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Do can’t can democratic countries cope and deal effectively with these uncomfortable truths? Alongside democratically elected politicians, who by their very nature, come and go, there is a ruling elite in the developed world. Important are these ruling elites? They are amazingly powerful that they control and regulate the same tail of what we consider as civilization. The energy with which the light, heat or cool our homes, cities and countries. Our quick media of the idea and information, transport and of course the big banks. Unfortunately, their interests seem to be limited to the economic and political force that currently have and the continuation of their power and control rather than the wider interest of what might, in fact, the very survival of humanity. The failure of democracy to respond to the evidence increasingly more powerful change climate has actually been due to the economic impact that the changes that inevitably requires instigating and this is due in part to the uncomfortable relations within democracies between elected politicians and ruling elites. So it is time for a new system, a system capable of instigating the deep and profound changes that seems increasingly with utmost urgency that we need to do and if so what the credentials of this new system needs to be successful? It is clear that will need a system that can seriously and honestly represent the interests of the masses, regardless of the discrepancy, or applies the pressure of these agents of non-elected power. You a new system evolves in a natural and harmonious way of democratic systems that currently enjoy? It is very possible that non and ironically could, in fact, mirror the struggles that we are currently witnessing in the Middle East.

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An example of a market opening process. A product distributed in Spain offers excellent results; Quickly the manufactures receives hundreds of requests for distribution of different trade in the same territory, greatly increasing the competence of the founding company. The product factory is located in this country, what facilitates to new competitors, inclusion in the market. This fact cuts the period of benefit of the founder company of the market, what makes that the benefits are low and increase your risk. Now, this company perceives an important fact, and is that the product has had a successful host in the Spanish market. For even more details, read what Campbell Soup Co says on the issue. It therefore decides to open their borders to new markets. For example, to sell a new product, in Venezuela requires a series of paperwork and permits by the authorities, as well as the construction of an infrastructure or marketing channel. This considerably increases the benefit with low competition period.

Therefore migration from a product to a new market involves a series of advantages in the growth of the company. Arrive first to sell first reached the market having already came with a series of benefits for income increase and the solidification of the market, the steady construction of new markets is an important value in business growth and is today one of the most common activities by large corporations. It is common to see news about companies that quickly raise the value of their shares before the income in a market with low competition, then get to a stationary point or its value low. At this point, the company should take the decision to sell new products or generate new markets, because of maintaining that stationary point, there may be a sharp fall in their income.

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This can be a fantastic question to start a conversation, do a bit of Networking and tell everyone about what you do. Or, conversely, can be converted into a real trap for those who have not done your homework and are unable to clearly explain what they do. Well, I, ehmm, I am tax adviser with 15 years of experience. I have an Office in the Center where five employees work and my reputation is one of the best in the sector. I’m sorry but this kind of reply is not interested to almost anyone. Thus, precisely, we must not introduce ourselves. It is curious that we invest a lot of hours and effort to launch and develop our business and, however, not spend virtually no time to write one of the most important elements of our corporate image: our presentation. The answer we give to this question is more important than it may seem at first sight.

In my opinion, a good reply achieves two key objectives: a.-transmits security to your interlocutor. When we are able to articulate a message clearly and without hesitation, our image get reinforced. Replies that are not specific, giving turns to concepts without concrete or lengthen in time without reaching any site can be our worst enemy. Why was he going to buy your products or services if I am not able to understand what you do really? (b) it confirms that you’ve done your job correctly. If you can not communicate your message in a way that you understand quickly, it is likely that you yourself have doubts (although don’t be aware) and have yet to work more in the definition of your business. I recommend that you do the following test: write what you do (no more than three or four lines), choose a few people who do not know what you do and tell them what you’ve written previously.