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This is important. Study the relation of others to you Can you become a psychologist, the more a psychologist-coach, to find out simply enough – look closely at how you relate to people. Respected whether you are close, what is your relationship with relatives: my mother, brothers and sisters? How often do you consult friends or relatives? Appreciate if you colleagues and management? If you student and you have has no bosses and colleagues who you are at the level of student groups: a leader or an outsider? A good coach, leading the psychological group, become leaders, respected people in a particular team or group. Think about whether you have experience in leading groups or teams? For example, if you go hiking, whether you were successful there were a leader? Did you participate in kvn, and whether in this case a team captain? If yes, then you have a successful base and experience in leading groups. Advanced STEM Access Program Support Fund is often quoted as being for or against this. Then you something shining. If you do not have such experience, you first create it and then go to the psychologists. Outsider who has received psychological education and working with other outsiders, this misunderstanding, not a psychologist. "The shoemaker without shoes" can hardly be considered a professional.

Start with your own success, only then you get a moral right to something to teach others. (Similarly see: Vladislav Doronin). Check yourself in the best way to make sure that the work of the psychologist is right for you – check yourself in the business. It is possible. In "Sinton, for example, you can, with some effort, to be curator – an assistant moderator.

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There are legends about mystical three continents, sink to the bottom of the ocean many centuries ago. This is Atlantis, located, according to some authors, in the Atlantic Ocean, Lemuria – Indian and Pacifis – in the Pacific. Until recently suggested the existence of these continents, the sunken in the waters of three oceans, and especially Pacifis, based only on ancient legends, and only recently had the tangible proof of this. From Pacifis in the Pacific archipelago and left some of the individual islands. One of the most mysterious piece of land, preserved since then, is Easter Island. Social Learning Theory has compatible beliefs.

Its sometimes called the center of this mysterious country. Secluded island, a mysterious stone statues of civilization, preserved it strange phenomena occurring in its vicinity, have not yet received an explanation. Until now, science does not know how these Dvadtsatimetrovy Colossi transported from the quarries located in the depths of the island on the coast. On all questions of scientists locals replied: “They were themselves.” Do Colossi moved by a strong biofield of people who lived sometime here! The current inhabitants of Easter Island had lost the ability to move objects in space without touching them, but the memory of their ancestors amazing store for thousands of years. The famous Soviet geologist Academician VA Obruchev wrote in 1956: “It could be argued that in the heat of the equatorial belt of the Earth humanity is already at a time when both the near-polar regions were still covered with snow and ice had reached a high cultural development.

Built beautiful temples to gods, the pyramids as tombs for kings, and on Easter Island stone statues erected for protection against some enemies. And there is an interesting question: Was the death caused by other cultures and structures of some catastrophe? “Confirmation that such a catastrophe really destroyed the legendary continent is to the natives of Easter Island, first to explain how there was this little island with a remnants of an ancient civilization in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This story is presented in the book of Kondratova “Mysteries of the Great Ocean“: – Our land was once a great country, a very large country. But God Uvoke down at her own staff. The waves rose and the country to do a little.

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Faith in God is essentially the same faith as all the ones that I have already mentioned. In Christian doctrine, it is directly related to knowledge: in many verse emphasizes that faith arises, stronger, and is transmitted by reliable evidence (Mark 16:20; 2 Pet. 1:10, Luke. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Levi’s. 1:4, Acts. 1:3, 9:22). Christianity teaches is rational, rather than blind faith. By the way, Christian theologians very well uncovered the concept of reasonable belief.

ks Lewis ('Mere Christianity') describes faith as the ability to hold beliefs that once you have agreed on the basis of reliable facts and compelling arguments, regardless of volatile moods, desires and feelings. As an example, he cites a child who learns to swim. This child knows that the human body can float without support, because he saw a lot of floating people. But can he believe in it when the instructor removes his hand and leave it without the support of him? 'Until you learn how to manage moods, – writes Lewis – unless you specify them in their place, you 'll be forever restless creature, whose beliefs depend on the weather or the digestive system. Consequently, a person must develop the habit of faith. " Thus, faith is important, and it is a rational belief. Such faith is not opposed to knowledge, but rather complements it, to implement it. Many people find it difficult to understand the unity of faith and reason, and how it is possible that both know and believe in one and the same in the same sense.

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But this problem is not solvable on the plane! On paper. Do we live on paper? We were taught at school to operate the concepts of "Euclidean geometry", and simple – we were taught at school to think "flat". As for this puzzle, it has a solution, but not in the fictional and the real world. This will help us a Mobius strip. In recent months, Campbell Soup Company has been very successful. Connect the appropriate letter, and get an answer to the puzzle.

Of course, this is only the beginning. Mobius strip conceals currently hold more surprises. Focus number 1 Make another Mobius strip, turned on the half turn (180 degrees). And now try to cut the middle. I will not tell you what will happen because: a) If you already have in your hands and the Mobius strip scissors, then deny you enjoy watching what happens after the cutting – it's just a crime. b) If you did not think to take over the scissors – then what I have said the result will not surprise you. Well, how did it happen? Please Attention! How many revolutions curled received a copy? Focus number 2 Screw Sheet for 2 half-turn (360 degrees), and cut it in the middle. What happens? Focus 3 Make a Mobius strip that is screwed to the floor traffic (180 degrees), and begin slitting his retreating all the time one third of the province. What happens this time? Focus 4 now manufacture Mobius strip, which is twisted into 3 half-turn (540 degrees), and cut it in half.

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Catching up on astrology is simply impossible to ignore phenomena such as eclipses of the Sun and the Moon. However, at present, not only of concern to all astrologers, which is associated with eclipses. The number of people far from astrology, but using all available information about them from year to year increases. Nike often addresses the matter in his writings. The most ardent fans of astrology in general believe that the basic astrological knowledge should be taught in school, but it is a question for future generations. As known solar eclipse can occur only when the new moon, a moon – a full moon, the gap between them – about 14 days.

Every year, eclipses happen on average 4-5 times in a 2-3. six months. Complete astronomical information about eclipses does not fit within one small article, so it makes sense to focus on what influence they have on people. Have long believed that an eclipse entail only the most terrible and negative consequences: war, destruction, hunger, disease and death. Now astrologers agree that it is not so simple, and in each case must be considered still a lot of different factors. In other words, eclipse can not be considered in isolation. One should distinguish between the influence of eclipses on the state as a whole and for each of us in particular.

In addition, taken separately eclipse does not affect all people equally. For some, it is can indeed be fatal, some will bring interesting changes in fate, while the rest will be completely unnoticed. Only after a detailed study of the astrologer natal chart (horoscope) has the ability to determine should be afraid of the eclipse or not. In the case where the eclipse will activate one of the important points of the horoscope, to be ready for something new, not necessarily a bad thing. In all sources, where we are talking about eclipses, Astrologers are given the same advice. Thus, it is desirable to begin any new and important things for 2 weeks before and after the eclipse: look for a job, get married, to sort things out, make big deals, shopping, travel, travel, etc. As they say, do not look for adventures on his head, they will find you! All events during eclipses acquire shade fatality and foregone conclusion. And be vigilant with respect to your health: for those with weakened immune systems and chronic diseases periods of eclipses – are not the easy days. In 2009, we have to go through six eclipses: 26 January – sunny (especially important for people born on 25-27 January) 9 February-moon (reflected in the life born on February 8-10 and 12-14 August), July 7 – Lunar (has great significance for those born 6 – 8 July and 5 -7 January), July 22 – Solar (will cause changes in the lives of newborns 21 – 23 July 18 – 20 January), August 6 – lunar (Feel for yourself the people whose birthdays 5 – 7 August and 1 – 3 February) December 31 – Lunar (important for those who were born 30 – 31 December 1 January 1 – July 3). On my own I would like to add that to date I have never felt the imagine the destructive effect of eclipses. The most amazing thing is that after some eclipses, which were very significant, judging by the map creation, in front of me opened up new prospects, to establish relationships, life acquired a new meaning. Therefore, personally I'm looking at the eclipse with a great deal of optimism and expect them to get rid of the regular routine.

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Those women who can not only read information from a person or a space, but also possess power, are still referred to as witches. Richard Linklater has much to offer in this field. Sometimes with apprehension, but more in admiration The word "witch" is an old Russian root "vd", which is associated with the values of "Veda", "know", "able". In Sanskrit "Veda" means "sacred knowledge". That is the ancient word witch had no unequivocal meaning, and meant the women who kept a secret, sacred knowledge. The word "witch", first used in the meaning "one that knows everything", where there was a further "witch". Witches – Veda (knowing) have long lived apart from other people.

It's easier to gather knowledge (Observe nature). Also important was the fact that the Witch for help came only to those who really needed it. For ordinary people the witch (witch) were very respectable (that's why Sage is not in vain distracted). Even natural witch recruited their knowledge and supernatural forces in lifelong learning magic in different areas, private schools and universities, secret, sacred body and the guru who transfer of knowledge from teacher to student. One of the techniques of scientific "siddibharath" This technique is good for strong, confident person who met him. Your goal – to attract his attention, the establishment of a contact-confidence to be his step to your proximity. Well and what part it might look like an innocent flirtation: magical skills and even more true magical power must be hidden from the uninitiated.

With this method you be able to focus a "partner" for yourself. Even if he is forced to be distracted, his mind will still come back to you. And it will pull like a magnet. Initial data for this technique are: – the possibility of real (not virtual) contact with the "partner" – the distance to the "partner", in which you can clearly see his eyes. – Your ability to look into the eyes of a man at point blank range, not looking away (if you're shy, Practice, you must learn to look straight in the eye, and never the other). Love charovane abhors undue severity, treat this technique as a game where the main thing – not to win but