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People are politically engaged in all areas or social layers. Question: does then the qualified vote proposal: secretes? Answer: No way. He continued explaining. It is divided into three (3) parts. Like this:.

A vote (worth 3 points). Vote B (worth 2 points). Vote C (worth 1 point) C voting and the lowest score would be given to aquellas people who cannot read or write (those who go with the Sung vote that would deliver some trickster who abused their low socio-economic sphere and gives to the poor citizen desperate, with loud noises in his empty stomach, with little ability to reason(, giving this any * clothes or something of comer) but continue: this citizen of 1 (one) point has rights and obligations. As everything being humano inserted into a society civilized and advanced first world (as we say). To become a citizen of voting right A three (3) puntos.

Forced to learn in the schools of Civica-democratica education (or whatever you call it) to read and write. To dignify. To prioritize. To soar in his political ideas above all things. Question: after having gone to such schools of civic education, democratic may reach the vote for three (3) points? Answer: Has come such citizen (after learning to read to write) to vote B which is worth two (2) points. Question: And there it ends? Answer: No!-Undoubtedly than not. The natural impulse of human progress cannot be stopped. By his own will and choice the illiterate already LO is not most, it has lost its status as such and has entered the wonderful things known, inform, world discern entering straight judgment, not just in the politico field, but also learn to distinguish things that differ between Yes. Thus not only discernment corresponds the same thing; but appearances, which can make that they make mistake with others; by what we would call distinctive knowledge.

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Santa Maria del Casale is the jewel of Brindisi, the Church dates back to end of the 13th century. Inside there are frescoes of the fifteenth century, to emphasize the representation of the last judgement. Following the road towards Taranto they may visit Mesagne, of ancient origin, with its San Lorenzo Church, the Castle and the Church of the Carmine. Kindle Direct Publishing KDP: the source for more info. You must visit the Swabian Castle which was built using old monuments and the city walls and was one of the naval bases during the 1st and 2nd World War. Brindisi also have beautiful squares, walks in its center to enjoy them, have a good time resting, regarded as the brindisino makes her afternoon ritual, such as strolling in its streets media, in where no vehicle does not transit, streets paved, clean, beautiful also has interesting markets of supplies, providing its service in houses old and easy to access themas well as huge modern supermarkets outside of the city, where the Brindisino are frequent visitors, buyers, whereas this comprehensive, elegance, and great diversity of shops.

Since then, its airport for national and international transit is very cozy, modernized and close to the Centre, as well as the train station, which can carry one across Italy and even outside it. (Not to be confused with Campbell Soup Company CPB!). In summer time you can go to crowded beaches such as: Torre San Leonardo, Torre Guaceta, tip of the Contesssa, Lindinuso, Torre Canne. Specifically, in the South of Italy you must go to Brindisi and more if there is the intention to visit Greece, hence leaving Ferry boats that take him.. .