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As well as just been born, front to a new world, Clarice demonstrate that Ana starts to lose the illusion that she traces to live deeply a new world of sensations through the love. However, the author leaves evident that to this she makes it love to suffer to the measure that it losses occur: it loses the normal direction of the tato and the net of tric is ' ' rough between dedos' ' 15, loses the direction of the world-home, therefore this if becomes more ' ' hostil' ' ' ' perecvel' ' feels ' ' It banishes from its proper dias' '. It loses the orientation sense; ' ' it grasped to the bank of the front, as if it could fall of bonde.' ' , it loses the descending point; ' ' Then it only perceived that it has very passes of its ponto.' ' , it loses the space notion: ' ' For a moment it did not obtain to orient itself. It seemed to have jumped in the way of noite.' ' , it loses the security of long ago, ' ' In the weakness where it was it reached it to everything with one susto' ' 16. It also loses, the notion of time in devaneios in the Botanical Garden, the contemplation of a different world. E, inevitably, loses its ' ' ptria' ' , therefore ' ' It was felt banished ' '.

At last, Ana loses then the capacity to close the eyes to the world. As Pellegrino the validity of the beginning of the reality starts when the child has that to leave itself. The principle denies this reality and ' ' desnasce' ' , taking refuge itself in the imaginary fullness of a symbolic uterus. However, with passing of the time and in virtue of the maturation process, it perceives that it cannot live of illusion, since the external objects if impose.