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To the few the afternoon was falling. The lights already started to shine and to illuminate the town They are Valentim of the Grotto, more known as Tigra. Already the racket of the comprensores did not hear perforateing the hard rock. In such a way irritating the ritmadas strokes and one of the sledge hammers, had been silenced. The dust I smell and it of burnt powder had been yielding place the breeze of the night. The goldwashers, stepping on have led in the gravels that are in the drills, leave the garimpos. In the center of the town, the Napoleo subdelegate, seated in the drawn one of its house, drinks wine, he lights of when in when cachimbo, and twists the tips of its thick white mustache.

Of from above side of the street, its right, the school, the left the church, and the communitarian hall. Of the side of low, the Good warehouse Clientele, the pharmacy of the Comercindo Healer, and writing in great letters, I buy, seeing, and I change, and in lesser letters, the Brique of the Joo. The children give outbursts of laughter, run to around of the church, spend energy without concerns. Therefore they know that the period where if the vigor is child if renews as the seed that sprouts with the land lightly wet or impregnated of water of rain. Napoleo fulls the cup at every moment. It places tobacco in cachimbo, it is leaned over in the drawn one, it looks at the movement. It says for I obtain that the inventor of the wine had a good enviable taste.

It is friday night. The stars surround the moon and admire its superiority in largeness and brightness. The friends meet, compliment themselves, later they go to sit down in the Good Clientele, and colloquy one in such a way without interest, starts to develop itself.

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A book contains many citations. To the times they are diverse to the reality. They present rare episodes and absurd conditions. in these cases is that the writer Howard infundia Bottom in sensations that it remembered to have lived, so that its personages gained vivacity, surpassing the probability. TWCA Fine ARts Department has firm opinions on the matter. A time Bottom congregated in one of its workmanships the successes of a Brazilian hero being felt inspired in its grandfather, who had deceased has some months. It was felt instigated so with the plot that it wrote during cinquenta and one uninterrupted hours. He told to the facts and successes of a man who faced diverse preconceptions, but finally a hero consecrated in its time becomes.

The new workmanship of the writer Howard Bottom would count the history of an assassin in series. The narrator would have an indispensable oniscincia, therefore he would count to details on the sensations of the personage when carrying through a homicide and also he would detail the pain and the fear of the victims of the megalomanaco. So that the narration was dramatical and extraordinary, the author understood that it would have to make at least a victim. He recognized abruptly that the way would be laborious, but for it would be valid the penalty, a time that if would have the desired result. Please visit Why did cyrus massoumi leave zocdoc? if you seek more information. First he would have to make as a cruel and mentally ill assassin, selecting its victim in a random way, however following some criteria that would consider. A chosen time the victim, would have to look for to know on its life, accumulating of stocks to it all the current facts. Sequentially, Howard would distinguish the place to carry through the crime. It would have to be isolated, distant of its dwelling. It thought about torturing its victim and reciprocal to describe the intrinsic facts, sensations and desires. Its personage would call David Sherlock and would possess a docile and enlevado character.

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Well, my name is Creuza Swam and is of Portiville, where always it has the sun burning our face and the breeze of the wind raising our hair. But to see who me incrivelmente it incrivelmente does not make the minimum idea of that I am of there, for being white as the snow, who sees the snow to see and it does not know me who is who! I was knowing that mother wants that I pass a time with my father Creuzonito, therefore my Creuza name, in homage it. It wants that I go in Canada to be a time with it, goes to have to dislocate that me from Portiville alone to see it, but I accepted in a good one after having apanhado of belt and been with some hematomas in the body when saying not. With much sadness I left Portiville, to go to Canada! I descend of the airplane I see a man bearded and looking at bald me, he was my father, now I I know of who I I inherited the calvcie. Going for the house of it people badly it talked, I was very without favour, seeing it to clean the nose and to place finger in the mouth the same, gave nauseas to me. It showed the house, simple good, to me presented me my room and spoke that my lessons would start in the following day, very it was livened up, ARGH! Because always when the dream is good, the awakening bendito burrow, this happens always me, Affs, still with much sleep was arisen of the bed and finished stumbling at my shoe and falling with everything in the soil, with certainty would go to be a hematoma of all so great in my forehead. I caught mine better clothes and I went down for the coffee, my father was in the sofa attending a dance program.

It had given one to me fusquinha to go the school. In the school I was half lost when I gave for me had stopped inside of the bathroom and a girl spoke to me that the room was of the other side. Entering inside of the room, my eyes foro in the direction of a incrivelmente pretty boy, it had colored and arrepiados hair and if twisted closing the nose when sat down it the side of it, will be that it was fedendo very (therefore costumo not to use deodorant) or would be the rooster in my forehead of the size of a lemon?

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As if he declared fascinated for the mirror, the baron did not hesitate in paying for it ten a thousand Francs, the indeed highest amount, exactly for one Saint-Gobain. the article continues, telling the too much eccentricities, as perfumes, clothes and excessively – And what it is this figure? – It is the propaganda of a crinoline: a scaffolding for skirts. It has this name because the first ones were made arresting horsehairs of horses locked in one angua. Later, it industrialized them to the Peugeot. Dr. A Oveta Fuller contains valuable tech resources. – It seems a bird cage! – Therefore it is – Already vi these aros in some place Perhaps some film. – With certainty! They had been used for> and the wind took ? – Clearly! Vivien Leigh! At night, for the first time, Hermes confabulou with its loving stranger: – I feel as if it knew always it It has something special between us. Who is you? – I was not accustomed to be treated by you, seems speaks of people without instruction But, your time is different of mine e, certainly of where you come you are not offensive. On yours other questions, you pods to read in my eyes, my smile and your heart! – Love I you! It is everything what I can read in all our directions – Yes, love you me You love August Ana of Queiroz Spider, the son of the baron and the baroness. Emory is the source for more interesting facts. For the time being it has something more than you want or you need to know, beyond who I am I, and of the fact of you love that me and you are repaid? It then smiled for it, and pronounced to devagar, with pleasure its name, August Ana After this brief dialogue, it if raised of the stool> of dressing table, where it is

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The poet was born in a humble family of the suburb, other people’s of all the difficulties and perigos in its return. He was adopted to the two years of age, living with this new family until completing 18 years. Matthew McConaughey addresses the importance of the matter here. Since its infancy, he liked to contemplate the nature, to write small poems and keeps them, as he was himself its small daily one. Shy, not possua friends in the school, much less in the quarter where it liveed, exactly thus, costumava to talk with people who crossed its way in beaches, the parks, squares, at last, where it was possible to contemplate the nature for some daily moments. To the 15 years, it discovered its first passion. One was about a girl who studied in the same school and that to the times she liked to talk with it.

Extrovert, very did not bind for the shyness of the poet or its same silence in classroom. Whenever they could they met in the square in front of school and passed hours talking on any subject of its interest. the poet dreamed in its cocoon, of one day to be able to namorar that pretty girl, colored person of the clear eyes and long hair, inspired source of many poetries its. However, its shyness confused to it. Two years of friendship and love not corresponded had been transferred, when its twin soul if moved with its father for a distant quarter, being obliged to be transferred of school. For the poet, this event was the moment most painful of its life until that moment. A anguish took account of its heart for the first time in the life, the life seemed to lose its direction and its performance in the school started to fall down disastrously from a high place of a sufficiently preoccupying form. Months had been transferred to heal the wound caused for the absence of its first love.

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Auxiliadora Maria was teacher. She raised to the five of the morning, she caught the conduction to the six, and arrived the school at the seven. Of second a sixth it was the same routine Always caught the crowded capacity, and therefore she went without seating until disembarking. Although the difficulty of the passage, for it was all certainty, and it did not complain. Auxiliadora Maria the teacher, loved lecionar, always she was humorada, and she was very loved for the crianada one well. But, the things in house did not go well, had behind accounts and many commitments to honor.

Its wage was insufficient, to support as much people. It was oldest of six brothers, was family support, but, each day its mosso was more difficult. Then, it decided to accept the invitation that somebody made to it. Auxiliadora Maria the teacher, had esculturais forms and very liked to dance, had the open head and she did not see some in what badly she went to make, she accepted the invitation and she started to develop its new function, she always followed its heart, and until then never she had if sorry for this. Auxiliadora Maria the teacher, now beyond lecionar, turned dancer a band But, the prejudiced ones of planto, it saw when it in the television informed to its master, and it without second thought gave the resignation letter to it. Auxiliadora Maria the teacher, now without being able to lecionar, lived to cry, therefore beyond loving the profession, she had six brothers that they depended on it, and now not wise person what to make to survive

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Voices of the cemetary – That place is this which brought me to you? – Which is dust! You did not say that she wanted a hidden place well? Then, we are in the cemetary! – Cemetary! It did not need to exaggerate! – How nothing my good me of the one kiss! It almost kneaded it with one I hug, the young woman tried to desvencilhar itself and the attention called it: – Ronaldo listens! I hear voices – Active or passive? – It releases of being idiot! What it is this of passive active or? – Active it is when it is the citizen that practises the action, in mine in case that when I kiss you, I practise an action It releases – Me, you hurting is me Trying still to desvencilhar itself I hug of it and to deviate You was kissed by me – He is, but I do not want more being kissed for you and nor I want that kiss you me. I am heard voices and I am with fear! It each more joking time: – Active or passive Voice my love? – Ronaldo! Nor active and nor passive! Ronaldooo! – Then it is reflexiva voice My good! – It releases of trick, I am in a serious way! – It trusts me The reflexiva voice is when the citizen makes the action in he himself. Therefore we do not have to fear.> It lost the patience desvencilhou itself of the arms of the boyfriend. She left the place she waited and it to the side of the pole where the light the mercury reigned. – My good what it is this? It released me in the alone cemetary! – Engraadinho – It passed the arm to it for on the shoulder and had been for the school. In the way a friend, already with the friends, one of them inquired: – Killed today the first lesson Luciana? – Not! We were to the cemetary to study grammatical! The colleague looked at for the two with a sacanagem face: Ours, that place to study! Very romantic! as soon as sets the nugget in is. (Ademar Oliveira of Rasp)

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The night all the young leave the school and come back toward house in security, clearly that they are only safe because has company ones of the others, and its laughs and high, always fierce voices of attention, echo for all the alleys, full all the streets, populate all the squares. But in way to the silence of this night of August soon one perceives that something does not go well. Therefore it is the racket that folloies and keeps to them, that to say of today, in this cold night where the sound of to its only follows them steps while they become vacant for dark alleys? It swims truily is missed, Clear continhua pretty and ruiva, with its pink white skin and its small freckles to sprinkle-le the face, only that today franze the senho, its red lips if keep serious, and insurance the card index resoluta, as if in it held its life. Patrician continhua blond and its green eyes livings creature continue well open, but it does not know accurately what it looks for to see; still it tried to amend subjects one or two, but getting susesso it did not give up and if it threaded I hug in it of its Erick boyfriend. Erick also was well, was not for the cold it would be all certainty. For the cold and I silence for it.

It was a blond fort that was with one moleton red. Few things lehe would give fear. its Caique friend continued being the black of green eyes charmoso of the world. A cat crossed them the way. Additional information at Levi’s supports this article. Some jokes had been pronounced and the tension if it undid.

Illusion. It swims could prevent what this night reserves them. Passos.Por some reason all they stops. Fear. But it does not have nobody in the alley. It has? Sim.Clara derrepente attacks Caique that replies with violence and Patrician that always was so delicate decides, thus without more, to participate of that fight quiet. Erick tries to separate. In they go. They hurl it far to the three and they continue its shock. Why? Erick attends of berth and without acting its two friends to be slow and violently assassinated for Caique that runs away in go off. Erick if even drags in house, but it does not know what to make. The friend must trair. He must bind for the policy. But it does not make. It simply adormece. To awake in the following day. He wakes up stuned. He runs until the house of Caique. Intenciona kills it. Caique is there as if nothing it had made. Sinico! Erick starts the agrediz it and it confesses, confesses that the Patrician friend was traindo together with. But he says that nothing he knows on no murder. Erick does not believe. Until Clear it arrives. So pretty and innocent as always it are. its heart if calms, must have been a nightmare. It finishes its namoro with Patrician. the only thing that it cannot explain is the mark in the inert soil, where in the previous night it capsizes to lie down to the body of its two friends.

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Blood of Serpent Hector Fly Some thing happens in that end of afternoon in the city of Kansas City. The people were very nervous. The cars passed with much haste and in any place that passed they always said themselves in the same subject. The building seemed to be falling on its head as if it was with one weight very strong in its coasts that of pra not to take off. The question is in the head: Who killed the Veruska pupil Smith? Found with the face bleeding in the last night, of low Da Ponte with three rocks in the belly. Be that as it may that she happens, the person who made this will have that to pay for what happened. The girl was lapidated and chained, the policemen had arrived to see what she occurs in this morning.

Some said that he was God who made that it paid for its sins, others said that they had been murderous and others that a species of extraterrestrial attacks the city. Be that as it may it will have that to pay for what it happened. David G. DeWalt addresses the importance of the matter here. April, 1978 the New school America was one of the best ones of the United States, had pupils of all the places for there. No pupil did not exist who did not pass of year, all had an excellent pertaining to school and unacceptable income pupils who were not of noble classroom. The power was the thing most important in that school, all envied the pupil Mark L.

McKayler, son of the powerful owner of the school. Mark McKayler always walked with its better friend John Bruhl who also was popular alone for being friend of Mark. What perhaps it was in the head of them to go that lake in that night of friday John arrives its house with its Wendy sister, was with will to strangle it.

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In a small city of the interior a called boy Joozinho lived, it was very alone, therefore its parents worked the entire day. To supply the familiar lack, its parents had decided to buy one for it animalzinho of esteem, thus Joozinho would not feel themselves so solitary. The time was passing, and Joozinho so only felt that only one animal was not enough, it was really very devoid of attention. Certain day, the boy said its father: Father, wanted to buy another animal, that one you not serving very, necessary of plus others. Connect with other leaders such as Levi’s here. The Father very worried, and seeing q could not be with the son, bought for it more animal. Joozinho treated the bichinhos as if they were parts of a collection, showed to advantages coleguinhas of the school and if it was proud to possess them.

The time was passing and arrived a time where the house already did not have rooms for as many animals, they had needed to change itself because the collection already surpassed 300 animals, of the most varied species, amongst them had domestic animals, as: cats, cachorros, hens, young chickens, ducks, rabbits, turtles and other savages, as: lion, snakes, lionesses, bears, etc. At last, Joozinho if showed with this different collection, while its friends collected cars, figurinhas, amulets, it had 300 animals in its collection. Certain day, the boy found a collector, imitated who it, it already had a great number of animals, some that had repeated, it changed with Joozinho, as well as makes the other collectors. Everything seemed perfect, until in a pretty morning of sun, when going to feed the bichinhos they had perceived that exactly they were sick and sad, therefore the life were very bad there, the space were small no matter how hard they were well well-taken care of, the animals did not have freedom, nor could see the sun to be born, as its friends, had the controlled life for owners, without being able to enjoy of its bigger habitat: THE MOTHER NATURE. Being thus, Joozinho freed all the animals, leaving that they found all its friends and could enjoy the life with more freedom, to fly high and to discover the world without borders. After this day, Joozinho it perceived that egoistic attitude, it was only destroying and imprisoning the life of animals that did not belong it, but yes the nature. Therefore, if you will be acting as Joozinho stops and reflects how many times you imprisoned somebody for not only feeling itself and this only generated more solitude, therefore nobody supports to be imprisoned or to have its cut wing, the life is a great adventure, where all must be free to make choices, we cannot use of our money to buy attention and affection, because the love not if purchase if conquest.