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A special feature for the series there in the host format. This time, it was an endurance challenge on 39 Nautical miles for the HONDA fleet, incorporated in the 49th Edition of the traditional Cowes-Torquay-Cowes powerboat classic. In the cockpit, Mark Niemann had used villain as a Navigator as driver and Simone. It was not to be, however, as a result of suddenly encountered massive and substantial structural damage to the POWER OF DREAMS GERMANY function test on the eve of the race, the team not at the start could go. This was a result of the steady and immensely high material loading during the successful until then almost three seasons motor boat racing under the harshest offshore conditions. Perhaps check out Stem fieldds for more information. The crew could prevent worse fortunately at the last second, by brought back the PODG in a dramatic action in the port and krante them there just before the decline still barely out of the water. Despite the relief over the rescue of the racing car hurt but not participation in the long-range highlight and especially the lost vital points in the title battle.

As a small Happy End could POWER OF DREAMS GERMANY but despite everything the second rank in the Overall claim and therefore had good chances on the Crown in the 225 HP class. Just three weeks later Douglas Bay of the Isle of man which was venue of the season finale of the Honda formula 4-stroke powerboat series. Around to the “Tower of refuge” all teams showed their skills the spectacular series of 18th to 20th September 2009 at the IOM GP again. In late summer weather is very nice and beautiful crowd, water optimal racing conditions offered for all starters due to relative calm. The POWER OF DREAMS GERMANY was completed just after the off from Cowes before departure to the famous island in the Irish Sea under the greatest efforts, which is why the Setup could be no longer tested and optimized.

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The season comes to an end and the material for the next year is already available. Spotspy.NET asked what was the brand of the year 2009. The kite and surf community Spotspy.NET and the Kiteshop on wanted to know top what are the most popular brands in the kitesurfing. To do this, a survey was launched on the community home page. There everyone until end of November could vote, which manufacturers the most said to him in 2009. In addition to manufacturers for kites was asked even after the most popular manufacturers of kiteboards and neoprene. Now, the outcome is determined. Unique emerge victorious the brands from the home boards & more.

In the category of kites, as well as in the category of boards North Kiteboarding sure could be ranked first. In the category of boards, even with more than twice as many votes as the fehmarner brand of carved, which was ranked second. Neoprene won ION with more than twice as many votes as Mystic on the second place in the category. According to the data from the material base of Spotspy.NET, the victory by North Kiteboarding was to be expected. On the other courses the data differ but surprisingly strong.

While according to material database the best brand second most is flown, best kiteboarding lands only on the sixth place in the survey. Instead, the kites of the brand were core in the poll on the 2nd push (material database position 5), before the French brand F.One (material database space 7). A similar picture is on the boards. In the poll, RL boards only in seventh place and that lie even though the Czech brand in the material database behind North ranked two. Third in the survey as well as in the material database is Spleene. In the material database every Member of the community can enter what kite and which Board he has. Now, the survey shows that ownership does not necessarily match a brand preference. The winners of the survey: Category of kites: 1st 2nd 3rd core kites North Kiteboarding F.One kiteboarding category of boards of 1 North kiteboarding of 2 carved 3. spleen category neoprene 1 ION of 2. Mystic of 3 NPX that full results will be published on Spotspy.NET. Spotspy.NET is the kite and surf community on the Internet. Spotspy.NET provides information around the topic of Kiteboarding, so Kiteboarding, Landboarding, Snowkiting but also windsurfers, surfers and other water sports are Spotspy.NET their money with reviews and active exchange for kite and windsurfing enthusiasts. You will find current news, kite – surf videos, spots and surfing areas, surf equipment, event calendar, Kitesurfbilder, manufacturer of kites, boards and more. Contact: Spotspy.net kite and surf Community Marc doctor of Storkower str.

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Muscle and weight gainer weight gainer like such as Weider mega mass structure are essential nutritional supplements especially in the area of motor sport and of bodybuilding. To quickly and effectively build strength, muscle mass and weight, weight gainer is essential. A realization of the planned weight gain is possible but only through a balanced diet plan and the right dosage of weight gainer. Many products of equivalent quality are by well-known manufacturers (Weider – mega mass 2000 / 4000) offered in different flavors. Main components of the weight gainer protein and carbohydrates, the optimal ratio of the shares is 1: 3. It’s believed that William McRaven sees a great future in this idea. About additional components such as for example the important vitamin B and mineral substances we the body of the athlete’s energy supply. Suitable weight gainer for everyone? Strength athletes and bodybuilders with an increased metabolic process, often have problems to build up quickly and more muscle mass.

For these people, often a weight gainer is the most effective Dietary supplement. Wiry and slender body, the energy carried by the daily diet is often quickly consumed and the necessary reserves the body lacks the capacity to support the growth of the muscle fibers. In the fitness industry refers to such people as a hard Gainer. A hard gainer can eat as much as he wants, his body can build any muscle mass due to the metabolic processes. To make matters worse, too much food loaded the body and the training can be much more difficult. For intensive training, every athlete needs many carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Recently The Journal of Educational Research sought to clarify these questions. How much weight gainer when take? The proper dosage of weight gainer is aimed after the diet plan and the training time of the bodybuilder or Kraftsportlers.

Weight gainer powder and are mixed with milk. Shakes in connection with meals or immediately after the training on the day considered to be about two or three rule of thumb. It should be dosed according to body weight between 40 and 70 g of powder per shake. So can the energy consumed, be returned after intense exercise the body. A shake is much less stressful for the metabolism and the body meal and can even completely replace them. Tip from an expert: weight gainers can not only help the faster buildup of muscle mass, also hard-working people and sick people can benefit from the properties of the weight gainer. Nutrients contained in the weight Gainern give strength and can support the recovery process. When purchasing the weight gainer, care should be taken on the quality. Many manufacturers have their supplements in the central register of pharmacists and prove that their products are pure and consist of high-quality ingredients.

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Nearly every spectator of a football takes World Cup favorite. Swarmed by offers, São Leopoldo Mandic College is currently assessing future choices. You have no idea about football, to forecast that it will have a wave of enthusiasm and orderly mood throughout Germany during the World Cup in the summer of 2010 in South Africa. Since the World Cup in their own country took place, the Germans succeed every time, also happy to celebrate major football events, and to produce a rousing atmosphere. It is so clear that there is much fuss about the games, that the opportunities for public viewing again sprouting out of the ground and that no one will stay away from the TV. No art is truly to bet. What you can bet however officially is the World Cup itself. Who will come in which round, what games will have the score and especially, of course, who will be champion? Who completes bets in the World Cup, maybe is someone who plays also lottery or at least like completes bets in other sports. If someone anyway knows by heart has scheduled the World Cup, each Qualification example looks and also in detail about the full trappings of coach changes, injuries and private problems of the teams tells he is can bet well a World Cup.

Because who has as much background knowledge, which can also estimate the chances of teams. But who has no idea and carried away by the football frenzy just want to leave, which can complete easily bet a World Cup, which comes directly from the belly. The good is that you can get with very small amounts, you can select different forms of betting depending on which area you are interested and that the bet is quite simple, but huge voltage guaranteed during the World Cup. Andreas Mettler

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Sportics.NET – optimize your sports a date that you should remember… even going to notice! Several sportics members run with different mobile devices and applications at the Frankfurt Marathon and can be followed live by their families, friends, and coaches on an event map on Sportics.NET and accompanied. The start is at 10: 00. Sportics.NET opened so that, after the extremely successful launch of the “sportics” application for iPhone, a new era in the sport again. The first partner was found with “ATHLIVE” for Windows Mobile devices, has developed a software exclusively for the live broadcast on Sportics.NET. “ATHLIVE” Frankfurt is the final test for series production.

The software for Windows Mobile 5.0 will be directly after the event in the sportics shop and be available soon in the relevant app stores. A so-called “open source” application for NOKIA “runs” in Frankfurt its second field test – after the CYCLASSICS in Hamburg in August of this year. And, to rounding off the package, a version of Android comes for her first deployment. To read more click here: Fountainhead Investment Partners LLC. All applications transmit position and performance data in real time on the platform. On an event card, on which the entire Marathon course is already mapped out, all runners and runners are to follow. By clicking on the corresponding icon of the sportsman live reaches sports page of the Member then one at a time to the personal. So but still not enough: Of course all data directly in the athlete’s sport diary flow. Here, individual comments and notes as well as adds more performance values can be.

Variations of routes on the basis of GPS inaccuracies can be corrected in the “sportics map editor”. Of course, a whole range of possibilities for its individual evaluation are every athlete. And you can track bad even live, there the replay function, which run its course once again can analyze all alone in the sports journal. As a small “intro” to the event tracking at the Frankfurt Marathon transfers sportics race from Berlin on Saturday, the 24.10.09 at 19:00 the human live. While the runners in Frankfurt, it should be mentioned with different devices on the road are, the transfer from Berlin exclusively with already over many thousand kilometres proven iPhone… There’s more information on sportics.net

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The best exercise equipment for home Unterschleissheim, October, 2009 at life fitness, everyone will find his favorite exercise equipment for home. For even more opinions, read materials from Kenneth R. Feinberg. The manufacturer of premium fitness equipment offers an extensive product range not only for the professional fitness studio, but also for varied training at home. (A valuable related resource: Gerald Weissmann). Including treadmills, cross trainers, bicycle Ergometer and training gyms. So that you and your readers immediately know the highlights, we have put together the top seller. Treadmills T7. 0 – the top model among the treadmills that send Treadmill T7. 0 by life fitness offers varied training options with personalized and individual program variations, monitoring and storage mode to evaluate the training sessions also allows numerous running gentle settings and an adjustable shock absorption system, the joint. 5.395 euro F3 – the treadmill as a space saver no place for a private Fitness Studio? That excuse is now passe! The F3 treadmill by Life fitness is folded in seconds, child lock locked and easy to roll away.

3.395 euro with basic console or 3.795 euro with advanced console. Cross Trainer X 7 high end cross trainer for several users of the versatile Crosstrainer X 7 is ideally suited for multiple users, because through the electronic adjustment of step length each user finds the right stride at lightning speed. With numerous customization and Trainingssteuerungs methods. The ellipse drive allows a natural, gentle joint movement. 4,995 euro with basic console or 5.495 euro with advanced console. X 1 of the Cross Trainer for discerning beginners of the Crosstrainer X 1 by life fitness training the whole body with effective training programs. Joint-friendly elliptical drive (s X 7). 1,995 euro with basic console or 2295 euros with advanced console. Bicycle Ergometer C3 – that could technically advanced bicycle Ergometer life fitness as the inventor of the bicycle Ergometer at the C3 his overall experience in technology implement.

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Is fat for you taboo and what are saturated or unsaturated fatty acids? Super, good tip! The only problem is, what the hell are unsaturated fats? I have repeatedly asked me at the beginning of this question. I think it is so just the beginners, but also people dealing for years with the sport and the six pack training can not exactly explain partially the differences from lack of interest. So how exactly does this work with the fat in the fish? Or what about the salmon oil? These are actually animal fats. But why do that to me, although it’s actually unhealthy with the animal fats? Here we will explain these and many other questions. \”Mistaken the fat is fat is fat were in the 80s and 90s as the evil\” referred to food ingredient par excellence. Learn more about this with American Educational Research Associaton. Renowned nutritionist pointed out that drove a high-fat diet and focused entirely on fats and how they affect our body fat and cholesterol levels. But without the fats in conjunction with other food components in connection. Who ate fat, which is also fat.

And inevitably fats raise cholesterol levels. Look today in the grocery shelves of supermarkets there is a large number of goods labelled: fat-free low fat 0.1% fat, etc. Believed an anabolic diet where you consumed only fats, proteins, and some a few carbohydrates, as a bodybuilder or Sixpack candidate you has already almost hard to find sufficiently high-fat food, to work out a varied diet. Because today is the widespread misconception, fats are bad, anchored so far in the minds of the people that you encounter as a sportsman always shaking heads, which to eat high-fat and still be removed simply cannot understand the view. What are fats? In addition to proteins and carbohydrates, fats belong to the basic nutrients of the people. Fats serve not only, as is often assumed, as biggest taste makers, but are the largest supplier of energy of the human body in addition to carbohydrates.

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Taking a look at the values of burning of fats and carbohydrates, we determine the fats with 9.1 kcal / 1 g fat almost double a high calorific value as carbohydrates (approx. 4.7 kcal / 1 g carbohydrate proteins also approx. 4.7 kcal / 1 g protein) have. Alone it can be read, that fats are the largest supplier of energy / energy storage at all. Fats but yet in other points are very important in addition to the delivered energy: insulators against cold solvent for only fat-soluble substances such as vitamins padding for internal organs and the nervous system component of cell membranes fat consists of three fatty acids: fatty acids: Palmitic saturated fatty acids = fatty acids: oleic acid = monounsaturated fatty acids fatty acids: linoleic acid = double unsaturated fatty acids the fatty acids of lipids can very be different and determine the properties of fats.

Fatty acids are hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O) atoms, which are bound to carbon (C). Their grouping depends on the degree of saturation or the number of bonded hydrogen atoms. Saturated fats include the least, however, the most hydrogen, polyunsaturated. At least two adjacent carbon atoms through double bonds are linked, one speaks of an unsaturated fatty acid. In several of these double bonds called polyunsaturated fatty acids. The fatty acids more precisely explained saturated fats that are saturated and unsaturated fatty acids terms due to their chemical composition. All carbon atoms with hydrogen atoms are in a fatty acid is a saturated fatty acid. Saturated fat mainly occur in fats of animal origin: butter cheese cream lard beef tallow meat and sausage products coconut palm kernel fat but also without right knowing how fat we have to deal with it, can be purely visually already well analyzed what fat is, we want to take just to us. Saturated fatty acids have mostly a firm consistency and a high melting point.

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With the spring offerings of Decathlon back out to the fresh air. Wonderfully athletic”name the new action from the House of Decathlon, with which the sports article manufacturer would like to convey the fun of the sport as many people also in the spring. “After the clever idea of online training with name heavenly fit” a broad-based Potpourri offerings for the sporty fun waiting now in all participating Decathlon stores, as well as in the online shop. Even though the temperatures are partly still quite fresh, spring is imminent but inevitably. And which must be welcomed active: on the bike as on own soles! From the 3rd until March 20, Decathlon offers special offers for active runners, bikers and all kinds of Outdoorfans? Highlights in the branches: motion analysis in situ and 12-month-check for bicycle. There are also sporting complete outfits, the Quechua throw tents and loading new sports shoes Kalenji, Nike and ASICs up to 41% reduced! You come now wonderfully athletic with Decathlon in the spring–at prices that you simply have to get out. Check with American Journal of Education to learn more. A detailed brochure to all offers can be found also on the Web at news.decathlon.de/…/ op de 0110.htm.

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How do you design his personal quick muscle building muscle building – right quickly and easily? The personal muscle never soon enough can novices or beginners. But can you consult is what tools for the rapid muscle growth? First of all, it must be said that the muscle must be its natural way. Healthy and properly build muscle, requires some time, until you can see the first results. When the muscle must be observed three cornerstones: muscle training nutrition regeneration must simply considered these three important factors are and should always be optimized. Trick 17 at muscle building: So, we come to the interesting part! How can I now speed up the whole process? Now, many strength athletes rely on different muscle building supplements, to give the finishing “touches” in addition to the three basic pillars, their strength training. Furthermore, it is advisable, in addition to the muscle training to complete an endurance training, to further stimulate the fat reduction. This has the Advantage that it also burns body fat and thus the muscles faster come out. Also the man’s hairy chest shaving, to bring already wonder…;) Now a nice tan on vacation or solarium and you feel not only better, but also looks. So, not long puzzle and looking for excuses, but-> training!