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Other people! Which shone with their own light thus giving illumination to the monumental hall where we were we moved we went towards them I began to cross the hall and to see the faces of the people hoping find to somebody .nos relative we touched our arms as greeting form were no familiar face but to less she was not single, she said – me for my adentros, treating about reconfortarme- all different ramos, and we spoke to different languages I paused once she had crossed all the people of the place. She asks the person side to him, that did all in this site? I watch myself and with much calm she said to me: – We wait for – and by stranger who seems conforms to me to that answer, at least somebody wise person something! – She spent the time, and began to arrive but people from different tunnels, those that apparently ended all at this hall was rare nontapeworm hunger, neither physiological thirst, nor needs, it felt but me or, asks to him around the group if it passed the same and responded to them positively, – those that understood my question, clearly-I began to think about the theory that we were deads, and did not seem to me so crazy. I am not safe how long passage with exactitude, suddenly I am listened to a voice, that oa in all the hall, of way clear and perfect, and reassuring spoke all the languages, directed especially to each of us, and it said to us: – ventured Well is, children of my creation children of light, them I have brought through time, because I have necessity to take message through you to paradise earthly that I constructed all the beings living paradise this patient and only you will be able to save them, because there are human beings who are not light, are beings who live in the dark Culmino the voice and I indicate to us that we could do questions to him, that all serian responded. Swarmed by offers, David G. DeWalt is currently assessing future choices. The people with whom she found me began to do questions to them, some in languages that did not understand and others in my language could not think that this was happening, I included that the ship that had seen with my family, was there was to transport us to some no longer felt pain, only hope and nowadays I am between you, taking the light message for which they are in the dark. Like I, also are but people around the world. many but people light ..

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In his cosmology it influences the existence of two suns; authentic and the reflected one, the night is a species of eclipse produced by the Earth interposition between the sun and the fire. The stars and the planets are the authentic fire. The stars unlike the planets that are free estan nailed, and the light moves from a place to another one in shortest time. The principles of the mortal beings are ether to us and the first beings who existed were the trees. Empedocles was first in supposition that the plants tenian sex. The beings were generated at random by aggregation of loose elements but those only survived that better were organized. 35 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo Creyo in the migration of the souls. The perception occurs by the adjustment between pores, being this size the one that establishes the difference between the diverse senses.

Empedocles escribio two poems: of the nature and the purifications. Young philosophers and Empedocles physiques quizo to illustrate by knowledge, or intuition. Two suns, authentic and the reflected one. That is to say, to the sun and the moon. Then we know, that the sun is authentic in its light energy and the same it allows us to observe the phenomenon happened in the moon.

Which reflects the light of the sun. Since this is an opaque body and thanks to the sun it receives his luminous being. The question can be since it makes the sun authentic to shine? Well: then creido is had during long time that the sun was an enormous ball of fuel matter that ardia, to way of a coal reserve, has been changing of idea for a century only and it is had enpesado to look for other possibilities. A combustible sun indeed not habria been able to burn in this way for more than a few million years.

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If one sees clearly, through near examination and care, that the search of the pleasure does not lead to the happiness, then our vision by means of the pleasure in the life is altered from the beginning and the search of the pleasure vanishes without no effort, sacrifice or suppression. Then there is a natural austerity that is totally different from the practical imposed car of austerities. Of equal way if one really carried out, by means of our own observation and investigation, that one is not essentially different from another human being because one shares with them the same problems of the fear, the insecurity, desire, the greed, the violence, the solitude the pain and the egoistic interest, that operates in brings back to consciousness of all we, then one would not feel so different from another human being. Through our ignorance we give a tremendous importance to the relative superficial differences between us, like the differences in beliefs, property, knowledge, ability, that are all acquisitions. It is hour to take step to the changes that generate the step necessary to determine why we happened thus through this plane, which is our mission, reason of being and of undertaking actions that maintain to us kind, wide-awake for our cultivation of the spirit that is the transcendental thing and to have profiteer the life opportunity that has been bequeathed to us. It is precise to be kind to the disorder that there is within one same one, kind to the contradictions, the dualistic fights, to opposed desires, kind to the ideological activities and their unreality. One has to observe ” what es” without condemning, judging, evaluating absolutely.

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Usually it happens that the scholastic failure in children appears like the accumulation of small failures that are acquiring an important dimension as they are oriented towards different matters. This it is translated in a rejection towards the school and everything what this means. Other causes of the scholastic failure nondue to the academic made difficult ones are: The necessity to draw attention thus to make sure an excellent place in the family. Usually it happens that the scholastic failure is a form to express the own problems, before the emotional conflicts takes place a blockade of the intellectual activity. The scholastic failure can be a form to attack the parents.

It can be a form to express the young one on his incapacity in relation to the level of studies. How to avoid the failure: Spending time to him of quality to the boy, more than time in amount. The quality is in paying attention to the small calls on the part of the boy, in reinforcing when it must and punishing of suitable way. Of this form we are avoiding that the boy develops any strategy with a view to to obtain the attention that needs. Being kind to the mood of the boy, in case of noticing possible symptoms of depression or anxiety it is necessary to try to communicate with him, in case it does not make case we must go to a specialist so that it advises to us how to tolerate to us so that we do not make worse the situation. Asking to us what is what can be working bad between the relation father-son would clarify enough doubts to us and would allow us to make decisions. It is important to be pending of how the boy in the school goes, how he feels, what problems present/display.

In some schools, mainly in the consertados ones, a level to the children is demanded to them whom often the due one surpasses and who do not consider the individual needs of each. He observes how his son organizes itself, what schedule has, if to memorise the matter of correct form. Filed under: Stan Laurel. When it finishes studying hgale small examinations to verify if it has really learned the lesson. A permanent contact with the school is due to maintain to verify that everything it finds in sequence in regarding the education of the boy. The scholastic failure since it has commented not only is a question of academic nature, with the attitude of the parents often it is possible to be arrived to detect and to avoid of precocious way.

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and S. Leventhal (2000), JenssenEric. (1994), White chavero (2002), Cazau Paul (2001).This document develops styles daprendizaje in base model Orion developed by Curry (1987)., since many models can be framed in one of their categories. Chevrier Jacques (2001) to cause the growth of the number of theories of learning proportionately increased models of learning styles. Curry (1987) in the lireratura there are multiple classifications of different models of learning styles: Cazau Paul (2001), Jacques Chevrier (2001),. Filed under: barrett beauden. Eric Jenssen (1994).The development of different models of learning styles is based on the classification proposed by Curry (1987) since most models can be framed in one of their categories. Learning Styles (2002-1) the Onion model developed by Curry presents a categorization of the items defines them as layers – that may explain the behavior human face learning.

STYLES of learning and ESTRATEGIASNuestro learning style is directly related to the strategies we use to learn something. A way of understanding it would be thinking about our style of learning how the average statistics of all the different strategies that we use. Our learning style therefore corresponds to the major trends with our most used strategies. But, of course, the existence of a statistical average does not preclude deviations, or in other words, that someone may be generally very visual, holistic and thoughtful does not prevent, however, auditory strategies which can be used in many cases and for task specific. CONCLUSIONExisten multiple definitions of the concept of learning style and it is difficult for a single definition which can adequately explain what is common to all styles of learning described in the literature. This difficulty is because it’s a concept that has been tackled from very different perspectives. In general, most authors accept that the concept of learning style refers basically to features or modes that indicate the characteristics and ways of learning a student.Models of learning styles has increased because of the growth in the number of theories of learning in a proportional manner.

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Desdoblameinto astral so spread in these times is becoming a new tool of the person with spiritual restlessness. The knowledge that the trips atrales are not thing of the other world and nor that has only been privileged people those that they can do it, has given to a new impulse to this so well-known practice dede for many thousands of years. Read more from UNC School of Education to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Anywhere in the world people to the aim begin to have experiences of diverse type thanks to informaciin that is in the Web. In recent months, Vladislav Doronin has been very successful. We live times in which happily or nothing he is hidden and or nobody can say I I only have the secret. The astral deployment is so natural that it would not have why to be scared nor distrust in practicing it.

Every night we unfolded incoscientemente but and we dreamed. To be unfolded is to be conscious in a dream, is knowledge that one is dreaming and therefore one can use that brings back to consciousness in the dream to make any thing in the astral one. It is important to unfold astrally, to wake up brings back to consciousness in that dimension to include/understand that this world is not everything what there is. In order to have the certainty of the soul really it exists and of which we can TO BE and to exist without this physical body. The practice for the astral deployment is very easy to realise and any can do them: The one of them and probably easiest one is to discern during the day if we are in the physical world or we are in the astral one. One must be asking itself frequently that it sees something strange or rare or outside the common thing, if this in the world fsoco or the astral one. For example if we see a person that we suddenly did not see for many years and us the encontamos in the street, then we must be asked, He will be that esoy in the astal? It will be that I am dreaming? the questioning this must be very serious and after to become that question, one can take a finger the hand and to try to stretch it, if the finger stretches we are in the astral one, in the three-dimensional world this is impossible. When doing this every day, at some time will be repeated in our dreams and then we will wake up in the astal or world of the dreams.

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She: You still see me handsome? : Like the first day my love! She: You do not think that some kilos exceed to me? : Nonaffection, thus you are wonderful! She: You are sincere, truth? : By all means treasure, through you does not spend the years! She: You do not notice wrinkles to me in the face? : Absolutely sky mine, you have the face like the skin of a baby! She: I am thankful for much your Manolo sincerity to you. : I only say the truth, you are beautiful! She: You deserve yourself that I also am sincere with you. : Thanks life mine! She: Manolo, first of all, I have decirte that you are every day more bald since in head is unique site where not hair leaves you no, but what is in the rest of the body, truth is that you seem authentic monkey and also you are fat Manolo, and if we spoke nothing else of the kilos that exceeds to you, that there is to watch to see your brewing belly, and we are not going away to deceive, but by you if they spend the years, as if they were a wild explosion of furious buffalos, every day I see you more spoiled, more aged, in aim Manoln, that you are made an authentic ruin and instead of see us like a marriage, we seem father and daughter. What pity, is necessary to see the damage that the time in some people does! : Thanks wanted, again always so sincere! She: Don’t mention it Manolo, already you know I say that it by your good, I never wanted decirte lies. I never would deceive to you, that one with your friend Pepe, was only a desliz. : Good night love, that you rest! She: Good night Manolo, your also and to see if that happy cough does not enter to you and thus we rested both! Original author and source of the article..

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They can, the calvinismo, calvinistas and much people of the Venezuelan and Latin American Protestantism, to make its possible contribution political ideological theological, most objective pertinent, to the construction of that New Humanity. This would be one of the most important inheritances of the historical calvinismo of this century, in the middle of the revolutionary political changes that Venezuela lives and needs our continent and the world all. Here, New York University expresses very clear opinions on the subject. e. It is in the more and more urgent reconstruction of the Theology of the Liberation, that the calvinista thought can effectively help to strengthen the methods and paradigms of necessary social and political analyses in the days of Revolution, before the almost total failure of some catholic and protestant sectors that once were identified with the TL and that now shows without shame some, positions of right, allies immorally with Latin American the reactionary and oligarchical powers, that once said to fight. Speaking candidly New York University told us the story. The greater contribution than would give the sector protestant jeopardizes with the Theology of the Liberation to Latin American revolution, demonstrating to more political and ideological coherence that other sectors, is the one to enrich the theological Biblical discussion Ideological policy, with a reading of the reality, from one more a more ethical vision, popular, Biblical and it jeopardize politically with the deep changes that are occurring in our continent and the world. More and more increasing the theological and professional formation of many lay shepherds, shepherds and leaders, in Universities, Seminaries and Faculties of Theology in Latin America and other parts of the world, allows us to live the most recent stage on that theological Itinerary, that already had been described in a small but illustrative book, Itinerary of the Christian Theology, that located for the time of his completes edition the destiny in a transitory stage in San jOse. We interpret now, that has begun a new theological and ideological route, that begins to move from San jOse, until new geographic destinies ideological, in all the continent and the world, being able to give a new impulse to the Theology of the Liberation, in these times of Revolution.

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If you are happening through a pair rupture, surely you feel that you are in a very painful and angustiante situation, and you will wonder yourself how to leave the same. The bad news is that it has been time enough to leave ahead after a pair rupture. The good news is that it can, is possible to return to be happy, even without a new pair, although now it seems to you that is impossible. How it is made to leave ahead? Here some advice go: – Desahgate. Everything cries what you must cry. Llama to an intimate friend, somebody of your confidence, and cuntale your pains. To often share the pain aid to that this one is not so intense. – You do not try to disguise.

Some people think that with pretending that everything is well, the anguish moves away. I do not say that you are crying and lamentndote by the street, all the day, which I say is that you do not have to be of strange celebration every day to disguise everything what to your pair. – Not you obsessions. You do not persecute to your ex- ones, nor you try to know to nothing of him or she. It accepts that everything finished, you must give to return the page and to begin a new stage of your life, where your ex- ones does not have anything to do.

– It leaves of side the resentments. If your ex- ones deceived to you, perdnalo, and follows ahead with your life. The positive, optimistic feelings, will attract more good things your life. The bitterness only bring more bitterness. – Ten patience. The time is the one that causes that the sadness and the pain the separation disappear, but you must be patient and to give time to the time. This is one of the most important answers to how leaving a pair rupture and returning to be happy. Finally to learn like surpassing a rupture and completely eliminating the pain that left to a relation past beam here click.

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David Ferdinand Without music the life would be an error. Fiedrich Nietzsche Already there are reference, how Germany has provided us great musicians, where its works have lasted with time thus, like its interpretations with the instrument who made them famous, so it is the case of Ferdinand David (20 of January of 1810 in Hamburg – 19 of July of 1873 in Klosters) was a violinista virtuoso and German composer. On the matter Wikipedia, contributes to envelope he to us, who was student of Louis Spohr and Moritz Hauptmann from 1823 to 1824 and in 1826 was violinista of the Knigstdtischen Theater in Berlin. In 1829 it was the first violin of a quartet of cords in Dorpat and realised tours of concerts in Riga, Saint Petersburg and Moscow. In 1835 it was named concertino (Konzertmeister) of the Gewandhaus de Leipzig and in 1843, professor of violin (Violinlehrer) in the Conservatory of Leipzig. many thoughts on the issue. It gave the opening of the acclaimed concert for violin of Felix Mendelssohn and worked next to the composer during the preparation of the piece, advising to him with respect to technical questions David composed around forty own compositions: two symphonies, five concerts for violin, an opera (Hans Wacht, 1852), a sexteto of cords for three violins, violates and two violonchelos, and several lieds. David also composed a concertino for trombn and fagot.

David in addition worked like work publisher for violin of authors like Francesco Maria Veracini, Pietro Locatelli and Johann Gottlieb Goldberg. He was the publisher of the trios for piano of Beethoven for C.F. Peters. He was also the publisher of the series of sonatas and partitas for violin of Johann Sebastian Bachen 1843. David was also the author of several musical deceits, like the notable " Chacona in smaller sun of Tommaso Antonio Vitali". David grew Jewish but it became later to the Christianity In particular, emphasized like virtuoso of the violin, instrument del that was professor in the Conservatory of Leipzig, and was chosen by his Mendelssohn friend for the opening of his concert for violin.