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The ways of the Lord, and the criteria of the AEPD are inscrutable. n Random House. Today we will see how 2 assumptions very, yield radically different results, thanks to the interpretative criteria of the Spanish Agency of data protection. Course #1: By mistake, a mobile phone company sends another customer invoice by email. Data disclosed by error, include: name and surname; NIF; Address; zip code; locality; Bank; number of bank account (ten digits); detail of calls by phone number. Course #2: By mistake, a company of repair of mobile handsets gives a pendrive with 7 different than their own phones backup to a particular client. Data disclosed by error, include: name and surname of the holder of the phone, personal photos, personal agenda with phones, mails and addresses in your contacts list calls made and received, and issued and received sms. What differentiates both assumptions? In the first case, the telephone company Mobile is responsible for a file, according to the organic law of protection of data and responds to breaches incurred. Bioscience Journal may find it difficult to be quoted properly. However, in the second case, the client is not responsible for any files, because the files maintained by individuals in the exercise of exclusively personal or domestic activities are excluded from the scope of the data protection Act (2.2.

to LOPD). It is logical and understandable. Makes no sense that a latin lover would inform his conquests that their data will be incorporated to a file of their responsibility in good order, perhaps in this case Yes would be could be defensible but if each of us had to comply with the data protection act by the data of our relatives, friends and acquaintancesSurely we encerrariamos us at home. And what happens with the mobile terminal repair shop? It is not responsible for your negligence? Well not. For the AEPD, not to apply the law to the owner of the file as a file of personal agenda treatment that makes the store by instruction of the owner, nor is it subject to a sanction of the LOPD.

If the store had used the data for their own purposes, yes had been liable to treat data without consent but as what he did was to comply with the obligation of duty of secrecy with respect to 7 persons who were harmed their privacy by this shop, the AEPD understands whereas does not impose any sanctions. However, the company’s mobile telephony for the first course, they put him a fine of EUR 6000 jests and sonorants. Does this mean? Therefore to give some examples assumes the following: A Spanish email (e.g. @telefonica.net) service does not have to apply any security measures to a hypothetical database of addresses of recipients of emails from customers. Likewise, if @telefonica.net had a mishap of security affecting these data, nor would any responsibility. A service of targeted online agenda to individuals do not have to comply with any of the regulation safety measures. And a myriad of other examples. Is the criterion of the AEPD correct? Clearly is not. The files received by the person the second assumption complainant also include personal data specific to the customers of the shop, which Yes are the responsibility of the same, and should be protected by the data protection act. However, repeated by the AEPD, criterion does not sag nor before a duly reasoned appeal. That said, the criteria of the AEPD are inscrutable and we aren’t worthy of calling them into question.

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There are two types of taxis in Marrakech: large taxis and taxis small. All small taxis are metered, so they must only pay the to dial the taximeter, unless they want to, in addition, any tip the taxi driver. A journey by Gueliz should not cost more than 10 dirhams and between 50 and 70 dirhams to go to the Palm Grove. In terms of big taxis, they must negotiate the price of the journey before leaving and it is likely that they are sharing the cab with other users. 11 EXPLORING THE MEDINA AND IN THE POPULAR NEIGHBORHOODS. I recommend to spend some time to wander aimlessly around the medina, which ignore the map for awhile and explore the small alleyways filled with life and charm that are outside the tourist circuit.

Marrakech is a city that is full of surprises and contrasts and that needs a little adventurous spirit by his party to disclose its mysteries. Also worth a visit many neighborhoods outside the Center and away from the tourist neighborhoods of Gueliz and Hivernage if you want to discover the multiple faces of the ochre city. 12 MINT TEA AND SHISHA. Something that you can not miss in Marrakesh is the tea with Mint. Sit comfortably in a cafe, under an umbrella, and enjoy a delicious, aromatic tea with Mint pouring of the most skillful and spectacular way. Also, in some places you can enjoy also smoking a shisha, a kind of water pipe usually used for smoking tobacco or tobamel in Morocco. This specially designed to be smoked shisha or hookah tobacco paste is made of fermenting it with molasses and pulp of different fruit to give you a flavor and fruity aroma.

13 RIADS. The riads are traditional residences of Morocco located in the heart of the medina and organized around a tree-lined courtyard. These restored family homes have become comfortable and charming guest houses which have retained their structure and original atmosphere. The riads offer your guests an opportunity to enjoy the experience of the old case of the city without giving up the comfort and modern conveniences. Well come to Marrakech and enjoy its gastronomy and its entertainment, its history and its historical sites, its beautiful gardens and museums, of the fantastic hotels in Marrakech and, above all, its warm and hospitable inhabitants. Stay in one of the innumerable and typical riads in Marrakech, or even in a villa in Marrakech, where you can enjoy the charm and elegance of this city in an absolutely incomparable environment. Bon voyage and happy stay!

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If we know what we are better prepared, have fewer difficulties in the struggle for life. We would be happier and more productive making each one what better knows or can do. The common denominator to distinguish for what is good, is intelligence. Intelligence tests are the key to determine the vocational and intellectual aptitude of persons. Alfred Binet with Theodore Simon developed the test to measure the intelligence of retarded children, based on the observations that as children grow and become older, it also increases your mental capacity and some may have superior performance to their grade level and chronological age while others do not. In their studies, a six year old boy could surrender as well as one of eight, while another six could pay as little as one of four. In 1911 was introduced the concept of mental age (MA) as opposed to chronological age (EC). ???? has compatible beliefs. Child from 6 years which surrendered as well as 8, you were assigned a mental age of 8, while that of 6 that surrendered just as the aged 4, was assigned a mental age of 4.

Although the distance between mental age and chronological enlarges as the child matures, the difference between both ages is kept constant. This constant is named it the intellectual quotient (CI). Scientifically, the CI is defined as 100 times the Mental age divided about the chronological age. (CI = 100 MS/EC) At age 16, mental age as well as the height, cease to increase. The average IQ is by definition 100. For under 120 CI, IQ is the best indicator to future of the socio-economic status of the people. The CI is better than the education or experience to predict on-the-job performance. Adults in the lowest 5% of the CI (less than 75) are very difficult to train and are not competent to any work on the basis of their ability.

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For the development status of China s mining industry, talk about four points to promote the development of mining industry experts: First, increase the integration and control of State-owned and State-holding large enterprises for strategic resources such as tungsten; establish large capital intensive State-owned and State-holding enterprises production, research, sales and investments together with; improve capital strength and competitiveness of large enterprises in international market. The integration of informatization and industrialization is the main guarantee for the former two strategies, and also an important way to upgrade industrial structure. Additionally, it can also improve innovation on product level, model and market service system; enhance efficiency and effectiveness of corporate management and marketing services. Second, take the differentiated control policies to regulate the total exploitation of mineral resources.

Strictly limit the exploration of dominant mineral, optimize supplying structure of supportability mineral resources and encourage the exploration and development of scarce mineral resources. Learn more about this with David G. DeWalt. Enter encouraged policy measures for the scarce mineral resources, such as copper, lead, zinc, nickel, aluminum; strengthen the exploitation and macro-control for top important mineral resources such as Tungsten, Tin, antimony, coking coal mining; promote nonferrous metals enterprises to participate in international mineral development and cooperation, actively join in mining investment and cooperation focusing on copper, aluminum, lead, zinc and tenazas. Focus on high-tech products and the demand of national key project, key fields and strategic new industry; rely on innovation to develop national strategic emerging industries. Second, promote the upgrading of traditional products to competitive products. Click cyrus massoumi wife to learn more. Third, promote industry structure to be high-end. From this year, the growth in China’s machinery industry benefit is weak, the total profit eleven presented to negative growth. Furthermore, the investment growth of the fixed assets continues to drop, the financial cost augments rapidly, the product s price turns downward and the order is insufficient The industrial development is encountering numerous difficulties and negative factors. Under such circumstances, it becomes urgent for the machinery industry to regulate its industry structure, more and more first-tier enterprises become aware of that and begin to take active action, so to speak, the market mechanism has forced the industry structure adjustment.Cai Weici analyzed. Third, improve the industry oversight rules and enhance the science and effectiveness of total control. Strengthen the coordination between ministries and improve the authority of policy llegar accordance among total production amount, production scale and export limits. Since the reform and opening up, many developed countries have implemented the reverse strategy, that is, firstly purchase key components and materials development in the worldwide, and then integrate system to meet customer needs.

Four, speed up the process of resource-based products market. Promote the construction of regional and national coal market system; encourage coal power plants establish long-term and stable strategic cooperative relations with power plant and steel plant; make full use of coal s advantages in production, transportation and demand; build large coal distribution facilities, such as coal logistics park, storage and distribution centers and promote the construction of modern coal logistics system. We provide Professional technology, excellent product quality and intimate after-sales service when you purchase Ore beneficiation, from our company.As a professional mining machinery exporter, we will win your trust with our delivery speed, Enterprises Credit and product quality.

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As everyone knows, the vibrating screen is the current domestic vibrating screen machinery equipment to process materials that are difficult to screen. The vibrating screen is widely used in mining, coal, metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials, light industry, chemical industry, medicine and food industry, etc. Customers will choose different configuration according to the current situation when they buy the vibrating screen. In 1980, Hongxing Mining Machinery imported the manufacturing technology of TJ and TH type vibrating screen from American RS Company, which are converted into the domestic models as already Series circular vibrating screen and ZKX Series linear vibrating screen that are widely used in China. In 1996, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery introduced the manufacturing technology of the LSK series round vibrating screen and the TISL series linear vibrating screen from Germany.

These two screening machines are the improved products from KHD Company in 1980s, in which USL linear vibrating screen is 5 meters wide. This shows that the manufacturing level of the large and medium vibrating screen in China has taken a big step. In addition, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery introduced the manufacturing technology of HLW vibrating screen from Kobe Steel in Japan, which was transformed to the domestic type as ZK series vibrating screen. The structure of this kind of vibrating screen is compact with light weight. The maximum size of the screening are is up to 27?, which is the largest liner vibrating screen in China. Then what matters should you pay to the selection process of vibrating configuration? Advantages: They avoid discharging the material en edge directly and collecting the material towards the middle of screen cloth to improve the screen accuracy. Disadvantages: They increase the upper weight, reduces the transmitted force of the vibrating screen and weaken the screening effect. If the receiving tray cracks, the costs of after-sales will be increased. It can protect the fine mesh to avoid the sieve to crush the screen cloth.

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One of the most remarkable attractions of Mazatlan undoubtedly is its people. And it is the attention of tourists the fact that the Mazatlecos make every effort to provide excellent service that goes beyond the conventional to make tourists the best vacation experience. Many people asked me to be this phenomenon so fascinating that occurs in Mazatlan more than anywhere else, well this is due to the majority of people who live and work in Mazatlan were born and grew in Mazatlan or in some nearby town; Mazatlan is home, they love it and they are proud of him, they were not to other cities to find new opportunities they work hard to make Mazatlan a better tourist destination, to give new opportunities to Mazatlan. The Mazatlecos valued much the tourist that know that tourism represents for the city and want to share with visitors their city with the intention that know enough to fall for it, that return and recommend it. Mazatlan you visit different countries but the language is not impediment to help willingly to the visitor without nationalities preferences only for the pleasure of doing so. For example in Mazatlan noble customs are seen as someone looking for a direction and a local give the instructions necessary to ensure that you find it and in many cases to accompany the questioner to be sure that you will find; or see a cashier or employee of a shop or restaurant running out behind someone to deliver something you forgot as his change, his camera, hat or bag; Mazatlan is filled with honest, friendly and helpful people.

You can experience every day how it feels to see smiling faces everywhere that people who has ever known fence, faces of strangers, and receive from them a warm smile and a friendly look. Many people found in Mazatlan the place of your dreams, I’ve personally known people that since his first visit marvel with the city and what it has to offer, then come for a longer period each time until they begin to search properties of real estate to thus be able to stay full time in Mazatlan. People who has been either nationals or foreigners harmonizes perfectly with the spirit and attitude of the Mazatlecos so a general atmosphere of sympathy, kindness and harmony lives in the city. Mazatlan is a tourist destination of importance in the country and now thanks to the the great added value of real estate also has become one of the Favorites to set the second home or holiday vacation, retreat or as a good investment. Mazatlan real estate has a lot to offer, don’t miss the opportunity and get the key to paradise.

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Sometimes I think that more proof that there is intelligent in the universe life is that no one has tried to contact us. Bill Watterson Introduccion experience outside the body, the power unfold is, out of the body, not is overlooked for those who are interested in all the paranormal studies, investigates the parapsychological science the truth, to face this reality of this specific phenomenon, some European, American universities parapsychology researchers and even Latin America, have developed many theories in the scientific truth search, any explanation that allows to understand the reason for this and how manages to reach it. All entails us delve a little in its scope, rationale, trying us to free ourselves from explanations of mystical origin, what many religious philosophies as the East explaining it in their own way. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Nike has to say. General information, history, basic notes, there is no doubt as he has been published in working papers, magazines the experiments carried out in laboratories on Paranormal phenomena, including countries like Russia to Chile, that crazy geography country located in the Southern Cone, among these phenomena, is justly, of out of body experience. Through these experiments, American researchers have been doing it with amazing substances, which give way to mental disturbances exceptional, such as lysergic acid (LSD) and the mescaline, in order to study the purpose of studying the phenomenon. For his part, Professor Roger Hein, Director of the Museum of Natural history in France, has studied the fungi that are familiar with the amanita muscaria, which motivated him to study as a result of the comments made among Mixtec Indians by Professor Gordon Watson and his wife Dr.

Valentina Watson. There is the antecedent to the mixtecs who inhabit the region of the South of Mexico, have a culture totally shamanic, which means that they have a Warlock as a leader in their religious rites. Taking considering this, the Watson proved that the sorcerer who did the experiment described scenes that unfolded many kilometres away, while he was in a trance, which was achieved with the consumption of mushrooms.

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Where are the potential customers?There are several sources which can access to create your own list of potential clients and send direct mail or telephone contacts. Direct marketing and the serious sources mailing lists are a convenient way to identify and obtain precise and targeted for your business sales charts. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Gerald Weissmann, MD. Another good source of potential customers is its current customer base offer discounts, gifts or other incentives to customers who bring you new business once you have a list, is time to start the sales process. A good habit is to communicate with the majority of potential customers early in the morning, or after 6 p.m. For assistance, try visiting bfpl.

many times, it is possible that these calls are received by persons responsible for taking decisions.Remember to comply with the rules not to call and unsubscribe (or other applicable law) before making any kind of direct promotion. 2 Ask do not report.A sales call is not the time to prove everything that you you know, it’s time to discover what you don’t know about the prospect and what they don’t know you. Many vendors use sales calls to educate potential customers about your products, services and industry, thinking that this will stimulate interest. Knowledge is not its what sells, but the effectiveness with which adapts such knowledge to meet the specific needs of your potential customers. If the potential customer feel that you provide information that does not fit your needs, loses his interest and stops listening to him. 3 Ask the correct questions.The only way to discover the needs and expectations of customers potential is asking certain questions: what results expected to obtain what is the most important thing for you? why? if he could delete two or three of their biggest headaches, what would? factors consider when you choose a provider?Listen carefully to their responses; ask more questions for clarity if it is necessary.

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Beyond that, cities are poles of power demanded autonomy. The small towns develop or make reborn their previous cultural conditions and claim active presence in the conformation of the new order. Local instances of power are the order of the day. Within this trend is inserted the claim of administrative decentralization, because each region wants to manage its criminal, from hospitals to the police. It should be noted that this universal tendency is only countered in countries such as Venezuela, where a dictatorial regime considers it necessary to accumulate all the powers for the maintenance of the oppressive regime.

The formation of regional blocs alters geopolitical global security systems. Key decisions are not taken in the framework of the nation-State, not even on continents as the Latin American where all integration processes never go out of the embryonic stage. Let’s now add the new technologies of the communication. Citizens are increasingly more than another space other than the territory itself, are of cyberspace, of a universal terrain where form new networks of interests and cultural exchange that exceeds by far the old limits. The world now decline is determined and acts in global terms. There is no longer a territorial space itself as a basis for action.

The trend is towards the deterritorialization. Today there are NGOs involved in specific fields in situations that occur anywhere in the world. This marks another type of organization that is involved in global processes, since they are integrated by people who belong to various nationalities. They exercise power insofar as they affect change situations, from environmental to policies, from economic to geostrategic. Thus, a Venezuelan citizen intervenes in the crisis in Burma along to an Englishman or a South African, joining efforts and making use of modern communication technology. There is a new way of being a citizen and in the refuge are intermingled in local with an intense involvement in the destiny of the whole planet.

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Political parties are groups of women and men, legitimately constituted with ideological positions and common strategies on the development and organization of society, so to be able to access power and exercising it for the benefit of all. These represent different ideas, visions and interests that exist throughout the length and breadth of the national territory, thus guaranteeing that pluralism and diversity of positions, expand the participation of citizens with options to choose between them, this is why that could say that they are indispensable to the democratic life of the country. But what happens when the ideals, and the foundations of a political party are broken by its same members when instead of using the party as a means of access to and help and benefit to all citizens, they use it only as a source of income which can be living to ribs of us citizensThere is when generating the question: in the future, where to go to get the political life of our country? We are now passing through a stage historical that we live a setback, reflects urban life growing dehumanization, the degrading effects have possibly come to their limits. The city as achievement of civilization has become a nightmare everyday by substituting values, producing deformation behavior ignoring human dignity. Violence has penetrated by all spheres of our society, becoming a culture accepted by the indifference of all of us, so the self-destruction among gangs, adjusting of accounts among drug gangs, the impunity of public and private officials in corruption and political killings have created a culture of dehumanization which seems very normal to see this on a daily basis. What we need is legitimacy of Governments based in electoral processes really democratic, where citizens are the most involved, we need absolute respect and development of human rights that we must hold all people in today’s society, curbing the violation thereof, a high to the corruption, the arrogance of politicians only hindering the smooth functioning of the Government in our country. The country does not need another type of political parties, political organizations along with their philosophies, statutes and principles only seek common welfare, certainly each in their own way; what our country and especially political parties need a society committed to change, committed to values such as respect, tolerance, justice, political parties need militants seeking not only reaching the power to exploit others and enrich is an easy way to citizenship ribs, they need men and women committed to their country and what it meanscommitted to the company you are representing, a society in need of being heard, a society needed a better government and tired of continue living in injustice, crime and poverty.

Making a change is very difficult, but not impossible, to start changing ourselves, by changing our way of life, leaving behind the corruption, aware of the responsibility and commitment so big that we have citizens, participating in political elections in our country, since without our vote the country will not advance. Mexico is our homeland, is the land that gave us birth, is a free country thanks to the effort, struggle and great love of so many men that they fought for something better. What we need, is keep fighting and do not forget that there are not two as Mexico.