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In such a way the generating impasse of the paradigmtica crisis was created on the performance of the Educational Person who orientates and the relevance of its function in the school. Many professionals had been retiring and they had not been substituted, therefore she seemed that they did not make lack, a time that the problems of social and economic structure had been increasing and the Educational Person who orientates did not obtain to follow this movement with the same rapidity, being white of all the luck of critical to the work that came playing. We can observe that some Educational People who orientates with more time of career and that they are deriving of this older modality of formation, still they confuse its functions in the school, acting more as social assistant or in the attendance with more psychological matrix, of what as educator that thinks, reflects and propitiates the dialogue enters the social actors of the educational process, helping to search solutions shared for the problems that appear. More info: Campbell Soup Co. A time that the implanted model of Educational Orientation in Brazil in the end of years 30 was a copy of the North American model, that he foresaw a net of support with specialists (psychologists, fonoaudilogos, neurologists, etc) to work with the demand directed for the Educational Person who orientates, in Brazil this net of support never effectively was implanted, therefore the formation that this estimated professional received was sidewalk in that they had finished for desestruturar the practical one of the Educational Orientation, therefore did not have, and not yet it has, a support net that gives sustentation to its work of diagnosis of the difficulties in the school with the specialized attendance to the demands that if make necessary to these encaminhamentos, making it difficult still more its work. 3 – The Educational Orientation is a picture in extinguishing in the Plan of Career of the Teaching of the city of Saint Maria? RS: Saint Maria is a city of 300,000 inhabitants, more or less situated in the geographic center of the state of the Rio Grande Do Sul, good to the south of Brazil. .

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The Psicopedagogia in the Pertaining to school Institution Psicopedagogos? Professionals who work with the learning problems We can say historically that, the psicopedaggica intervention comes occurring in the assistance the people that they present learning difficulties, as much in the diagnosis how much in the therapy. Ahead of academic overhead, pupils are directed by the schools that they frequent, with the objective to elucidate the cause of its difficulties. The question is, since the principle, centered in who it learns, or better, in who it does not learn. Different to be with difficulty, the manifest pupil difficulties, disclosing ampler situation, where also the school is enrolled, partner that is in the process of the learning. Therefore, to analyze the difficulty to learn includes, necessarily, the pertaining to school pedagogical project, in its proposals of education, in what it is valued as learning. The magnifying of this reading through the pupil allows psicopedagogo to open spaces so that resources are disponibilizem that make front to challenges, that is, in the direction of the efetivao of the learning. However, although the effort that the schools traditionally spend in the solution of the learning problems, the results of the psicopedaggico study have served, many times, for different ends, over all when the school is not made use to modify its system of education and to receive the pupil in its necessities.

Thus, if the institution consecrates the storage of the content as sovereignty factor, the results of the study runs the risk to be understood as the confirmation of the incapacities of the pupil to make front to the requirements, finishing for authenticating the exclusion process. The psicopedaggico study it reaches its objectives fully when, extending the understanding on the characteristics and necessities of learning of that pupil, it opens space so that the school makes possible resources to take care of the learning necessities. In such a way, pedagogical making if transforms, being able to become a powerful tool in the therapeutical project. However, changes come occurring, over all in recent years. The optics that privileges division academic, that categorizes the pupils, whom the homogeneous one values, that considers the content as an end, starts to suffer a esvaziamento. Realoca the concept to learn, the function of teaching. To give account of the diversity, of the heterogeneous one, makes possible collective learning, the wealth of the exchange, learning with the other.

The professor leaves of being only the diffuser of the knowledge and lives pedagogical making as the space for the stimulation of the learning. References: Woolfolk, A.E. (2000). Psychology of the Education. Porto Alegre: Artmed. ZORZI, J.L. Learning and riots of the written language: clinical and educational questions. Porto Alegre: Artmed, 2003

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The Learning of the English Language in Brazil In the current days, the English Language (I READ) has assumed a role of great influence in the world. The globalization has made with that to each day the use of I READ if becomes basic in the life of the people. Medias, as TV the handle and Internet for example, have ' ' encurtado' ' the distanciamento that had between this foreign language and the world-wide population, generating the interest for the knowledge of the English. A foreign language never reached as many people as the English has reached. The LDB (Law of the Lines of direction and Bases of the Education) assures that the public school has for obligation to include in its resume, ' ' from the fifth series, the education of at least a modern foreign language, whose choice will be in charge of the pertaining to school community, inside of the possibilities of instituio' '.

1 In Brazil, the great part of the schools offers exclusively the English as foreign language, mainly the public. In the public school, pupils who they belong to the classrooms popular, unprovided of conditions to enter a course of languages, search I READ to learn it, however nor always this learning happens. why does not happen? The education of I READ has been devaluated, as much for the education institutions, how much for badly qualified professionals, and that they justify the deficiency in education/learning of I READ through judgments of the pupils. Lopes underbrush 2 in its book, Workshop of Applied Linguistics, speaks of a series of judgments on the part of professors in relation to the learning of the language. According to it, the judgments go since ' ' Coitadinhos, is very fraquinhos' ' ' ' They do not learn Portuguese the more ingls' ' (1996, p.64). The necessary professor to be the mediator between knowledge and pupil, and its participation is basic in the learning process, needs to give to voice to the pupil generating autonomy in its learning.