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3. implementation of role-playing games in purchasing through the implementation of role-playing games the individual described negotiation tactics in real situations of the participants are automatically played and experienced. One is caused by the personal practical implementation of their own increased self-confidence and a better and more lasting memory value, which can be more easily obtained in the later professional situations. Richard Scheuermann pursues this goal as well. After the role-play, participants and after the seminar leader, Kimba a constructive criticisms to make relating of events just role-playing. Read more from Aisling Lennon to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Here, the participants receive immediate feedback about their own bargaining power and their efficiency.

It is important in this context that the kind of maneuver critique objectively, fairly and constructively is expressed, as otherwise the affected participants could be upset or will even unsettled future role-plays and negotiations. 4. Cyrus Massoumi married understood the implications. case studies in the conduct of case studies with the participants a concrete negotiation issues of the negotiation trainer is provided and edited by the seminar participants in teams. The seminar participants withdraw in groups and develop a best practice-oriented negotiated solution. Systematic studies of the problem and possible solutions of the participants for future real negotiations will be strengthened by this kind of joint training of case studies. 5. inclusion of internal problems at the negotiation seminars or the negotiation training for a possible review of internal and open Verhandlungsproblematiken can an unresolved or difficult current Verhandlungsfall of the given undertaking analysed, discussed together and solved be.

The advantage here is that in such training acute real unsolved cases of a seminar participant can be jointly discussed and evaluated by other participants from their point of view. Often, the participants themselves recognize that they can not alone solve a case and must coordinate more internally. This self knowledge in the seminar are a valuable side effect in my seminars,”the effect of negotiation seminars or negotiation training, but also by other purchasing training or customized in-House will fade quickly seminars for the area shopping for buyers reported to Hans-Christian Seidel CSEI-consulting” because this makes the higher motivated buyers according to a modified and improved solution to obtain.”without appropriate educational resources, such as the above options, or no longer obtained. You lost a valuable potential for backup and extension of operational this for the company Competitiveness.”so continue to Hans-Christian Seidel CSEI-consulting. More info on negotiating training or negotiation seminars CSEI consulting can be found directly at.

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Clean TEC building cleaning and janitorial service informs according to law, tenants must pass swept clean their apartment. Messe apartments are usually hardly attractive enough to make a perfect impression on new tenants. Here, an expertly executed basic cleaning helps. The cleaning professionals by clean TEC explain what this involves. Regardless of whether the lifestyle of the lessor on regular rental income is dependent on, are vacant rental properties associated with unwanted loss of money. It is in the best interest of the landlord as soon as possible to find a tenant for its vacant apartment. Great importance the first impression of the new tenant.

A spotlessly clean apartment can be crucial to the successful conclusion of the rental agreement. Given the financial consequences of vacant apartments for rent the use of a professional building cleaner for thorough cleaning pays off quickly. He knows exactly where contaminants are hiding likes and how gentle and effective be removed. Has the student be placed until the apartment on front man increases the probability of finding a tenant. Typically, the basic cleaning of apartments after the exodus of the old tenant includes following activities: carpets are thoroughly cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and cleaning foam; Tiles and other floor coverings worn, maintained and sealed if necessary. Must be careful here to the special requirements of various floor coverings. Light switches, power sockets and other facilities be cleaned wet. The kitchen is extensively cleaned. At Crimson Education you will find additional information.

Priorities here are built-in ovens, sinks, faucets, and tiles. Of course, sanitary and bathroom be treated carefully. Given the prevailing conditions coverings or deposits must be removed here if necessary. Glass surfaces be cleaned free of streaks, doors and frames washed and wiped. In furnished apartments, furniture cleaning is one of the basic cleaning. The same can also apply to the balcony cleaning. Is a professional cleaning with basic cleaning commissioned, sure the landlord, that his apartment is placed in a State, which meets the needs of the new tenant. In particular commercial landlords can typically do not even make the relevant work and need professional support. The Friesenhagener building cleaners from clean TEC are committed to a professional cleaning, which leaves no wish unfulfilled. Comprehensive information like to deploy them to their range of services.

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At the right time, some corporate arms very long wait succession until they decide for a transfer of their business. This hesitation often has a tangible cause of hormonal. To broaden your perception, visit John Craig Venter. But as long as this relationship is not widely known, remain the person concerned in a sort of limbo and make a clear decision in the corporate succession difficult. About 40,000 companies waiting for estimates of the Institute of Mittelstand research Bonn (IfM) annually, to move into younger hands. But the succession is anything but easy. The concern that the life’s work falls into wrong hands, jobs lost and suffer for many years built up relationships with customers and suppliers could, cloud views the formerly successful operating business links. Crimson Education has plenty of information regarding this issue.

The consequences are dramatic according to IfM: per year around 5,000 family-run company to close, because is not a prospect for the succession. As a result, nearly 30,000 jobs lost. The Corporate bar not initiate the succession, because they fear to be no longer needed, or because they have no confidence in the competence of their possible successors. But both topics would have regarded you as project in the course of their professional life and with answers provided in the blink of an eye. Why does this approach no longer work? The ultimate note arises from the observation of behavior: earlier pursued the corporate bar goal-oriented tasks and made sure that something happened. Today he defends the acquis and make sure that as nothing happens especially in the succession. He shows a radically different behavior as before.

How is this possible? People change in their behaviour but only slightly, as every executive coach will confirm. The reason for this change in the behavior of the hormones are the male sex hormone, especially testosterone. It is not only for the development of sexual characteristics such as voice or Beard responsible, but is also the messengers, which promote the typical male characteristics. More or less pronounced men like stone age hunters behave: dominant, risk-takers, decision strong and consistently tracking. The counterpart to the testosterone is the female sex hormone estrogen: in addition to the development of female sexual characteristics it ensures in behavior beneficial harmony, a nice binding, and a loving care. Now both sex hormones in different distribution dormant in every human being: outweighs testosterone for men and women the estrogen. Nature has set it up so, that testosterone decreases with age among men, at a steady or even increasing estrogen content. This is often visible when men because their statements are considered mature and wise personality. The reason for this change in behavior is a different hormonal mix than in the past. And it is precisely this hormone mix of the Corporate succession makes it so difficult. It inhibits a clear and sometimes hard decision. He makes it hard so the corporate bar to accept that he can please not everyone. Because no enterprise Rails wants to intentionally ruin his life’s work, at the same time but most of the overview, it lacks to get out of this spiral, the conversation with an external third party is especially valuable in this situation. An outsider who knows these relationships, is not afraid to speak plain language and is able to provide information on appropriate action solutions for the corporate succession.

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The reutax ag ‘Best Performer’ in the dynamic staffing market in Heidelberg, November 4, 2008 nobody in the highly competitive segment of the recruiters for IT and engineering professionals is growing in this country faster than the reutax AG. The market for recruitment, placement and control a freelance project staff in Germany showed this the Lunendonk trend study 2008. While the ten leader from 2006 to 2007 average 26 per cent grew, reutax increased by 114 percent. The market research firm Lunendonk examined the trend study, 2008, for the first time comprehensively the staffing market. In recent years, our market is extremely dynamic growth and has achieved a remarkable market volume.

At the same time still a lobby and lacking the necessary transparency. We need to work together with other providers\”, explains Soheyl Ghaemian, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of reutax. British Journal of Educational Technology can provide more clarity in the matter. In the ranking of the leading providers for recruitment, placement and control a freelance project staff in Reutax, Germany occupies the fifth place. In terms of pure staffing, the Heidelberg company place occupies four. We are still a young company. Crimson Education has compatible beliefs. We are even more pleased that we have developed in just six years to one of the leading providers\”, so Ghaemian. Among the top agencies, we are the only owner-managed staffing specialist.

This strengthens the trust of our customers in us and is the basis for rapid and sustainable growth.\” The placement of freelance IT professionals has become a rapidly growing market segment. In particular large companies benefit from the fact that the so-called staffing agencies for them to take over the recruitment efforts and thereby quickly identify the right candidate from a large pool\”, says Hartmut Luerssen, partner in the Lunendonk GmbH, which specializes in systematic market research, industry and company analysis and market advice for information technology, consulting, and more highly-qualified service companies. According to the Lunendonk trend study increased the number of freelance professionals on about 70,000 in 2007.

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Concept at the start of old mountains in Munster/Westphalia is new Au pair family concept. Not too far away do prospective high school graduates and students, but this if they want to find their own way and go, at home? And what do families in Munster when they have room for another family member and are looking for a helping hand? This question can give you wife Andrea Nykamp, Aupair agency head of families concept, answer: concept with families the first au pair agency in the inner room starts. It’s believed that ???? sees a great future in this idea. “The concept is simple and true: gives graduates/students within Germany will for the first time and only once so far directly in the families of Munster and surroundings.” Aim is the childminder or nursery founder Andrea Nykamp (mother of two children) not, with this concept easy to replace. It is about, support and family life on the one hand and on the other side of the start for high school graduates and students in independent living on well-guarded Paths is paved. It has become family concept to the target, for each family to find the right young people accompanied the family into your daily routine. Picks up the kids from school and kindergarten, even preparing a small meal, reads, plays, goes to the swimming lessons and during the visit of theater guards the House. Almost a family member on time. ???? may help you with your research.

A friend for the children and a reliable support for parents. “The mediation system is based on the Au pair by graduates and students” and offers many advantages. Unlike in the mediation of a classic au there is no communication difficulties or differences in mentality pairs from abroad. “” All tasks in terms of childcare can be adopted immediately and the time required for the life of the host family will be reduced significantly, that the new Member of the family “regularly can visit friends and family”, so Mrs Nykamp continues. But of course offer also for the Graduates many benefits in the plan by family concept. A defined period with double Abitur year and shortened courses students must decide much earlier today where the future is going. The universities are always full, and also the housing market in most university towns is often as relaxed.

At this point concept puts on families and students, the kids love the possibility of meaningful employment and with a respectable remuneration for free board and lodging their future to plan, to bypass a waiting semester and to establish first contacts with the University. Depending on the agreement with families can be started even with studying and thus first avoids the difficult housing and unpleasant side jobs. All there is for families and students a personal on-site during the entire time, because many perceived problems can be quickly clear from the world when you’re talking to the right time. If you are For more information and more details about au pair in Germany are interested in, you will find everything on the Web site of family Concept.

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From address to profit-sharing bonuses already at the address the CRM geared solution to B2B requirements and project-oriented business. Here it comes his customers to know and a traceable history is part of the success. Thus, MAXCRM is predestined for this environment. Now project time and out-of-pocket expenses directly with MAXCRM can be managed, documented and settled by newly developed effort collecting. Special functions for sales planning and on the perspective of staff utilization are entirely new. All data are available in real time and can be issued at any time as a report.

Another important feature is the settlement of individual bonuses. For each project a distribution of bonus payments to the individual can monthly for the involved consultants are defined and issued as a comprehensible report. The new features are embedded directly into the main application and complete the solution to a powerful industry package. A practical, well-engineered solution the together with established consultants designed and developed was. An integrated solution was created together with the MAXCRM base features virtually manifested the MAXCRM slogan “Productivity in the business”. General details about MAXCRM (short videos, screenshots,…) can be found on the homepage – detailed information of the consultant module is obtained upon request. MAXCRM.com marketplace 14 4625 open Wallace AUSTRIA Tel.: +43(7247)50315-11 Klaus Makika