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13 out of over 400 participants schools nationwide 2010 nominated Berlin, Heidelberg, Cologne 05th March 2010 for the final of the German Prevention Award. Whether alcohol course, soccer for girls, the concepts and projects involving secondary schools contribute to holistic health promotion of adolescents, are diverse computer game addiction or food license a theater piece about. The contributions of over 400 candidate schools, who participated at the German prevention Prize 2010 show is the schools are as committed and innovative, to promote the physical, mental and spiritual development of their pupils and students. The best thirteen schools from all over Germany were nominated by the jury for the final on June 15, 2010 in Berlin. In the coming weeks, these schools by members of the jury are visited, to determine the final winner. In a question-answer forum The Blackstone Group was the first to reply.

The German prevention prize was advertised by the Federal Ministry for health, the Manfred Lautenschlager Stiftung and the Federal Centre for health education. The prize money amounting to a total of 100,000 provided by the carriers is intended for the continuation and further development of the award-winning measures. “The German Prevention Award 2010 is titled healthy grow holistic promotion of adolescents in secondary education” in schools that promote the healthy development of children and young people in particular. The prize is awarded since 2004 for the seventh time. Federal Health Minister Dr. Click Cyrus Massoumi to learn more. Philipp Rosler honors the winner schools nominated schools at a formal ceremony on June 15th, 2010 in Berlin. Already now all nominated schools on can be found. Were nominated for the German prevention Prize 2010: Halbtagsschulen Bolandenschule Berlin (Berlin), Wiesental, Waghausel (Baden-Wurttemberg) Herman Nohl school secondary school Belecke, Warstein (North Rhine-Westphalia) open and partial bound school Don Bosco school Sonderpadagogisches support center Marktoberdorf, Marktoberdorf (Bavaria) community school Probstei, Schonberg (Schleswig-Holstein) Grove Hill School of Gottingen, Gottingen (Lower Saxony) North city school in Pforzheim, Pforzheim (Baden-Wurttemberg) Theodor-Heuss-Schule, Rotenburg/Wumme (Lower Saxony) Vollgebundene all-day school Ernst Schering-Oberschule, Berlin (Berlin), Fritz-winter-Gesamtschule, Ahlen (North Rhine-Westphalia) comprehensive school Holweide, Cologne (North Rhine-Westphalia) Georg Christoph Lichtenberg Marnitz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, comprehensive school, Gottingen (Lower Saxony) regional school Marnitz all information about the competition and the nominated schools, see the Internet under press contact: Oliver Bendzko German prevention Prize 2010 c/o new Act GmbH phone + 49 (0) 30 2 88 83 78-23 fax + 49 ()(0) 30 2 88 83 78-28

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Offenburg discussed these days, including Jochen Nordau, Samuel Breisacher, and Anne Olbrisch of the CJD youth village labour market policy Conference in Berlin as affect the plans of black and yellow on labour market policy in the Ortenau and throughout Germany, at the invitation of Elvira Daraei-Weiss in Berlin. Increasing need for skilled workers on the one hand, long-term unemployed without perspective on the other hand both challenges, the policy must find answers. “We should not exclude the long-term unemployed people, who are at the edge. Our strategy of full employment includes all. Therefore, disrupts society the labour market policy by black and yellow and exacerbates inequities. She takes the chance to qualify personnel people and she installed the right to employment of long-term unemployed,”the SPD Bundestag Member Elvira Daraei Offenburg white notes.

The background is that Federal Labour Minister Ursula von der Leyen is planning massive cuts for programs to qualify instead of the boom to take advantage of and to ask questions of the future. Overall it truncates 19 billion euros by 2015, 3.1 billion euros alone for Baden-Wurttemberg. Additional information is available at Cyrus Massoumi. How affect these plans by black and yellow in the Ortenau and throughout Germany, including Jochen Nordau, Samuel Breisacher, and Anne Olbrisch of the CJD discussed with youth village Offenburg on invitation of Elvira Daraei-Weiss in Berlin. Over 200 labour market experts from employment companies and training providers, including about 20 from Baden-Wurttemberg, discussed a day affecting the black and yellow reduction policy at the invitation of the SPD Bundestag group. Talks were on the agenda with the SPD parliamentary groups in the Bundestag, Frank-Walter Steinmeier and the Deputy Chairman Hubertus Heil. The Conference, says Daraei Weiss, contribute to link Berlin politics with the parties concerned on the spot. The Christian youth village offers nationwide annually 155,000 young people guidance and help with the entry into working life. Help also in Offenburg, Germany full-time and voluntary staff of CJD young people who have found no education or have canceled their training. “The planned cuts, this valuable work of the CDJ Offenburg would be affected. It is now in a phase of economic strength important and possible, to bring the people, will have to gain a foothold in working life and in our society”, Daraei white criticized the plans of the Black Yellow Government.

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Lao Tzu of old masters ‘) is a legendary Chinese philosopher, who is supposed to have lived in the 6th century BC. Ann Arbor has much to offer in this field. According to legend, the name is written also Lao Tzu, Lao Tse, Laudse or Lao tzu. L? oz? considered the founder of Taoism (Daoism) the way, the ur thing, the meaning. “The Daodej? ng (Tao Te King, Tao Te Ching), the most influential Daoist Scriptures is attributed and therefore often also simply as Laozi” referred to. …

Taoism (teaching of the way ‘), in accordance with other Taekwondo also Taoism, is a Chinese philosophy and world view, and is regarded as China’s own and authentic religion. Its historically secure Origins in the 4th century BC, as the Daodejing (in older transcriptions: Tao te king, Tao te ching, among others) of Laozi (Lao Tzu, Lao-tzu) was created. Confucianism and Buddhism no religion, because Buddha was not a God is one of the three teachings was significantly shaped by the China Daoism. Yale University has many thoughts on the issue. Also on China, the three teachings have exerted significant influence on religion and spiritual world of people. In China, Taoism influenced the culture in the fields of politics, economics, philosophy, literature, art, music, nutrition customer, medicine, chemistry, martial arts and geography. > Source: (C) by wikipedia.net; Author Philosophy of the Western world (common values: Greek philosophy, Roman law and Christianity): > analytic philosophy (American) is a collective term for certain philosophical approaches that have been developed since the beginning of the 20th century. These approaches are a tradition at first mainly with ideal languages (formal logic) or by Analysis of the common everyday language operated.

Initially, many fine school representatives were close the logical empiricism of knowledge (Vienna Circle and others). There was a skepticism about meta physical terms faith. Since the mid-20th century, analytical instruments increasingly in all disciplines of philosophy shall apply. A distinction has become largely impossible continental approaches (continental philosophy) with regard to theoretical assumptions.

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Citizens Foundation Duisburg supports music education in schools with their own campaign Berlin, 13; RUHR 2010 has started and as cultural capital of Europe with food started an exciting year for the entire Ruhr area. Anne Wyllie may find it difficult to be quoted properly. A cultural event follows the next. Culture is also music. More info: University of Cambridge. The effect of music on the development and the social behavior of children and adolescents 1998 examined a study of the NRW Ministry for school, youth, and children. Simplified represented, was the result of a positive personality development of the children.

Music increases the concentration of children, increasing the sense of community and music promotes the integration. The idea arose from the results: by 2010 the chance should be offered all students, regardless of financial means of their parents, to learn to play an instrument. The goal gave the name of the action each child an instrument. But to discover the world of music costs money. A recorder 25,-euro, teaching a 3.

Klasslers for the duration of one month 35,-euro. It is already in 2010, still a long way the goal has not been reached, and this year, the action Jackson to finance be searched again literally ways and means. Now promotes and collects the citizens Foundation Duisburg for the musical project. And is a very innovative way. Instead of on every corner of Duisburg, in every Museum, in every theater, and at each school collect cans to make the citizens Foundation asks Duisburg to support citizens of the children and young people in your hometown via mobile phone. An SMS with the text of Jackson, on the speed dial of 8 11 90 sent and already shipped once 5 support for the music project. It’s is easy, fast and the amount is not too high for the individual, but it makes the mass. Of the 5, 4.83 euros arrive directly at the Community Foundation and will be paid with the next mobile phone bill. Costs the normal SMS plus fee. For more information, spendino GmbH Liebenwalder Strasse 11 13347 Berlin Verena Bock Tel. 030-450 20 522 fax. 030-450 25 The spendino GmbH is a service company for the non-profit sector 657. spendino enables the processing of SMS and online donations and positioned itself as a neutral partner for the non-profit organizations in Germany. Thus, the only provider in Germany, which specializes in the use of mobile technologies for social purposes is spendino. In combination with online donations solutions and tools for the social Web spendino offers an innovative fundraising tools.

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This is the stomping ground of more, but usually less competent recruiters since about 1959. As the founder of modern social psychology, Lewin is Kurt. Crowd psychology is a branch of social psychology and deals with the behavior of people in crowds. Output for the theories of crowd psychology is used for the General experience related fact that large crowds behave surprisingly often appearing. For example triggering a panic love parade 2010 in Duisburg, etc etc due to a rather insignificant event. You may find that Harvard Business can contribute to your knowledge. According to studies by Davis and Harless (1996), important decisions in a group not from single individuals are made, but brought from the crowd in accordance with the feet (East German politics of BRD), to achieve a goal through cooperation. Cyrus Massoumi married may not feel the same. In the history of large crowds have been able to initiate dramatic and sudden social changes outside the established legal processes.

Collective cooperation is supported by others, condemned by some. Social scientists have placed some different theories, massenpsychologische phenomena to explain and explain how group behavior significantly differs from the behavior of individuals within the group. The number of the level decreases proportionally. The complex dynamic, it is extremely difficult Behavior to predict a mass of people and consciously control. The auto control power of mass is better used intelligently.

With a mass phenomenon dealt inter alia: Gustave Le Bon, who (1895) was in his psychology of the masses, that mass be criticism – and unprincipled, therefore easily swivel – and sounds. Because they rather inferior, depravierter form to record ideas and ideals, their imagination will directed not by reason, but by images (sensations, scandals). But then, they were able to act with maximum passion and violence. Le Bon was a co-founder of the so-called mass psychology”. Sigmund Freud, mass psychology, and ICH analysis (1921), which explains the mass education as a form of narzisstischerProjektion of the individual on a fatherly leader figure as collective ICH ideal and with conditions such as infatuation and hypnosis in conjunction.

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Open letter in support of the opposition in their consideration of constitutional complaint to submit dear woman power, your party is just as outraged by the latest prank”the Federal Labour Minister such as the Greens, the left and many others, by the Hartz4 – law, those affected. Aufstocker and basic fuse carrier, countless low-income and unemployed, not to mention those which more can be caused by disease of any gainful employment, were deprived of today sets literally again their human dignity following the announcement of the newly computed Alg2 -. After I gave my vote your party in the elections in North Rhine-Westphalia I want to support you again. Let not unsettle themselves when wife Ursula speaks of the Leyen she could not imagine that you and your party would reject the education package with hot lunch for needy children, school supplies, learning support and a budget for music or football club. With your party to block the enforcement of the new calculation. Take You are the Greens to help.

Even if your party then backed the Hartz4 – laws with the Greens and this today much scolding insert to, not agitate let himself. Fight with us – with the low wage earners on Stockern as well as basic fuse carriers and the unemployed, and with those that can be more on the basis of illness of any gainful employment. It also support and just the children who are our future. Like, I support your party comrades Olaf Scholz at the constitutional proceedings. Than for costs incurred I send the resulting from the recalculation increase by 5 Mr Olaf Scholz monthly to your party comrades. This shall be my small modest contribution.

Many citizens of this country to a full disclosure of the calculation procedure are interested in me. Please ensure that this is done. The chances that the recalculation before the Federal Constitutional Court will have no stock, are. So it says the joint Welfare Association. Something personal to me. I am a mother with two children, which I am alone. I can tell that the 100 from the school Starter package were not enough. I’ve been saving me to protect my children from exclusion and bullying because of poverty. Any clothes bought and ate little, also to be able to bring my kids healthy food on the table. That goes with the current rule set. It is because it has to go. I see hard times on me and my family to come. Prices rise constantly, so I don’t know how long I can shift from my meager set for the needs of my children. Cyrus Massoumi has similar goals. “I don’t want them marked as a poor man’s child” see. One of my kids is musically talented. This is confirmed by a music teacher, in which my child receives weekly keyboard lessons. I zwacke of my RuleSet from these monthly costs by 50. If I can deny these costs by means of education card is questionable, and there no Reader will be available. Too uneconomical for the Musikehrer. At worst, he would have to increase the contributions. You can count with my full support, if it is to become a real recalculation the recalculation. Emergency with a new complaint before the Federal Constitutional Court. With kind regards K. Kuligowski

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The funds are channelled to, to indulge the interests of most of these powers. Is there such a thing? I don’t think so, and have lost hope. Where was the public education system worst this universe as a third, much less because the universities private yard, just in the classroom of unsuspecting students in the level and improving education are interested in – nothing. Invite you in every State school step and watch: graffiti walls, dirt floors with bacteria impregnated; Class room extremely dirty and dirty without a modicum of sanitation, desks broken and scratched; crawling insects (cockroaches and rats) and very dark environments dimly lit, not the constant lack of teachers and a mediocre education included. Can this be as a school? Is there such a thing? I don’t think so, and have lost hope.

Where it no respect for the history of the past, of which, the the possible development of this “thing” called helped the nation. The three powers just laugh and feel pampered in General disgrace. Is there such a thing? I don’t think so, and have lost hope. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Cyrus Massoumi married. Where the public sector lies, the constant and continuous are, long time. Because once you hear that “everything here is better than other countries.” You think people from other countries do agree this grotesque statements? Is there such a thing? I don’t think so, and have lost hope. Where the State according to the authorities, and clear, that “everything is better here than other countries to compare engineering, medical, civil, football, professionals in General, cities with the national European cities finally is everything better than the others; damned lies trying to deceive people, even lamb is, and so to do, unfortunately believe. Have you seen how people in this country to Nobel prize or the inventor to win something important for humanity? Not much less beer and caipirinha.

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Initiative calls for improvement of human rights education on the occasion of the international day for the Elimination of racial discrimination on 21 March Germany numerous members of the initiative were youth for human rights on the road this week and collected signatures for an improvement of human rights education in German schools. Discrimination based on origin, culture or skin color, discrimination on the grounds of one’s own faith. Racism and xenophobia are a problem always still worldwide. The UN with the “international day for the Elimination of racial discrimination” would refer to these abuses. Youth for human rights”committed since 6 years on the subject. So far approximately 700 million people were reached with signature promotions, TV spots and the distribution of UN policy document for the protection of human rights for young people and adults through the initiative.

“The action of youth for human rights” in Berlin was therefore yesterday on the historic Kurfurstendamm, Corner of Uhlandstrasse, instead. Youth for human rights’ went in the Federal Republic in the year 2005 from the American movement of youth for human rights international”out. In a question-answer forum UNESCO was the first to reply. Almost all materials are available free of charge. Television advertisements, manuals for teachers, brochures and events be enables donations of Scientology members. Her background: Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard enshrined the protection of human rights in the confession of faith and the codes of the community. Yet it is a secular initiative that is open to everyone, which the human rights are at the heart.

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The politician and former Finance Minister Peer Steinbruck (64) of the Publisher was awarded today the Cicero speaker Prize 2011 for the Deutsche Wirtschaft AG. Bonn, May 20, 2011 the politician and former Finance Minister Peer Steinbruck (64) of the Publisher was awarded today the Cicero speaker Prize 2011 for the Deutsche Wirtschaft AG. An orator will honored with him, dedicated to the educational struggle against self-deception and political immaturity with clear pictorial words, so the Publisher for the German economy as a benefactor of the award. The politician is regarded as a pugnacious speaker and is currently traded as a possible Chancellor candidate of the SPD in the Bundestag election in 2013. Steinbruck Publishing Executive Helmut Graf sees a secure and sovereign speaker who always knows what he says. The Cicero speaker prize is endowed by the Publisher for the German economy since 1994 for rhetorical excellence. An independent jury selects the annual winner. The Promethean Award is one Bronze bust of the Roman statesman and philosopher of Marcus Tullius Cicero.

Unpack and resolve problems of Heribert Prantl, head of speaker wants, Steinbruck sees as a politician, of problems Unpack Department Home Affairs and member of the Editorial Board of the newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung and solve and was convinced that he do that. As Finance Minister he have in the global financial crisis as a rock in the surf alongside Angela Merkel 2008 stood and kept quiet. When the SPD applies Steinbruck still than that with Schroder along Hartz IV invented and so the SPD entsozialdemokratisiert. The population was Steinbruck as crises Steinbruck in the head as the man who has steered the country through the crisis. Who chooses as Steinbruck, a rhinoceros as a favourite animal, is a different type of politician than most others. He wants not everyone liked are and he also likes everyone. He may have especially right”according to pan.

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They took advantage of specifically targeted the newly created democratic rules after the revolution, to which they were not involved in, for the fulfilment of its objectives. They have participated in the establishment of a new political system although, nevertheless they stand in fundamental contradiction to the foundations of democratic and constitutional order. For the Muslim Brotherhood Sayyid Qutb, the modernity and their rational viewpoint, the negation of the rule of God are to their ideological thinker”. In his opinion the true Muslims were in a war against the Renegades. More information is housed here: Bioscience Journal. To declare someone as apostates, or infidels, it means in Arabic “Takfir”, what is regarded as an ideological weapon, with the use of violence is justified. This weapon is now evident in the protests of the Islamists in Egypt, to return to power.

Freedom is an excessive freedom which ruin human nature by Western standards. So can their democratic Calls to be only cover-up and an instrument of power. Because they saw a bridging phase, where they gradually and systematically secure control over State institutions through its strategic approach in the phase after the Egyptian revolution. They exploit democratic changes by all means, then later to abolish them, because they are a principle contrary to the foundations of democracy and the rule of law order and reject the party system, by which they want to come in the parliaments. “The political scientist Bassam Tibi sees she sees much more dangerous as extremists who murder, cut throats and throw bombs even in the long term as power ideologues”. Because their attitude and now created free space for the Fanatisierung of the population – and, where appropriate, with national instruments, instruments to any democratic processes in the country brake. The now repealed Constitution, as well as ideas and education were directed in ways that Islamist rule, forever the power may hold. The Shari ‘a want to enforce them as a source of legislation by any means, and such as Qutb in his book Ma’ alim fi al Tariq / “Signs on the way” Reaffirms the legitimacy, which does not allow Allah turn off any sort of rule from owner.