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Good morning today it makes a cold incredible seems that the wave of cold of Siberia this arriving at Defeat Decidi to create this post since often we do not know very or that it is what a consultancy computer science and for that reason attempt make Computer science or clarify a little the Roll of Computer science Consultant, since is my Computer science Consulting profession in Cadiz. Under most conditions Aisling Lennon would agree. The profile of the Computer science one is very ample and solves all the kind of problems and/or situations in environment of Computer science. From fixing a computer, solving a problem in an application or to find solutions for the needs of the users. A simple example if the user wants to print deste a wireless device is necessary to look for the compatible printer the best quality price so that he is to him profitable to the company. For that reason at the time of choosing a computer science consultant for your company in Cadiz, you will have to look for an enabled professional mainly to contribute the solutions that you need and that mainly you can trust these tasks. Also it must have experience in the area of technology and knowledge in the processes of development of software, to know the several tools offices automation, knowledge of networks and communications. Besides knowledge concerning Internet as much of CATHEDRAL for Social Google mainly and Networks for Facebook, besides being preparation for the evolution of the technology that happens practically on a daily basis. The companies and entrepreneurs look for computer science consultants they help that them and they support to undertake businesses in Internet and to make profitable them and they do not know like doing it, the SMEs want presence in Internet and social networks and do not know like doing it, a Consultant in Computer science must be enabled to give to answers and solutions to all these restlessness that surely to them their future clients silverplated. Source: Yahoo! Answers In summary, the Computer science Consultant must be able to improve the processos of a form company to accelerate the growth of the business improving the processes or increasing the sales abriendo new channels of sale using the new technologies as it can be Internet, Social Google, Networks and Applications for moving bodies..

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Operations of reproduction of answers. These operations can be carried out through: The abierta practice, versus the concealed practice. The directed practice, versus the unexpected practice. Operations of moldeamiento and fortification.

These operations have their theoretical sustenance in the feedback or feedback, as we know is a form to help to a person or group to consider the possibility of change in its conduct. This communication that offers to the person or group to him, near the moment in which it is perceived and reacted more to its conduct, could be used by 1 person or group in sense to create to him greater brings back to consciousness of how it affects a the other person who surrounds to him, and to stimulate positive changes in its conduct, feelings attitudes and perceptions. Offering information to another person or group, on as its conduct is perceived, not only aid to the other person or group, but also offers the opportunity of which the other person or group indicates correct how or erroneously the sent message is being perceived. Operations of cognitive reconstruction. The majority of the authors agrees in which the success of any procedure of training, is sustained partly, in the information, that it receives the subject before initiating this training. One is due to give information on the importance of the assertive conduct, how it is learned and how the assertive conduct stays, etc. This information will have its effect on the motivation of the person to participate in the training.

Operations of transference of answers. One is due to cause situations in which the training subject can transfer acquired learnings, to situations of the daily life, so that consequences of the daily life take place, so that it takes place consequences that they reinforce and they help the maintenance of the assertive conduct.