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Succeeds, learning together to make staged learning process, we have immediately much attention performance in space, and that not only on pages of learners, but also on the pages of education mediator who is also learning in this context described. In this setting, the individualities of the acting of course play a greater role, as in the traditional parent forming context. Here are therefore clearly the limits of predictability and planning social action visible. Sensual and contextual conditions of common learning actions”are so very much symbolic, as adopted in the last few decades. The uniqueness of the action is made possible by social and cultural patterns. Action is understood here as participation, imitation and creative (re) shaping of cultural practices. Quite simply, social representations and models have orientation character.

The doer staged his acts and himself. Here, he brings in his actions in appearance. He creates images of his actions and its even in the form of sensual physical Representation for the reminders and the imaginary world of his fellow men. Although the learning space is a constantly happen again and more stable, on the other hand but again in another form: a unique and time-limited event. In the everyday life of the schools many productions and performances social situations take place not only in official learning, where people to express how they want to be seen and what role they want to occupy in the community. In learning, we understand actions using linguistic expressions. Statements can succeed or fail, you can summarize in retrospect represent already acquired knowledge or you can close but also future potential or opportunities in the presentation of the context and make them curious about or to the development of this future potential are indeed forces. This would be tantamount to a laid down in the community, even responsible learning which has the security and the encouragement, that own doing helps with the own culture continue to perform and transform.