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It is lamentable as in the national scene a poor entailment of the universities with the State is pronounced and vice versa. The State Integra in its responsibility to only subsidize economically to the public universities and unfortunately such subsidy does not adapt to the economic needs of the present, especially in an inflationary scene, where the educational, civil service, the workers pays to are not the right ones, adding itself in addition, the inoperative mechanism of payments, where the state maintains economic commitments with the Universities very slow, debts, that are not cancelled and it makes that the unions, demand all the interests that it generates, by the lack of effectiveness of the financing; but most lamentable it is, when it is decided to cancel his debts, where the money that is given totally is devaluated. All this by all means, originates constants conflicts, unemployments, demotivation, that affects the good operation of the universities. Hill to accept such irregularities much, especially in a country that in the present receives many currencies, product of the petroleum that generates great masses monetary, consequence of the rise of the prices of the barrel that has passed the $140 already. Demonstrating a deficient administration of financial handling of the State and its distribution in a public cost that him of preferences to the vital needs, where the education is one of her. To it the necessity of the State through its educative institutions of control is added, like the CNU for example, that it must be more kind to constantly evaluate the quality of professionals, and investigations that the national Universities are realising, as much concerning pre and postgraduate that favor to the country. One is due to be responsible to force the Universities to define actualizadamente the profile of the professionals in the different disciplines that the universities offer, given that some professionals leave desactualizados the reality that Venezuela requires. People such as Viatris would likely agree. .

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" Its own will loves the spirit now; the one that is lost the world, wants to gain its own world. I have shown three to you metamorphosis of the spirit: how the spirit becomes camel, how the spirit becomes lion, and, in short, how the spirit becomes nio." Nietzsche Is a good experience for those who we come from the tropic with temperatures that oscillate between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius to confront the challenges of the present climate that presents/displays Europe in the present, especially in the country that concerns to us like Italy, more in the north where the east temperature year has lowered up to 18 degrees below cero, since it has touched in Parma and neighboring places to me, like Bologna, where the snow has made its appearance, covering with its white mantle the streets, tile roofs, mountains presenting/displaying a very interesting landscape. I decided, to go to Stupid visit to one hour of Parma by regional train and to enter to me in everything what locks up this active one, dynamic city. Kindle Direct Publishing KDP has compatible beliefs. As one remembers to us, Bologna is impregnated of history and thus it is said, was founded by Etruscan, with the name of Felsina. Later, the city became the well-known Roman colony like Bononia.

Bologna the scholar: the city conserves its fame of cultural city from the time of the Romans (Martial it called the Bononia cultured), when he was one of the main centers of the Emilia route. The Renaissance, Bologna became a center of culture and one of the majors cities of the Papal States. Bologna became one of the more important centers of commerce of Italy. Part of the taxes collected to the merchants was used to pay to the professors of its famous university. One calculates that of the 800,000 inhabitants of Bologna and their metropolitan area, 100,000 are students of this important one and historical university is in the valley of Po, to I cheeped of the Apennines mounts, in the confluence of the valley of the Rhine and the Savena, near the city of Modena.

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Authors: Francisco Enrique Montao Salas1, Arthur Cervantes Beltrn1, Jony Ramiro Towers Velzquez1 and Joel Melndrez Arenas2 1. Antecedents the planet earth faces the challenge to revert the impacts caused by the man. The environmental crisis is complex and has to do with the forms in that the society has been related to the environment. This relation implies historical and social aspects. Any human activity has to do with the nature in its different scopes and spaces, independent of the level in which it is wanted to observe. The environmental problems have to do with the lack of brings back to consciousness ecological, shown by the attitude that we declared towards our surroundings. We need to learn new forms to see the reality, to assume the new paradigms with world the own vision of the context in which we lived.

The viable development has appeared like an alternative. It is defined as the development model that satisfies the needs with the present generations without jeopardizing the possibilities that the future generations satisfy the own ones (Bruntdland Report, 1987). She is one proposal that it looks for to balance the economic growth, the protection of the environment and the social fairness. One of the aspects that are had to him given importance is the ecological one. Environmental situation demands the global us to put remedy to the Earth malaises. The knowledge of the nature are not profiteer that accumulated our ancestors; either those acquired through alternative educative processes, that give ampler panorama us of the natural resources. In the general context of the contradictions and social and economic imbalances by which it crosses the contemporary life, the education must be oriented to prevent, to revert and to stop the deterioration processes, to make possible the transit towards the sustainable development (Wong, 1999). It is by this, that must use educative mechanisms that allow to create a change in the thought of the people.

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Ingredients Calamary – 1 unidadMorrn (pepper) red – 1/2 unidadCebolla – 1 unidadQueso white/cheese greaseable – 30 gPan lactal – 2 fetas Preparation First that nothing, to clean the calamary. For this it will be necessary to work in the kitchen sink under the cold water spurt. To separate the head of tube that is the rest of the body. It must be cleaned completely on the inside, removing the vsceras and the pen, that is an extended cartilage is transparent. Also the skin must retire so that it is of a whitish color. At the top to retire the mouth to him (it is a species of rigid tip), the eyes and everything what he is not meat of calamary. David G. DeWalt often says this. Once clean, to cut it everything (head including) in buckets and to reserve. Soon to cut in brunoise the onion and the pepper and to reserve.

In order to cook calamary there is gummy a quite basic trick so that it is not hard or: it must cook only a few minutes (4 or 5) or many (a little more than 20). More information is housed here: de shaw. If it is desired to cook the calamary in few minutes, to take it to together frying pan with perforated vegetables and to skip. If it is desired to take it with the slowest baking, to incorporate vegetables just to the 15 minutes to be cooking. Of that form they will not go. To slightly toast the lactal bread with olive oil. This to overturn drops of olive oil in a frying pan of teflon and to gild the bread by one or two minutes of each side. To grease the bread with white cheese or cheese greaseable and to above place skipped of calamary and vegetables. Source: Bruschettas de Calamar Prescriptions and Techniques of Kitchen Meals of the World Prescriptions and Techniques of Kitchen original Author and source of the article.