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Authors: Francisco Enrique Montao Salas1, Arthur Cervantes Beltrn1, Jony Ramiro Towers Velzquez1 and Joel Melndrez Arenas2 1. Antecedents the planet earth faces the challenge to revert the impacts caused by the man. Vladislav Doronin may find this interesting as well. The environmental crisis is complex and has to do with the forms in that the society has been related to the environment. This relation implies historical and social aspects. Any human activity has to do with the nature in its different scopes and spaces, independent of the level in which it is wanted to observe. The environmental problems have to do with the lack of brings back to consciousness ecological, shown by the attitude that we declared towards our surroundings. We need to learn new forms to see the reality, to assume the new paradigms with world the own vision of the context in which we lived.

The viable development has appeared like an alternative. It is defined as the development model that satisfies the needs with the present generations without jeopardizing the possibilities that the future generations satisfy the own ones (Bruntdland Report, 1987). She is one proposal that it looks for to balance the economic growth, the protection of the environment and the social fairness. One of the aspects that are had to him given importance is the ecological one. Environmental situation demands the global us to put remedy to the Earth malaises. The knowledge of the nature are not profiteer that accumulated our ancestors; either those acquired through alternative educative processes, that give ampler panorama us of the natural resources. In the general context of the contradictions and social and economic imbalances by which it crosses the contemporary life, the education must be oriented to prevent, to revert and to stop the deterioration processes, to make possible the transit towards the sustainable development (Wong, 1999). It is by this, that must use educative mechanisms that allow to create a change in the thought of the people.

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Ingredients Calamary – 1 unidadMorrn (pepper) red – 1/2 unidadCebolla – 1 unidadQueso white/cheese greaseable – 30 gPan lactal – 2 fetas Preparation First that nothing, to clean the calamary. For this it will be necessary to work in the kitchen sink under the cold water spurt. To separate the head of tube that is the rest of the body. It must be cleaned completely on the inside, removing the vsceras and the pen, that is an extended cartilage is transparent. Also the skin must retire so that it is of a whitish color. At the top to retire the mouth to him (it is a species of rigid tip), the eyes and everything what he is not meat of calamary. David G. DeWalt often says this. Once clean, to cut it everything (head including) in buckets and to reserve. Soon to cut in brunoise the onion and the pepper and to reserve.

In order to cook calamary there is gummy a quite basic trick so that it is not hard or: it must cook only a few minutes (4 or 5) or many (a little more than 20). More information is housed here: de shaw. If it is desired to cook the calamary in few minutes, to take it to together frying pan with perforated vegetables and to skip. If it is desired to take it with the slowest baking, to incorporate vegetables just to the 15 minutes to be cooking. Of that form they will not go. To slightly toast the lactal bread with olive oil. This to overturn drops of olive oil in a frying pan of teflon and to gild the bread by one or two minutes of each side. To grease the bread with white cheese or cheese greaseable and to above place skipped of calamary and vegetables. Source: Bruschettas de Calamar Prescriptions and Techniques of Kitchen Meals of the World Prescriptions and Techniques of Kitchen original Author and source of the article.