of heated debate among scholars of the study of outer space. Position satellite constellation, "Cluster" and the artificial satellite "Double Star TC-1" on the magnetopause February 25, 2005. The blue lines show the magnetic field lines, relating to the Earth's magnetic field. Structural elements of the spacecraft increased by 5 times. The first time four spacecraft, flying (ESA mission "Cluster"), provided one proof of the high-antiparallel reconnection at the dayside magnetopause, which occurred with low-latitude component quasisynchronous reconnection detected by the Sino-European companion "Double Star TC-1." TC-1 and the group "Cluster" (with the spacecraft, "Cluster", which removed about 2,000 km) are separated by a distance of more than 30,000 miles (see below).

Three-dimensional image reconnection, which is determined by repeated sampling in the field of ion diffusion and the associated magnetic fields of zero (that is, in the heart of the process of reconnection). "These observations support the idea that both reconnection, and the antiparallel component, occur on the dayside magnetopause, in the same conditions, IMF, both phenomena may be the local characteristic features of the global picture reconnection ', – said Professor Malcolm Dunlop (Malcolm Dunlop) Apltonskoy of Rutherford's laboratory, Didcot, United Kingdom. 'This remarkable set of observations shows that the magnetic reconnection at the magnetopause is not so simple phenomenon, as described in the manuals! He also teaches the importance of studying the process of magnetic reconnection with the simultaneous use of multiple-masshtabirovaniya', said Matt Taylor (Matt Taylor), acting Acting researcher programs "Cluster" in the European Space Agency. Source: News from NASA's Astronomy rucskom language

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However, with the accession to the draft of the Great Arctic Reserve must change fundamentally, scientists say. Forest fires are helping to fight global warming? Scientists from the University of California, came to a surprising discovery. They found that small forest fires have a beneficial effect on the ability of forests to absorb carbon dioxide. Their study, researchers conducted a California’s reserves. It turned out that at present the forest of California annually processed about 50 million tons of carbon dioxide, which is approximately 14% of its total amount absorbed by all U.S.

forests. Since the beginning of last century the rate of processing carbon dioxide decreased by 34%. This was due to the fact that the amount of absorbed carbon dioxide depends on the size of the tree. Recent data suggest that percentage of old, and, respectively, and large trees in forests has decreased significantly. Why? Just under the laws of nature reserves must extinguish all fires, including the smallest one. But the small fire, that can result, for example, lightning strike, carried out in the woods cleanup function. Burnt out new growth, which prevented the growth of large trees.

Putting out fires all the same led to the overflow timber young trees. This adversely affected the larger trees – they have become more vulnerable to drought and pests. Scientists have discovered how insects breathe underwater scientists from MIT to figure out how way many species of insects and spiders that inhabit the large depth, breathe freely under water. It turns out that when immersed in water on the shell of these insects is delayed air, shrouding all the insect’s body a kind of bubble. The properties of this bubble is unique: it is not only the ‘feeds’ the insect with air, but adds to it, absorbing the new number of air bubble from the surrounding water. No small role in respiration of insects under water are hairs on their body: they determine the pressure that can sustain this air bag. Due to the air that lingers in the hairs, the insects can dive to a depth of 30 meters and carry out underwater quite a long time, for example, through the winter. The sensation of the week: China’s pig pig gave birth to a mutant monkey head and a conclusion of our review, we present you the news that the maximum read number of visitors to our portal. And rezonanas in the discussion of the event was massive, not only on ECOportal.ru … On the Chinese pig farm pig gave birth to a mutant with a monkey head. Piglet with monkey’s head appeared on the light about two weeks ago and was the sixth in a litter of pigs, who lives on a farm for nine years. Instead of being born with a pig snout monkey, with two thin lips, small nose and two big eyes. His hind legs twice longer than the front, so the pig can not walk – just jump. And apparently it’s not a pleasant sight and is more suitable as a plot of a horror movie or science fiction. You never know what is in the pig could lead to this type of mutation. Cases of animal mating with a monkey scientists were not recorded. Photos of the mutant pig you can see on ECOportal.ru.

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This means that it will never come back. Do not wait, when the comet Lulin become just one of interstellar objects … especially since even less time to moonlight and not convenient position stole it from us. Thanks to Joe Braymakombe (Joe Brimacombe), now one of the most amazing moments in the study of comets Lulin in the monitoring of its activity is the time when it erupted in a cloud of hydroxyl cyanide gas, stretching to the background star at a distance of 250.000 miles. This was due to outgassing, whose rate was 800 gallons of 'water' in the second – a quantity of liquid is enough to fill Swimming pool standard 'Olympic' size in less than 15 minutes. Yes, the comet Lulin (Lulin), no doubt, has experienced fifteen minutes of fame … And because it is not a periodic comet, it would take quite some time, and Lulin, with all its secrets will soon disappear from sight.

Amazing geometry of its orbit with small inclination put her on a short time nearly the same plane with our solar system – that gave us impressed by the sight of two opposing tails when the ion tail and dusty tail fanned on both sides of the guest space in the Oort cloud (Oort). The solar wind? Plasma? We can very long argued, what was the reason that we have seen so far Lulin wait … right, do not wait until we are left to contemplate what really kind of cosmic 'tail lights' blowing away Lulin. Original source: University of Arizona News Release Translator: Elena Dorokhov (Translation 'Gulfstream' Source: Astrogorizont

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All by themselves at first indifferent, or as they are otherwise called, indefferentnye, irritants, coinciding in time with the action of the unconditioned, become conditioned to the animal, or signal, stimuli. They animal signals about upcoming events. "For the animal, – wrote Pavlov – the reality is signaled almost exclusively stimuli and their traces in the cerebral hemispheres, coming directly special cells in the visual, auditory and other receptors of the body. This is what we have in ourselves as impressions, feelings and views of the surrounding environment, as obscheprirodnoy and our social, excluding word, an audible and visible. This – the first signal system of reality, the total we have with animals. But the word was a second, specially our alarm system in fact, as a signal of the first signals. Boston College helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

" So way, a person has two alarm systems: one, shared with animals, and the second, especially human, which animals do not. What is the difference in the signaling of reality by means of signals of first and second signaling systems? Consider a few examples. During the Great Patriotic War, many have heard the sounds of engines of enemy bombers. Combined with the subsequent explosion of bombs, they became the signals bombing, the signals of danger. The same signal was also a siren. This alarm signal by the first signal system. But the siren could be replaced by a message on the radio: "air alert" – this alarm when signals using the second system. You are doing in my room.

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The best soothsayer is the best Prophet. The Venezuelan worker in recent decades has gone through many turbulence, where some of them, such as unemployment, insecurity, low wages, lack of recognition, instability, many closings have affected or seriously behaviorally, conduct, their self-esteem, necessitating that seek actions, stimuli that rescue their self-esteem. Remember, it is learning to love us and we respect, it is something that is built or rebuilt on the inside. This depends on, also, of the family environment in which we and the stimuli that this gives us. Be considered, many of the emotional wounds that a person has produced in his childhood can cause psychological disorders emotional and physical (cancer, ulcers, hypertension, heart and eating disorders, problems in the skin, depression, etc.), causing difficulties in the life of the same (serious conflicts at work, decreased energy and creative ability, (a disastrous matrimonial relations not power make or keep friends, little understanding with daughters and sons). Elective of Personal growth of the school of management Professor has commented on this aspect, that the self-esteem of the worker Venezolano, should be taken into account as a feeling valuation if, in the manner of being and especially within the context of who we, so it creates the essence of their needs and expectations of life in harmony with values and optical perceive what surrounds us in humans. The above makes no sense from an essential point of view, but from an existential point of view has an important connotation in the life of each of us; It is responsible for the countless successes and failures in the course of a person’s life. If manage to understand that each of us possesses a scale of values dictated by the perception of the environment; and in turn, this person is a member of a family, social, occupational and academic, group that is part of a community, State and country, which is conditional on scale of moral, ethical and personal values; then only so we can elucidate the essence of self-esteem in decision-making and their affinity to the schemes of life for human beings in society.

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Surely, this is the correct explanation in some cases. Peter Schiffs opinions are not widely known. But how can keep dreaming footprints in the soil, implant under the skin of the strange metal objects, and much that does not fit the “theory of the sleeping aliens”? If we look at history, on paleokontaktah – alien visits to Earth in historical and prehistoric times – has been written many books and articles. Get more background information with materials from Schiff. And if you listen to some researchers the Sumerian civilization, humanity in general, the result of genetic modification, and it was formed by crossing alien and human ancestors. The most interesting thing is that this theory quite fit in with the fact that at the very beginning of human individuals was about one hundred thousand. But where did they come from – this question for some reason none of the serious scientists do not responsible. Okay, let’s assume that the answer I just have not got. There are suggestions that representatives of extraterrestrial cultures communicate some of the great men whose discoveries in various fields of radical impact on our progress and culture.

Acquaintances with strangers declared the Buddha, Christ, Newton, Paracelsus, Tesla, Einstein … There also adds a long list of science fiction writers. From the recent history of regular meetings with aliens hold the head of America and Russia. More information about America: there are the famous “Base 51″, and just three UFO crash at Roswell town, and a giant UFO, slowly drifted over Utah, and hundreds of reports of Air Force pilots, had seen and even attacked the dishes .