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In addition to the Conference program, the participants are two workshops to choose from. “The Congress visitors I can between the topics such as getting a quick benefit with the use of PRINCE2 in the company” (Andy Murray) and scaling of PRINCE2: 2009 to varying project sizes “(Oliver Buhr) choose. The PRINCE2 is included in the Congress fee: 2009-manual-set to the value of 150 euro, consisting of two of the lead author Andy Murray signed books, as well as extensive Conference documentation. We look forward to the German community of PRINCE2 offer a programme so attractive. All speakers have years of know-how to PRINCE2 and can already report about their experiences with the new version 2009. After the Congress the participants know the advantages of the method and know when and how to make the new version”, Oliver Buhr describes the goals of the PRINCE2: 2009 Executive Congress.

COPARGO GmbH: The COPARGO GmbH is exclusive project management with PRINCE2 consulting firm and a leading provider of PRINCE2 training. COPARGO supports his customers in the application of project management and provides all necessary services from implementation consulting and training to the tool selection. COPARGO seminars are characterized by a high percentage of practice in the training. All theoretical content are transferred to a practical project examples in everyday life. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc brings even more insight to the discussion. So the implementation of the project considerably easier and more knowledge is thus permanently propagated and applied.

In addition, the seminars are always up to date. So, COPARGO now offers training on basis of PRINCE2: 2009 map and gives a detailed overview of changes and news.

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Who would like to educate themselves by distance learning course or distance learning course, you must make many decisions. Markus Jung, owner of tips. Since 2003, the number of remote learners by one-third is increased. Vladislav Doronin has much to offer in this field. According to current statistics of distance learning, today more than 340,000 people make annually from afar, including about 80,000 per academic distance learning. \”Remote learners agree vocational and training flexible to make the next step up the career ladder or professionally to Orient. Others bring to study and family under one hat\”, says Markus Jung, who has completed two courses via distance learning. On its Portal of distance learning, Infos.de, to inform interested parties about provider and interact with experienced remote learners. Too young even advises its users.

In March, his advisor \”100 questions and answers about distance learning\”, which he wrote together with Anne Oppermann appears. Young: \”people interested in education are often faced same questions.\” Phase 1: How does distance learning – and that is something for me? Unlike in the presence course or in the seminar remote learners form on home – alone and mostly from Studienbriefen. \”We should learn from written documents, organize themselves and motivate\”, says young. For technical questions, course supervisors are available. Online study centres allow the contact to other students. Depending on the provider, there are voluntary or compulsory attendance phases. The remote learners regularly send tasks to their tutor, exams put them in so-called test centres.

Young: \”all providers allow a sample study. So you can test once the distance learning.\” Phase 2: How do I find the right provider? \”First you must opt for an academic or non-academic degree\”, explains young. You can buy a college certificate, a Bachelor or master only to a public or private college or University. About 340 institutions offer also 2,230 General or vocational courses. The State Centre of distance learning (ZFU) checks prior to admission.

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Master for in-house lawyers accredited the International Agency for quality assurance in higher education FIBAA accredited the first masters for in-house lawyers in Germany. The German Graduate School of management and law (GGS) is the only German school that offers training to the enrolled in-house lawyer. From October 2011, legal trainees, assessors, lawyers and Bachelor graduates can specialize on the activity as a corporate lawyer. With successful completion of in-service studies, they then purchase the master of laws degree (LL.M.) in legal management. Praise by reviewers “the curriculum of our new LL.M are geared specifically to the requirements imposed on lawyers in business daily”, explains the Director Prof. Jochen Deister the conception of study. Also the experts of FIBAA believe.

You are impressed by the course design and praise the consistent and systematic link between theory and practice. Particularly appreciated is that your own scripts available are made to preparing lessons. Student is also highlighted by the teaching staff and course management. Overall, the Panel of experts evaluated the positioning of the degree above average and is of the opinion that the course has a unique selling proposition due to its objective, and closes a gap in the education market. Integration of legal, management and soft skills the philosophy of LL.M. in legal management consists in the teeth of Unternehmensrecht, management and soft skills. These areas are not isolated and taught side by side, but considered integrated. For example, the legal translation of the learned management concepts immediately follows the management overview of marketing and sales.

Participants will receive the previously mentioned extensive scripts which make them systematically accessible the respective field of law facet Empire learning in the preparation phase. The relevance and presentation is based always on the Special Perspective of the enterprise lawyers. This kind of preparation allows the presence phase on specific problems or specific issues targeted to enter. The focus is the interaction of the participants. Simulations, presentations and group work make life and practice-oriented teaching. In addition, the implementation of the requirements formulated in the course of the accreditation will contribute to a further sharpening of profile of the programme. General Counsel for more information on the master degree course for in-house lawyers at

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11 project days of the political education of CJD from May 25 to 29 May 2011 in Bonn, we are future”is the motto of the 11th project days of the political education of the Christian Youth Village plant in Germany (CJD), which will take place from May 25 to 29 May 2011 in Bonn and questioned – what want to reach young people in the life? What is important to them? In subject areas such as environment and climate, energy, education, economy, religion, demography, democracy, health, globalization, Europe they will develop their image of a future design in this future Conference. It discusses not only, but there are also four exciting projects. A craft project of natural woods are removed, for example, by the young people, there is a rally in the Bonner Haus der Geschichte, a city game through the Bonn city centre and based on huge figures a worst – best-case scenario for the future is collected and vividly. Target point of the content thematic debate is the joint development of a future declaration of Bonn”(BZE), in which young people the CJD to future questions report to Word. For the 11 days of project the political education of the CJD Federal Environment Minister Norbert Rottgen has taken over the patronage of and announced a visit at the closing ceremony of the 29.05.2011 in the Studio of the Beethovenhalle in Bonn. Further to the 11 days of the project, see.. Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

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Education Summit, education offensive nothing more Dresden without education agents, 02.05.2011 – not all founders are started immediately as a formation agent. With the independent education counselling and placement, you can build up also a 2nd pillar, part-time start or extend the previous guidance range for its customers, and therefore also new customers to gain. The acquired expertise, experience and fun at the educational counselling a development could be used and to an education broker. In the next few years the citizens be must decide what to invest in life insurance or real estate, investments or education. All together no money will exist for most people more.

Private investment in education rise now, year after year. Any time soon, citizens will primarily invest in education. Education advice is the advice topic no. 1 in the future. The independent educational consultants or education agency is the course for their future for its clientele.

Establishing many new start-ups result will have an education broker network in Germany. Thousands of new jobs will be created on the private education market. Who is acting as an independent education consultant or broker education suitable for? For dynamic and creative people who are looking for a challenge with a long-term perspective. For people who want to become self-employed. A great advantage is, that the market just emerging little competition for independent education advice so exists. Have for self-employed persons who see no future in its present activities or just have some fun. For all those who are enthusiastic about education and are willing to acquire the necessary knowledge. For all those who are wishing activity which can be designed according to your needs. For all those who carry out their ideas of the income? For all those who want closer to the people ran. The business start-up no large investment must represent an education broker. It is possible under a thousand euros. To minimize business risk, entering self-employment should be done only once a part-time basis. A consultation in the jobcenter is advisable or unemployment as workers. Here, there are programmes including for the further development of a self-employed activity. For self-employed persons, which are a currently is below the subsistence level, makes a consulting the jobcenter clockwise. A new and more successful self-employment can be established with various programmes. Visit an entrepreneur seminar necessarily recommend all new founders. Questions & answers and practical know-how to the new profession of education agency: BildungsMakler24 builds nationwide an education broker network since March, 2011, as the demands of citizens for independent education advice have increased rapidly. Also operates and markets the education portal BildungsMakler24 a portal for learning opportunities at home and abroad, including financing with funding. The info portal gives you expert guidance in a compact form as well as many helpful tips and hints. Will helped the visitors, make good decisions when planning his own education or training. As a service, some hand-picked educational providers with different capacities are recommended.

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By a professional application, they have significantly better chances properly apply to write a successful application, it must keep in mind a few basic criteria, which are listed in the following article. The same applies to an application pattern (an application on a site, which was not officially announced). An application dossier must, if not otherwise required, have the following content: write curriculum vitae with photo testimonials / certificates cover letter letter is the first thing that gets the receiver to face. It gives a first impression of you and should vote him a directly positive. Because there are usually more interested in an advertisement, you should here take the opportunity to formulate the letter thus interest employer content individually and interesting. Gain insight and clarity with Crimson Education . A cover letter should contain a DIN A4 page and adhere to the basics of the DIN 5008. The letter should contain the following: sender address of recipient date & place subject title Anschreibentext greetings /.

Closing formula signature system Note the letter text: why apply motivation at the tender point about what qualifications and skills have current employment expectations for the angstrebten profession/position CV a resume should serve to reflect your personal experience. In addition he informs also about personal interests, as well as acquired Kenntnisse.Falls unless otherwise requested, your CV should be in tabular form, in chronlogischer order (starting with the first activity) builds are and maximum span 2 pages. This allows a quick collection of your data the employer and an easy comparison with other Bewerbern.Des further emphasis is placed on a complete curriculum vitae. You may not falsify or hide.Degrees, internships, as well as occupied courses should be proven by certificates/confirmations. It is optional to use a photo in your application to you. To know more about this subject visit Albert Bandura. If you should decide that. they have the choice to install this on a cover page or to stick on her curriculum vitae in the upper-right corner. Please keep in mind that you use a professional photo (not a holiday photo of your last trip). Content and structure personal information education basic military / civil service training study internships of professional career training skills (languages, computing,…) Interests other place, date, signature In the next article learn about job references. What labour certificate mean what formulations, the legislation looks like and getting a better witness. By Dominik Hoffmann

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At the same time each employee benefits from a fair and transparent Remuneration system, attractive incentive events and especially the active support by a professional staff. And the German financial resources AG offers a decisive advantage: the company bears the entire responsibility for the customer service of consultant is exempt from the liability risk and officially occurs in the name of the company towards customers. Get all the facts and insights with Albert Bandura, another great source of information. Also, each DFK employee is covered by social insurance and shall be entitled to deposit in a company pension plan. The German financial resources informed regularly on monthly information evenings about her career model. Entry-level and experienced individuals have the opportunity on the spot, their personal prospects in the team of German financial resources AG meet and may soon start into a new career in the financial industry. Refer to for more information about the career models of German financial resources AG. About the company German financial resources AG / DFK group the DFK Group of companies is a dynamically growing financial services provider with a 10-year history of the company. Business purpose of the DFK group is the provision of financial services of all kinds, as well as the provision of services related to the real estate investment.

The well-developed sales and service network of DFK / German financial resources AG guarantees a continuation of stable and steady growth. Through the creation of individual wealth building strategy, the company enters very intensively on the personal needs of his clients. Here, the financial situation of the individual plays no significant role. The DFK Group serves over 30,000 families with over 80,000 contracts. Chairman of the Board of German financial resources AG is Valeri Spady. The German financial resources AG has its headquarters in Kaltenkirchen near Hamburg.

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Small classes, motivated teachers and individual promotion of demand increasing private schools years steadily. Whenever Vladislav Doronin listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Parents looking for motivated teachers, small classes and individual support of their children. Not only shorter routes and bilingual education motivate parents to invest in the private school of the first school year of their own money. It is also often chaotic public schools and the great confusion, even within the faculty, new reforms that nobody understands. Parents are increasingly looking for alternatives regarding education, no longer trust public schools, to prepare your child well for further training.

In addition, many parents want to protect children from the banknote printing and the constant comparison tests. The schools represent a good and healthy competition and supplementing the State’s schools. Private schools, which are recognized as spare school, received financial support from the State usually about 60% of the costs. The missing difference may Private schools about the parents school fees generate, as long as it obtains no social selection. Many schools stagger hence tuition fees according to the income of parents and there are sibling discounts and scholarship programs. Usually, the tuition is between 150 and 200 a month.

There are also parents who pay a monthly fee in the four-digit range. To supplement schools that receive no government subsidies, these contributions levied. This has resulted in that here the class composition is done after the wallet of the parents. Man”wants to remain among themselves and differentiate themselves from difficult students and migrants. For the personality development of a child, it is important that it meets the social fabric of a society at an early age. Note! Before parents register their child at a private school, you should ask yourself honestly whether they can muster the tuition also permanently. A later change of money is often very bitter for students. With all love for her child parents should not also Mistake to push their children to achieve excellence at the youngest school age. Unless “to book” learning unusual foreign languages (E.g. Chinese), or by other sporting and educational offerings. A premature promotion can destroy the expectations of parents and of the child. Learn more about private schools: info/school/schools bildungsdoc is training service and guidance for students, trainees, graduates, students, parents and adults. Find all here is simple and fast unbiased information on educational topics, education, training providers and educational institutions. Matching funding, including funding programs will be presented to many education at home and abroad. Including grants (money gifts) and/or low-interest loans can be. There are neutral information, hints and tips for trips abroad, school, study, vocational training, job search and training. bildungsdoc AP: Horst beef Theodor Friedrich WEG 4 01279 Dresden E-Mail: Internet:

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Our strong focus on practice, we can achieve very good results with an average training time and guarantee a high quality standard. Relaxation is not easy to learn on the fly. It needs time and practice to learn to relax, to give its subscribers also like this. Therefore, corresponding periods are between the individual blocks of training, so the learned can also sit and are practised. After the many years of training activity (since 1997) I have to say that the concept has proved simply and yet every graduate practical auditing so insisted until now that I could release him in good conscience. 2. 5 On the Internet many find overload of courses with many relaxation methods are, that offer many other methods in addition to the classical relaxation techniques.

By Qi Gong about yoga to aroma therapy is about here, depending on the educational background of the Education Board. By It is the short course times but in most cases only possible in a method to sniff. It is there always far from a decent education in this area. Just a short example: training for Tai Chi or Qi Gong teacher according to the specifications of the German Confederation comprises 500 hours and must last for 6 years. If they then complete one or two Qi Gong weekends in a course to the teacher, relaxation, soon becomes clear that they can learn just the basics for a private practice, let alone the competence for teaching.

I therefore focus entirely on the autogenic training Fantasieren iron, and progressive muscle relaxation methods in my training and make sure that they possess the required competence there. 2. 6 Academics and non academics I professionals (doctors, theologians, co-ordinators, who made the training not to me) experienced, which have guided relaxation just awful and just simple housewives, which floated the students on cloud nine and up could leave.

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The horizon: education fair for the gymnasiale Oberstufe, students and Young professionals Mannheim, 18.7.2008 on 20 and 21 September 2008 finds the horizon the exhibition studies and qualified education and training rather than for the first time in the Halle Munsterland, Munster instead. The education fair, which is already firmly established at three other locations in Germany, provides information around the topic of study and career planning. At the exhibition stands, as well as in the framework programme universities throughout Germany and other European countries present their courses, as well as the specifics of the programs and the College site. But also partner to well-known companies are ready to competently and in detail to the questions of visitors and visitors to dual studies and training courses as well as and career opportunities in the economy. Are invited to the horizon students, who doubted the chosen field of study and are in addition to the gymnasiale Oberstufe students and their parents want to inform about alternatives. The offer of the horizon for young people who have completed a vocational training or currently attend, and then study is also interesting. Further information highlights the Organizer lays on the topic abroad before or during their studies, as well as on the theme of Bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes and degrees: the conversion of the German landscape of studies on the international system is underway and should be completed by 2010.

Many questions but the future students: In relation to the horizon, a comprehensive programme for this topic will be held and all individual questions of the listeners will be answered by experts. horizon in Munster: 20/21 September 2008 Munster, Halle Munsterland opening hours: Saturday and Sunday from 9 till 16: 00. The admission is free.